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  1. Honestly the ending to this has left me feeling
  2. doing all of that felt very out of character.
  3. The UNSC is still alive on this ring because of you chief. Keep it up!
  4. Stronghold is great, but suuuuper annoying when you get thrown in with a team of uncoordinated morons that don’t understand it’s a team game.
  5. The audio is wonderful, atmos headphones is really helpful for hearing where people are around you.
  6. The menu music sounds like the loading sections in GTAV
  7. Great advice, actually really helped! I’m doing kind of well now?!?
  8. The connection is great, no lag as far as I can tell. I’m hitting them, they take damage but they always get the kill before me.
  9. I just keep dying. I encounter someone, I’ll shoot at them. They turn around and kill me in a second. Even with the same weapons. What am I doing wrong?
  10. I was hoping the cheesy annoying dialogue and zombie characters/crowd would be updated for 5. Oh well.
  11. Damnnnn Bayonetta looks awful. What’s the budge, 50p?
  12. She sounds wrong, they couldn’t get the same voice actor?
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