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  1. Few things that really stand out to me here: Formation:- You have zero cover for defense in midfield, your two CM's are runners, they will naturally try to arrive late into the box / hover on the edge when in possesion, or support the attacks, leaving your defense completely open. I would sacrifice one of your strikers, and pop someone behind the CM's. Depending on what players you have at your disposal look to have a DLP/S or a DM/S. In away games against teams that are likely to press you high up the pitch you could swap to an Anchor/D. The other glaring emission from the formation is creativity, there is nobody in the team whos primary focus is to create chances, your BWM purely looks to win the ball and then pass short to someone close by, and the BBM's role is to help attack / help defence. So I would look to change your BWM (as your BBM is also a ball winner) to either Roaming Playmaker Support or AP/S. That would leave you with one striker, he needs to be able to score and also link up play with your wingers, and the midfield runners, I always have a lot of success with a DLF/S, hes always an option for the pass when you start your attacking move high up the pitch, but you will see in replays as soon as your playmaker or wingers gets the ball he will make a run for the box. In your defense you have a stopped, but generally this won't work unless you have the other CB as Cover. As the stopped will come out of the back line to make a challenge, leaving a gap, without a cover your other CB won't naturally look to fill the gap. For the team instructions, try making it more simple, Highly Structured - Stops your team from taking too many chances and sticks to your own instructions instead of making their own minds up. Control - Encourages possesion Clear all your team instructions, and just have: Closing Down More Play out of defence Lower Tempo Roam From position - really helps with possession football Retain Possesion is rubbish since FM16 for some reason, it encrouages your places to simply keep the ball at all costs, which often means they dont play the ball forward often enough to create chances. Work Ball into the box - This also seems to waste to much time and miss key chances where they could of tried a killer pass, instead they waste time passing it. See how you get on, I had a lot of success with those basics with Leeds in the Championship and Burnley in the prem! Survived 4 season in the Prem so far with Burnley, and finished 8th twice! BTW - A lot of this advise is focused on a more possesion based game. When your playing at home against a team you expect to beat, you can try playing a higher defense line to put more pressure on their defense. If you are away from home against a good team, try sitting deeper and changing closing down to Sometimes.
  2. Have you tried manipulating the contract when offering the players? For example offering them as much as possible on the wage,agent fee etc. But then increasing things like Team of Year bonus, international appearence bonus etc. All these things can generally be increased quite a bit and have little impact on the actual wage budget! I tend to us as many clauses / bonuses as I have to to make them sign. I always try to leave out the yearly wage rise though, as thats a killer! What formation / TI's are you using in League 1?
  3. Was referring more to Grosicki with the winger statement Timothy. Still, everybody at the club thought Stephens was on his way.
  4. Quite surprised Burnley couldn't get either Grosicki or Stephens yesterday. They are crying out for wingers at the club. Although it sounds like Grosicki wasnt much interested in playing for Burnley, he wasn't accepting any contract they offered him, even whilst he was sat in Manchester airport after flying in. My best mate works with the players on a daily basis and says Defour has been very impressive during training and will really shine once he settles!
  5. Is anybody around tonight? Would love to jump in with you guys! Add me on PSN if you squad up - RickyDVT
  6. That cleared it up nicely, cheers! Sounds like it has a Dying Light vibe to it with the blueprints and crafting weapons etc. Which was a part of that game I loved!
  7. Brilliant was going to ask that! Could some just clarify the benefits of selling an item or dismantling it? I'm only level 5, but already have tons of grey equipment, weapons etc mounting up. At the minute I'm just selling it all for peanuts, when do I dismantle instead?
  8. Ah man, I shouldn't be in the prem for a start, I was rubbish in the Championship last time round! . I'm at work, could someone give me an idea of which decent teams are left, or any obvious picks?
  9. If I enjoy 16 I'll be straight back in mate. How are you and the other half? Hope he is well x
  10. RickyDVT

    The Spurs Thread

    Son Heun-Min confirmed. A previous footy man wonderkid!
  11. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a stream of the Friendly tonight? Cheers!
  12. I was the same Morcs, I didn't use my Foreman at all really. I was sick of the cleaning and general smoke issue in my kitchen. However will be the 6th night in a row this bad boy has been used! I'm thinking of replacing my oven with a bacon storage unit.
  13. For me it is on another level to the George Foreman. I have a family sized George Foreman at home, and although it cooks things fast, the smoke that is produces is ridiculous, you can't remove the plates or adjust the temperature Granted you can get a George Foreman that does all those things, but then your paying not much less than the Opti-Grill, and the opti-grill has a button for bacon! So far I have had sirloin steak, salmon fillets, nandos chicken (thanks pete!), and wagyu burgers. Everything was cooked exactly to how I expected it after following the rare / medium / well done guidelines. Its everything I expected and I am very happy with it. But I do need to say that cooking for me is all about convenience and speed. I suspect a proper foodie may hate the idea of this machine! Yes I paid £90 for mine with next day delivery, but it was part of Amazon Prime Day, wouldn't surprise me if it dropped again on Black Friday.. The silver one is only £99 on Amazon currently.
  14. Just a quickie to say this is currently part of Amazon Prime Day and has £20 off the usual price for the Black. Down to £90 with free next day delivery. I've bought one purely from the above comments! http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00Z9ZQ8YS?ref_=gb1h_img_m-4_2907_9f56929b&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE Cheers.
  15. Add me to dat dere list Kriess! RickyDVT
  16. Could someone add me up if there are some games going tonight? RickyDVT
  17. I've just got this again for the PS4 and would love to jump into some online games with you lot. I'll be on tonight, if you regulars could drop me a PSN invite at some point it would be appreciated! Cheers.
  18. Anyone on soon?
  19. I'll be on all this evening, add me on PSN if you are about. I still haven't experienced a good car chase on Hotwire with 3 guys hanging out of a car shooting anything yet!
  20. I'm still undecided currently. Hated the first half of the season, the game was shit, and Inter Milan worse. However since then I have started really enjoying 1v1 online playing as Southampton, and subsequently found myself enjoying the 2nd half of the season with Inter too! IN - If I can pick my team
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