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  1. Billy Brown

    My Picross game - Picrastination

    This looks great. I'm another one who has played a stupid amount of picross games so would love to give it a go.
  2. Billy Brown

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Yes, I had the same reaction. They seem to be relatively well done on the whole with a few telltale signs:
  3. Billy Brown

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Apparently there were (are?) a decent number of fake copies being sold as new via Amazon so perhaps you got unlucky with one of those? I’d persevere though. I finished playing through Season 1 with my wife last night and thought it was excellent throughout.
  4. Billy Brown

    Nathan For You

    The catch-up episode is out there ahead of the new season proper starting next week.
  5. Billy Brown

    All things Yakuza!

    Short and to the point! Zero it is.
  6. Billy Brown

    All things Yakuza!

    I've owned all of the UK-released Yakuza games for quite some time. I haven't played any of them. I'm an idiot. It's time to rectify this. I had been holding on for Kiwami, with the intention of effectively playing through in release order, but there have been a fair few comments saying that Zero is the perfect place to start. Is that the consensus for the 'right' way to go, or am I best off going with Kiwami first and enjoying the ride with the rest of you in just a few days?
  7. Billy Brown

    Stephen King

    I finished it today too and agree completely. Loved it. Having only ever read Night Shift before I'm (very slowly) working through King's books in release order and it's been a great experience so far: Carrie, 'Salem's Lot, The Shining and The Stand are all belters. Rage less so, but I do like the sound of The Long Walk, which is up next.
  8. Billy Brown

    Twin Peaks

    I've just finished a rewatch of the original series and FWWM and was giddily looking forward to starting on S3 tonight. But now this. I've never seen The Missing Pieces but had assumed they wouldn't have any bearing on the new series as they weren't officially part of the story. Is it generally agreed that they're an important thing to get up to speed with before S3?
  9. Billy Brown


    The client balked at the kind of money the top end guys wanted so it was a little compromised in the end in that respect. We went with an 'up and comer' but even then because of a tight budget what we ended up with was him presenting a video on the client's channel rather than us getting the benefit of him promoting it on his own channel. The client couldn't seem to get their head around why that was not the ideal scenario. If we had the budget it would have undoubtedly opened up the brand to a slice of the market who just wouldn't have heard of them otherwise. But yeah, the kinds of channels that had a million+ subscribers were asking for five figures for a single video.
  10. Billy Brown


    I think you'd be surprised at how much these guys can command. I used to work at a digital marketing agency and we looked at getting a YouTuber involved for one particular campaign for a client. Some of the prices I was quoted for a single branded video were absolutely eye watering.
  11. Billy Brown

    Everybody's Golf - Sign up in the first post.

    100% in. Can't wait.
  12. Billy Brown

    Football Thread 2016/17

    Sunderland Echo erroneously post a picture of Julio Arca alongside an unfortunate headline. He's understandably not happy.
  13. Billy Brown

    Tabletop escape room games

    No way! I don't think we have talked about it before (although my memory is pretty bad so apologies if so) -- I've just searched the forum for mentions of Penryn and I assume you're thinking of this exchange with Richie? Will drop you a PM in a sec if that's okay.
  14. Billy Brown

    Tabletop escape room games

    My wife and I have worked through all of the Unlock! scenarios now, including The Elite. I was concerned after playing through the short tutorial that these would be way too easy but thankfully that's not the case! We didn't complete any of the full scenarios within the given time frames, although the game encourages you to keep going even if you run out of time, so we did end up finishing them all. While I understand @Stejay's initial thoughts on the game's price considering it 'only' includes cards, I think the puzzle systems the cards allow are really quite elegant. When you factor in the app that comes with the game, which needs to be interacted with throughout and works pretty well, I think the value is there. The puzzles overall were pretty satisfying but I will say there were a couple of obtuse solutions along the way, with one in particular that just seemed at odds with everything the game had taught us up until that point. I'd also advise reading the rules properly. Although you can get almost everything you need from playing the tutorial scenario, there was one sticking point for us early on in the first scenario that would not have been an issue if we'd taken heed of the full rulebook. Despite all that, the positives far outweighed the negatives for us and we'll be buying future expansions with no question. The English version of this finally popped up on Amazon so we grabbed it and played through the first scenario last night. It was good fun and different enough to Unlock! and the two Escape The Room titles to keep things interesting. The early puzzles were pretty straightforward and more observation-based than logic tests, which I was personally disappointed with at first. However, once we got past the first stage things opened up and there were more taxing elements introduced, while maintaining the need for a keen eye. In fact, having now taken part in a real life escape room, I'd say the main section in the Prison Break scenario has come the closest to capturing the essence of that experience by giving us an actual room layout to actively scour for clues and encouraging us piece those elements together to progress. This one also has a nice physical element to it: it comes packaged with a battery-operated 'Chrono Decoder' which players need to plug physical keys into in order to communicate code solutions and progress. It also has a regulated hint system, allowing you to take prompt cards at specific times and choosing whether to read them then and there, or saving them for later / not reading them at all if you're still in full flow. This should have worked really well but I was pretty miffed with the hints in the end. Most were really obvious, while others flat out gave the answers needed to progress, which was really disappointing. Thankfully we only looked at most of these after we'd already moved on so didn't have too much spoiled. But overall definitely another one to explore if you've enjoyed any of the other games of this type. It looks like there are already new expansions out in Europe and hopefully hitting the UK soon; again, if the quality stays the same throughout the rest of the base scenarios, we'll be getting those too. Sorry, only just seen this! We're in Penryn so it's a decent drive away from us but we've definitely got it marked as a future venture. There's one in Camborne now too, so I think we'll probably give that one a try first when we get the chance. Whereabouts are you?
  15. Yeah, I see what you're saying. I was told much the same thing re: couriers on the phone which is infuriating. I'll be escalating for sure but assume I'll get nowhere as you say. And you're right; I'll no doubt be happy tonight when playing with it but I'm going to be paranoid now it'll go wrong in the near future even if there's no obvious signs of damage on the outside.

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