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  1. I can promise I never signed up to BAP guys. I put my name down for 1 V 1, even then thinking I will need to make sure I find the time for these games. I knew I would really struggle to commit to BAP at the moment. BECAUSE I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND I LOVE HER VERY MUCH. Apologies for the confusion!
  2. Great fun tonight, cheers. My video....it didn't work!!! It was only 19 seconds long and stopped just before I gone and done it! It was basically me sniping someone on the top of a huugggeee building, with my rocket launcher, from the ground - standard stuff for you BF4 pro's no doubt! It gave me a happy feeling, not felt for some time.
  3. Starting to improve on this now, ad enjoying it even more. Took on some advice previously given and have taken on the Support class. I love the map Golmud Railway? Everytime I just try to hold points A and B at the top of the map, just running between the 2 trying to capture, defend etc. Really love it! Was on Locker last night, playing as support with the L88, I manage to successfully flank them at the choke point and came up behind what must of been 15-20 guys all with their backs to me, I led down and prepared to unleash hell on them, expecting to at least take 5 or 6 with me before I inevitably died. But what actually happened was I let off around 6 teaser shots, only to then realise my mag was empty! Obviously died instantly when all 40,000 of them turned round and shot me at once. I was genuinely distraught for the rest of the match that I had messed that up so badly! I'll be on again tonight
  4. Apologies if this has been covered already...BUT, is the Driveclub pre-order on PSN+ the full game? It seems so cheap. I have tried to get some info from PSN Store website, but keep getting "Page Not Found" when I select Driveclub.
  5. Starting to realise that there is quite a steep learning curve on this. I kind of assumed I could just pick up where I left off with BF3 on the 360! But that's certainly not the case. Enjoying playing it, but even learning the maps is a task in its self, let alone finding a gun you click with etc!
  6. On now if anyone is coming on!
  7. I'm so excited to play this again tonight, that I have spent my lunch hour watching videos of other people playing it on Youtube!
  8. Cool, I'll hopefully catch you both tonight then. One more little question (sorry). I bought the Premium Pass thingy, and downloaded all of the map packs. However I read there was 5, but have only been able to find and download 4. The one missing is Final Stand? Is there a reason for this?
  9. Played on a map last night...erm, I can't remember the name. But it blew my mind. Its one with islands, and one of the control points is a big aircraft carrier. This will be the norm for most of you guys, but I couldn't believe it when the weather changed! , I thought it was my TV haha. When the wind picked up, and the sea went crazy, and the rain started coming down, I was genuinely amazed. First time I have really noticed such a change in a game before. Quite enjoying the SAR-21 at the moment, although I unlocked one of those IR scopes, and I can't help but feel like its cheating? Enemies are so much easier to spot now, and keep my aim on them whilst shooting! Anybody around tonight?
  10. Cheers Shimmy. Have added peoples who's PSN's I can see from the last 4 or 5 pages. I am definitely guilty of running out into the open, I think I'm still in Destiny mode. When I hang back I certainly do better. Every round I seem to be bottom half of the table with a very even K/D ratio. I am not sure what gun to be settling with / aiming for, I like something with a bit of range and stability! Also losing every 1 on 1 at the moment
  11. Is anybody about today on PS4? Need someone to team up with, getting wiped out alone, and learning all the maps is hardwork! Add me if your on at some point
  12. The cheapest I can find BF4 Premium is £36.99 from CDkeys.com. Does that seem about right, or is there somewhere else to get cheaper? Cheers.
  13. Gooner says Thumb Grips Smithstock says BONE Sticks Timmo says I'm fat. Its a difficult one!
  14. Ohhhh Smithstockkkkk, I just paid for the ones Amazon showed me on Gooner!
  15. Well, I am absolutely terrible at FIFA 15. Same issues at Timmo, simply cannot defend, whilst I also struggle scoring or even passing it around! I feel the swap from the 360 controller to the DS4, whilst also getting used to the game is proving quite difficult. One issue I am finding quite frequently is my left thumb losing a secure grip of the left stick, I often find myself with only half a thumb on it, with it about to slip off. Its as though I really miss the little pimples that went round the edge of the 360 pad. Is there anything I can buy to help this? Maybe those things you put over your thumbs for sewing?! Cheers.
  16. Ah yes, I paid £24 Del for the PS4, without any of the DLC.
  17. Where is this at £14? Literally just paid £24 for it from Amazon yesterday!
  18. RickyDVT

    FIFA 15

    Shopto seems to be ok for me still. FIFA 15 arrived at 10.00am this morning.
  19. Hey, Whats the most cost efffective way of getting a PSN+ membership? My free trial is over now so need to sort a 12 month membership from somewhere. Prefer not to go down the US route (if even an option), unless it saves me a lot. Cheers.
  20. Which stream are you on? I'm on one with some Gorgons? How on earth are you supposed to do that part!
  21. Whats the best way to find some randomers live streaming a Raid mission? There doesn't seem to be much on youtube yet.
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