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  1. edit: don't know why that's not working, but here's a translation of that tweet from a french journalist: Yu Suzuki just said he is thinking about kickstarter to fund Shenmue 3 development #MAGS https://twitter.com/SAbdelhamid the Tweetathon also happens to be today, folks. Feel free to unleash #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense hashtag hell!
  2. You could look at it that way, but as I've already expressed earlier in this thread, there isn't really any nastiness, we are just expressing what we feel to be fair, and on a public platform. It certainly has the potential to get more consistent attention than another mass mailing to Sega's HQ. I don't think it's malicious, we're just being honest and using twitter, many fans do feel that if Sega are just sitting on the license (statues and clothes aside) that they should give Yu the license. It's pretty simple. we are hardly "bullying" Sega! I also feel like I'm going around in circles here. You personally may think Yu has not a hope in hell of attaining the license, but regardless, if he did have the license it would open the door for kickstarter and at least give Shenmue 3 a chance. Kickstarter or something similar is simply not an option under Sega. It comes down to fact that it's been over decade and Sega have done almost nothing with license, many fans (myself included obviously) feel that if Sega don't announce an HD re-release some time in the not too distant future, than it's got more of a chance with Yu and potentially with something like kickstarter. That is why we tweet the hashtag. Maybe Sega were deeply moved by the capsules, but they certainly didn't acknowledge the campaign (even a simple,"hey we appreciated all the capsules with nice messages inside...but still can't discuss Shenmue" would have been nice) or Shenmue in any real way until years later! Maybe they are testing the waters with a very limited edition and very expensive statue, and the insert clothing stuff. I certainly hope they are and it is possible I guess. But the only realistic way I can see of testing the waters is a downloadable Shenmue re-release. Maybe not, and Shenmue HD could possibly in development right now for all I know (I certainly hope so!). But to be on the safe side, I'd rather keep the campaign going until they do officially announce it, or else we could be waiting hopefully for another decade.
  3. it seems that a few people here have completely missed the point of this campiagn, so I will respond to a few points. No, I don't think you've read my original posts in this thread. The goal of this campaign is to raise awareness on a very public platform, so when people tweet or retweet all their followers we also see it. Ideally the goal is to eventually get the hashtag trending if possible. This is not something that will be good for Sega's public image, as it makes Sega look like they do not value their long term fans and this is for all the world to see, thus it is not so easily ignorable. If the campaign gets large enough, the reason for Sega to take action will be so to improve their image. I had a kickstarter fund more in mind when I was referring to it being made with the engine of Deadly Premonition We are, hence why many of the tweets read something like "Sega please re-release Shenmue on XBLA/PSN or #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense" We are doing this. One of the best things about the campaign is simply that it is generating discussion and getting the fanbase active and united again. See, I agree the capsule toy campaign was thoroughly charming, more charming than this campaign. But it also lacked the potential to be as effective. Sega recieve a few hundred or even a few thousand capsules at their HQ, and all they have to do (and all they did do) is completely ignore it, they don't even have to provide a response to the fans. But when fans are asking for IMO pretty reasonable action to be taken i.e re-release Shenmue or give yu the license (yes they may have started "milking" it again, but it's hardly much of an earner for them, and Yu has expressed a desire for the license, personally I think he deserves it) and it's all in front of the wider world to see, it's harder for Sega sweep under the carpet as they did the capsule campaign. Some kind of downloadable re-release could make the first two games easily accessible, and introduce them to a new audience. Mainly other FB sites, the only large Shenmue Fansite (Shenmue Dojo) does now actively support the campaign. As for the FB groups that aren't yet participating, you would have to ask them, as we have received no responses.
  4. Which is why we take to twitter once a month in an attempt to give them a reason. It may have been, but I was responding to the point of why it didn't sell all that well on Xbox. As you point out, it seems that it was only meant for North American fans who had already played the first Shenmue on DC and had an Xbox. But it wouldn't have appealed to gamers who hadn't already played the first and so had no investment in the story, hence the low sales. But creating living cities and day night whether cycles, and other such things can surely be done at a more affordable price now. Yakuza might be a closer comparison in terms of budget and sales and such, but personally, I found the world of Deadly Premonition to be much more Shenmue-like (complete with unique NPC's that have their own cycles and all), all it needed to do away with those awkward shooting sections (though they do break up the game play a bit admittedly). It might not have been as jammed packed with stuff as Yakuza's open world is, but in odd way it still felt more detailed. So while I agree that detail is key to Shenmue's appeal, sometimes games with lower budgets can still have more of an eye for it. I'd be more than happy with a Shenmue 3 that runs on an engine as creaky as DP's. I know that Shenmue 3 would have to come with some concessions, but I don't think they would have to rob the game of it's soul.
