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  1. But what is so inherently wrong with "the gaze"? I'm not saying all games need or should have this, but sometimes it can be fun to "objectify" and have sexy camera angles or whatever else. It's not necessarily harmful, and if there's a market that finds that content fun and sexy, why not?
  2. Quiet's outfit isn't really sexist though. Sexualization isn't sexism. But I agree that it shouldn't belong in every game and that there are games in which ridiculous over sexualization can impact the quality. Metal Gear is not one of those games though. I agree with most of this,( aside from the claim that the women in game don't have purpose beyond fulfillment of male fantasy, there are plenty of good women characters in the series), but I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with a game having a "male gaze". It's directed by a man, who clearly enjoys erotic depiction of women so naturally it will have a male gaze. The solution to this problem isn't telling people like Kojima to stop making games with male gaze, I think the solution is to have more games with a female gaze made. And this is actually an area where Japan is ahead of west, with more games that do actually cater to the female gaze. So as I said in the first place I don't think Japan is really "behind the west". I'm for equal objectification.
  3. And what exactly is the problem if she is a weird sex fantasy of Kojima's that he wanted to put in the game? To be honest I'd rather thing's weren't taken so seriously to the point that things which are clearly harmless and a bit of fun, like Quiet's design clearly is, get's over analysed and labelled as sexism. I just can't fathom how people can get themselves worked up over the fact that a character in a ludicrous game world has an equally ludicrous over sexualized costume design. Do people have any sense of fun and humour anymore?
  4. Crass yeah probably. But it's completely harmless stuff. Not to do with the toy itself, but it does increasingly seem like you can't have overtly sexy female characters in video games without receiving a barrage of criticisms claiming sexism. As evidenced by Quiet in MGS5 and that mechanic character in the new Final Fantasy. It's as if Mary Whitehouse's spirit is being channeled through modern super PC types. Sometimes I think it's the opposite to be honest, and that the West needs to catch up and stop with all the shame and blame over harmless things which don't deserve any. Kojima is clearly someone that has forever enjoyed having these type of sexual and skimpily dressed women in his works, so why should he cut them out because you get all embarrassed over it? MGS is nothing if not a reflection of Kojima's personality, and it would be shame if that was lost. Instead of talking so much about things you don't want to see (but other people do), why don't people talk more about what they do want to see,
  5. You have to respect a man who is so publicly enthusiastic about this stuff, without an iota of shame. Good for him.
  6. Some arsehole called her a cunt, and she told him to go buy a penis enlarger. Why are we even analyzing this? They're just childish insults, who cares if it's gender specific or not. It's no more or less offensive than calling a short person "short stuff" or something like that. Jesus, short stuff, how many American movies must I have watched.
  7. I think maybe part of the problem with this generation (at least for me) is that gaming seems to have become strictly either AAA or indie. I know this trend started happening last gen, but there were still some mid-tier games coming out. In this gen they seem to have almost vanished, and that's a tragedy in my eyes as so many of my favourite gaming experiences where with those medium budget games.
  8. I'm still hoping really desperately that this is all just another piece of Kojima's most devious ploy to pull the wool over all our eyes yet. Who knows where all these chess pieces will fall, but I have to believe Kojima has a plan. I have to believe.
