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  1. Yes, the Ice Cream Van Stand (!) was well stocked with Plymouth fans, very impressive effort. We should get to see a few away games this season - Plymouth, Exeter, Newport, Cheltenham & Forest Green are all 1.5 to 3.5 hour drives which isn't too bad in the grand scheme of things. I'm sure we'll get to a couple more home games too. Despite the pasting I'm just delighted to have the season back underway and my son is really enthused, so it's all good. Until we're stuck in the relegation zone in the third week of September, at least.
  2. Just got in the door after the long drive back. I’d say 3-0 was pretty flattering for Plymouth but my lot had no cutting edge so didn’t deserve to get anything from the match despite an encouraging rally in the second half. I don’t think Plymouth showed what they’re capable of today despite the scoreline but that looks like a solid squad. And if you can drift through games but still take your chances clinically like today then it should be a good season for you. 12-hour round trip and bugger all to show for it. 8/10 would go again.
  3. Thanks for coming back with this! On the point around music, do you mean short stings to play between discussion of different games? Or a constant bed to talk over? I've thought about doing the former a few times. Our current intro / outro music was kindly donated by @Shoes but I've been toying with commissioning somebody to put together new theme music along with shorter pieces I can use between game chat when editing. Thanks for the point about the number of people too. It's an interesting one. The concept for the show was very much built around two people, with us each setting the other the next game they have to go and play before the next episode. I don't know how well that would work with three. However, we've built on that slightly with having more general episodes around what we've been playing recently in-between so we can get episodes out more consistently. I guess we could potentially look at getting a guest in on the odd episode and see how it works (if enough people feel more voices would be better). Genuine thanks for the feedback, it's really helpful. While I'm here I might as well mention the new episode came out this week featuring discussion around: Stories Untold lilt line Zero Time Dilemma Ridge Racer 7 (and a few other Ridge Racer games) The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human iTunes / Spotify / Website
  4. I bet you do! Two-time Crewe stalwart Ryan Lowe being your new manager doesn't bode well for me in the superstition stakes.
  5. I'll be taking my boy to see his first match at Gresty Road (or the Alexandra Stadium if you must) this weekend. This is a triumph largely because he had aligned himself with Manchester United over the past few years. However, increasingly disappointing happenings at Old Trafford have him leaning towards joining his old man and becoming a fully-fledged Railwayman. The downside? We live in Cornwall, so we'll be travelling further than even Saturday's opponents Plymouth to take in the game. Fingers crossed for an entertaining match.
  6. Thanks for confirming. Frustrating, but understandable.
  7. Can I ask for some advice please? My son has my original PS4, which is still designated as my primary console (A). As I understand it, this is the reason he is able to play online without having his own PS+ account, and he's able to access games from my library. I now also have a separate console (B) which only I use. I'd like to set up Remote Play so I can play certain games on my Vita when I'm away from my PS4. From reading around, it seems that I can only link my Vita up to my primary console. Am I right in thinking that if I switch it so that console B is now my primary console, my son will lose online play and access to my library on console A?
  8. Ah, thanks so much for this. We know the figures show listener numbers are slowly rising but we currently get little interaction from listeners, so this is so nice to hear. Thanks for the point about the volume too. It's definitely been an issue in the past and something I've tried tinkering with. I'll take another look at it.
  9. Thanks so much. If you have any feedback once you've taken a listen please do give me a shout.
  10. EDIT: Sorry, duplicate post.
  11. Yes, that’s it. In the main episodes we discuss one older game each that we have recently played for the first time, picked by the other person in the previous episode. Sometimes we put out episodes in-between where we round up a few things we’ve been playing in recent weeks - but even then it tends to be older stuff. Hope you enjoy it. Any feedback always appreciated!
  12. I can't find the right balance for posting in this thread. I'm incredibly wary of bogging things down with an update every time we release a new episode of Playing Catch-up, so I try and only do it every couple of months... only, I just checked and it's nearly a year since I last posted. What a dolt. We've just put out Episode 31, covering two Big Deal titles from PlayStation history: Metal Gear Solid and The Last Guardian. I couldn't quite believe @MW_Jimmy had never played MGS, so it was interesting to hear a first-time player take on such a cultural juggernaut for the first time more than 20 years after release. For my part, I had put off playing TLG for nearly three years despite rating Ico as my favourite game for a long, long time. I'd seen some negative reaction here and elsewhere on release and couldn't bring myself to play it for fear that a series I held in such high regard would be soured. It's fair to say I needn't have worried. Usual caveat: I know there are a ridiculous number of games podcasts to choose from but fellow rllmukers have been lovely about the show in the past, so I just wanted to let you know we're still going. Other games we've covered in recent episodes include: DOOM (2016), Yoku's Island Express, Dead Space, Final Fantasy Type-0 and a bunch more of lesser known bits and pieces. Here's the show in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/playing-catch-up/id827542901?mt=2 Alternatively, search for Playing Catch-up in your podcast app of choice, or add the feed URL manually: http://feeds.feedburner.com/PlayingCatch-up Or! Stream episodes on Spotify: Genuine thanks to anyone who takes a listen, especially if you're one of the people who has supported the show over the past few years through some stop/start periods. Listener numbers are higher than ever and now that we're getting regular episodes out over a sustained period we'd love to keep the momentum going. So if you enjoy, please consider letting other people know if you feel they'd get a kick out of listening. Thank you!
  13. A handful of visual novels are reduced in the current PSN sale, some of which were recommended earlier in the thread: The Silver Case - £5.79 The 25th Ward: The Silver Case - £6.49 PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness - £8.99 Steins;Gate Elite - £24.99 Zanki Zero: Last Beginning - £24.99
  14. Thanks for this. I did exactly that and went for 24 months in the end. I stupidly bought a third code for 12 months without thinking it through properly. Not really sure whether to sell that on or add it on once I've got less than 24 months left stacked up.
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