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  1. This is exasperating. There is almost none of Shenmue in Yakuza at all, they are vastly different experiences. I suppose you could argue that Yakuza simplified and dulled some of the elements that made Shenmue great until they were unrecognisable and at their basest forms. But I personally don't recognise any Shenmue in there.
  2. I vehemently disagree. The Yakuza games are some of the most repetitive I've ever played, especially if you ignore the mini games. And between one and four there wasn't much evolution at all, I can't talk about 5 as I never played it. I honestly think the Shenmue games feel fresher in almost every way; Yakuza was dated before it even came out, Shenmue was the future when it came out, it was like a hybrid of 'walking sim', open world game, RPG, adventure game and fighting game. And it's pretty unfair to compare them technically considering the age gap, but even then Shenmue is probably better looking, Yakuza games are pretty unattractive in general. Shenmue is genteel poet, a quiet revolutionary, Yakuza is a hairy old boor of a game, in my opinion. There is no need to bring Shenmue into a Yakuza discussion at all, in my opinion, any comparisons are superficial at best. But I admit, I'm the one brought ol 'mue into this thread, my apologies, I'll see my way out
  3. Yakuza games are so, so sleazy. But what I really find jarring is the way it packages up its sleaze as if it were wholesome and not sleazy at all. It's consistently perturbed me about every Yakuza game I've played. It's a shame because I actually quite like the more genuinely wholesome moments in the games, the orphanage bit at the beginning of 3 is one of my favourite moments in any game ever. But the series is also full of some of my least favourite gaming moments ever, e.g. playing that sanctimonious sleazeball in the red suit who exploits vulnerable women turning them into his indentured sex workers in Yakuza 4, and the game frames it as if he's some Christ like benevolent saviour of fallen women. Urgh, the games practically have the fetor of seedy porn shops about them. And of course, what's the game's solution to every problem? gratingly dumb and repetitive violence . Sorry for getting all Mary Whitehouse, I'm a bit grumpy, I've said this all before I know. And to be fair I'm probably not the target audience as I hate Yakuza films and all the dumb machismo they valorise. My blood curdles when people compare Shenmue to this bizarrely popular series, or maybe not so bizarre, as I suppose it does tap into fantasises of a staunchly masculine world.
  4. crisy

    Yakuza 0

    I've only played the whole of Chapter 1 of Yakuza 4 as I couldn't stomach any more, but I thought it's misogyny was pretty glaring. The loan shark hero guy you play as is obviously being framed as some sort of noble and wholesome rogue (as Yobo mentions, he's portrayed as being nice and moralistic, not a questionable anti-hero). But the fact is that he is actually turning vulnerable women into his indentured sex workers! There's the whole thing about the mysterious women having to become the top earning hostess in his club to deserve his loan. But the most disgusting bit for me was the side mission where he tells a mother and child fleeing an abusive husband that if she wants his help she has to be prepared to get an (obviously sexual) job in a message parlor! And it's framed as if he's teaching her some kind of important life lesson. I'm half convinced that the series is bankrolled by the sex industry over there, it's practically an advert for it. I say that people are letting it off the hook because despite having seen plenty of criticism of other games' sexism I have never, until I read that Eurogamer review, seen any criticism in that regard being leveled at Yakuza,
  5. crisy

