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  1. I've had this on pre-order with Amazon for a few weeks, received an email yesterday saying the arrival date has now been moved from Friday 12th to Thursday 11th. Not sure how accurate they usually are with this sort of thing though! Edit:- Just had another email saying that the game will be available to update and play as of 5pm tomorrow.
  2. I somehow ended up watching a video of a guy talking in detail about all of Connors comments at the press conference, he explains quite a lot about Khabibs Manager, link below if your interested! Seems its all true!
  3. Hi friends! Back on the Fifa train after not bothering with 18! Anyone around tonight for some 1v1's or BAP? Drop me an invite or add me on PSN if so RickyDVT
  4. Are you on PC? As I’m very new too and trying to get to grips with it all. We could get some Duo games going if you fancy it. Although pic up a cheap headset if you can! It makes a huge difference! Anyone around tonight for some games? Still havnt managed to get a Duo game going with anyone who’s uses mic or speaks English!
  5. Anybody up for some games this week? Add me or let me know your steam name Steam:- ziggydvt Discord - RickyDVT (any chance of an invite to the discord server please?) Cheers.
  6. I go on holiday tomorrow, but definitely up for some Noob team ups when I'm back. I'm finding Erangel and Miramar a real struggle after playing Sanhok, its such a huge jump in pace, with looting being pain staking at times, and then when I have looted up it takes me 10 minutes to run to the edge of the circle, to then get shot instantly! Have I mentioned the sounds yet?! Jesus they are so good!! That QBZ single shot sound, or the KAR, oh oh the SKS with supressor .
  7. Tried the hotdropping suggestion, 6 times in total, died within 15 seconds of landing 5 of those time. Killed 1 person with a Vector on my 6th attempt, to then die 3 seconds later, progress I guess! The sound is what I'm enjoying the most, hearing those footsteps in a building next to you, and not daring to move because you know they will hear me and then come get me
  8. Any tips for newbies? I cant seem to hit anyone! Even if I think the crosshair is right on them I miss, the recoil is killing me too. Anything other than single shot and 1 click of the mouse and im aiming at the sky! One thing I love is the sound, even just reloading a gun sounds soooo good.
  9. Finally managed to get myself a rig to play this. Rocking a steady 50-60fps at medium settings so good enough for now. @Gizamaluke has said there is a relatively active discord server, could I get an invite to that please? Would love to get into some team / duo games if possible. Managed a win on my 3rd ever game too! I’m hooked already. Cheers
  10. Cheers, I should really start remembering to search Youtube!
  11. Sorry, me again. Complete U-Turn and thinking of just going for a gaming PC setup (first one in 10 years), and I've found this for sale 2 miles from me. cost is £340, any idea on how well it will handle PUBG? 2x 4GB HyperX GTX 970 4GB MSI PSU 600W FX 8350 3.7GHz HDD 1TB Seagate LG DVD REWRITTER BLUE RAY Klim gaming headphones 7.1 AROKH RGB gaming keyboard Steelseries 200 gaming mouse Steelseries gaming mouse pad Official ps3 controller Samsung ‘20’ S20C300L Monitor Thanks again
  12. Ok cheers, do you know if the Xbox One (not S) is much worse, or will they perform very similar? As there are a few cheap Xbox Ones on Ebay in my town so would make it easier to pick up etc.
  13. Going to take the plunge and get an Xbox purely to play this game, as I can't wait for the PS4 release any longer! I can't afford an X, so could anyone let me know if there is much difference in the performance between the Xbox One and Xbox One S? Tried googling but most comparisons are the S vs X. Cheers.
  14. Hey strangers! Hope everyone is good. I'm loving Fortnite at the minute, but would really like to try some Duo or Squad based games! Let me know if anyone fancies some games tonight / tomoz. Or add me on PSN RickyDVT x
  15. Any chance you could upload a pic of your formation screen for me? Or let us know how your setting up. Started with 4-4-2 through the vanarama leagues, but League 2 went with 4-1-2-2-1 to try and stop conceding as many. Doesn't seem to be working in League 1 thus far. Cheers.
  16. Did you get back to back promotions with Salford? I'm just starting my first season in League 1 after back to back promotions, winning Vanarama National North, Securing promotion through play offs in the Vanarama National and then Winning League 2. However League 1 just seems a step too far at the minute, 5 games in and I've only won 1 and lost the rest! My transfer budget for League 1 was £675!! and 18k wage budget. Every decent loan player picked a different team to mine in League 1 too.
  17. Would anyone be up for giving the Fantasy Draft a go this Sunday evening? If we can get the numbers I don't mind hosting it all, I had a few goes with 3 friends over the weekend in a head to head league and its great fun. Just all about picking the best players you can with the budget we set, and then deciding on tactics. Everything flows quite smoothly and didn't take too long. The most time consuming part is obviously picking players, but we can set 1 minute limit per pick. You also get a 5 minute pre draft round where you can create a shortlist of players you want, so it saves valuable time looking for them during the actual draft. @Tomox @wullie @kiroquai @spork @MardiganX @meatbin @Pants McSkill @Mike @Luseth Any of you guys up for it? And anyone else, tried to remember everyone's posts I've been enjoying reading recently. We could do a knockout tournament for speed, but it makes it rubbish for those knocked out straight away, or the standard league is decent where you play everyone twice. If you fancy it, let us know what time is best. Anytime from 8pm is good for me.
  18. Yeh, the network games can be very time consuming. Needing all players to be on at the same time and they move very slowly. A fantasy draft tournament would be a great idea! Count me in if we go ahead with that! @Tomox I reckon you would be best at setting all this up?!
  19. It was SimplyGames but they went out of stock pretty much straight away.
  20. Does anyone know how this guy is able to make some of these? He makes double staircases, mad roofs, smaller balcony walls and then towards the end he even makes little hatches in the floors to shoot from. 9:53 when the building starts. I can't see these objects on the PS4 version, so I'm guessing its just for PC?
  21. Yep, that sounds like my Ruben alright! I suspect you have worries about him leaving for something bigger in the summer, even if you get promotion? Or is his relationship with the manager the key to him staying?
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