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  1. Still have two more eps to go of this, but it is just stunning, the best thing I've seen on tv for ages. Heartbreaking, funny, and feels realer in all its complexity and weirdness than most things on tv.
  2. Loving the new perspective and appreciation of FF13 on this page. I flipping love the original FF13 (never played its two sequels though), loved it from the moment I first played it and still do. I think at the time of its release its lack of openness really blinded many a fan to its charms and braveness. Like Sprite said up the page, I've always been into FF for the characters and epic story, I can take or leave the openness, so I always clicked with 13, but I do think there is a lot be said for its tighter linearity, now more than ever.
  3. crisy

    This is Hip-Hop.

    The new Ka album Descendants of Cain is predictably amazing for anyone who is a fan of his sombre music. I reckon this might be his best yet though, his penmanship just gets better and better. "our yogis did stretches upstate"!!!
  4. Eff me, that absolute banger has just made me reappraise my whole opinion of the Yakuza series. They are all masterworks!.
  5. Well this looks unbelievably good. I was one the biggest naysayers early on, but I'm happy to eat my words if it's as good as it looks, episodic or not. I can't even believe graphics like those are possible on PS4, it looks like a PS5 game.
  6. I utterly agree with this. I have finally just completed S3, and for me it was just pure joy from start to finish. It was everything I I could have hoped a Shenmue 3 would be but didn't dare to. The game must have been coded in love, it's almost overwhelming, around every corner there's some gorgeous sight or beautiful and entirely unnecessary (for any other game) detail. The kids playing in the flowers, the glow worms, the butterflies, the smudges on the hotel door glass, playing that face Rock Paper Scissors game with Shenhua, the cute QTE fail cut scenes, the innocent questions you and Shenhua ask each other every evening. This is the stuff that makes Shenmue my favourite game series. I poured hours and hours into this before I saw the end, just drinking in all the sights and systems and idiosyncratic minigames and endless homages to itself and its fans. It's even things like the couple of phone cards with characters faces you can find in the game, as diehard Shenmue geeks will know some of the coolest bits of official Shenmue merch back in the day were real Japanese phone cards with Shenmue characters on them. There's so much that brought a smile to my face, so much Yu Suzuki magic. This basically felt like playing a Dreamcast 4 game. To me, S3 felt as unique in atmosphere as S2 felt to S1, as others have said it feels more like a quiet and internal chapter. Its story loses some of the momentum and intensity that the first couple games had, but that makes sense with Ryo spending so much time with Shenhua, indeed throughout the game he's almost entirely concerned with rescuing her dad as opposed to revenging his own, he hardly mentions revenge at all in fact, he definitely softens a lot in this game (in S1 and 2 he's pretty cold blooded and emotionally numb). And this more chilled foot of the pedal pace perfectly suits the more open world filled with way more to do than the old games had. And I feel this also reflects us, the gamers, as we've aged, and probably Yu Suzuki too, he's not a hot shot high flyer trying to break new ground and wow the world (although I bet he'd still go wild if anyone would throw enough cash at him again), but an older guy filled with gratitude who wants to make a game full of small joys and beauties. Such a lovely game, it deserves to win everyone's heart, or at least enough people to help him have a go at Shenmue 4
  7. Put me in the "the bad reviews have only hyped me more" category. This is what I've always wanted, Kojima totally untethered and out of control. A perfect storm of insane hubris, budget and creative freedom. This was always likely to be a mess, but it's going to be a beautiful mess of the like we don't get enough of. Something a bit different at last, thank god.
  8. Me too, but in a good way. Yu Suzuki is still a mad man
  9. crisy

    This is Hip-Hop.

    I really like the album, but I agree that some of the uber ignorant content made me want to turn it off at moments. There's some moments of self awareness in there, but hearing lyrics about passing bitches to his homies or whatever is just puerile from Gibbs at this stage. I always surprised when rappers who have had charges of sexual assault brought to them carry on with these kinds of lyrics. I know gibbs beat his case, but still, you'd think he'd a little less forthcoming with those kinds of misogynistic bars.
  10. crisy

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Those beat switches on Bandanna are orgasmic. Amazing album, better than the first for me.
  11. Decent article here: http://www.phantomriverstone.com/2019/06/pc-version-is-timed-exclusive-for-epic.html Let's be a level headed and patient about this.
  12. I'm loving this delay, I didn't wait like 15 years for Shenmue 3 just to come out in the summer time! Even though the first Shenmue will always be the epitome of a Christmas game to me, the whole series is associated in my mind with that time of year.
  13. It's already been mentioned and it's been absolutely years since I've played, but I remember Otogi being an incredibly beautiful and haunting game. One of my gaming regrets is that I never played its sequel.
  14. I find when I'm out and about lately some bit from this series will pop into my head, usually something that didn't really sink in while I was actually watching, and it will just cause me to struggle to suppress the laughter. I was on the tube yesterday and it was the hairdresser conversation with Lynn: "volumised at the crown", "a cross between Margret Thatcher and a brown cloud". Like the best of Partridge, its hilarity just kind of creeps up on you.
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