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  1. lol you should probably watch it first m8
  2. Lando is live streaming on Twitch right now. https://www.twitch.tv/landonorris
  3. Well he had just fucked his best chance of winning a race by going for a move that was always going to end in tears.
  4. specsavers m8 Albon put his car in a space where coming together was inevitable, he caused that crash.
  5. I wonder what else Red Bull will go crying to the stewards about before the weekend is over.
  6. More penalties. Might as well pick fucking straws for the result.
  7. Red Bull: To the Bat Steward phone
  8. After fucking off the only other engine supplier who would put up with their shit, who would they go to?
  9. The penalty should have rolled over to the next race. Changing the grid less than an hour before the start is ridiculous.
  10. Red Bull be salty as fuck. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/red-bull-protest-hamilton-yellow-flag/4826029/?utm_source=home-page-widget&utm_medium=widget&utm_campaign=widget-22
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