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  1. Really enjoyed that! Will look forward to the next one.
  2. I will report back! Thanks for pointing me to that thread. I find this series a hugely daunting prospect after having tried and failed to get on with Blood Money all those years ago, so turning off all of those assists is going to be difficult, but I will follow the advice and see how I get on. With Blood Money, I think I got too in the mindset of wanting to be able to ace the levels early on rather than just getting through them any way I can and finessing from there. I'll try and adjust that for these. On paper, this game should essentially be all I ever want to play. I've heard there's a murder mystery / sleuth level in Hitman 3 and I'm approaching being giddy at the thought. I'll likely end up streaming the game, so I'll try and take some clips of any particularly dumb stuff I end up doing. Big thanks also to @footle @scoobysi @fragglerock and @jimmbob for the replies. Via Hitman 3 it is!
  3. I'm planning to play the World of Assassination trilogy games soon, and I'd like to do the levels in release order. Am I best off running all of the levels via Hitman 3, or just installing the original Hitman to start with? The former seemed like the way to go but then I read something about changes between the games affecting the original levels somehow. Help me, wise ones.
  4. Ah, that reminds me - be sure to check the very end of the scrapbook when you’re finished.
  5. I finished this last night and it was pretty much everything I had hoped for. It’s faithful to the originals but that doesn’t mean it’s reluctant to move with the times where necessary. I felt the puzzles (on Hard) were pitched just about right. I got stumped maybe four or five times, but never to the extent that it was frustrating. It was usually a case of having a break and coming back with fresh eyes. Just such a lovely time being back in this world and revisiting places and characters that have been genuinely important to me for decades. Absolutely delighted with it, and I will look forward to a replay with the Writer’s Cut enabled.
  6. Don't worry, everyone. There's still at least 10 seconds left each for Metroid, Mario, Zelda, F-Zero, etc.
  7. All of my wishes have been granted. No need to show anything else. End it now.
  8. Been waiting for ages to watch this, and it doesn’t disappoint. Only seen a couple of episodes so far but it’s already one of the most interesting shows I’ve seen in ages. There aren’t a huge amount of laughs but when they come they really deliver. I was really surprised at the direction the wine tasting episode took by the end. If that all happened as presented then it’s incredible stuff. I don’t want to think about it too much. I’m just going to enjoy the ride. Fascinating stuff. Joe Pera x Nathan Fielder x Louis Theroux = yes please
  9. Quick tip in case you haven't realised it yet (as I didn't for ages): I've also been playing this over the past few weeks and am utterly obsessed. I won't go into detail as I'm in Chapter 6 and I'm aware that there are a bunch of people playing fresh thanks to this being on PS+. But yes, really quite an incredible game.
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