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  1. Where Mario Kart Went Wrong

    To be honest Stanley, posts like this do seem a bit stifling it's like " the majority of us agree it's amazing, so end of story". There's no need to take it so personally, from what I've read the original poster hasn't been rude or sarcastic at all. He doesn't like MK 8 and wrote some interesting posts on why, I appreciated them anyway. I don't know why some of you get so uptight about it, it's ludicrous.
  2. Where Mario Kart Went Wrong

    I think it's reasonable to want to hold these conglomerates to a higher standard of behaviour, the ruthless pursuit of profit (which Nintendo is definitely engaged in, their environmental negligence is enough to establish that fact) is something we should rightly scorn. It's so depressing to see creators you love reduce everything to 'business sense'. And Ninty is so minty they really could take a few more risks I reckon. I completely agree with the original post from my experience with the latest Mario Kart. The only Mario Karts I had previously played were the original and 64, so I was really disappointed by my experience with the last game when I played it at a couple of dinner parties a couple years ago. 'Tacky' and 'over stuffed' are exactly what came to my mind too. Now, I'm no cart racing game expert, but perhaps that gives me more credence to say that it seemed a lot less user friendly and 'casual' while at the same time a lot less refined. I selected Peach as my character, and I just assumed the track would load up, but no, I now have to select between vehicles and also add-ons for it. I have no clue what differences they effect so I ask my hosts, but they don't know either, so I choose a random combination. I just couldn't help but think "what's the point?", plain carts would do just fine! But it was indicative of the game as a whole, the tracks were far too busy and visually overwhelming to be enjoyable for me, and I found the hand glider and gravity elements annoying. This is a very far cry from the simple, classy Mario Kart I remember playing in my brother's bedroom, it really was like a MK knock off. It was one of least pleasant gaming experiences I've had in recent years, actually.
  3. Those two gits are proper annoying.
  4. I haven't been following news of this film very careful, so maybe I've just been unlucky in the random coverage of it I've seen in the British press, but in what I've seen I've noticed there seems to be a lot of stuff like "Andy Serkis on why this film in Groundbreaking" or "Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman join an all black cast". If I didn't know better I'd have thought Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman were the leading roles with all an black supporting cast. I suppose maybe they're the only British actors in the film though, so maybe that's why.
  5. Your dream game

    Shenmue 3! And it's actually being made as I type this. I still sometimes pinch myself and wonder if it's really happening. If I a have bad day, it's all I need to remind myself of. I know that sounds a bit sad, but it's true!
  6. Really interesting discussion. As someone who has always enjoyed unlockables and getting over tough bits in games (as a truly rubbish gamer almost any bit in any game is fairly tough for me, but I quite enjoy that) I wasn't too sure about the concept of a scene select option for most games when I started reading this thread. But my mind has really been changed. It all really does just come down to self control. And you could argue that would make the challenge even more satisfying, not only having the skill, but also the self control to go with it. Ultimately, these are exactly the things that make us human, aren't they? Being thoughtful of others, and being able to control ourselves. More people will be able to enjoy something as a result, and it really shouldn't be a big deal to non-disabled gamers to know there's an extra option in a menu, but it would be a big deal to disabled gamers.
  7. Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    Oh man, I'm just remembering how good the saving system in original games was. The need for precious ink ribbons, and then that desperate feeling when you've nearly been killed and are limping along, opening a door and just praying there's a typewriter in there instead of another zombie, and then seeing one, a sight for sore eyes, respite at last! Is there any other game where saving felt as good as this? Maybe it only felt that way because I was young and really bad at games, but thankfully I've not improved in the least in the intervening years. I hope the remake still feels like that on hard mode, I hope it still has ink ribbons.
  8. Inside No.9

    Not going to lie, I fully cried. Beautiful.
  9. Shenmue III - PS4/PC 2017 | ...Lan Di ng 2018

    Pretty sure I was the first nut case Shenmue fan to start bothering celebrities on twitter, specifically by imploring them to support the now defunct #giveyutheshenmuelicence hashtag by re-tweeting it. However, my scope was pretty much limited to all I knew: the UK urban music industry. Needless to say, Dappy and Tinchy Stryder did not oblige me.
  10. Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    wow, the game still looks fab, going by those screen grabs! No need for a remake!
  11. Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    Ah man, a REmake style remake was the way to go. A resi 2 done in that style would have been the best thing since sliced bread. An over the shoulder perspective will strip the game of most of it's magic.
  12. Monster Hunter: World

  13. Monster Hunter: World

    All this talk is making me want to dip my toes into the online play. But as someone who literally has no experience whatsoever with online gaming, will this discombobulate me entirely?
  14. Monster Hunter: World

    I know nothing about the series, but this looks gorgeous. I'm an obdurately offline kind of player though. Is there any enjoyment to had from this offline?
  15. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Sunshine is my favourite Mario game!

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