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  1. First of all, congratulations on raising that money for charity. That's excellent. I've just followed your channel and will definitely check in next time I see you live. I've been streaming fairly regularly since the first lockdown last year, and despite some ups and downs it's been a real boost for me on the whole. I wrote some thoughts / advice for somebody else a little while back in a different thread, so apologies if you've already seen that as I'll repeat myself massively here! Some points around trying to increase your following: Seek out other streamers yo
  2. I was about to write that I thought the iOS version of 999 removed the escape room elements, and that it seems like a bit of a shame to play a cut down version of a genuine classic. However it looks like the iOS version was actually pulled from the App Store a couple of years back so isn't an option anyway, unfortunately. Thanks to @therearerules for the heads up on 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. I've bought it in the sale to add to the huge stack of visual novels / adventure games I couldn't possibly find time to play. Gnosia will surely follow.
  3. Yes! This was the exact moment I knew I was going to adore Parks and Recreation. So, so good.
  4. There was a trailer a week or two back that had a section that was very reminiscent of: Beyond that, I'm really hoping we're going to end up with an episode based on:
  5. I also voted that I like him as I hadn't read about the abusive behaviour. Largely because I like that he plagarised his apology for plagarism. That was good. But yeah, reading the rest of the thread has put a dampener on things to say the least.
  6. My PSN is BillyBrown (no space). I might not be able to get on until later as my son has control of the TV but I'll try sending you one before the day is through if you manage to add me. Thanks in advance for trying.
  7. Did you manage to get this done? Whenever I try to send an image it just says ‘Cannot bless friend now’. Not sure what the issue is.
  8. I’ll add you - more than happy to do the photo swap challenge with you. EDIT: ‘Unable to add target player as friend’. If you don’t mind trying to add me instead, my UID is 713576591
  9. I’ve been playing a good amount since mid-January and just got my first 5-star pull last night. I think you know how it went.
  10. Huge thanks to both of you for this, things make a lot more sense now. I'm not about to go pumping £££ into the game (although I'll happily buy the £5 monthly bundle or the battle pass if I'm still enjoying it this much in a week or so), so I'm going to try and approach it by just experimenting with whoever I happen to pull rather than worrying about doing a ton of research into 'best' teams or whatever. (Cut to me in three days' time with spreadsheets and priority lists on the go.) I've only been playing since the weekend but they've done an excellent job at layering in interestin
  11. I've just started this over the weekend after watching a couple of streams and then coming here to read some of the gushing posts in this thread. I really like it so far and have just hit AR12 to open up the daily commissions. I have a few questions about Wishes. I've gone through my introductory 20 with the related banner. Now I'm left to choose between the Standard Wish banner (Wanderlust Invocation) or the Character Event / Weapon Event banners, which both have 15 days to go: If I pull something good from the event banners but fail to pull any duplicates in the next 15 day
  12. Best Stealing of a Much-Missed, 30-Year-Old Game Mechanic The history books say the journalist reckoned On the cuntiest scale our forum is second A place where newcomers would all soon fear being For fierce disagreeing (and some Xbox peeing) But what could give rllmuk such a reputation? Why, nerds trading barbs with some light defamation! Typing with fury but without trepidation Firing at others with untamed accusation I sought to learn wisdom from our elder members Just what makes us want to stoke each other’s
  13. Right, definitely missed that then. Thanks both!
  14. I’ve started playing this with my brothers. We’ve had three sessions so far and I’m really enjoying it. It is absolutely nails when it comes to bosses, though. I’ve watched a couple of videos for general starter tips that the game doesn’t communicate particularly well (knowing how attack and defence levels are vs the current zone, for instance). There was mention of building boss weapons in one of them. I assumed this is something we’ll get told about naturally further in, but we’re on our second major boss and getting our arses handed to us. Can somebody just confirm we
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