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  1. Thanks for all the replies, be it positive or negative. This thread is for discussion after all! Well no, this is not all I have to give a shit about, my life is not at all that empty. But it is something I believe in, and is something I am willing to spend a small amount of my overall free time on. Maybe I'll just replace that hour I spend browsing rllmuk for an hour trying to be proactive about the future of game franchise that in some small (or not so small) way did indeed change my life I can't see Sega making much money off of Shenmue without releasing future iterations. Anyway, that's why our aim is make the discomfort for Sega more powerful than their desire for nominal profits made off of the IP is. I just want to say that no one is really "slagging" Sega off, most tweets are polite, just with the aim of creating awareness about the injustice that Sega is doing Yu Suzuki, a man that helped carve Sega's legacy. Well, I'll admit some of my language is a tad dramatic, but I guess I just have a tendency towards that. I do also disagree with your general stance on the language used throughout this campaign. If we believed we could convince Sega to give up the license through appealing to their logic with dispassionate language then that is what we would do. But we have tried and Sega have not listened, and so our aim is to raise as much awareness for the situation as possible. And I think it's a well known fact that observers will pay far more attention to passionate tweets than emotionless ones. Look at the Mass Effect fans, they achieved something far more unreasonable (create an entirely new ending to a game) through the use of passion. And they being far more demanding! They wanted an ending changed, we just want a promised conclusion delivered. And we're not even asking Sega to do that, all we are asking them to do is hand over an IP they are doing nothing with, and that is completely within their means to do. And we will express our gratitude to Sega if they do. But we've all been let down by them too many times to simply sit back and wait for the "inevitable announcement".
  2. I wouldn't say that this is accurate. It's more of a suggestion to Nintendo, they want the support of the hardcore back and this is a guaranteed way to get it. It's a win win situation.
  3. How so? Everything else has been tried over the years from capsule toys being sent to Sega HQ, to pleading emails. They will not be flattered into making Shenmue 3. We can be a consistent thorn in Sega's side, and since Sega do not want to do anything with the franchise anyway, they have very little to lose by giving up the license. They at least own Yu Suzuki that much.
  4. HI all. With the next #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense tweetathon impending I decided to finally make a dedicated Team Yu thread. I'm sure some of you already know the aim by now, but for the rest I'll offer a quick overview. Team Yu is a group campaigning Shenmue 3. We are campaigning for justice to be done to Yu Suzuki's masterpiece saga. Since Sega clearly wants nothing to do with that game, we decided that the best chance we have of ever seeing a Shenmue 3 is to put the IP license for the game back in Yu Suzuki's hands. He has explicitly expressed a desire for this, and even gone on record saying that "there are many interested investors", all he needs is the license. So, how do we go about putting the license back in Yu's hands? Why through the marvels of social media of course, specifically Twitter. Thanks to it's immediacy and very public nature, we have decided that it is the perfect medium through which to apply positive pressure onto the ol blue sky company. Our aim is to help enlighten the wider world to the injustice that Sega is doing to Yu Suzuki and his unfinished masterpiece, and we plan to do this through getting the #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense hashtag trending. I have a feeling that Sega might not like being publicly named and shamed on a regular basis, and will be able to ignore no longer. This is why we have organised a monthly tweetathon on the 3rd of every month, where passionate gamers flood twitter with the aforementioned hashtag and messages imploring Sega to take action or #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense! In more recent news, in light of Nintendo saving Bayonetta 2 from Sega's death grip we have decided to expand the coming tweetathon. Nothing drastic will change, and the #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense hashtag will still be the single thing binding the tweetathon together, but now we're suggesting that tweeters incorporate Nintendo into their message too, for example : "@Nintendo please do what @Sega won't and save Shenmue 3 #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense". Well that's what we're suggesting anyway. A simple "#GiveYuTheShenmueLicense" tweet will still suffice and be appreciated. And finally here's the link to the FB: http://www.facebook.com/TeamYu And website: http://teamyu.net/prelaunch/ I'd also just like to say that the last couple of tweetathons have far exceeded our expectations, and we hope to keep that trend going! So please, get involved, and spread the word in any way you can.
  5. ^This is brilliant. New Gibbs and Krayzie Bone weed song. http://soundcloud.com/gangstagibbs/kush-cloud-w-krayzie-bone
  6. Yeah I agree with the sentiment on that new Doom album. It's very good. In other news, I'm still loving Grief Pedigree. He makes pretty sick videos for his songs too
  7. Sold! I've actually heard this kind of thing said about it a few times now.
  8. I remember Fredro Starr talking about that song in one of his "tales from the industry" videos lol. It's cool it's finally seen the light of day.
  9. Yeah, the songs alright, but these videos are a little bit too scummy for me. Wasn't the last one with him breaking into some guys flat and shooting him, and this one is just a string of young women coming to his house to sniff coke. Who came up with these insipid video ideas? I know he's obviously going for the morally bankrupt angle, but the vids are just so boring too.
