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  1. I got The Netherlands in the work sweepstakes, I still want the USA to win for the lolz and the shitposting that will occur across social media.
  2. Holy fuck that was a shit penalty.
  3. Souness is such a miserable old cunt.
  4. Police having to push all the people celebrating off the road.
  5. Fuck the Germans, they don't deserve to go through.
  6. That stadium is going to be FUCKING SPOTLESS after the fans leave.
  7. Gotta keep up that Kill (bad rats) Streak, In.
  8. When will Edge learn that scores should be given on on much money has been spent on the production, and not on how good they are at being a game.
  9. Might as well bring on the Blue Shells and Banana Skins
  10. Not the first, or last time some balls will be wired up to electricity in Qatar.
  11. Not many McLaren's from his tenure then
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