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  1. I think I heard the word 'fizzer' mentioned earlier this evening whenever a player attempted a cross or pass within or just outside the box. Was it a cross, pass or just some commentary wankery?
  2. I'm half Scottish. Might just go for a long walk.
  3. Getting an email after achieving a high score so you can print it out and hang it on your wall is a massive gamechanger. Who wants to buy my PS5?
  4. All we needed was Bionic Commando X Auto Modellista X Viewtiful Joe X Magic Sword and they went and fucking blew it. I'm moderately upset.
  5. Don't fret - Bamco wil restore peace with that Ridge/Rave Racer multiplatfrom, crossplay reveal tomorrow and everyone can relax.
  6. That actually seemed to work, despite your errors. Just logged in and I'm in the club.
  7. I've had some conversations with gamedev chums over the past year and it really hasn't been that simple. Small indies are having less trouble, but they've usually worked remotely anyway.
  8. Well, yeah - manage your expectations regardless of publisher / developer size. I'm sure they've all had their troubles re-adjusting over the past year.
  9. Jeff Goldblum dot gif I mean, I've always found R&C games absolutely fine. Never groundbreaking and off-the-chart amazing to play - and that's fine. Just fine. [7]
  10. I wish I could reach through my screen and give Geoff a slap.
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