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  1. I am off work from the 4th of December until the 4th of Jan, this better not get delayed again as it's pretty much all I have planned.
  2. For those wanting BC with earlier PlayStation consoles.
  3. I may have a small amount of fun next year pointing out they should refer to him as Sir Lewis Hamilton.
  4. Hamilton is to be awarded a Knighthood. The angry racists on Twitter have not taken the news too well.
  5. Probably a 1:1 link to those who were adamant that 30fps was totally fine now saying how terrible it is.
  6. Some PS5 fans seem to be making a really annoying droning noise.
  7. We are getting dangerously close to marking off the 'I, Generic Man, could win in that car' box.
  8. They wouldn't have had anything for people to play if that didn't work.
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