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  1. B+! All the things that happened last time I moaned, didn't happen today! If our team lost it was because they were better or I didn't play well enough. I didn't have the same 4v1 matchups constantly. The losses felt winnable.
  2. A deflating night of Anarchy Battles last night. Game after game with these badges and losses every time: I was mainly Tri-Stringer in Splat Zones and really trying to do all the right things (hold and push positions, using specials and team mates on pushes). Nothing. Switched to dualies too to go for the close range push - straight into enemy turf, push and pull and drag out confrontations. Trying really hard not to just 'blame teammates' and improve my game but I really feel like I am going to play out of my skin to get to B+.
  3. I have been waiting for this! (Hopefully a wider retail release over here)
  4. I played the demo and got bored of the identikit encounters very quickly. Couldn't muster the effort to make it to the end of the demo. Glad it's occupying the AA space, good to see it return, but lacked any hook for me.
  5. I'm sure it matches with similar loadouts too - just checked and in over 20 Pro games, every single one I played as a Tri-Stringer and I ALWAYS played against Stringer (of which there are only two options in over 50 weapon choices) In Open, I did not face off against a single one.
  6. I've just read that apparently it's pulling Tri-Colour players for Team Fun from Open playlist. Not Pro. Given how miserable that playlist is for solo players, I can totally see how it might have less players than the Pro playlist.
  7. Think I'm about finished with Splatfest - ended my last match 7/1 KD which is pretty great! Won all 4 of my x10 matchups too. Not sure what is happening with the Tri-Colour Turf War - not a single game came up for me...
  8. Open or Pro? On Open you will get wildly different levels of opponents since teams can go in together, plus I suspect new players read the title of the playlist and choose this option. Win rate feels about 50/50. On Pro its solo only and from my observations it has to be matchmaking on skill and balanced teams. You just don't get teams like this randomly: I think it's set slightly above your skill level and I feel I win less. Checking the app my longest lose-streak was 4 games.
  9. I think I've seen one Team Grub all day. Poor Frye.
  10. What's this? Something different to Freshness?
  11. @dataDave Assuming avoiding Splatfest weekend, it'd be towards the end of the week for me (Weds/Thurs/Fri). Could try to have a set splatterday day for games!
  12. I do like the single rank now, but conversely I am keeping away from clam blitz. It definitely isn't my strongest game type - but it's the amount of games I've gone into when the team has no clue on tactics! Two weeks in and I think Tri-Stringer is my favourite weapon. The way it move and handles is great and it feels super versatile - excellent map control from mid-range, tricky close range but not uncomfortable. In teams of randoms without defined roles this flexibility has helped me be really effective. I had an absolutely excellent few games of Tower Control in which I could keep midrange at the start and go onto the tower if needed - and Killer Wail is a great quick getaway tool. Also arching charged shots over walls and ledges will never not be a ton of fun.
  13. I had a hunch that it wouldn't save so left it in suspend mode. The thought of redoing it all probably spurred me on to complete it.
  14. Did the secret extra level last night. I say last night, it actually took me two nights and multiple times walking away in frustration. I was extremely close to just giving up. By far the most difficult thing in the game. Got some kit and a badge for my efforts.
  15. Getting to the centre ground and claiming mid is the only viable opening play for Turf War. If you can hold your line high the space behind you will get inked in eventually. Having said this, only the last 30 seconds decide the outcome of Turf War rather than anything in the other 2:30.
  16. That sounds like a 1 star gear - the gear will max out at 2 support items but (new in Splatoon 3) the shop will sometimes let you upgrade and increase the slots for 1000 coins.
  17. This too. Aim for feet so they can't swim away.
  18. @Alan Stock - You can setup different 6 loadouts and control profiles under the freshest fits menu. As you are still learning motion I probably wouldn't mess around with different profiles too much, but I have set a separate control layout for handheld play - I found this video useful to help understand differences between weapons in the same classes, roles, etc and to help focus in on just 3-4 weapons new to learn - I wouldn't worry about 'letting the side down' in Turf War. Its an easy come easy go mode and I use it to test things out and unwind after ranked - Going through single player campaign to get good with motion is very useful! It will definitely test your skills.
  19. Perfect! Yeah, aware you can flip on individual weapons but they don't label them on the filters or in the phone app shop.
  20. Quick question - anybody have a printout/cheat sheet of all the clothing ability icons they can direct me to? I'm constantly confused on them.
  21. Finished the single player campaign last night - it was okay. I'm a little bit disappointed because it doesn't really expand much on what the Octo Expansion did. Also this game has, by some distance, the most boring bosses of the whole series. It's a real shame as Splatoon 1 has one of the most exciting final bosses of any game, and it's been downhill in this regard for a while. Best to worst campaigns: Octo Expansion Splatoon 3 Splatoon 1 (better bosses) = Splatoon 2 (better stages)
  22. Pro2 back button mapped to jump. Like when I switched to green thumb for Halo I barely ever move my hands from shoulder and sticks position.
  23. Low key love the wavebreaker - just there chipping away at your defense and/or distraction. My insistence to sticking with motion this week has payed off - I don't notice it anymore and although not feeling quicker with left/right tracking - up/down tracking and throwing bombs - I've significantly improved. Also Team Fun - got my Splatfest Big Man picture ready to roll! Also you can change your main on the Splatfest tee with chunks at Murch - don't have to go with doubler.
  24. Yep. It made huge waves in Japan and among devs there too - I'm sure there was a Famitsu article which listed all these developers personal GoTY and Ghosts came up again and again.
  25. Going to reveal Yakuza 8 - sounds like multiple announcements on this stream.
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