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  1. Loving this generally but came across a bugged hostage rescue mission earlier. Cleared the area and opened the door but the hostage just stood there gawping at me, occasionally shouting for help. Very frustrating but I’ll get over it. I’m still early on, so I just hope I don’t encounter too much like that. As an aside, I love stuff like this: https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2019-03-24-is-the-division-2-communicating-secrets-with-flashing-lights-and-morse-code
  2. Pretty excited by this development. Nintendo’s take on this type of thing is generally pretty great. If Sony are taking that as inspiration then I’m all over this. If we get a bumper one of these around E3 time then all the better.
  3. Billy Brown


    Man, I miss FFXI a lot. I'm not in the pic above but I was Haldeen and had lots of great times with a bunch of you guys captured there. Easily some of my favourite videogame memories.
  4. Really enjoying this so far, although having only played through the original game recently some of the subtle changes are throwing me off slightly. I've played getting on for six hours so far but have only done one main mission. I'm just mainly strolling around checking out all the new side activities. Nearly level 6 now, so should probably push on with some of the story stuff. Looking forward to teaming up with some rllmukers once I properly have a handle on everything.
  5. Count me in, please! Unfortunately I’m unlikely to be on before Sunday evening for teaming but that’ll hopefully give me enough time to do some initial levelling and get the basics down on my own.
  6. I reckon around 8 hours in the past week, all on PS4. 1 hour on Destiny 2 2.5 hours on The Last Guardian 4 hours on Dragon Quest XI 30 mins on Apex Legends
  7. I'm still very much up for it but am a way off the power level required at the moment for the later raids, having only just started playing through the expansion content. I'll try and get through it as quickly as I can if everyone's still up for giving this a crack.
  8. If anyone else is up for teaming up for some of the post-story stuff give me a shout. I'd be up for giving Resistance and some of the other bits and pieces a go.
  9. I just happened to chance across that the other day looking for something completely different for work - I’ve just ordered it myself. I love unconventional books like that with world-building materials, etc. included. I answered my own question about the caches above - it looks like they’re calculated according to your current gear score when obtaining them, so opening as you go is definitely the way to go. I jumped from World Tier 1 to 5 in a single session last night. No idea what to concentrate on next, though!
  10. Thanks for all that @FiveFootNinja, very helpful. I think I’ll give the DZ a miss until I’ve mopped up the rest of the bits on the main map. I’ve hit level 30 now and am concentrating on trying to get my Gear Score up. A quick question: I’ve earned a Field Proficiency Cache since hitting 30; are the rewards scaled to your GS when opening it? In other words should I open it now or wait until I’ve beefed up a bit? EDIT: Also, I’m getting 110,000 EXP for every piece of intel I’m picking up now that I’m 30, as opposed to the 330 EXP per piece I was getting before. I feel like a total mug for having spent hours and hours tracking most of them down during the story campaign!
  11. I’d be up for that (once I work out what HVTs are!) if I’d be at all useful as a new level 30. I assume not, though.
  12. I've been playing through from scratch recently too and I agree with all of that (although I'm on PS4 rather than Xbox). I've been prioritising side missions and encounters and mopping up all available intel collectibles as I go, so when I get to the story missions they're challenging but not overly difficult. Very much enjoying it. I'm level 29 now with a couple of story missions left to finish, and two wings of the Base of Operations fully upgraded. I'm a bit lost as to how everything works post-story and I haven't ventured into the Dark Zone even once. Again, I have no idea what that really is; I didn't feel the game did a particularly good job of explaining it. Am I right in thinking it's a mixture of PvE and PvP where your own teammates can turn on you and steal your loot? I can imagine grouping with randoms is particularly stressful if so.
  13. Excellent, I'll add you to the list!
  14. Thanks so much for this. A few different options to chew over there. I'm more than happy to leave the older raids until later if people would prefer that given the point about the restricted scaling. As long as we're not going to be hugely overpowered for anything then I'm up for tackling stuff in any order. So, our potential team members are: 1. Billy Brown 2. Razzle 3. spanx 4. dreamylittledream 5. Pavey 6. StephenM (maybe) 7. bagapeas 8. pledge Let me know what kind of power level you are at the moment and we'll work out the best option. I'm more than happy to wait for people to get up to speed if needs be.
  15. Ah, okay. That does sound like it might be worth doing. We'll get the expansions added and see how we get on. Thanks again for the advice.
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