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  1. Considering getting a Wii U for this, it's been god knows how long since I played a proper JRPG. I've not played the original though, does it hold up well? I do find it's premise of exploring a giant god's body more interesting sounding.
  2. I guess part of the original the point I was trying to make is this: There is a subset of women, probably much more prominently in Japan although even over here too, who are over 18 who enjoy wearing, for better or for worse, a style of childlike clothing. I've known such women, though admittedly haven't seen and don't want to see their swimwear. From what I understand in Japan it's also common to wear School uniform during high school, which usually lasts until age 18, though maybe someone else can confirm that? Now with that it mind, is it entirely fair to basically automatically accuse the designer of that character of being, or deliberately pandering to pedos? That said, you might actually be right as I haven't watched vids of the character, and I've never played one of these games, but I'm just trying to clarify where I was originally coming from. To the people who said I was defending the character as a whole. if you would have read my posts you would see I'm obviously not, I was just offering a counter argument to the whole "that character is blatantly 12" thing
  3. I couldn't care less about this character, but this is kind of the attitude I have a problem with. I have adult friends who are of a similarly short and flat stature and who would probably be pretty insulted if you said they were physically a child. The same with the opposite end of spectrum being called derogatory things. People come of different sizes and shapes.
  4. I'm not digging a hole, I just disagree that based on the picture on that website (which is the only one I've seen) that the character must have secretly been designed to look 12, or that a short character or one that doesn't fit squarely into age weight norms can't really be meant to be 18. That's what some of you seem to be suggesting by linking me to these surveys and such.
  5. Okay but the survey you linked seems to be based on Americans and we know the game is Japanese, so US and UK surveys aren't all that relevant. I wouldn't imagine 150cm is shockingly short, albeit still a tad on the short side, for a grown Japanese woman. Anyway who even reads or writes those wikia things? I'm not defending the shit, and for me, unpalatable character design, but I think there's whiff of racism in the way some people see a short and flat chested character and claim she looks 12, if I'm being honest.
  6. Good article, although judging from the picture in it alone I think that Marie Rose character could plausibly be 18. What are they basing the fact that she looks like she's 12 on, that she has a flat chest, or the 'kawii' attire? To be honest they might have had a point with the latter, as that kind of stuff does come across as pretty infantalising to me personally, but all that kind of thing is actually popular with a real life certain subset of 18 year olds (especially in Japan). I'm not really trying to defend this game, mind.
  7. wow I missed the announcement of this. Crushingly disappointing. As wonderful as KOF's fighting systems are, half the joy of the series for me has always been it's lovely 2D art and animation. There's nothing recent that even compares to what they did with KOF 12 and 13, the way they naturally evolved the old school sprite work was a thing to behold, and was so distinct and was exactly what I dreamed of from a modern SNK game. But this is bitterly disappointing.
  8. And just a reminder that the tweetathon continues on the 3rd of each month until Sega finally do the sensible thing and re-release the original games, opening them up to a new generation. The re-release of the original games will likely have a big impact of Shenmue 3's finacial success when it is released. So please join us on twitter on the 3rd of December and please visit this page for further details: http://teamyu.net/Shenmue.III?action=shenmue You can also win prizes: http://teamyu.net/Shenmue.III?action=raffle Once Sega do this last thing, Team Yu will finally be able to rest knowing we've done all we can do.
  9. King of Fighters 12 is the greatest fighting game ever made.
  10. I don't care if there's less story than usual as long as it's more batshit than usual. Where is it on the batshit meter?
  11. What, oh man tragic news about Sean P, that was a real rapper right there. I just came here to post this year old or whatever MOP banger I just heard tonight. You have to love the way MOP refuse to innovate or change their MO in any way at all, at least based on this tune. Even for the title, it's like they deliberately chose the most hackneyed thugism in the thug rap text book haha. Still bangs though
  12. Yeah I really loved the first Mafia game, it's world felt more real and memorable than most. Mafia 2 never really grabbed me in the same way for some reason. In fact I remember nearly nothing about it, aside from vaguely being able to recall being off put by some casual racism that was in it.
  13. Yu Suzuki is proper adorable. Love that guy. Shame the twitch stream is down, but what a great night to be a Shenmue fan.
  14. In case anyone missed it, this is a really nice article on why Shenmue 2's open world is so special: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-07-05-what-makes-shenmue-2s-open-world-so-special
  15. Unfortunately Sega has obstinately refused to re-release those games, and it's not up to Yu Suzuki. As to why Sega haven't released them, there's been all kind of speculation, about it being too much effort, or the original game code having been lost. But what I've always thought the main reason was, is that Sega didn't want to put themselves in the line of fire of a new generation of Shenmue fans calling on them to continue the saga, and the bad publicity that could bring. Now that Sega have unburdened themselves of that responsibility, and Shenmue 3 is out of their hands, and in ours, I think there is a higher likelihood of them finally re-releasing the games. However, we aren't simply counting on it, and after this kickstarter has ended, TeamYu will refocus it's efforts on persuading Sega to re-release the original games.
  16. Man, that latest update. I'm almost ready to start selling crack to fund Yu with enough drug money to make his vision a reality! I'll be out of the big house just in time for the game's release, perfect! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ysnet/shenmue-3/posts/1275663
  17. We can vote on our favourite character and mini games now. Obviously the lovely lady in my avatar in the best.
  18. This. I think it's probably impossible for any game to live up to 14 years of hype. But that doesn't matter to me at all, just the fact it will exist, a game oh so many people claimed would never ever happen, is magical enough.
  19. I agree, I think it was the best method. So I hope people don't start resting on their laurels now they know Sony are in to some extent at least. Hopefully this will still be the most successful kickstarter ever seen.
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