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  1. I downloaded this earlier again on PS4. I can't remember the last time I played it, so I'm about to (literally) dust off my stick and hop into training mode for a bit. If anyone fancies interrupting me and getting a lobby going... Combos from Nathan Brown are not expected, but most welcome.
  2. "Some of these people are actually killers" - Mike Ross, E3 2014
  3. rllmuk Mario Kart races. Everyone's trying their utmost to be the biggest cunt they can be but somehow it's fine. Even when you clearly get stitched up by lag: Still bitter. Overwatch POTGs where you've actually done something useful:
  4. Yeah, seems you may have been preoccupied at the time.
  5. This is just all of the third party stuff. I'm sure we'll see a direct with some hardware announcements soon.
  6. https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch-gear-and-merch-are-rolling-out/
  7. I was being genuine, based on feedback from people who moved to PC from console, continued to use a controller and do well in PvP (it took more than a couple of games for them to adjust to FPS/FOV, mind). Anyway - I'll stop derailing the thread with my obviously contrarian nonsense now.
  8. That's possibly a by product of the PC version not running at a stable 60fps on a 60hz display. In order to get it to run smoothly you have to unlock frames and use a high refresh display. The audio problems probably are related to your connection, mind. Not sure which version you get a stable 30fps from - the PS4 version shits the bed at similar points, it's a less noticable drop from 60, but it's definitely a thing. I've been told the last raid is an absolute slideshow at points too. You may be pleasantly surprised by PvP on a pad against M&K players, btw. The aim assist is pretty strong.
  9. Yeah - it's part of Namco Museum. You need 2 Switches to replicate the GC version, but you can play on one Switch with up to 3 players against a CPU Pac-Man.
  10. Wii Sports Resort (Wii) WarioWare, Inc. Mega Party Games (GameCube) Pac-Man Vs. (Switch)
  11. You can set up the touchpad on a Dualshock 4 to act as a mouse with left / right click. Alternatively, you can use a smart phone / tablet with an app like unified remote if you need a keyboard.
  12. Same. It might be an hour-long gif of an 8 man team taking a few pixels off a raid boss. Probably not missing much.
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