  5. I don't think giving Yu the Shenmue license requires any creativity, hard work or risk. We know Yu suzuki wants to make Shenmue and also know he wants the license, and I believe that crowd sourcing could offer genuine possibilities. We are not actually asking for any effort of Sega, I mean I'd be delighted if they could re-release Shenmue alongside all the other DC games they have already re-released, but if not they could make a whole lot of us happy by letting go of an IP license they are making nominal profits from, and thus opening up options for what can done. Do you really think this is completely unreasonable beyond question? No, it's really not. Do Roger Walters and Dave Gilmour actually want to reform Pink Floyd and go on a world tour? And again, the reasons for it's failure are pretty blatant, to the point where you have to wonder what Sega were thinking in regards to it. The Xbox was a new console, it was nowhere near as successful as PS2, and I would take the educated assumption that Shenmue would have found a much more receptive gamer demographic on that latter console. Not only this, but they released Shenmue 2 without the first game (just a really poor "movie" of the cutscenes), which would mean that Xbox owners would have had to go and buy an old DC and Shenmue to really experience the story. With current consoles a downloadable re-release could be made easly available. I've already dealt with this accusation earlier in my post. I am fully in support of trying crowd funding, and Yu Suzuki actually wants to make the game. Well of course, I don't work in game's industry myself and I don't have an absolute knowledge of how much it costs to produce a game, but I'm pretty sure a worthy Shenmue 3 could be done on an affordable budget. As I've said previously, most fans wouldn't even expect it to be as technically extravagant as the original Shenmue was when it was first released. It wasn't the super high production values that made Shenmue great, it was the passion that went into it that made it great. The recent game's that remind me most of Shenmue aren't AAA titles, they are games like Deadly Premonition, games that were made on a tight-ish budget but had a lot of love put into it. I don't think the lack of being able to to carry over your items from Shenmue 2 would alienate many Shenmue at all! That was never really a huge part of Shenmue's appeal, it's not like Mass Effect or anything, that was just a nice little bonus. Could you really imagine as current fan saying "Yes! After all these years Shenmue 3 is being released, but oh wait, I can't carry my decade old save items over, fuck it then I'm out" ?
  6. I've mainly only seen the same kind of statistics as you have, but it seems that Shenmue was one of the top selling titles on the Dreamcast. Yes, it was still a financial failure (or so I'm lead to believe at least), but the reasons for that are clear and quite unique to it's time: it was released on Dreamcast, and it cost an astronomical amount to produce. There just wasn't a big enough Dreamcast install base to realistically make a decent profit of off a game that took as much money to produce as Shenmue did. A new Shenmue game wouldn't suffer from either of those issues. I don't think many genuinely believe or expect to see a Shenmue 3 as lavish by today's tech standards as the original game was by it's. Therefore I absolutely believe that a Shenmue 3 could certainly produce a healthy profit. Shenmue wasn't really a game that inspired people to go out and buy a dedicated games console just to play it on, but it is a game that I think many people would be curious about and want to try. More people now own games consoles than back in those days, and despite Shenmue having somewhat of a reputation as a hardcore gamer's darling, I think it could appeal to many non-traditional gamer types precisely because of it's lack of "gameyness" as it were. I've met quite a few very casual or even non-gamers who took quite a shine to the game. I also agree with Comrade, in that Shenmue 3 could definitely fetch a top draw Kickstarter fund, there always seems to be more interest and passion in Shenmue than other retro gaming curios, it's never quite quietly faded away like other cult titles have. And whenever there's a poll for anything that's even nearly related to it, Shenmue seems to consistently top them. I also think that having had over decade to gestate and gain an almost mythical reputation amongst gamers, could even work for it, in a funny way. Of course I know as well as anyone that nothing is certain and that the future of Shenmue is in a precarious position. But I think that Shenmue 3 becoming a reality is very possible, and I'm the type of person that likes getting proactive, I was brought up believing that protest's can work. Obviously I know Shenmue is hardly the most pressing issue in the world today, but nor is sending a tweet once a month the most demanding or time consuming of actions. The tweetathon the other day went well by the way, here's the write up on it if anyone's interested: http://www.facebook....568329816512395
  7. I'm always confused when people say this kind of thing. Not because Yakuza isn't great, but well, it's really not much like Shenmue at all. It's a great game in it's own right, but it just doesn't provide what Shenmue did. Shenmue is a very slow burning tale full of mystique, and it's obsessively detailed world is one that feels more real and nuanced than Yakuza's. It's simply about losing yourself in the settings and story, it's hardly "gamey" at all. Yakuza by comparison is much more of a traditional game, interrupting your flow with street fights every other minute, and while the stories are always of a high standard, they are also completely OTT and unbelievable in every respect. Both great games, but while they share some DNA, they really couldn't be much more different. Anyway, thanks to everyone who took a minute to participate today, it looked as though the turnout was pretty good
  8. And you must know what I'll say in response to that is: Fine, fair enough to them, that's understandable, but at the very least Sega could #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense and give us a fighting chance, be that through Kickstarter or some other possible means.
