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  1. Being playing this a lot today. It's so lovely.
  2. It's conjecture until we do see some sort of re-release, but I've spoken so many people who loved Shenmue but who aren't even avid gamers, and this leads me to believe there is a real audience out there for it. It's mechanics may be dated, but it's not a game about mechanics, as Parrapa said, it's a game all about the unique atmosphere, and it still has that in spades. There is really nothing out there like it.
  3. I couldn't disagree with this more.
  4. Team Yu's long write up on all the recent events: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=794502770561764&set=a.346053648740014.93932.346033592075353&type=1&stream_ref=10
  5. I don't see why a smaller kickstarter goal couldn't be used in conjuncture with a wary but potentially interested publisher, who might to test the waters before they agree to invest the rest of the money in the project themselves.
  6. The postmortem is happening in a few hours. Hopefully it will provide some decent new insights into the game and the development process. Here's the stream: http://www.gamespot.com/videos/classic-game-postmortem-shenmue/2300-6417813/
  7. crisy

    Iggy Azalea

    Her voice reminds me of that Riff Raff guy.
  8. Been listening to Champion Sounds a lot recently. What an album. So gully: Oh and:
  9. Best music video ever
  10. That nutta Wiley can spit absolute fire when he wants to.
  11. Mixing truth with humour: Also, for those who haven't been following things for a while. We've left behind the old hashtag in favour of the more catchy #SaveShenmue which I thing some people here might prefer judging by the generally negative reaction this thread had to our original hashtag. It's the 3rd and the tweetathon is currently ongoing, so please spare a tweet and help #SaveShenmue http://teamyu.net/SaveShenmue/
  12. Just discovered this tune from youtube's suggested vids from that Dwight Sykes tune calashnikov posted. Definitely a bit of a jam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbe9qWxf9zU
  13. Holy fuck that is some good shit right there!
  14. I seriously want to give it to Matthew Mcconaughey. Was gutted he was only in it for 5 minutes.
  15. Some interesting debating in this thread today. I can understand why haha great brought it up, as I kinda went through a similar thing a while back. I grew up listening to copious amounts of hip hop and plenty of my favourite albums did inevitably contain copious ignorance violence and misogyny. I'm completely non violent and abhor misogyny so a few years ago after contemplating these issues I decided I needed to stop contradicting myself and completely stopped listening to any hip hop whose content I found unethical. I maintained this for maybe 2 years or so, pretty rigidly, abstaining from even my very favourite albums due to these lyrical transgressions. This may seem silly, but I'm not going to lie, I was definitely a less happy person during those years. Eventually I just got sick of constantly trying to be "consistent in my principles" and forcing myself away from some music I just enjoy. It might make me a hypocrite but sometimes I want to bang out some mobb deep or freddie gibbs. I guess I don't try and reconcile my taste for some ignorant hip hop with my personal views as much any more, and I'm OK with that on the whole. I can't say it never bothers me at all though, it's mostly the casual misogyny that most bothers me. For example, I really enjoyed Roc Mariano's recent Return of of Pimpire album, but as the title suggests, there is very little else on there but casual misogyny. I know it was meant to be a blaxploitation movie or whatever (which is no less valid an excuse than the Tyler argument to be honest) but Roc Marciano goes so deep into the misogyny that I can't help but feel that this shit just aint good. I mean, I know we can try and justify the misogynistic bars of roc marci or Action Bronson as entertainment and humour, but we wouldn't tolerate it if the mysogny was swapped out for racism would we? So I guess really I do agree with haha in that we should be less tolerate of it, but I'm still going to listen...I'm going round in circles so I'll just stop here.
  16. Yes! I only just discovered the original recently too, and it likewise blew my mind. My Soul discovery for the night is this Willie Hutch slammer:
  17. Well done to Sumo for persevering! #SaveShenmue (that's the new more catchy hashtag we're rolling with now) http://teamyu.net/SaveShenmue/
  18. That Caldwell tune that Dilla sampled on that Common track. I'm absolutely loving it right now.
  19. Never heard of these guys before but this is dope
  20. True, but Euro Gang though. What the actual hell lol
  21. This tune is seriously my tune right now
  22. The EDGE review makes it sound sort of decent though, if only for the spectacle.
  23. Cheers for sharing that, really feeling it.
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