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  1. Yeah definitely agree on that new Quelle album, some great stuff on there, that Guilty track and Black Milk track being two highlights. And that Roc mixtape is brilliant, proper album quality all the way through.
  2. what are you talking about? It is a dope track.
  3. ^ That is seriously wonderful! Thanks for posting.
  4. Massive tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoyB3rTw2Ps
  5. crisy

    Dead Rising 3

    What a downward spiral this franchise is going on. I loved the first DR, up there among my fav games of this gen. DR2 was close but not quite cigar for me, it had a decent imitation style of the first game but it was never quite going to be the real deal. This new one just looks completely hopeless. They done sold their soul. But as other have said, I'm really please about this, because I don't want to get an xbone.
  6. It's definitely a violent album. It's not in as straightforward a manner as say a Mobb Deep album, but it is definitely violent. Especially towards women. This gives the album way too much credit, surely.
  7. So, I think it's safe to say that Sega fans are satisfied with Sega's showing this year https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151700881956796
  8. Can't be that low. I don't leave mine on when I'm not on the net. Why would I want to? .
  9. What does that even mean?! Awful news by the sound of it.
  10. So Sony have again reiterated their "DRM up to publishers stance". Being someone who doesn't really understand all this DRM business, there's still little to worry about on PS4 right?
  11. This looks orgasmic for a Metal Gear fan. Orgasmic.
  12. Love this Jones Girls number Anyone peep Dexter Wansel's comment under the vid, in regard to the "I found you on the floor..lipstick was on the wall" lyric haha.
  13. I haven't really read this thread at all to be honest, but I think Geekette is spot on with what she's saying. It's like recently when that 'Top boy' program was on channel 4, and there was debate about that. Some people were making the argument that stuff like what's depicted on the show really does go on (although having actually watched the program, I can confirm the show is hardly as realistic as it clearly thinks it is), well yeah that's fair enough, and if this was one isolated show it wouldn't be a problem. But the problem is that whenever there has been a show or film involving London council estates made over the last decade or so, and especially involving young black men, it's only ever depicting one thing: violent crime and the usual stereotypes. Top boy is a rubbish show no doubt, but it wouldn't be a problem if there was more of an appropriate balance, unfortunately there isn't, and so it deserves criticism. Sorry I am aware this has nothing to do with women in games...
  14. New Ka Pleased to hear he has a new album coming soon
  15. Doesn't this pretty much confirm that it's possible turn the camera off while the xbone is on : http://www.shopto.net/news/42900/Xbox-One-Watch-Kinect-can-be-deactivated-AMD-deal-worth-3-billion/ Though it doesn't mention the microphone, so they could still be listening I guess. Just to be clear though, I'm not in the "lets be reasonable, wait and give the xbox one the benefit of the doubt" camp. The reveal was pretty terrible, and I think gaming forums and the like should be giving MS a hard time right now, as a precaution just in case things really are as bad as they sound. Because who knows, MS might see all this negativity and frantically press the undo button before they go through with some of this crap. If conversely they see an internet full on reasonable gamers giving them the benefit of the doubt, they might think "well that wasn't so bad, maybe we could have taken even more rights and self respect from them".
  16. Why does it bother you so much? There was some excited rumblings of potential Shenmue news (I'll get to that in a second), which I thought might have been worthy of discussion, and which did legitimately pop up on the same day as the monthly tweetathon. Hardly spam. It's not like you can't easily ignore this thread anyway, Napole0n. Anyway, so the bold quotes of Yu being interested in a crowd funding scheme turned out to be pretty much nothing but than the usual hyperbole, as was the "anime and manga" statement too. It sounds like it was more a case Yu being pressured into giving a half hearted but positive response. What is probably the most accurate translation of the interview can be found in the thread over at Shenmue Dojo. Also, in regards to the campaign, for the next tweetathon we're implying a new technique to help generate a good simultaneous splash, and also help out those who want to contribute on the 3rd but may happen to be forgetful. You can support it here: https://www.thunderc...athon-april-3rd And finally, for another recent chipper pic of the man who inspired this campaign, with Go Nagai on March 1st:
  17. From the information we currently have (two out of context references on a twitter account). They are two separate statements, one was along the lines of "Yu Suzuki said he is thinking about using a crowd funding scheme like kicktstarter to fund Shenmue 3", the other was "Yu Suzuki would like to continue the Shenmue adventure in anime or manga form" Those are all we have to go on right now, until the full interview arrives.
  18. @ Spacehost That's from the guy that runs Shenmue Master, he interviewed Yu earlier in the day I believe. But I do agree, we don't know in what context Yu made that comment, so I'm awaiting the full interview before I get too carried away. But Team Yu has always operated on the belief that if the opportunity came up, Yu wouldn't be too proud to take advantage of crowd funding schemes like kickstarter if need be. So it's a promising tid bit, hopefully we'll get some elaboration on it soon.
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