  10. From the looks of those gameplay vids, I can't see how this could ever sell well in today's market, either in Japan or the west. Hope I'm wrong though, as Platinum really deserve a bit more commercial success!
  11. I do really like this one.
  12. Hmm, it's good for sure, but I don't think it's a classic or anything. It's sounds a bit like Nas in his comfort zone for too much of the time to be honest, but not really pushing himself enough. There are some great tracks, like Locomotive, daughters and Stay. But still, there wasn't that one track that made me go wow, no Surviving The Times, or What Goes Around, or even Thief's theme. Locomotive probably comes the closet to that vintage Nas feel though. Still a good album, I enjoyed it a lot more than Nas's last couple efforts.
  13. Another one in the "Resi 4 is bore" camp. I mean, I guess it's OK if you like generic third person shooters, but I can't understand why some claim it a "masterpiece". True Resi died with that game. I find the sight and prospect of Mario and all his games utterly unappealing in nearly every way. I've never played any games online aside from about 3 matches of KOF12. It wasn't just SNK's supposedly awful netcode that put me off. Generally speaking, I found it a bit like one of those you'd think would be awesome as a kid, but then when actually have it's like "oh. It's a bit boring really". Multiplayer is just no fun without the living room "pass me the pad you prick" banter. The only PC game I ever bought was Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. My PC couldn't run the game though, and I was gutted. I have never bought a PC game since. I once got in real fist fight over a game of 2 player Tekken 5. I had a cocky friend who thought he was amazing at the game, so I discovered the ultra cheap continuous punch move with that boxer guy and beat him. He didn't want to pass on the pad and asked for a rematch, I feared that I would not repeat my success and refused, words were then exchanged and the situation just escalated. Ironically the one who came out the worst was the PS2, which got broke. You don't get this with online! On the third of every month I log into twitter and make sure I send a tweet with the #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense hashtag. I genuinely think it's in the best interest for all gamers-whether they like Shenmue or not- to participate in this campaign. I think all sports games are complete wastes of time. If you want to play sport, go and actually play it for real! I would apply the same the same logic to fighting games, but they're so unrealistic. I do, however, apply similar logic to "mastering" those fighting games that are super hard to play, you might as well go and learn a real martial art with all that dedication! On that note, I recently posted in the VF FS thread about something related to gameplay. I had no idea what I was talking about, I was just repeating the same thing a friend had told me. I often do the same thing when people are talking about football or cars.
  14. I don't get it. Whats so special about those tech demo's? They just look like the same ol kind of CGI trailers we always get. Unless there was someone with an actual control pad controlling those characters, I fail to see what everyone is excited about. What the current census on the 'next gen' anyway. Are the people here desperately ready for the next gen, or would you prefer devs and publishers to retain their focus on the current gen and drive production costs down?
  15. Yep, those reviews are pretty horrible. I keep reading "it has a hard time of comparing to current AAA fighting games" . Seriously, they have no clue. The term AAA is pretty much meaningless when it comes to good fighting experiences anyway. To be fair the game does lack a decent singleplayer mode (Quest mode is sorely missed Sega ), but when you take it account it's a budget title it seems more than fair to me. This is still the best 3D fighter to be found.
  16. I'm actually really disappointed with the changes they've made to the throwing. The system worked perfectly previously, it's such an unnecessary and pointless change.
  17. I haven't really been following the Wii U, but the last I heard was that it's barely more powerful than PS3 and the like. If that's the case and the Wii U is such a long way behind where the big next gen consoles will presumably be, why is it also the most complex to develop for!? That's like shooting yourself in both feet.
  18. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-05-30-haruka-wont-fight-in-yakuza-5 So Haruka doesn't fight. I'm cool with that, as a break from the repetitive brawling will no doubt be a relief. Though I am a bit annoyed they've made Haruka a wanna-be pop-star. Also those screenshots, lol why do Yakuza characters have such freakish shoulders! The locations do look nice though.
  19. This is still looking bloody great to be honest. I'm optimistic, Kinect can work pretty decently when done properly.
  20. I am very seriously considering buying a Vita for when this game comes out. It looks amazing.
  21. Yeah, that Killer Mike album is amazing, exceeded my expectations. There's not a weak track on it.
  22. Some serious edutainment shit!
  23. This! Part of the reason the Shenmue games are so adored is due to the endless amount of subtle details packed into the game. Being able to pray at the little shrine at the Hazuki household, seeing the fish swim about in the pond outside the house, the guy dressed up as santa that would start walking around town near Christmas day, Tom happily dancing away to his music every time you pass, All the NPC's would have their individual daily routines they would carry out, even the weather conditions of the day were rumoured to correlate with historical weather records for the Yokosuka area. And of course even more can be said for Shenmue 2 with it's endless touches, and notably it's very accurate portrayal of the real life Man Mo temple in Hong Kong. No game has even immersed me in it's world quite so well.
  24. Yeah, really like that.
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