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  1. Uh, it is? Really? They feel so juvenile to me. Like what a teen thinks is mature.
  2. It has some major tone and pacing problems. A lot of the music choices just did not fit and stuck out like a sore thumb. I think there's an okay 1.5hr movie in there if you cut out most of the rubbish. For example, what purpose did the WW London scene serve? I can't remember any relevance to the greater "plot". Why was so much time spent talking about how Batman's dumb plane thing wanted to fly? Just make it fly. I did not give a single fuck when they finally got it working. What was the pay off there? The superman resurrection was so clumsy too. I didn't see the original version of the movie, how could it have been any worse than this nonsense?
  3. I'm so so so sick of this Kandy edit. She was rubbish again in the latest episode, but the judges try and tell us she was great? No.
  4. Well that was pure pish. I stayed up much too late watching it last night and wish I hadn’t. What an incoherent mess.
  5. I can’t believe this hasn’t been posted already! Probably the only opening I don’t skip, it so perfectly conveys what the show is: a bunch of pompous problemless people dashing about the Galaxy lording it over everyone. The grand music, the tone, the camera angles, it’s wonderful.
  6. The bit with the time stones on the ship was incredible. I’d love to play that section again but there’s no way I’m enduring the rest of the game just to get to it. have any hackers done a fan edit? I think there truly is a great game in there if they just chopped out some of the considerable padding and made sweeping QoL changes.
  7. Ellie Diamond is super talented considering she's only 21!!!! It's so impressive.
  8. Bimini was soooooo good in the snatch game. I wish we had seen more of her and less of the boys crying so much in the workroom.
  9. I wonder if there's an uncompressed version of the F Zero X soundtrack floating around out there?
  10. I think UK series 2 was originally planned to air around November given there are shots of the cast in a Christmas themed promo. I wonder if one of the episodes will be Christmassy? Apparently episode 5 is when the pandemic comes into play and filming pauses. It’s also Eurovision themed.
  11. Did you move your sofa tho?
  12. Well! I kind of knew who was going by the edit earlier in the episode. I was a bit shocked at who was in the bottom two though.
  13. I've played through the whole game with some friends on Wii U, honestly one of my fav local multiplayer experiences ever. It's such a huge game and it gets proper difficult later on.
  14. We all watched DRUK yes? Shocking exit!
  15. 3D World is a multiplayer game at its heart. It’s incredible in 4 player, I’m so glad they added an online mode. Can’t wait to play through with friends when it launches.
  16. Rocket League in a voice chat partyyyyy
  17. This is the one game I think where I actually don’t click through and enjoy listening.
  18. The only thing that slightly sucks in this game is the bosses are a bit meh. The whole super armour thing is just annoying. One of the best bits of the old games was when you’d figured out how to just body the bosses in seconds, but that feels impossible now?
  19. Was very skeptical of this going in and the first few episodes suuuuuucked, but by the end it was great! That intro to crisis point!
  20. Savaged Regime on YouTube has a mastery over the Megadrive's sound hardware that no one else seems to be able to match. They've done loads of remakes of MD music that run on real hardware and has had original composers complimenting in the comments. This is a fav:
  21. It’s been interesting going back with a much fresher and more jaded pair of eye. Suddenly all the tricks Nintendo used to overcome the same making-a-game-in-3D-problems Sony and Sega and everyone else were having are much more visible and obvious. Mario 64 is at its core really very simple technically/visually, they just embraced the limitations so well that it all looks intentional.
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