  9. ^ Nah, Ryo won the vote, it already finished. Also Miku is actually rather popular and has a real cult following. Valid point. But on the other hand, it also reminds people of Sega's shame: the fact that they never delivered on their promise and have left the many loyal Sega fans who loved Shenmue hanging for years, prefering to ignore and dodge us rather than having the decency to give us a firm answer. We even sent hundreds of capsule toys with nice messages to Sega's HQ years ago, and they still refused to even acknowledge us. There is no way of them bringing up Shenmue without also bringing up this sentiment, and that's also probably the reason why Sega have taken so long to re-release Shenmue, as they would have rather people just forget about it. So I think having more Shenmue stuff out there is probably a good thing, it will get more people talking about and playing Shenmue, and then those people are likely to ask "Why can't Sega man up and do something worthy with the license". Thanks to all people who have tweeted today, it seems to be going well and I'm sure there are few people from here who have been so kind to send a tweet.
  10. Hi all you rllmuk lovely's, I know I faced some stiff opposition in this thread, but I feel the discussion we had was mostly very positive and eloquent nonetheless (aside from odd snide remark here and there). And so, I'm willing to stick my neck on the line and bump this thread to promote the fact that today is indeed the 3rd of the month and that means it's tweetathon day! I haven't bumped this thread in prior months, but I feel that this month is different, I feel that the iron is hot right now. Two noteworthy things have happened recently 1: Shenmue's Ryo Hazuki totally dominated a recent poll being put forward to Sega by Sumo, which could potentially (if the gods are with us) lead to his inclusion via DLC in Sega all star racing Transformed. And we've been informed that Sega are indeed paying attention. Who said Online petitions never amount to anything? 2: This statue has been announced: https://www.first4fi.../ryo reveal.jpg Two very small things in the scheme of things, but when combined with the recent Insert Coin clothing line, I really feel there's been more of a Shenmue buzz recently. Could Sega be possibly testing the waters, potentially leading to Shenmue HD? I think now is the time we should go all out, and try and push Sega over that threshold. I know many here are skeptical, but you could greatly help us get our hashtag trending if you participate. It's not a big commitment to send one tweet once a month, isn't at least worth a try. Our tweetathon continues to grow larger and larger, so I know there are still plenty of gamers out there who still have fire in their bellies. And remember, it's not about getting Sega to listen, this tweetathon is about getting the rest of the world to listen. Just include the hashtag #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense in a tweet! Cheers.
  11. Banging this one out right now Perfect!
  12. I love me some Letta Mbulu! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i-UnWQMFKs
  13. ^Interesting. Tonight this beauty is moving me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cziRRBlTuRQ
  14. Anyone been checking out that Apollo Brown/Guilty Simpson record? It's just what you'd expect, and it's just up my street. They even give Krayzie Bone a run for his money in regards to anthropomorphising reefer: But who works that concept better? Might have to give it to Guilty, only for the mere fact that you feel like Krayzie is deliberately trying to induce you into smoking a spliff even when he's rapping about quitting it!
  15. The results are in!! http://forums.sega.com/showthread.php?427121-S0L-s-Challenge-The-Campaign-for-SEGA-characters-to-become-DLC&p=7698132&viewfull=1#post7698132 Justice! Not even the cult of Miku can match the firey passion gamers all over the world feel for Shenmue! You go Ryo!
