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  1. Damn, this post broke my heart, I love SNK. I had no idea about this. What strange bedfellows they are. I guess I will be saying no to anymore Metal Slug in my life I'm actually glad KOFs best days are behind it now though and that MBS didn't insist on 15 being a return to lush sprite based animation, the fool!
  2. Whoa! Not the usual slug, but I'll never say no to more Metal Slug in my life!
  3. I'm not as up on all the new fangled ways to consume games and games media, ie twitch and youtube ect. But I think I actually read about games far more than I play them. I mainly read about them here and in Edge I suppose, but still I spend a lot more time reading about them than I do playing them. Part of the reason for that is perhaps that I'm fairly poor and games are fairly expensive these days. But also I do still get genuinely so excited reading about games, even ones I may never go on to play. I believe in games as a medium full of endless and exciting potential and thus enjoy keeping a
  4. I may be the outlier here, but I really love slow long atmospheric introductions to games. They are often my favourite parts. And for me the action always hits harder when it's delayed. I also don't at all agree with the idea that it needs to be consistent with gameplay to come later in the game. A wonderful example for me in Yakuza 3. Yak 3 as an overall game I enjoyed, it was Yakuza and anyone who likes Yakuza knows what to expect from that. But not the intro, the intro was not typical Yakuza at all, in fact it was almost the opposite of it, you spend hours playing with and running after
  5. Recently started playing this again after a long hiatus, and well, this is a bit of a masterpiece isn't it. It took quite a few hours to get back into the groove, but when it clicks it really clicks and I'm on Chapter 4 now and it's just an incredibly satisfying and unique gaming experience, it's really like nothing else. The depth, intricacy and elegance of its interweaving systems; the vision, consistency and bonkersness of its world and lore; the sparse beauty of its landscapes and just generally how visually satisfying it is in a way Kojima's (with huge thanks to Shinkawa) games always are
  6. Alan James Bond style shooting only the four hostages had me cracking up.
  7. whoa @acidbearboy those tunes are something else, thanks for sharing! Pure bliss!
  8. I've been trying hard to get into and understand K pop and BTS's global ascent lately, I want to love it as a challenge to the west's hegemony but I'm really struggling. To me it all just sounds like a super homogenous mash up of every commercially successful trend in western pop over the last few years, utterly soulless and manufactured to the hilt. I'll admit I can see the visual appeal more though, as BTS are a bunch of very pretty lads.
  9. This Theo Parrish beaut has to be one of my favourite pieces of music ever
  10. This one is pretty special too
  11. This is my problem with the trailer too. And as much as I loved XV, my biggest disappointment with it was also the very bland, unimaginative character designs (and while I grew to like them, their personal stories were fairly dull too if I'm honest to myself). The thing I used to really love about all the previous FF games were the interesting or otherworldly characters that would capture your imagination. I hope there is more of that in this game.
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