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  1. Only 48 hours?!? I'm away the whole weekend maybe ill just cancel my plans.
  2. This actually happens! If you search around the harbour area, you'll find a couple of chaps discussing a distraught woman who accidentally killed her colleague... Granted not right next to the church, but that only rewards the exploration even more
  3. About time, I'll now give Rush a go again- always was my favourite game type.
  4. Dunx

    Mass Effect 3

    Check out the #solcomms hash tag, a lot of people are playing along with the tweeting of the invasion.
  5. Dunx

    Halo: Reach

    This happens to me a hell of a lot, to the point that I now almost expect it. The number of these restarts, drop outs and TKers I experience in Halo Reach is a bit on the excessive side and ruins rather more games for me than i'm willing to put up with.
  6. Interesting. I think we can safely assume then that hasn't made it to the final pair.
  7. When is the Apprentice filmed? Is the winner already in their job by now or are the tasks actually happening week by week in accordance with the show being broadcast? I ask because
  8. Dunx

    Halo: Reach

    Nice. Without the glitch to get through the gate though you'd be stuffed.
  9. Dunx

    Halo: Reach

    The first one Winter Contingency I did in under 15min. You can skip all of the story bit at the beginning by sprinting through to the location of the first encounter. Then when you get the truck to do some recon just drive straight to where the marines are based, skipping the other encounters. Get them evacuated then straight into the chopper for a lift to the courtyard shootout (possibly the longest fight of the whole 15min), then inside. Don't worry about your shields post courtyard encounter as there is a small cutscene after that where your shields are recharged. All encounters have plenty
  10. Haha! Genius idea- definitely do that
  11. Without a doubt this- it's fucking irritating and will have the appropriate levels of offensive bass/kick drum to ruin their slumber. Might also send them nuts. WIN!
  12. Don't worry it picks up and improves massively once you get your assassin's gear. The beginning is very drawn out and not indicative of the rest of the game.
  13. So I finally got round to buying this the other week, and it was money well spent! Really enjoyed the atmosphere (occasionally ruined by Alan throwing in cheesy pop culture references) and the game is stunningly beautiful at points. The wonky lip-synching in cut-scenes was pretty jarring but easy enough to overlook in the end. The story is good IMO but the dialogue wasn't always up to scratch. Will be buying the sequel I think. Can't see myself playing it again though (already gone through it twice to hoover up all the manuscript pages) so i've stuck it up in the trading folder if anyone fanc
  14. Very telling final comment from stella there, complete with a look at Stuart.
  15. In the words of smitty... I wouldn't piss on stuart's face if it was on fire.
  16. Dunx

    Halo: Reach

    Having a sniper rifle that you don't have to even reload is very satisfying. You can just keep blowing targets away until the battlefield is quiet...
  17. I was about to ask if this is worth picking up as I see it can now be had on Amazon for £15. I'm guessing from just reading the last page that the answer is: YES
  18. Karmically they will be retributed.. WTF?!?
  19. Can't wait till the final episode when they get everyone back to help. No one will want her.
  20. Bye bye. Nice sulky comment too.
  21. Damn you guys are quick! Melissa has to go, the useless mug.
  22. Indeed. As if to prove the point, check the blurb below the (unfortunately broken) first link when looking for the blood money thread on google: Blood money search
  23. 0/ I knew you'd turn up soon. Your hitman posts were a highlight for me when playing through Blood Money. Everyone is missing the real question though, will the wimminz in 5 all have identical and grossly huge breasts?
  24. Oh right, sorry. I didn't play the full K&L2, but I seem to remember people were finishing it in 4/5 hours which is frankly shocking for a full-price game! I do remember the demo having a horrible camera that hurt my eyes, and the game also being a bit shit, so I think 4/5 hours would probably be all I could stand.
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