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  1. That new animal crossing. Felt like endless busywork. I absolutely loathed Outer Wilds when I first picked it up. It doesn’t make much sense, is a bit ugly, and is quite mysterious and bewildering. Luckily I dove back in again a few months later and kept at it. Best game. Also, can’t believe the amount of BOTW slander here.
  2. I just saw this tonight having known nothing about it beforehand. Was it just me or were there a lot of moments where the music, scene composition, movement etc seemed inspired by or referential to ??? Also….it was a bit meandering.
  3. Did anyone else get that bloody awful Topgun preview before?
  4. Yes, I know. It feels like shit on a pro controller, and the wireless n64 controllers are all sold out 🥲. They could probably offer some kind of stick threshold remapping. The frame rate and stutter is a much more pressing issue though.
  5. So I finally got around to trying F Zero X, which I was really excited for….but it runs like shit? Is it just me? Any time other racers are on screen the frame rate tanks, and every so often it just randomly hiccups up and down over and over. It ran a solid 60 on n64 so this feels really jarring. Also, very twitchy controls! It was quite a challenge to not oversteer. I was having to very very very lightly nudge the stick the whole time I played.
  6. For some reason on the online parts don't seem to work at all for me. I can't see any bloodstains or messages anywhere around the world, and I feel like I'm missing out on a big part of the experience. I'm on a Series X, ISP is Hyperoptic and connected by wifi. Any ideas why?
  7. Yep totally wrong, cos all the gay gamers I know (myself included) absolutely love it. It's high camp nonsense and the game underneath all that is fantastic. And we're definitely not wanking over it.
  8. Just had some great online matches there, it’s really fun! Played a few matches with a random who then added me as a friend after 🥰
  9. Honestly the ending to this has left me feeling
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