  16. Don't know who the UK rapper is.
  17. OK, here's an update on S0L's vote for DLC character unofficial challenge: Ryo is currently in forth place (trailing by some distance behind Segata Sanshiro and Miku Hatsune), but we're only 4 votes behind Vectorman! We can do this and get him into 3rd place, people! Vote here:http://www.change.org/petitions/sumo-digital-sega-include-ryo-hazuki-for-sonic-all-stars-racing-transformed
  18. So I see a couple people here (I see you Superquake!) are a little disappointed by the absence of Ryo from Shenmue and his forklift, as am I. Well, it seems S0L has thrown a few grains of hope in our direction and laid down this challenge (and you know I love a challenge): We can vote here http://forums.sega.c...s-to-become-DLC Shenmue fans, you know what you need to do. Right now Miku Hatsune has our boy trailing, we can't let him go out like that! Team Yu has decided to throw it's considerable weight behind this voting campiagn, so Miku and Vectorman better watch out! Edit: The official voting has begun here http://www.change.or...ing-transformed Let's get it in!
  19. Loving the downward spiral of cynicism this thread is rapidly plummeting down. We've gone very quickly from "this game is sounding shit" to "2012 has been a really shit year for gaming" to "Eurogamer is so fucking shit these days". We've even had a couple "PC gamer is so shit these days" haha. Right little ray of sunshine this thread. I'm not going to lie though, that PC gamer review is certainly a tad discouraging.
  20. I'm obviously no expert on game development, but surely there are now ways to keep costs lower with these sorts of games. No way could Yakuza 3 have costed as much as Shenmue did. I'm sure there are engines they could use. But as I said, I'm really no expert on game development. You could be right. But I think it's best to be proactive about things until it is confirmed that something- even just a HD remake- is on the horizon, rather than just twiddle my thumbs and hope Sega come through. Well that's fair enough, I can certainly understand this viewpoint, and it is a relevant point that even just keeping people discussing the games (like in this article- http://www.1up.com/features/unclear-destiny-future-shenmue-3) is a good thing. And also, the campaign can always adapt, the main thing is that we are amassing a very active base of campaigners.
  21. It could certainly be made a lot cheaper now though, it wouldn't have to be anywhere near as costly. I don't think many still expect Shenmue 3 to be at the forefront of technology like it was with the original. It would still be stretch to achieve through Kickstarter nonetheless, but I do think Shenmue 3 could inspire the highest kickstarter pledge seen to date. I don't think anyone (or at least not many) who have taken part in the tweetathon has an irrational dislike for Sega, or even a dislike for Sega at all. As I've said before, no one is really slagging Sega off. Most of the tweets go something like "I wish you'd make Shenmue 3 Sega, but if you can't then just #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense". In fact many participants are hardcore Sega enthusiasts. I've even mentioned in this thread that I don't blame Sega for not wanting to touch Shenmue after being burned by it before, but if they're not using the license ( and I've seen no solid signs that they plan to in nearly a decade) I think they should let it go to Yu. Maybe your getting the "irrational dislike" vibe from my some of my dramatic language, which as I've explained I do have a habit of using, but I don't dislike Sega for not making Shenmue 3 at all, I just wish they'd pass it on if they don't plan to use it. If we could get this hashtag trending regularly, I think they would have to take notice to some extent. It's certainly one the least ignorable campaign strategies that can be organized easily over the internet. There are other ideas we have too, but for now I do think these tweetathons are certainly worth continuing, especially as they are getting bigger and bigger. So while I understand you are quite cynical about the it, I do think it will be interesting to see where this campaign leads too, and how it will grow. .
  22. In this interview I believe , there is also another interview that was written up were he mentions it again, though I haven't bothered to find that one. Who knows. In one interview he mention that he "thinks there are many interested investors". And if not, then there's always kickstarter as an option, and while Sega owns the license Kickstarter is obviously not a realistic possibility. As I keep saying, it's not that Shenmue 3 will become a definite reality once Yu has the license, but it gives him more options, and thus gives Shenmue 3 at least a fighting chance. I obviously don't know what goes on behind closed doors at Sega, but I think that would probably be much simpler to achieve with a game like Shenmue Gai which would only cost peanuts to develop in comparison to a Shenmue 3. And as I've already mentioned, a kickstarter is not an option under Sega. Maybe it requires someone else to fund it. Do you think Yu Suzuki can really fund Shenmue 3 out of his own pocket alone? So your optimistic about Shenmue 3 still being greenlit by Sega? As this thread demonstrates, I clearly lean to the more optimistic side of the spectrum, but even I'm not optimistic about Sega green lighting Shenmue 3. It's been nearly a decade since Shenmue 2 X, and not once since then has Sega demonstrated a genuine desire to continue the saga. I don't even blame Sega, they got burned the first couples times round and now who would want to be the guy at Sega to stick his neck on the line by green lightning Shenmue 3? It's still possible I guess, but as time goes on it's looking increasingly likely that under Sega all the future holds for Shenmue is nothingness. It'd be cause for at least a little more optimism if Yu Suzuki owned the rights. Who knows, maybe Sega will come through after all these years and do right by Yu Suzuki and us Shenmue fans, but until they do I'm not going to be expecting them to. I'd rather be working towards what seems like the most realistic cause for hope.
