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  1. That first one is a thing of absolute beauty. It's the post that does it.
  2. If he's your target, there will be cheaper alternatives that will still make a big difference while you're saving up for him. He might not fit in your specific team, but Werner is a great example that I was able to pick up very early on. He's available for 6k currently and absolutely lethal.
  3. Yes! I was in much the same boat as you a couple of weeks back. The online Rivals mode has 10 divisions and will ensure you're up against the right level of player for your skill level. You'll have 5 games at the start to determine which division you should start in, so don't be disheartened if you get smashed in some / all of them as I did. I'd consider myself to be entirely mediocre (and that's being generous) but I'm finding it hugely enjoyable nonetheless as I'm getting my fair share of wins / close matches.
  4. Excellent, thanks for this. I hadn't even been looking at IF cards yet as I had assumed they were way out of my budget, so that's really good to know. I'll price that lot up and see what I can get.
  5. Right, I've achieved the initial goal squad @Timmo kindly set out for me, with a couple of upgrades in Neuer and the event Mbabu card. Any tips on who to aim for my next upgrades, other than Reus in CAM? I also have the SBC Vardy, but haven't experimented with him too much yet as Werner has been brilliant. I've also picked up Pique in a pack who by rights should be better than what I've got (being 88 rated) but from the one game I've played with him so far in a Spanish squad he felt pretty sluggish. 4-2-3-1 (2) is the formation I've favoured so far, but have played 4-1-3-2 when trying to get some of the icon tokens and that seems pretty nice to play too. I picked up 5 Icon tokens at the end of Season 1 and am up for doing as many of the new challenges as needed, so can get up to 17 overall. Sounds like Keane could be a great option if I do switch to 4-1-3-2 but I guess that could cause chem issues. Anyone else I should be considering given my current setup? Ballack and Klose are obvious ones to mull over I suppose but I'm not sure how highly those cards are thought of. Timmo's praise for Politano has me tempted to take all those challenges on too now...
  6. Oh and, inspired by Pants' mega pack opening a few days back I opened 15 I had saved up last night. Nothing too amazing but I did pack my first walkout in Pique.
  7. I'd be up for that at some point, although I'm aware it'll be humiliating for me. Can't do tonight though, unfortunately.
  8. @Pants McSkill - if you ever have the time and inclination to record a video of you taking on an SBC I would be really interested to see that. Despite deciding after Timmo's advice to leave them on the backburner, the pack addiction is real. I've done a couple recently looking up example squads from FUTbin as a starting point but I'm not convinced I'm being as efficient as I could be. I started one last night that requires 100 chemistry. I take it I need to play a few games with each player who isn't at 10 chem to gain loyalty in order to hit 100 team chemistry?
  9. Thought that would be the case. No problem, I should be able to get a good few from the next set.
  10. Do icon tokens carry over? I started playing part way through the previous token challenges so only managed to pick up 5. If I get a bunch more when the new objectives hit do I have the option to hold those back for a future Icon Swaps event? Or will they be lost if I don't use them during the current phase?
  11. This is genuinely so helpful. I've already made a bunch of coins tonight before even having grasped the more advanced concepts from the second video. Thank you!
  12. Got it, that makes sense. Thanks again for all the advice, it's very much appreciated. On a separate note: that get assists with defenders objective for Mbabu. Does that have to be people you're playing in defence? Or can I play a hulking great CB in CAM and spam through balls until I get my assists?
  13. Brilliant stuff, thanks so much for doing that. Going to try that method out now. (I don't fully understand why the cards are guaranteed to sell at 600 when there are a bunch up at 550. Am I missing something obvious?) Also, my son says your video was ace and you should make more YouTube videos. I never said he was discerning. EDIT: Just watched again, and I think you're saying there are only a few available at 550 / 600 so they'll likely sell?
  14. That's really helpful advice, thanks. I'd been keeping the vast majority of packed players in the hope of getting around to SBCs, so your under 1k rule sounds like a good one to adopt while still giving myself a chance to make some coins shifting the other ones out.
  15. Perfect, thanks both! That makes a lot of sense. I'm on top of the Objectives, Milestones, etc. but haven't been doing many SBCs just yet (except that Vardy one yesterday) as all available coins have been going into getting a decent squad together. I'm pretty much there now though, thankfully, barring some high price upgrades. Mbabu is my right back so I'm focused on doing the new objective for his Europa League card at the moment. Assists using defenders in Rivals is going to be a headache, though. Now that I'm happy with my team for the time being, I like the idea of saving up packs so will endeavour to do the same. I'm like Steely though; I've just picked up the first one from the new Season Progress and am itching to open it. I'll try and stay strong.
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