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  1. £35 physical (it would be lower if not for limited releases and Nintendo) £20 digital - generally do not buy digital if a physical version exists unless the difference in price is really significant Fully expect next-gen price points to be temporary - it's not mass market in the slightest. As ever, early adopters pay the price.
  2. Absolutely ridiculous pricing.
  3. I'm putting percentage chance of 0% that the original soundtracks are here fully intact
  4. Latest Event! This is the first non-Nintendo theme for the game which is definitely interesting to see!
  5. MW_Jimmy


    HALFBY - Let's Stay Out
  6. Yuuup. Watching that intro you can get a bit of a feel of what this will be like. It's obvious from those clips which anime episodes they are remaking. If it was new stories I might be tempted but it's clearly a live action remake, which will never ever live up to the original no matter how much time, money and care is spent. Hard pass.
  7. NES and SNES emulation on the Switch has been amazing so don't quite buy that this would be any worse. This is like Switch Pro all over again with speculative rumors from rubbish websites. Not saying the 50hz games won't happen, more that it would be quite surprising on recent form.
  8. I don't think it's "Bayonetta". Some folks speculating that the original voice actor might be back to voice the another - not shown - Bayonetta.
  9. I don't get it either. I think more people were hyped about Bayonetta 2 because nobody ever expected a sequel to it. Now it feels like the expectations have shifted even though Bayonetta is still a pretty niche franchise! The first gameplay for Bayonetta 2 was the airplane sequence and was peppered with CGI and a more epic sounding soundtrack. I really think folk are making vast assumptions based on a very limited trailer presenting the game in a very specific way (ie: the new gameplay). Maybe just do a CGI trailer with 'fly me to the moon' next time?
  10. It's on PS4 also with demo available.
  11. For now. Limited Run has been releasing their other collections so I would almost guarantee they'll be releasing this in about 6 months time once digital sales have cooled a little.
  12. Liking the look of the EDF Kaiju sections. it needed some new hook, some way of topping the scale of Bayonetta 2. Might look a bit ropey at the moment, but it'll be fine when playing, and it's all wooshing by and assaulting all senses. Nothing else quite has the personality and action of Bayonetta, so really looking forward to this now.
  13. Probably my favourite Nintendo Direct ever. Kirby. Splatoon. Bayonetta.
  14. Sony ported them not Konami, hence PS4 exclusive. The PSP emulator Sony made for Loco Roco/Patapon/Parappa is pretty robust so don't think it would have been a lot of work.
  15. Good. Should never have been a problem in the first place. Fact they've addressed so quickly makes me think it was probably an design oversight.
  16. I think between the Castlevania Anniversary Collection and Castlevania Requiem Collection they've already released pretty much all of the 2D ones. GBA versions next makes sense.
  17. Shadow drop Deltarune Chapter 2 and I'll be content.
  18. Congratulations! I've tried with many players and just can't seem to get the luck. Indeed, I've been both the only one alive and the first to die on the last section. I'm still not sure if the majority of players realise that you *have* to have a three-way attack to beat him otherwise there is just no point. Also the game should be making it crystal clear on how to revive. It's a really opaque mechanism and I am not surprised that I come across so many players that just don't understand it.
  19. I'm happy to keep the title updated if possible mods? I keep pretty close to the latest news. @bradigor
  20. MW_Jimmy


    Ace! Hopefully the console versions follow soon!
  21. Sounds like Monkey Target has some physics changes and "fixed" momentum. I've got a strong feeling with the soundtrack and sound effect changes, infinite lives, and now this - they've completely Monkey Balls it up.
  22. My backlog is ridiculous so really not too bothered about "Holiday" lineup. But I've got No More Heroes III and Shin Megami Tensei V earmarked as my potential Christmas Day treats. And physical copies of G Darius, Bugsnax, Carrion and Huntdown depending on which get reduced in price first.
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