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  1. I know! It's madness. Blizzard have been such a wholesome bunch over the years...
  2. @gospvgpotentially interested in that loose NES bundle. Never owned one and it would make for a nice little modding project.
  3. Yeah - it was announced before the Pocket but there haven't been any updates since. Still says it's coming this year on their site - https://www.analogue.co/duo
  4. Ha - well, considering the Turbo Duo is minty (issues aside) and boxed, I think I got a decent deal.
  5. Quite a few of my hu-card sleeves are starting to get icky - where did you get these from?
  6. Yeah, got them from a friend and saved on postage with a 25 minute train journey into central London - the CDROM2 and Turbo Duo have drive issues, though. I've ordered capacitor replacements from console5. Planning on RGB modding them too.
  7. What the fuck are super cats and how do they crash? Normal cats are exceptionally agile.
  8. After 20-odd years, I'm back in - just picked up this little lot (quick and dirty pics because I'm knackered :p)
  9. I think that breaks every time there's a Windows update, though.
  10. I partitioned my internal drive for Windows. There isn't official Valve dual boot support currently, so you have to go through the boot menu to choose which OS to boot (vol - and power button), but it is coming apparently.
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