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  1. *YOU'RE Also, punctuation. Also also - It seems you may have got a bit over excited whilst composing this post so I might let you off. MIght.
  2. On console? I did edit, to be fair.
  3. First Massively Multiplayer console game: Hi-Ten Bomberman
  4. I've got to wonder how many people are going to take this message the wrong way and actually jump (in) on it. That's some lawsuit material, right there.
  5. Yeah, it's just some cunt on the internet trying their hardest to be the best (worst?) cunt they can be. It's nothing new, but there are many more out there these days.
  6. 'Eat some cheese before bedtime' might have been a slightly less wanky title for the Xbox thread, mind.
  7. £150 on a JP import Mario Kart 64 bundled with a two-tone controller. Yes. One Hundred and Fifty pounds. For the worst Mario Kart game with a 'fancy' controller.
  8. Not gonna lie, but this here thread and has descended into Garble Madness of late.
  9. I wonder if they'll take cues from the PS2 and give us a rotatable power button.
  10. Straytracing I'm kind of intrigued too, because cats.
  11. Just think - you'll have an entire week to read the manua... oh.
  12. PS4 external formatted drives are tied to accounts, so I don't see why not. https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2017/02/11/ps4-external-hdd-used-on-multiple-units/#:~:text=PS4 External Drives Can Apparently,Tied to the Same Account&text=It seems that PlayStation 4's,tied to the same account.
  13. But what about if you buy it on PS4 whilst you're waiting for your PS5 pre-order to arrive? Paging @Quexex
  14. Shortie No Mass Effect CD Projekt Redman Da Beatmanicminerz The Humble Bundle Magnificent Kool Keith Courage In Alpha Zones
  15. 3D All Stars Mario 64 is based off the Japan-only Shindou release, which included bug fixes alongside N64 rumble pak support.
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