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  1. Yeh Cheers Chooch, apologies for the hassle in getting the games played! I didn't expect to pick up any points given your league position, so was happy enough with the draw in the second. Although you did try to score from a keeper pass out to your player, so for that you are confirmed as a cunt!
  2. Wanted to quickly ask in here before heading to ATF. Getting my sister a Chromecast and Netflix subscription for Christmas, however I cannot for the life of me work out how to purchase a 6 month gift card of some sort? Has anybody done this in the past? A wikihow link I followed just didn't present me with the options that I should of had. Cheers.
  3. Juniorcoyle hasn't responded to any Notes or PM's, if anyone knows him and could give him a nudge to reply that would be great. CBA with a backlog of fixtures to start building up. He did reply to the 1v1 email PM yesterday, so definitely hasn't been kidnapped, which was my initial thinking.
  4. RickyDVT

    FIFA 15

    I'll add you. 2 min
  5. RickyDVT

    FIFA 15

    Is anyone up for some friendlies? Or even coop seasons? Add me up. Getting bored of randoms x
  6. No worries. Fixture has only just gone live anyway. Just wanted to add him on PSN in case I saw him on. Cheers.
  7. Does anybody know Junior Coyles PSN? Website says it is same as forum name. But when I try to add it says it doesn't exist.
  8. On now for some friendlies if anyone is about.
  9. Cheers for the games Big Boy. Looks like I have a lot of improving to do!
  10. I'm new. You don't know me. #needtogetmypostcountuptotrickwinchointogivingmeahigherpicknextseason
  11. I'll be getting this. According to Steam, I sank 600 hours into FM14, which is slightly depressing. I wish they could release the full version for the iPad, as the handheld version sucks.
  12. Does anybody fancy a couple of friendlies?
  13. This isn't very exciting, but I feel compelled to show you all! I had my best round to date last night, on Paracel Storm, first time I have ever finished top of the leaderboard, by some margin too. Spent the entire map just defending and attaching bases, on support class, love the LMG guns at the moment. So here a little picture I took, to erm, showoff I guess! I was so immersed in the game, shooty bang banging people, I didn't even notice Saru had joined until the end! No idea why the picture is side-ways..
  14. Anybody coming on for some shoot shoot, bang bang? Anyone.....please?
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