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  1. Im curious as to what exactly versus is going to be like, will it be more of an action/adventure game or a proper rpg like XIII? and what links XIII and versus together I mean they have different characters/worlds and gameplay?
  2. So is this game really worth getting? I mean from what Ive seen the combat looks a bit sluggish, and maybe oblivion like(Im one of the few people that didnt really like oblivion as I found the story too weak to compell me on). But if the story/atmosphere/level design/bosses makes up for that then I might be tempted to get it, I mean all the praise you guys are giving the game cant be for nothing right?
  3. MGS2 was indeed epic, I loved all the characters, all the games in the series are special in some way in my opinion. I also think that few games are made with such attention to detail.
  4. Ive got the game but have not started it yet, its good to know Ive got a treat in store then. The game does look amazing
  5. Yay I finally found a cover with the truth on it, may not be as good as a ff6 or shenmue cover but its still nice, he was the best character in GTA SA to me, though I still found it hard choosing between him and the laharl cover but it had to be done. Yeah I saw the Ebisumaru cover at forbidden planet in Tottenham court road, they had a load of them, but that was a while ago now so I dont know that they are still there
  6. I would say try it, you might like it and then go back and discover the first 3, it a great game and you dont have to be stealthy in 4(although it is the best way)
  7. I agree to an extent, the metal gear games have never been for everyone. Mgs 4 is probably even less appealing in some respects to people who dont already love the series(despite great graphics, improved controls ect) because it truly is a game for the fans and doesnt pull any punches. I still think its a great game in its own right however.
  8. The whole series in inovative and amazing, and 4 is certainly the best goodbye to snake that we could have hoped for, a true classic.
  9. If that was gunstar heroes, could you pick it up for me please and send it my way, I would pay you for your troubles of course.
  10. Ok I got a few covers, einhander and ghosts n goblins, Halo 1 and streets of rage, I like the einhander and ghosts n goblin covers the most, I like Halo but I guess its not my most fav game and I dont really know why I got streets of rage Im a bit silly really. What Im really lookin for is the shenmue cover or any ff6 cover but most of all the shenmue, so if anyone knows where to get one and could send one my way Id be happy to pay for it and Id really appreciate it Heres the covers I found if its any help: I got my Halo from Liverpool st station and there were a whole bunch of them when I was there, as well as some bobs or whatever the blue thing is, remember there are two smiths there though and in the other one they got some ghosts n goblins and conrad b or something at paddington station there where a load of kratos's and jackie from darkness At Victoria station they got a load of earthworm jims and apb or whatever and resi 2 At Kingscross st pancrous station they got some deadspace's when I was there and 1 sabre story or whatever its called, in the other smiths in the station they got 1 gradius If your after solid snake get down to Waterloo station they had a load of them as well as outrun q bert and a lot of stalfos's and others but I cant remember I know, Ive been around
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