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  1. Daewootecks Nissan Backdashqai Nissan EX-Trail Toyota Supra-cancel Lamborghini Huracan-kick Universal Land Roverhead
  3. Vanquish had more depth in terms of mechanics and combat than both of those games. Here is a thing: It really depends on how you play/approach it - but it probably reminds me of a Third Person Shootiful Joe, more than anything else.
  4. Yes. Nice quoting skills. I kind of tried to explain things in the next sentence I posted, based on game programmers I know who worked on both consoles. But that's fine. It's fine. HONEST.
  5. You spelled 'ease of development' wrong there, tbh. In a fairly wanky way Krazy Ken's box of tricks took more time and work to get the best out of it, but time is money for developers - the 360 was the obvious choice last gen, no doubt. PS3 Bayonetta was farmed out and an absolute disaster. I'm pretty sure Platinum started Vanquish development on PS3 and was the better version. If you're a proper nerd about IQ/performance. I do agree with @Bangaio, though. A friend of mine constantly sends me Digital Foundry videos arguing the toss about the best way to play a videogame. I occasionally remind him I have a PC, but he seems to throw up in his mouth a bit and gets a bit upset with me, because apparently PCs are really hard work and require all sorts of .ini file editing. TL;DR - If Digital Foundry winds you up, consider having fun playing videogames instead.
  6. Meaty mashed crab xx (Mo)mochi.
  7. Can I call you a naughty word and request a ban until Q4 2023? (when this shit has blown over). Asking for a friend.
  8. That Dhalsim dish, though. How does that even represent Dhalsim? There's nothing even remotely firey going on there. No stretchy business going on. Also - they couldn't even spell Dhalsim properly. Absolutely fucking raging over here. Might have trouble getting to sleep tonight.
  9. My line of thinking is a multiplayer footy / fighting game hybrid - with meter management, supers, comms, etc. By all means, throw your suggested karaoke mini game at the half time break
  10. Hopefully it's a success and they can make enough money to get to work on a true representation of Shaolin Soccer: The Videogame.
  11. Word. There's a lot of artists mentioned that I'd completely forgotten about, and many more who I haven't yet discovered. I feel like I've really slacked off in terms of listening to music this past decade. 400+ albums is quite the backlog. Thanks, 'muk. Thmuk. And also - thanks @ngchol for putting in the work!
  12. Where did you get the PCB from, @sharak?
  13. No. Just... No. No. I could go on, but I'm all out of Nos. Low res, maybe - but 30fps? Nggh. Nah.
  14. Don't forget the gifting / trading aspect, too - playing New Leaf with friends and forumites was The Best Thing.
  15. Pretty much this. Dante is a bit of a bellend, though. He's always been a bellend. DMC fans wouldn't have it any other way. Nah.
  16. Hang-On until the next issue, surely.
  17. If you were having fun playing Iceborne, I'd probably suggest going back to playing Iceborne. Titles seem a bit like tattoos, tbh. I'm not entirely against them, but I'm also not that fussed. You do you, etc. I'm currently 1% off a platinum for D2 because I don't have a title. I don't care. The best thing about this current downtime is witnessing how spectactularly awful Datto is at Mario Kart.
  18. Oh my... yes! This crossed my mind but I couldn't think of the name
  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock_'n'_Roll_Nightmare Rented this at some point in the mid-90s, several times A friend I watched it with reminded me of it recently. So hilariously bad, it's almost quite good. Maybe. YMMV. Also:
  20. You'd need separate adaptors for each system. Oh, and to avoid confusion - @Camel's talking about these, not the PCB replacements: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gam3Gear-ZPPN002-Converter-Controller-Keychain/dp/B01HRRMAII/ref=sr_1_13?crid=35EUDM1R2JIXW&keywords=brook+adapter&qid=1581199821&sprefix=brook+adap%2Cclothing%2C141&sr=8-13 https://www.adzgaming.com/product/xbox-360-one-to-switch/?utm_source=Google Shopping&utm_campaign=Copy Test Feed&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=2155&gclid=CjwKCAiA1fnxBRBBEiwAVUouUtYjwSNpAhitL7GdLEqPjk4f-ZW6pnnJwxJIZClniordp_tEC7ZfyxoCOQ8QAvD_BwE
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