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  1. I only read about this recently but have also been interested in checking it out. Apparently the developer closed after it was released unfortunately.
  2. As StoooTube says above, you definitely don't have to do them in order. That one seems to be working fine for me at the moment, but the one where you have to use the Game Pass app four times has only registered 2 days out of 5 so far for some reason.
  3. I've only just jumped onto this in the last few days having finally signed up for Game Pass recently. Is there a way of seeing where your banked points have come from? Until today, I've mostly been concentrating on the points available from the Achievement-related quests. I hammered the 10,000 points in 10 days as much as possible; will those points have been added automatically? I was expecting to be able to officially manually 'claim' those points today (like you have to with the other quests) now that the month has ticked over but the quest seems to have vanished from the app along with all the other completed ones from September. I stupidly didn't make a note of how many points I had yesterday.
  4. I've got four so far: Aries A, Taurus A, Virgo B and Pisces B. I've just finished up getting all diamonds and Gold Ranks so I'll be turning my attention to some more of these next. I've got a few ideas but some are pretty cryptic!
  5. Really pleasing to see a bit of resilience creeping into Crewe's locker this season. We were 1-0 down at half time to Salford today and I feared the worst. We ran out 4-1 winners to stay 2nd; it's the fourth time we've come from behind to win so far this season. Huge game away at Cheltenham next weekend, which I'll be heading off to. Fingers crossed we can keep this run going.
  6. Excellent. Yes, that was a tough one. Do you have all of them now? I’m hoping the reward is a nice surprise. It’s free movement. It does take a little bit of getting used to.
  7. Found it! Let me know if you want a nod towards which section it's in. It says something about just how brilliant the music is in this that I was still nodding along to the track on that level with a huge smile on my face despite playing it 30-40 times.
  8. Ah! In a way I'm glad it's not just me. I thought I'd seen it a couple of times in the area about three quarters of the way through where you're hopping between broken sections of road (down to the right as you're making one of the jumps) but I'm pretty sure it's just a window from a building. Like you, I've tried deliberately redoing sections to try and 'explore' areas but I'm not seeing it. Let me know if you make the breakthrough please!
  9. Right, I'm turning in for the night having managed to get Gold Rank on the first 14 levels (not without struggle; it's definitely getting tougher). However, I just can't find one of the diamonds on Level 14 (Mine). I must have played it through 25 times and feel like I must be missing something obvious. Back tomorrow with fresh eyes, I guess. Superb game.
  10. Further to this, ensuring you don't hit an obstacle is much more important than going for every single heart (or diamond, contrary to what I just said up there) if you want to rack up high scores. I've just hit Gold on Begin Again after a good 10 or so goes despite only getting 2 out of 3 diamonds on that run. Crucially, I didn't wipe out once. I hadn't appreciated earlier that the score for each of the hollow hearts you collect increases each time for as long as you're chaining them (even if you miss some along the way). When you hit an obstacle, that bonus multiplier seems to reset.
  11. I thought that on my first play through too. However, having just played back through the first four levels I'd say the Gold scoring limits are fairly generous so far. I've managed to get Gold on all of them and I definitely haven't got close to hitting every pickup. The key seems to be finding all the diamonds (?) along the way. Level 5, Begin Again, does step things up though. One of the diamonds is tougher to find, plus it's the first of the longer levels so you need to be consistent throughout.
  12. It’s very odd; it seems to still be there in other countries, plus it’s still available to pre-order on Switch. Oh well, as you say, I guess we’ll find out in a few hours.
  13. I went to do just that this morning but it seems they've pulled it from the store until tomorrow for some reason. Is that the norm for digital pre-orders on PSN? Frustrating if it's the full £50 tomorrow.
  14. I've just finished playing through this. It's so, so good. Like hub2, the first couple of levels had me feeling this was going to be too simplistic to be anything quite as special as people have been making out but it just build and builds. One of the best things about it is just how proudly it wears its influences on its sleeve. There are some lovely nods to a number of classics throughout.
  15. It's available on PS4 too if that makes a difference to you.
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