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  1. This, but unironically. Top marshalling.
  2. Pretty sure McLaren would have a thing or 100million to say about that. Merc got a car thrown out for being 0.2mm out of spec and Ferrari got their usual special treatment with their dodgy engine (anyone not think they were told to bin it on the quiet)?
  3. Lets see if a FIA have a sudden case of amnesia. https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/breach-of-f1s-2021-cost-cap-rule-with-teeth-could-cost-title-4986383/4986383/ "Formula 1 motorsport managing director Ross Brawn says the 2021 cost cap "has teeth", and that a fraudulent breach could cost a team the world championship"
  4. Why bother going if you are just going to leave early to avoid the traffic on the motorway.
  5. Straight into the wall.
  6. layten


    Ars have an article about this with an update from YouTube and Summoning Salt. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2022/09/youtube-age-restriction-quagmire-exposed-by-78-minute-mega-man-documentary/
  7. It's getting there. Had a tour around it on Sunday, if you like the smell of paint then you were in luck. Still some work to do, but they had a couple of cabs available. I got to have a go on the Star Wars stand-up cab and a bit of Robotron.
  8. Twitter is gonna be fun for the next few hours.
  9. I was ready to sack it all in and dust off the peg leg and parrot. Then VM came back with this for £64 a month for the next 18 months (at which time I'll have to do the leaving dance all over again). Broadband was going to be £40 on its own, so very happy with their offer. Odds on VM still wont have Sky Sports in 4K by 2024.
  10. Then you are missing out on the best Trek since DS9.
  11. I need to do something more productive with my time than watch Trombone Champ videos, but it's proving tricky.
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