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  1. I'm trawling back through the thread trying to find a couple of very helpful posts from around launch time (I think) that detailed the best video settings to apply when using the PS5 with The TV Set That Shall Not Be Named. One was a fairly brief overview that showed what to change on the PS5's video settings as well as a couple of things to alter on the TV istelf. The other was a link to an external site (possibly ResetEra?) that had an increibly in-depth guide to setting up the TV for use with PS5 as well as Xbox Series X. I was sure I had bookmarked them but I seem to have done goofed. I'm going to keep looking back through the thread for them, and will edit this post to include them if I find them in case they would be useful for anyone else - but if the people who originally posted them see this in the meantime, I'd appreciate a repost please!
  2. Some people are suggesting that manually hitting 'copy' from disc-based games is somehow the cause of some people's installed games eventually disappearing. If you insert the disc and wait, it should eventually start installing automatically. It did take a while for me, though.
  3. I've only played for an hour or two each evening apart from the first night I got it, but no crashes here just yet. However, many seem to be Miles Morales related - I haven't played that yet but have just bought it, so will report back if that introduces any crashes. I have, however, had an installed game (AC: Valhalla) disappear from the hard drive. I hadn't played it yet, if that makes any difference. I've since read that manually hitting 'copy' when installing a disc-based game can be a potential cause. I definitely did that for one of my two installed games, but I can't remember which. I have now reinstalled it the 'proper' way but will post again if it goes missing again.
  4. The PS5 version is £55 at Asda currently if anybody is on the fence: https://groceries.asda.com/product/ps-5-games/ps-5-sackboy-a-big-adventure/1000266310467 I'll back-up the general vibe in here. I had no plans to get this until I saw positive comments leading up to launch. Even then, it's loads better than I was expecting so far. I've only done 10 or so levels and the first few are slow as @Majora says. I also completely agree about Sackboy's running speed being too slow. However, once it gets going, it's clear there's plenty of inventiveness on display and presumably plenty more to come (I understand that there are more than 50 levels in total). It's definitely going to suffer from comparison if you jump straight into it from Astro's Playroom but on its own merits it's absolutely worthwhile.
  5. I chose this as my first PS5 game to try last night at around 11pm with the intention of playing two worlds and leaving the rest for tonight. I went to bed at gone 5am, having finished the lot and collected all puzzle pieces, artefacts and gacha prizes. I haven't done something like that since I was a student. Just a superb game with incredible attention to detail and clear love for the history of PlayStation that means so much to many of us. I spent so much time seeking out the game references and working out the ones that weren't immediately obivous to me. As others have said, it's a perfect introduction to the potential of the controller. And while I'm sure it'll be a good while until something else makes as good a use of it than this game does, it bodes well for the future. I would have happily paid good money for this, so to get it as a pack-in is superb. I'll be getting the Platinum and having a good go at the speed run levels for sure, so will add anyone in here to my friend list that I don't already have.
  6. This is an excellent shout, thanks. Helpfully, my TV was enabling some mode or other when I switched it on for the first time which obscured the one-time-only scene. However, from watching that I think I caught the very first second of it plus it definitely had the 'connect pad to console' prompt up when the screen cleared. I've done the updates, installed the games I have and downloaded my cloud saves, but I haven't played anything new yet. That's for after work, unfortunately. So I haven't had a chance to experience the new innovations in the controller but it feels nice and premium from tooling around in the menus. I don't have as much of an issue with the UI in general as some have mentioned but there are definitely annoyances. Folders not being there at launch seems odd. As mentioned, no Deals section in the store is frustrating, especially as they seemingly started their Black Friday deals today. Most strange of all for me is that there seems to be no search function in the library section. So if I want to play something I bought a while ago but haven't played yet, I either have to scroll down my list of games for an eternity or, presumably, navigate to the store and search for it there. Maybe I'm missing something obvious. I wouldn't put it past me; I'm a dullard.
