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  2. Yu Suzuki favourited four Team Yu #SaveShenmue tweets. Those are also the only four tweets he has favourited. This, along with his forklift tweet, I do not at all relate to an imminent announcement(though I will be watching E3 with my heart in my mouth, as I do pretty much every year). But I'm pretty darn stoked big Y himself has for the first time publicly acknowledged our on going campaign. Also, while I'm in this thread, help nominate Shenmue to be in the World Video game Hall of Fame http://www.worldvideogamehalloffame.org/nominate #SaveShenmue
  3. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-05-22-shenmue-and-streets-of-rage-to-receive-vinyl-soundtracks Streets of Rage and Shenmue Vinyl albums coming out.
  4. fair enough, but as I said, so what? Making a character more sexually appealing, even if it is just designed to appeal to cosplayers isn't disrespecting women. And those cosplayers must be female anyway!
  5. I do wonder for how many people it is a problem for though. I know there is a very vocal minority on the internet that do have a problem with it, but I suspect that the vast majority of women out there really aren't all that bothered by characters wearing slightly revealing outfits. It's not a weird logical chasm, I don't think these types character designs are sexist in and of themselves, and so I think calling them or their creators sexist for it unjustified. Saying that calling something sexist isn't intended to promote shame and guilt over it, and that the implication isn't that that thing shouldn't be made, is ridiculous. Some things, and within videogames too of course, are definitely deserving of that guilt and shame, but not these silly character designs. I feel about it the same way I would if something that wasn't racist was being called racist. Imagine if you felt like painting a highly sexualized women, displayed it in a exhibition, and was then labelled a sexist for it! You say that I've had a blow by blow break down of why these designs are sexist, but the only two arguments I've had are that it's sexist because there aren't men in the series that designed to appeal to women (which I still don't think necessarily makes something sexist, and after googling it, isn't even true, as apparently Raiden in MGS2 was specifically designed to appeal to women), or that it isn't sexist by itself, but because there are so many other games with similarly sexualized characters it deserves to be called sexist. But you're just making assumptions. How do you even know it was designed just for the erotic gratification cosplay fans, and that Kojima didn't just like the design himself. And even if it was, so what? Is everything that's designed for erotic gratification sexist now? What, like one of those pimps and prostitute nights or something? To be totally honest I wouldn't really care, if they wanted to go they could, or if they felt uncomfortable they don't have to go.
  6. No, you seem to have misunderstood me. I don't have any problem comprehending that you can like something and criticize it, I myself think Quiet's sexualization is purile, boring and unoriginal. But my point was to call it sexist, is to try to make the person who created it or enjoys it to feel guilty for having created it or enjoyed it. This was my problem. And I'm not sure if people are complaining about there being not enough games with a female gaze or not, it's just that I think there should probably be more of them available (as well as games without gazes in general), so we could have an equal choice in the market. And I disagree that games with a gender bias are really a problem. If there are people who want that kind of entertainment (and there clearly are, and that's not going to change), why should they not be catered to? And if a creator wants to reflect his or her personal gaze through their work, why should they told that's a bad thing? It seems that you would rather repress a natural part of human nature. The only problem in my opinion, is that the balance is off, including not having enough games without immature gender bias's in general, of course. This is fair enough really, and I do definitely agree that there are far too many of these kinds of female representation in games, and that is an important point to make. I personally just disagree that shouting sexism at every puerile character in a sexy outfit is an appropriate or fair way to make that point.
  7. Does sexualizing a character automatically mean they become disposable objects though? I wouldn't say so. There are negative gender stereotypes that crop up in games and all other media that absolutely deserve to be lambasted to the fullest, but I just don't believe in feeling guilty for enjoying or creating sexualized characters, especially when it's as silly and harmless as the characters we are talking about here (rape subplots aside). So, in the end I just can't agree when I see an outcry over this or the latest Final Fantasy character having a "sexist" design, because I genuinely don't believe they are sexist. There's a line between things that are fun, silly and (to some) sexy, and things that are derogatory and disrespectful. Quiet's design, or the FF girl mechanic are not derogatory or disrespectful. It's that simple to me, I suppose. I do agree that the balance is off, and there are too many games that provide for the male gaze and not the female in the west (and say what you want about it, but in Japan, there is more choice with the healthy Otome game genre providing for female end of the spectrum), but that's a separate issue. I think the design of Quiets costume is perfectly fine! It's not even a 7/10 on the risque scale, how prudish must we be!
  8. true, but I get the feeling that a lot people would rather it wasn't upheld and changed to fit in with what they view as more acceptable, as someone earlier was saying about Kojima not fitting in with what's acceptable over here. And if everything went down that route with everything removing the slightest hint of anything potentially offensive, I think media would get would get incredibly bland . And I don't think a lot of it is really worth the uproar it gets. There's nothing hateful about these character designs, no matter how juvenile or silly they are.
