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  1. It's probably more to do with your *slightly* overly hyperbolic rants over many years regarding Sony in text form, if nothing else. To be honest - none of them are perfect. I've personally played videogames over voice chat with @Uncle Mike and he's a good egg in person. I can confirm he's definitely not a cunt.
  2. My last Microsoft console was an Xbox 360. :shrug emoji:
  3. This. All of this. Also - to add a different slant on the quoted responses - not really.
  4. Songs with lyrics, you say? Alternate interpretation:
  5. Yeah, PC Engine '93 and '94 are the next best Bomberman games after the Saturn version, for sure.
  6. I saw him at the Roundhouse in 2010, my last live gig. He turned up an hour late and didn't disappoint. Had to get the night bus home. Didn't matter, I was buzzing.
  7. It did, and it still looks far better than that N64 with that daft pikachu on it.
  8. They died next to me during the match and I didn't bother reviving them because I was more concerned about finishing off my Sidearm bounty. In other circumstances I would've acted differently.
  9. Surely the 'one last thing' announcement is yet another NBA Jam reboot, because of those shoes.
  10. Also, as if I wasn't ambivalent enough about Hunters over the years, I got matched with this Gambit teammate on PSN earlier:
  11. Warmind and Charged with Light mods are definitely worth going for. Especially if, like me you haven't bothered playing much for the past year. They're far more useful for endgame PvE stuff than intellect/discipline/strength/whatevs mods. Keep an eye on Banshee every reset, he tends to sell the good Charged with Light / Warmind mods at least 2/3 times a week. You can get other mods from handing in materials, which is also worth doing.
  12. Game of the Year A1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons A2. 51 Worldwide Games A3. Streets Of Rage 4 A4. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1&2 A5. Moose Life Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Ubisoft Z2. CDPR Z3. New hardware pre-order shitshow Sound Design of the Year S1. Lonely Mountains: Downhill S2. Moose Life S3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Visual Design of the Year V1. Astro's Playroom V2. Demon's Souls V3. Paper Mario: The Origami King Writing of the Year W1. Paper Mario
  13. Indeed. The title of this thread should be Invert or weirdo look: the poll, tbh.
  14. Always. You waited that long to take it out of the box?
  15. There are Stasis-based quests that require Vanguard / Gambit / PvP depending on which the player chooses to upgrade their subclass abilities, I'm sure it'll calm down soon enough. *Also - there are no Stasis-based bounties from Zavala / Shaxx / that Gambit twat.
  16. I hope you didn't have 4 PS4s, because there's a video for that, too.
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