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  1. DK for TT or GP, due to the weight / bully factor. Light/Nimble mans for Battle Mode, but Toad is best because of the silly hat.
  2. Poundgarden Jazzy Star Yo La Pengo Arcade Hire Suzanne Sega My Broody Valentine Lame Impala Beach Louse
  3. The Yeastie Boys Nomni Trio LTJ Nukem Peanut Butter Golf Mage Against The Machine The Boobie Brothers Passive Attack Dearth, Wind & Fire Blonde Bedhead
  4. Counter-steer hopping is your friend, IIRC. I did wonder how long it would take for the SMK posturing to appear in this thread
  5. Just tried mine - doesn't work.
  6. I've not had an issue with my launch Switch either. I did tape some of the foam packaging that came with the Switch to the 'rails' on the dock after the internet shat the bed about scratching the screen via the dock, just to be safe, so all I really get these days are some occasional marks (which are easily wiped off) on the bezel thanks to aforementioned foam on said rails. Thanks, internet. Thinternet.
  7. Yeah, I had fun with Stunt Race FX too. The cars had eyes FFS. Time definitely hasn't been kind to it, mind. I'd love to see them resurrect it at some point. PS - if anyone fancies some incredibly serious* online SMK Battle Mode 1v1s from tomorrow, hit me up.
  8. Hang on - Special Reserve are still going?
  9. It seems he can't spell 'your' or 'average' properly, so.... probably. Anyway - here's another review from someone who's probably already quite busy trying to hack the absolute shit out of it:
  10. You cheeky mare. PS - the pitlane shortcut works on every lap on the beginner track, regardless of platform / emulation, etc. You've just got to be consistent enough to pull it off every time.
  11. 3rd place is still an incredible achievement for Infexious, considering he's not been able to compete as much as he'd like to. Big ups to @sith for helping him get there. I'm sure he'll win it at some point His lack of emotion is quite disturbing.
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