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  1. Or make sure you're not under where he'll land. Basically don't be a sitting duck. I suppose that's difficult if you're trying to maintain charge though. He's quite vulnerable when he's running as far as I have noticed.
  2. I still throw out far too many cannon spikes from muscle memory though, I have to restrain it a lot more. I'm starting to feel limited by Cammy, she has no good ways of landing her ultra, and her FADC moves aren't great. Hard to verify and react to them I find. I want to learn Sakura, but as you saw my knowledge of her is a tad limited.
  3. I'd never really played Balrog before. He's a fucking beast He hits so hard.
  4. Just had my matches with Jonny_Rat Me - 0, Jonny_Rat - 3 Christ he's good. I wish I could blame it on my housemate, he came home from work JUST as we started and stood right in front of the TV blabbing about his boring day of retail management. It was really distracting, but I doubt I'd have won either way. You know everything ;/ I didn't feel in control of the space at all. Bah. I've spent a lot of time figuring out how to beat Sagat, did you notice?
  5. OK, I'll be around after ten. Do most people use headsets? I didn't wire in a connector when I threesixtied my stick. If you talk to me all I can hear is a quiet voice coming through the centre speaker, totally drowned out by the beats.
  6. Just played my first matches Freezycold 2 - CosmicKillerDyl 1 Sorry about the lag on the first match, my housemate was torrenting up a storm.
  7. I'm starting to get sick of Ken. Tonight was my first endless Ken fest. I wouldn't mind so much but some of his priorities are fucked up. I had one guy down to nothing, I had about an inch left on my bar. I had him trapped and turtling, so I thought I'd let my ultra loose on him (Cammy obv) and chip KO him. Nope. Apparently a shoryuken beats an ultra. The guy even sent me a message apologizing about it because it looked so broken when it happened.
  8. Just had some nice games with Pusher. Sorry for playing so much Cammy, I'm rubbish with everyone else. You know loads of peeps. That fucking pokey Guile! I'm disgusted with Rose in this game, I fully wanted her as my main but everything she does just comes out so slow >.< I get so frustrated when I play as her.
  9. Most nights after 10 are great for me
  10. Hot, I'm in! When do we start?
  11. Bah! I keep missing the action. It's driving me nuts.
  12. Shend, I added you ages ago! Are you gonna accept my request? Let's fight.
  13. Anyone fancy a few games tonight?? Getting a bit tired of playing randomers. Either you're better than them and they quit after 2 or 3 losses, or else they're better than you but they quit once you start to figure them out and win a match ;/
  14. Jesus Sagat is such a cunt. TIGER TIGER TIGER and his fucking massive limbs.
  15. I just got online with this, my gamertag is freezycold Add me
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