  9. 1. Shenmue 1+2 MGS was the first game emotionally involve me in it's story, but Shenmue was the first game to truly move me, in ways I didn't think a game could. To be honest I still think that tagline on the back of the box about "this is not a game, it's an experience" is kind of justified. I mean, yeah it's a game, but it's one of the least gamey games you can play. The draw to Shenmue isn't superbly crafted mechanics, it's a world away from the arcade greatness of Yu Suzuki's previous classics, despite being a world that features them in an arcade. Shenmue's attraction is it's setting and atmosphere . It's a world exotic yet familiar, mystical yet grounded. A unique and delicate blend, the most I've ever seen in a game. A small town 80s Japan filled with craggy old faces, wild dreads, foul mouthed school girls, mystical dreams, fork lifting, and the most stone cold Chinese murderer ever featured in game (briefly). It's a slow burner, the antithesis to the fast paced gratification gaming was synonymous with in nearly every way. It's a game where even the most insignificant NPC had an official back story of some kind, and an observable routine. Yes the core story inevitably becomes more and more epic but it's a game that never loses sight of the small things, and it's those small things that really left the most lasting impressions on me, and that I always want to return for. This game gave me something the tightest dungeon, the soundest platformer, the most statistically deep role player never could: a genuine burning desire to see world, and be open to it's mysterious ways. It also has the greatest gaming soundtrack of all time, one that is the musical equivalent to everything I've just written. If Shenmue really is the thing that killed Sega, I'd say it was worth it. #saveShenmue #thefirestillburns 2. MGS2 3.MGS 4.Metal Slug 2 5.MGS3 6.Resident Evil 2 7.Phantom Crash 8. ZOE The Fist of Mars 9. ZOE 10.Final Fantasy 13 11.KOF 12 12.Otogi 13. Ring of Red 14. Policenaughts 15. Dynamite cop 16. Digital Devil Saga 1+2 17. Oddworld Abe's Odyssey 18. Okami 19. Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright 20. MGS4
  10. I don't think I'll ever find a better song to play to my lady on this day Right on
  11. Console exclusives are back in fashion and I love it! Xbox, you can still win me over though. You know what you have to do.
  12. Been listening to a fair bit of A Taste of Honey over the last couple days. They were pretty class!
  13. From the perspective of someone who hasn't really been following this topic closely at all, it all seems totally mental and bewildering. Gamergate?#nottheirshield? Only mentalists would come up with that fucking gibberish, and this is from someone who was a major advocate of the now defunct #giveyutheshenmuelicense hashtag.
  14. Been listening to this, a lot of great music on this album. I love Love unlimited, that perfect loved up music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aunpu3HxGk And this is a total pimp's anthem Also, this is a bit of a random one, but can anyone ID me this song where the lyrics go something like "I JUST CAN'T FIGHT THE FIRE" or something like that in the chorus, I might not have got that quite right. Maybe late 70s or early 80s or something. Sorry for the vagueness, it used to be on some guys Youtube channel that had loads of rare groove classics, but he doesn't seem to be on Youtube anymore and I can't remember the name of the song
  15. Yeah totally, I love that kind of nonsensical but evocative rap. It's definitely why I feel so much of Roc Marci's stuff. Sometimes some of Nas's stuff even reminds me a bit of that non sequitur style. like this song, I don't actually have a clue what the fuck he's on about for most of it, he's just throwing different weird images at me every line.
  16. Mario games. I did enjoy Mario 64 and Mario Cart on the snes, but Mario's face has just grown to annoy me over the years. It's a completely irrational hatred, but I just feel so utterly bored every time I see him. Yet I know while most franchises will die or go on extended hiatuses at some point, Mario will never leave me in peace, Nintendo will never stop consistently churning out products filled with his manic, rage inducing face, and people will never stop jizzing over them. SJRPGs. I love JRPGs but get rageful and the sight of a SJRPG. I always just think "damn, could have been a great JRPG but they had to go and add strategy to it ffs". I can't deal with grids and all that malarkey. With the exception of the Zone of the Enders one, that was sublime. Any games that feature Gatling gun sections. Online only games. Tekken 5. I don't know why I hate this game really, another irrational one. It was the first Tekken I didn't love, and I'm not sure why. But my love for the franchise never did return and I still feel sad about it. FPSs, like Pockets said. Uncharted 3 and all future Uncharted games. This franchise has turned into one of those archetypal soulless first party staple series that loads of people buy, but Nathan Drake is totally dead behind those well animated eyes of his. Black and White. I wanted to play this game so so much when it came out, but could never get it play on my low-powered PC back in the day, I reckon that piece of shit still wouldn't play on the PC I have now. I had to settle for Doshin the Giant on GC. Sports games, but I especially hate realistic football games, and I especially hate people who don't play games unless it's a realistic bloody football game. I just can't fathom them. There's plenty more left in the tank, but I'll leave it there for tonight.
  17. Da fuck outta here man. That bald chain smoker with Japanese tats is a winner!
  18. It looks totally ugly, but totally amazing. This is the kind of game that suits crap graphics anyway to be honest. I'm slightly hyped for this.
  19. Some amazing tunes there. That Diana Ross one is a favorite,
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