    Yakuza 0

    Pleased to see Chris mention the series' sexism in the eurogamer review for this. Y4 is one of the most disgracefully mysoginistic games I've played to be honest, I've always wondered why people seem let the Yakuza series of the hook for it.
  6. I thought the flagrant and bizarre product placement only added to the game's charm to be honest. So far 40 hours in and adoring it. It's everything I hoped for when I heard people here describing it as shonky and lovable in equal measures. It's all about the rapport of the guys and that feeling of companionship that Square absolutely nailed. For me it's also just the world itself, it's such a pleasure to spend time in and cruise around. Like Wind Waker or Shenmue, It's the kind of open world I want to return to, so free of the sleaze (well, apart from Cindy's design) and darkness found in more realistic open worlds that seem intent on replicating the more despicable elements of our real world This is a perfect 'holiday from the real world' kind of game.
  7. Fucking hell this sounds like my kind of game. A mainline FF game gone all shonky and inexplicable but in a lovable and playable way? This is what I play games for. I'm going out to Tesco to buy this right now.
  8. Looks like the trend of upping the sleaze and sexism factor for every new Yakuza game is continuing. I'm a bit surprised the series doesn't get a harder time on here in that regard. Yakuza 4 is up there as one of the most misogynistic games I've probably ever played and it's the reason I just stopped playing it by the end of the first part of the game. I was sick of playing a sleazy character in a sleazy world, both of which the game was clearly intent on valorising. I actually felt a bit sick during the side mission when your character refuses to give a vulnerable single mother escaping an abusive husband a loan until she "proves her determination by being willing to work in a message palor" or something along that line. Horrible. My theory is honestly that the game has a sizable chunk of investment from the Japanese sex industry.
  9. haha yep pretty much this. I had thought the characters in this new game looked a little boring, and still don't think they look as interesting as the previous games', but that last trailer has got me on board.
  10. So hyped. Giving me FF13 vibes...in a good way
  11. FF13 is honestly one of my favourites. I pretty much liked everything about it including the story/ characters and it's more linear nature. I'm one of those people that finds openness to generally be a hugely overrated and overwhelming thing is games, and with more and more games feeling the need to go down that route I actually welcomed a usually more open JRPG becoming more linear. And the world design and music were some of the best of any FF in my opinion.
  12. Fully echo these sentiments. DR1 is one of my real favourites of last gen. So full of surprise and character and fun. The sequels never recaptured the magic for me. Really looking forward to playing this again.
  13. Hmm, Female vocalist. To be honest I can't actually remember that much else about it, just haunted by those lyrics "I JUST CAN'T FIGHT THE FIRE".
  14. Must be late 70s or early 80s
  15. Great to see this thread rolling again. I'm in love with these today: and I'm still searching for that tune with lyrics like "I JUST CAN'T FIGHT THE FIRE".
  16. This is a good post. I do regret bringing that old chestnut up when I questioned earlier "for how many women Quiet's design is a problem". Not my finest hour (that's the homeopathy thread).
  17. Yeah reading back the last few pages this DukeofEarl guy is a perfect example of the kind of superior, looking down through their noses, arrogant attitude that some people in this thread have a habbit of displaying in their posts. It's a real shame, because this thread has a lot of good content, but this attitude really lowers the tone of it and makes me want to visit it a lot less. I don't understand why some people find it so hard to be civil and respectful of people who have different opinions to them. This seems like a bit of an of unfair and lazy comment to be honest, Graham
  18. I've got to agree with the guy who said earlier about the new graphics seeming so soulless and drab in comparison to the charmingly colourful and abstract little original models. I've never really played much FF though, so I might download that re-release now and give it a proper play.
  19. Nah Vanronk you're being a dick. Posting unrelated vids and Insulting his appearance is never justifiable. It's straight up bullying.
  20. Considering getting a Wii U for this, it's been god knows how long since I played a proper JRPG. I've not played the original though, does it hold up well? I do find it's premise of exploring a giant god's body more interesting sounding.
  21. I guess part of the original the point I was trying to make is this: There is a subset of women, probably much more prominently in Japan although even over here too, who are over 18 who enjoy wearing, for better or for worse, a style of childlike clothing. I've known such women, though admittedly haven't seen and don't want to see their swimwear. From what I understand in Japan it's also common to wear School uniform during high school, which usually lasts until age 18, though maybe someone else can confirm that? Now with that it mind, is it entirely fair to basically automatically accuse the designer of that character of being, or deliberately pandering to pedos? That said, you might actually be right as I haven't watched vids of the character, and I've never played one of these games, but I'm just trying to clarify where I was originally coming from. To the people who said I was defending the character as a whole. if you would have read my posts you would see I'm obviously not, I was just offering a counter argument to the whole "that character is blatantly 12" thing
  22. I couldn't care less about this character, but this is kind of the attitude I have a problem with. I have adult friends who are of a similarly short and flat stature and who would probably be pretty insulted if you said they were physically a child. The same with the opposite end of spectrum being called derogatory things. People come of different sizes and shapes.
  23. I'm not digging a hole, I just disagree that based on the picture on that website (which is the only one I've seen) that the character must have secretly been designed to look 12, or that a short character or one that doesn't fit squarely into age weight norms can't really be meant to be 18. That's what some of you seem to be suggesting by linking me to these surveys and such.
  24. Okay but the survey you linked seems to be based on Americans and we know the game is Japanese, so US and UK surveys aren't all that relevant. I wouldn't imagine 150cm is shockingly short, albeit still a tad on the short side, for a grown Japanese woman. Anyway who even reads or writes those wikia things? I'm not defending the shit, and for me, unpalatable character design, but I think there's whiff of racism in the way some people see a short and flat chested character and claim she looks 12, if I'm being honest.
  25. Good article, although judging from the picture in it alone I think that Marie Rose character could plausibly be 18. What are they basing the fact that she looks like she's 12 on, that she has a flat chest, or the 'kawii' attire? To be honest they might have had a point with the latter, as that kind of stuff does come across as pretty infantalising to me personally, but all that kind of thing is actually popular with a real life certain subset of 18 year olds (especially in Japan). I'm not really trying to defend this game, mind.
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