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  1. Bedazzled Benzema Brings Down Black Cats Paddyo(Sunderland) 0 - 5 RickyDVT(Lyon) Pretty one sided game to be fair, Sunderlands defence couldnt handle the pace of Benzema and Govou..should of scored more with a few great chances in the first half with one shot dribbling from one post to the other along the line only to be cleared by a defender. I was quite worried before the game as I know how fast Cissie is, but he wasnt unitlised as I would of imagned, never really ran at my defenders or tried to beat them on the through balls. I do think Paddyo was very unlucky not to get at least 1 goal with a couple of 1 on 1's breaking on the counter from missed chances by me. Not sure if there was an underlying tactic to get the game abondoned towards the end with 3 defenders being sent off, or if he was just very unlucky!! All in all Lyon were just to strong for Sunderland. Cheers for the game pal. Good look with the rest of the season!! Ricky
  2. Oh ok lol. Could also be called 'Select'?
  3. Sorry to sound dumb, but this didnt work for me last night. You do mean Back on the D-PAD?
  4. DVDF are playing them tonight..... If they beat you, and you beat DVDF. I dont think we have much hope!!!
  5. Fair comment! Didnt see that bit!! "Ricky absolutley massacred me in the first game he was awesome! That would of sounded better!
  6. Hi Mate, Sorry about not chatting, Girlfriend had fallen asleep on the sofa next too me, and I didnt want to wake her with my shouting and swearing! This was the first time I have not spoke for a long time! Thanks for the games. Although a few more compliments being thrown my way wouldnt go a miss!! The last 2 games I have won in this league my opponent seems to have put it down to the Ref in Ryanski's case or more annoyingly Dylan who thought every pass,shot,tackle and indeed goal was pure LUCK! lol. All good games though so I'm not complaining! I'm enjoying my time here so far! Ricky.
  7. Looks like we can confirm this now, We have 10 people willing to play. Although I do wish we could have 12 to help us when we are short, But I respect your rules!! When will we have an idea of what team we will be using etc?
  8. haha, I thought you would notice that!! I'm looking forward to them mate!! Played 5 a side tonight over in blackburn, won 8-4, but I went over on my ankle and I cant feel it now! Its swollen like mad, Hope I havnt f*uked it, as this is bound too affect my results on Sunday!!!
  9. I'm going to finalise all the discussions tomorrow on the DVDF website. Ive had 8 lads confirm through messages on xbox that they would be up for it. But Ill just outline all of the rules etc tomorrow on the forum and see what everyones thoughts are. If I get anything wrong, feel free to jump in and correct me if your reading it Mike!! All in all I'm megga keen to get involved with all of this, and just from speaking to a few lads on mic such as Boring and Dewranger I can tell you guys are good lads! So I do think we will get something sorted!
  10. Ok fair point. But to have 10 players, how about subs? I mean its going to be unlikely that we will get the exact same 10 every single week without fail. I know 1 guy for exmaple works lates some weeks and earlys the other. So does it not make more sense to have say 4-5 players extra classed as "Subs" who I can use should someone drop out due to work/family commitments etc? I think we can get a team quite easily, but my only worry is ending up with 8 people one game, but having 10-15 people on the forum willing to step in! Hope you dont think im trying to create new rules for us as this isnt what I want. But just trying to iron out the last few details!!
  11. Just trying to get all of this infor sorted for DVDF and I have a quick question. Would I need to submit my full team roster for the beginning of the season of like 15 players or something? Or Could I just use who ever is available on the night from DVDF if some of my guys drop out? Ricky.
  12. Ah right, I'm starting to get how it works now, so start of new seasons all players are up for transfer? And their value goes off their ratings! So yeah, I guess for us to get truly involved we would ned to roll this out for us in the second season! And yes, all player ratings would need to be done, would I have to be the judge of the player ratings? Or do I just note the official rating down after the game?
  13. I didnt know that!! This will probably help then. Least now we have an excuse for getting beat so bad by your guys on Wed!!!
  14. Oh right, well that kind of thing is a given if we were too join, if theres one thing our guys are good at, its banter!! I thought everyone has to put huge write ups on with the photos of the real players celebrating etc!! Just one thing, 'if' I were to manage the DVDF team, what would my jobs be to keep everything flowing correctly on the website?? Obviously apart from making sure we have a team and stuff, but after the game etc?
  15. Are there particular Camera settings that the majority of people use for BAP that makes it easier? Being new too BAP i constantly hear people complaing about how its hard to see whats going on in defence etc. Sorry if this has been covered else where!!
  16. Hi Chaps, Hope you dont mind me getting involved in this chat!! Reading the majority of your posts it looks like peoples main reservations on this are going to be the fact none of us would want to join the rllmuk way of life? I have never said we wouldnt want to do that, and to be honest i'm pretty sure the majority of my lads would be well up for joining here and being part of the league just like everyone else. I'm constantly telling them how well run this place is, so I'm sure they would appreciate it! This is how I see it working: 1, We will join the league as per the 5th rllmuk team, although i'm not getting my nob out over the idea of being called RPL Wanderes? Could we not still keep the DVDF Heritage? RPL DVDF FC lol??? 2, We will come with our already selected team roster, I will arrange all this over at DVDF and get a group of players willing to commit to this! 3, Majority if not all of my players will join the forum and get involved with the natter etc! And use our own BAP discussions thread 4, We wont be involved with the team auction as we will already have our players, however this could be looked at in future seasons? 5, We will all try our best to write up reviews and things, but this is the kind of thing i'm not sure if we would do, I know I would struggle for time, but I could be wrong, I would need to discuss this further with the team. What do you think? Ricky
  17. Just to let you know I'm pretty sure that DVDF will be able to field a team in this for next season. I've asked some of the lads and we have 8 willing to commit to playing every Thursday, and I havnt asked everyone else yet! Hopefully this will help in getting started for next season and all the other people on the waiting list can make up the other team? Let me know what you think. I still need to get it fully confirmed and make sure we could get 10 every week, but its looking good!! Ricky.
  18. Sorry about the kit colours, I had no idea!! I didnt realise you had your mic in until second half, and thought spending a few minutes trying to find it would put me of my game! I'll make sure I dont use those kit colours going forward. Good luck with the rest!
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