  7. Okay, thanks. Everything seems to be there but the quick start guide and safety booklet were mangled so I was expecting the worst. Perhaps just a result of a bumpy ride in the DPD van.
  8. Well, mixed emotions here. I managed to get incredibly lucky and snag a John Lewis disc edition yesterday and it's just turned up. Hooray! Except the seal on the main PS5 box was just folded down over the side and the flap open when I opened the flimsy packaging bag it was sent in. I'd normally assume this was a return being resold but as it's a launch machine that can't be it. Can I just check with others who have theirs if there are any kind of other seals, etc. that should be present on the inner packaging - e.g. should the plastic wrap that is around the console itself have tape on it? Everything seems to be present and correct but I'm feeling paranoid that I've got some kind of dud here. I guess I should set it up and find out.
  9. Got very lucky with a disc version from John Lewis just now (I think). Search for PlayStation 5 (rather than PS5) then add to basket from the thumbnail. Don’t click on the product page as it doesn’t work. Good luck!
  10. Thanks! Sorry for stinking up the thread with this. It must either be an issue with my specific pad or, more likely, user error. Thanks to everybody who has chipped in on this.
  11. Thanks for this. That's frustrating then. I'll keep tinkering with it.
  12. Thanks for this. Mine is one of the originals that needs the adapter for headphones, so I guess that’s the issue. Not a problem to use it wired for the odd bit of multiplayer; just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything obvious.
  13. I thought it might be something like that. Thanks for confirming. (On with the piss puns.)
  14. Or, at the very least, a PISSA.
  15. I've updated it now and it works while plugged in, but wireless is still no go for some reason. Very odd.
  16. I haven't! Thanks for replying. I'll try and dig out the right lead.
  17. Has anybody managed to successfully use an original launch Xbox One pad with the Series X? I’ve tried syncing mine up so my son can play local multiplayer. It seems to go through the pairing process successfully but then the inputs do nothing at all.
  18. I only managed to order a digital version when I really wanted the disc one. If you’re up for some kind of swap situation let me know.
  19. Oxford v Crewe, scheduled for tonight, is postponed for the second time in 10 days. This is a result of Crewe 'fully considering the relevant guidance from the Government and EFL'. I have no idea what's going on, especially as Crewe played a fixture at the weekend in which the two named players who had previously tested positive (Ryan Wintle and Omar Beckles) both played. Apparently the decision to postpone the first attempt to play the match came 35 mins before kick-off as Beckles got the positive result back. How he played at the weekend I don't know - I presume he subsequently had a negative test? There were two other unnamed players who tested positive between the original Oxford date and the Wigan game on Saturday. On a purely selfish note, it's a shame that this comes as Crewe have put together back-to-back wins (and clean sheets, surprisingly) after a tough start. But way more concerning than that is if they've played a fixture at the weekend without making absolutely sure it was safe to do so.
  20. I would personally advise playing them in order. There are a couple of neat touches you'll appreciate if you play 999 before Virtue's Last Reward.
  21. These are absolutely essential. I guess there's a chance you might not click with the style (visual novel combined with escape room / point-and-click puzzle sections) but both games included in the collection are way up there with my favourites. Both have branching narratives with so many twists and turns and proper WTF moments; if you're even a tiny bit intrigued by the concept (as you seem to be) I would say they are a must-buy, especially as they're often in PSN sales. The third (Zero Time Dilemma) is sold separately and isn't as good, but still absolutely worth playing if you do play and enjoy the first two.
  22. The absolute pinnacle of Accidental Partridge:
  23. I remember clicking the thumbstick to light up the way to the next main mission objective in Dead Space feeling like a revelation at the time, largely so I could ignore it and explore all other avenues first. Perhaps it was present in stuff I hadn't played before it, though. I know one of the Fable sequels introduced a breadcrumb trail or something similar that might have been at a similar kind of time.
  24. With all this talk of using PS4 controllers on PS5 and vice versa, let's hope they've added British Cop Skin Pack 2: Back on the Beat to the launch day line up.
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