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  1. Kicks is in town today. Open and afk while I run the morning milk and eggs gauntlet if anyone wants to drop by for some sweet kicks, socks or bags.
  2. I didn't ask for Cosmos, and sure - I can open up now if you want?
  3. I can craft: Bonsai (6 blossom, 2 hardwood, 3 weeds, 3 clay) Branches (8 blossom, 4 tree branches, 5 clay) Clock (5 blossom, 1 iron nugget) Umbrella (7 blossom) Wallpaper (10 blossom, 5 hardwood) Pond stone (3 blossom, 10 stone) Wand (3 blossom, 3 star fragments) Picnic set (10 blossom)
  4. Settings > Sleep Mode >set Auto Sleep to never.
  5. I'm down for this too, but also up for giving people time to get their shit together. Virtual Chelsea Flower Show (last week of May?) would be my suggestion
  6. Thanks. I'm going to fucking RUIN it when I get terraforming. I can't wait.
  7. Sorry to whoever was standing near the airport just now, with me blocking the entrance (I could've sworn I was sat on a chair next to my house). Don't forget you can just hit the minus button and leave without having to go to the airport!
  8. I have shooting stars again tonight. I'll open up while I sort dinner out. 09D7D
  9. That's fine. Also, I have 42 iron fences in my inventory which I can drop off to you / or you can visit and pick up. I crafted a bunch, but I'm just not feeling them at the moment. I can see how much those rip off merchants will give me for them and get back to you. edit - 18,900 bells.
  10. If you still need more seats, I can order some tomorrow.I've got the rope fence recipe too. Can you order arcade machines yet? I'd swap 5 x seats for just one!
  11. Forgot to mention - CJ is at mine atm if you need to flog some fish.
  12. I currently have 30 stone walls in my storage, if you're interested! Probably not going to do much with them for the time being. Also, @Kryptonian, opening now for friends (Donut/Donutville)
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