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  1. hobo

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    Game I made is the Steam daily deal. 25% off: https://store.steampowered.com/app/733790/Not_Tonight/
  2. If anyone wants to raid or try and farm some tokens let me know - hoboagago on psn. I want that hand cannon!.
  3. hobo

    Monthly Release Dates - August 2018

    @VN1XYes. Brexit please coming Friday!
  4. hobo

    Destiny 2: Triumphs and stuff

    If anyone wants to attempt whisper of the worm on PS4 today let me know - hoboagogo
  5. hobo

    Rllmuk Renegades Clan

    Request sent. PSN: hoboagogo
  6. hobo

    No Man's Sky - VR Mode Announced

    Can someone let me know how to farm on the PS4 version? i have to create a flower and I can't seem to create them in my suit inventory. It mentions hydrophonic pods which I have built and fuelled (although not fully, perhaps that's it?) but they don't seem to have anywhere I can click to say 'build flower here' Online it just mentions the PC version where you press V key.
  7. hobo

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Good point. Done. Looks like they are still in your quote though @Stanley
  8. hobo

    Cannot Master The Master Race

    JoyToKey will work with Stardew and any other games that don't support controllers http://joytokey.net/en/
  9. hobo

    Dishonored 2

    Exactly that! thought my Pro was knackered.
  10. hobo

    Dishonored 2

    Yeah that's what I'm getting. Worse now on mission 7. Glad it's not just me but it's pretty bad!
  11. hobo

    Dishonored 2

    Is anyone playing this on a PSPro? getting some strange visual flickering around certain elements of levels (doors, corner joins etc) not sure yet if it's the game, the games 4k mode or my PSPro.
  12. hobo

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

    I've never played online divisions but I'll check next time I play. From what I've experienced through MyClub and this is probably just me not being very good - it's very hard to score. You seem to go through phases of pressure where you are defending or attacking and during the attacking phase any missed opportunities can be fatal as chances are few and far between. My 433 team in MyClub has a big lump up front so the best success I seem to get is defending well and scoring from a cross. Its definitely hard to beat players and the slower speed of players dribbling and a more lofted through ball seems to neuter counter attacks. The only one on ones have been as a result of me or my opponents defensive mistakes rather than the classical lobbed through ball over the defence. Could defending be overpowered? Actually probably not I've just started playing. This has to be taken into the context of me only playing with a limited starting team with a fixed 433 formation in MyClub. Also I tried the FIFA demo for a comparison which is also great especially enjoyed the story mode. Surprisingly (for someone who didn't play the last generation of footy games) FIFA feels slower and more controlled while PES you can ping the ball around very fluidly. FIFA in comparison feels like you are waiting for the ball to arrive; but once it does the slower pace allows more time for skillfull dribbling and the time to outwit a defender. PES is about using the speed of passing to create some space and acting on it immediately. Both styles offer something great. I may have to get FIFA just for the story mode. Don't think you can go wrong this year though which is great for once.
  13. hobo

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

    Not for me on PS4. Progressed through nearly two divisions in MyClub and had only two dodgy connections matches, this was very obvious juddering. One thing - you can also search for matches by connection but I'm not sure if 5 or 1 is the best rating for a connection so I leave it at 3. I presume it's 5 = best connection? Also I can't score and probably only won once by more than a goal. That's me though. Please add add me if you have it on PS4 - hoboagogo

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