  9. I actually had more of a problem with playing Yakuza 4 recently. Playing as a loan shark with a heart of gold, who just happens to coerce potentially vulnerable women into working in his hostess club in order to receive their loans, did strike me as pretty wrongful. Yakuza is absolutely full of that stuff though, and does also pretty much wear it's sleaziness on it's sleeve, so I should have expected it.
  10. Raiden probably had a few sexy moments in MGS 2 didn't he. But yeah I agree to an extent, and don't get me wrong, I don't particularly enjoy the ridiculous male gaze the series does have, but it's always been a part of the series and it's always worn it proudly on it's sleeve. And even if that stuff isn't for me and I don't agree with it all, I'd still rather the original intent of the creator be upheld for better or worse, and everything not get sanitized for fear of who it might offend. Especially when it's something as tame as Quiet's costume, because really, it is pretty tame. Totally agree. Still think some of the ladies in the MGS games are pretty well written, at least in comparison to other games, personally.
  11. I still don't think that makes it sexist. And I assume you're meaning guys running around with their dongs out as Zok was saying earlier? But generally that wouldn't arouse women in the same way that women with their breasts would arouse a guy, so there would be no point in that. And MGS4 had some admirable angles of Snake's bum to be fair.
  12. As previously stated I haven't played the last two games so can't talk on them and what they might encourage, but I don't think sexualized outfits or camera angles suggest it's ok to do anything, other than look at the breasts or bum of attractive women, and we all do that naturally anyway. The character might end up really being a horrible, backwards, sexist stereotype. But titillating character designs are nothing to be scared of, and are not responsible for the sexism and misogyny that exist in society. Nope I've still haven't heard a convincing argument as to why her outfit specifically is sexist.
  13. Well I haven't played Peace Walker or Ground Zeros, so I can't talk on them. But anyway, I was specifically talking about the reaction to Quiets outfit, which as I said, I think is harmless. I have no idea about any of these rape subplots you're talking about in the other games.
  14. I still don't think there's anything inherently wrong with cast of mostly sexualized women. Likewise I don't think there's anything wrong with a piece of fiction starring a cast of men that have all been specifically designed to stimulate and appeal to women. And there is actually a booming market for the latter in Japan. As I said, I believe in equal rights to objectify. Also, I think female characters who are "objectified" can still be great, strong and independent characters, not just purely stereotypes. With all of this said, it would be great to see more games made with more realistic female representation, but I honestly don't think games or creators that choose to go the other route should automatically be labelled as sexist and told to alter their content.
  15. Personally I wouldn't describe Metal Gear as "serious", so I don't find it tone breaking. But all of this fine, you might think Kojima's idea of what's sexy is unsophisticated, and it probably is. But this is his game, and that's what he likes. So yeah mocking it and calling it silly I get, because it is, but calling it sexist, I really don't get.
  16. Yes I am actually, because I enjoy ogling attractive male characters as much as I do female characters.
  17. But what is so inherently wrong with "the gaze"? I'm not saying all games need or should have this, but sometimes it can be fun to "objectify" and have sexy camera angles or whatever else. It's not necessarily harmful, and if there's a market that finds that content fun and sexy, why not?
  18. Quiet's outfit isn't really sexist though. Sexualization isn't sexism. But I agree that it shouldn't belong in every game and that there are games in which ridiculous over sexualization can impact the quality. Metal Gear is not one of those games though. I agree with most of this,( aside from the claim that the women in game don't have purpose beyond fulfillment of male fantasy, there are plenty of good women characters in the series), but I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with a game having a "male gaze". It's directed by a man, who clearly enjoys erotic depiction of women so naturally it will have a male gaze. The solution to this problem isn't telling people like Kojima to stop making games with male gaze, I think the solution is to have more games with a female gaze made. And this is actually an area where Japan is ahead of west, with more games that do actually cater to the female gaze. So as I said in the first place I don't think Japan is really "behind the west". I'm for equal objectification.
  19. And what exactly is the problem if she is a weird sex fantasy of Kojima's that he wanted to put in the game? To be honest I'd rather thing's weren't taken so seriously to the point that things which are clearly harmless and a bit of fun, like Quiet's design clearly is, get's over analysed and labelled as sexism. I just can't fathom how people can get themselves worked up over the fact that a character in a ludicrous game world has an equally ludicrous over sexualized costume design. Do people have any sense of fun and humour anymore?
  20. Crass yeah probably. But it's completely harmless stuff. Not to do with the toy itself, but it does increasingly seem like you can't have overtly sexy female characters in video games without receiving a barrage of criticisms claiming sexism. As evidenced by Quiet in MGS5 and that mechanic character in the new Final Fantasy. It's as if Mary Whitehouse's spirit is being channeled through modern super PC types. Sometimes I think it's the opposite to be honest, and that the West needs to catch up and stop with all the shame and blame over harmless things which don't deserve any. Kojima is clearly someone that has forever enjoyed having these type of sexual and skimpily dressed women in his works, so why should he cut them out because you get all embarrassed over it? MGS is nothing if not a reflection of Kojima's personality, and it would be shame if that was lost. Instead of talking so much about things you don't want to see (but other people do), why don't people talk more about what they do want to see,
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