  23. Your just completely jumping the gun here. If Yu Suzuki had the license it would be up to him to do with it what he wanted, and whatever decision he would make I would respect hence the name Team Yu, we wouldn't campaign for him to do anything he didn't want to. If he didn't want to make Shenmue 3 I would respect that. However we do know that he does want to make it, and we do know that he does want the license. This campaign is just aiming to give Shenmue 3 at least a fighting chance, because after over a decade under Sega it appears there isn't much hope there any more. I don't believe anyone taking part in this campaign believes they own Shenmue as was seemingly the case with some ME fans, or at least not anyone I've spoken to, but we do believe that Yu should own it. Maybe not me, but I believe Sega does owe Yu Suzuki a lot. At the very least the Shenmue license. Maybe I'm missing something here, but you don't seem to have explained why you feel it's unreasonable. This is nothing like the ME case. Sega are doing nothing with license, Yu Suzuki wants the license. Can you tell me what's unreasonable about giving it to him? Because that is currently the only goal of this campiagn.
  24. Tell your editor to check the #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense hashtag on the 3rd and see for himself I'm going to take the educated assumption that this post is 90% snark, but I don't think it's fair the way Shenmue is always branded as commercial kryptonite, there are clear reasons why it didn't succeed. Shenmue 1 was actually one of best selling games ever released for the Dreamcast (3rd if my memory is correct), but it just came down to the simple fact that there wasn't a big enough Dreamcast install base, and that was Sega's job to insure, not Shenmue's. It was never going to be massive system selling game, it needed more people who already owned the console. The reason for Shenmue 2's low sales are even more obvious, releasing the game onto the Xbox without the first instalment, in an attempt to capture an audience who had never had the chance to invest themselves in the saga....it was a ridiculous move. Not really. I'm just using it as an example of what passionate fan activity can achieve, and also how reasonable our campaign is in comparison! This would be great. Unfortunately we all know that Sega are never ever going to be involved in a kickstarter (at least in the foreseeable future) . If Yu Suzuki had control of the license for himself however, then that would be a different story, and Kickstarter would be a viable option, and Shenmue 3 would have a fighting chance. You don't sound like a dickhead, but I see things very differently. I think life would be a bit better if more people realized that they do have a say in what videogames get made, they just need to be more motivated and organised.
  25. Thanks for all the replies, be it positive or negative. This thread is for discussion after all! Well no, this is not all I have to give a shit about, my life is not at all that empty. But it is something I believe in, and is something I am willing to spend a small amount of my overall free time on. Maybe I'll just replace that hour I spend browsing rllmuk for an hour trying to be proactive about the future of game franchise that in some small (or not so small) way did indeed change my life I can't see Sega making much money off of Shenmue without releasing future iterations. Anyway, that's why our aim is make the discomfort for Sega more powerful than their desire for nominal profits made off of the IP is. I just want to say that no one is really "slagging" Sega off, most tweets are polite, just with the aim of creating awareness about the injustice that Sega is doing Yu Suzuki, a man that helped carve Sega's legacy. Well, I'll admit some of my language is a tad dramatic, but I guess I just have a tendency towards that. I do also disagree with your general stance on the language used throughout this campaign. If we believed we could convince Sega to give up the license through appealing to their logic with dispassionate language then that is what we would do. But we have tried and Sega have not listened, and so our aim is to raise as much awareness for the situation as possible. And I think it's a well known fact that observers will pay far more attention to passionate tweets than emotionless ones. Look at the Mass Effect fans, they achieved something far more unreasonable (create an entirely new ending to a game) through the use of passion. And they being far more demanding! They wanted an ending changed, we just want a promised conclusion delivered. And we're not even asking Sega to do that, all we are asking them to do is hand over an IP they are doing nothing with, and that is completely within their means to do. And we will express our gratitude to Sega if they do. But we've all been let down by them too many times to simply sit back and wait for the "inevitable announcement".
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