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  1. Game of the Year A1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons A2. 51 Worldwide Games A3. Streets Of Rage 4 A4. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1&2 A5. Moose Life Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. Ubisoft Z2. CDPR Z3. New hardware pre-order shitshow Sound Design of the Year S1. Lonely Mountains: Downhill S2. Moose Life S3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Visual Design of the Year V1. Astro's Playroom V2. Demon's Souls V3. Paper Mario: The Origami King Writing of the Year W1. Paper Mario
  2. Indeed. The title of this thread should be Invert or weirdo look: the poll, tbh.
  3. Always. You waited that long to take it out of the box?
  4. There are Stasis-based quests that require Vanguard / Gambit / PvP depending on which the player chooses to upgrade their subclass abilities, I'm sure it'll calm down soon enough. *Also - there are no Stasis-based bounties from Zavala / Shaxx / that Gambit twat.
  5. I hope you didn't have 4 PS4s, because there's a video for that, too.
  6. I think we all got boots from the first encounter. Far more useful than a Scout Rifle.
  7. Yes it does this on PS5 too - I'd backed up my PS4 stuff in advance to an external SSD last week, though. When I logged into my UK account, the JP stuff had the padlock icon displaying in the library. Once I'd logged into the JP account everything was fine and accessible from the UK account.
  8. Yep, first thing I did was log into my UK and JP accounts. It works exactly the same as PS4.
  9. Well, this is splendid. I've just finished it with some bits to mop up at some point. It's a fantastic introduction to the controller with so many lovely touches and easter eggs and so much nostalgia. I really should play Rescue Mission at some point. And, well - this happened earlier, because of course it did: So I guess I'm not quite done yet... @joffocakes @Uncle Mike - you're both within spitting distance of the director / producer - GET HIM!
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