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  1. I saw it yesterday. Had pretty high hopes but honestly it was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I wanted to leave after about 20 mins. I’m really not understanding all the praise everyone’s giving it. The plot and script were garbage and the “charming” Pokemon filled world they built was incredibly creepy and irritating. Such a let down.
  2. I just realised, when Thanos does the snap he has a little moment with baby Gamora presumably in the soul stone. I wonder if Banner and Tony got one as well with Nat. That would have been a niiiice touch.
  3. I think Thor was a lot weaker in the Endgame fight.
  4. After the endgame fight in 2021 Thanos doesn’t know where all the stones are. He just knows that he has managed to gather them and do his snap. He goes back to 2014 with that knowledge. When he gets hold of the stones/gauntlet in 2021 he doesn’t know where they all necessarily came from.
  5. The multiple timelines overcomplicates things. Tony sending Thanos back to 2014 repairs the complication.
  6. I think the ancient one is representing how we experience time.
  7. Time isn’t a linear sequence of events. Viewed from a higher dimension it’s an object with a specific shape. Tony calculates a 3D representation of this higher dimensonal shape/object we see a diagram of. Thats how he knows what to do.
  8. Also Steve has to replace the stones so that Thanos can find them.
  9. IW Thanos is indeed much stronger because of the events that he had been through since 2014. They teach him how to wield the stones much more effectively. In the 2021 fight, 2014 Thanos experiences the power of all the stones for the first time and doesn’t know how to use them in quite the same nuanced way. He has to rip out the power stone to smack Marvel. The events of IW teach him stone by stone how to use each power. That’s why he knows he can just turn people to rubber or things to bubbles, or alter time.
  10. Also look at the difference in how Thanos weilds the infinity gauntlet in Endgame as his 2014 self vs how he uses it in Infinity War as his more experienced 2017 self.
  11. Yes, Captain America undoes all the weird timelines, and the ONLY way that happens is if thanos wins, and they lose that one time. That sets them off on the whole journey. If Thanks hadn’t won, the time would have been messed up, and Dr Strange did what he did to protect time as a whole.
  12. I think the ancient one was saying that time exists as a specific configuration/whole entity. So was Bruce. It’s not as simple as linear cause and effect. They even say it doesn’t work like how Back to the Future works. The only way to win and close up any potential weird timeline business is to send Thanos back.
  13. He says “It’s the only way.” It appears that he’s saying giving Thanos the time stone is the only way. Really what Strange is saying is that Thanos winning this round is the only way, and so he gives up the time stone to make sure that happens.
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