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  1. I’m sure of it. Thanos in Infinity War had knowledge of the Avengers. He’d fought them three years before. His approach to them is totally different in each movie.
  2. ALSO! Remember that bit near the end of Inifity War when Captain America is grabbing the gauntlet and pushing back against Thanos? Watching back in 2017 it seems like for a moment Captain America is holding his own against Thanos, and Thanos has this maybe surprised look on his face before just twatting Steve away like he's nothing. If my this-isn't-the-first-time-they've-fought theory is true, I now see this bit in a whole new light. When he gives that look to Steve, Thanos isn't surprised that Captain America is able to "stand up" to him. I think he was actually puzzled at the huge difference in strength between what he was expecting (the worthy Captain America he faced in 2021 who fucked him up fairly well for a bit) and what he got (the Captain America who is now in front of him in 2017 Wakanda and comparatively weak). I now think maybe Thanos' look is more of surprise or bemusement at how Captain America is more of a curiosity. Perhaps same with Scarlet Witch. In Endgame, the first time Thanos meets her he acts like she's unimportant, saying something like "I have no idea who you are." Much to his surprise, she then proceeds to fully fuck him up harder than anyone else to the point where he had to panic order orbital bombardment. From his encounter with her he now knows to treat her with caution. We see this in Infinity War the second time they meet. He walks straight up to her and fully infinity stones zaps her with all he's got, he ain't messing. Again I think 'beating' Wanda here and getting the stones probably further convinces him his destiny is unfolding and he goes right for the snap ASAP, falling right into his own trap.
  3. Nooooo, from 2014 Thanos' point of view he suddenly gets this message out of the blue that this thing he's been trying to do for ages but has had difficulty with finally dose actually happen. This presented him with a tantalising opportunity, and emboldened by the evidence just presented to him seems to sew the seeds of him succeeding as his grade destiny/fate and motivates him to enact that fate. He deecides to follow the lead fate has handed him and go where destiny is taking him. After all fate led him to collecting all the stones and a future where he dies but his work is done. That's a satisfactory outcome for him. So he's like yep, hit it let's go to 2014 and make sure I fulfil my destiny, fate has clearly shown me that I win. He then encounters the Avengers for the first time and is overwhelmed by them, surprisingly he loses but he actually just gets sent back to 2014 to now go hunt for the stones which he knows is definitely possible and what he will do. He also knows he'll have run ins again with the Avengers and others. Thanos has seen that he was successful and so he's just following fate, that's why in Infinity War he spouts so much about running from fate/him is pointless. He's much much more dismissive of everyone, like he isn't even worried because he knows he gets the stones and so seems to fight with much more confidence. But what he doesn't know is that by getting the stones and succeeding, and then dying that he set off the later events that then lead to the 2014 message. The loop is closed every time. His choice to go to 2014 to ensure his destiny and fulfil his ambition even though he possibly didn't even have to ultimately what causes his downfall.
  4. I just realised what Tony made happen with his snap. He didn't snap Thanos etc out of existence, he snapped them back to 2014 so that the timeline could be repaired/continue as needed. That means the Thanos we saw in Infinity War had already fought the Avengers (here in Endgame in 2014) and lost, and he was doing his best to change the course of history in the hope he would succeed. That's why Thanos knows Tony Stark, and that's why he said to Tony in IW that he's not the only one cursed with knowledge. This may aso explain Thanos' different attitudes to the Avengers between the two movies. In Endgame at his first encounter with the avengers he seems fairly curious about them and engages relatively directly. In hindsight and in comparison, in IW Thanos is largely disinterested in the Avengers like he's already well aware of them except for Tony. In 2014 Thanos saw concrete proof that he had successfully collected all the stones, which I think gave him some sort of confidence or emboldened self assuredness that he was destined to get the stones and always win. This confidence is very much on display in Infinity War but missing from 2014 Thanos. Unfortunately for him that fearless drive for success was his downfall as it leads to this weird recursive time loop where he inevitably is always defeated in the end. Tell me I'm wrong.
  5. I've seen various people complaining about the Hulk and how they feel robbed of the real hulky Hulk getting his revenge on Thanos. I really loved what they did with Banner's character, he's figured himself out and has basically gone through a super glow up where he's he's now living his best life and thriving. He may be a little weaker and smashy smashy but it's such a huge progression for the character that I don't really care about ever seeing more hulky Hulk smashing shit up again. Such a great payoff for the one in the team that always seemed to get the rawest deal a lot of the time.
  6. Very very surprisingly, this was miles better the second time. The first time I watched this morning I thought it was a bit bleh, I think because it was a much more difficult to absorb movie than I had any of the others. The second time though, when you know how it’s all going to fit together it doesn’t seem so random and bizzare, it’s almost like you can relax and soak it in properly.
  7. After Hulk’s snap I realised all the superheroes who’d been dusted would join the fight. I was hoping that they’d all just gradually arrive in batches and the intensity would ramp up and up, was a tiny bit disappointed that they all came at once although as a result it was rather epic.
  8. I mean yes, but there were points where I was thinking “okay we get it take it down a notch.”
  9. I'm doing 7:00am on thursday and then again at 7:20pm. Whoops. I have a notoriously small bladder, so I'm going to have to really control my fluids.
  10. C/C- The 90's soundtrack was great, but the songs never quite fit the scene. Also, the world felt very empty, why bother putting it in the 90's unless you're really gonna show us some 90's?
  11. I just got the Switch version. It's a bit of a ropey port.
  12. Fuck me that was garbage.
  13. But it is soooo much easier for me and my lifestyle. It's not crap. It's my lived experience. I don't ever sit on the couch with my bf watching shite tv together. I don't sit on the couch much at all actually.
  14. Because I can take it with me, and it loads games fast, and I can play with my friends easily IRL. None of the others allow me to do any of that, and that's the real clincher.
  15. I mean if you're the kind of person who spends every night sat in front of a PC or TV I'm sure it wouldn't be much of an issue.
  16. I'd say it's more like playing the really complicated tracks with items off. Smash is essentially two games in one, you can play it as a technical fighter at a higher level or you can play it as a ridiculous party game that has a much more approachable and level playing field. Both are great. I initially thought the Inklings were garbage, but I've been sinking more time into them and they really are great. Their dash is amazing and once you figure out how to manage your ink properly they get quite powerful.
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