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  1. MW_Jimmy

    Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    I think Ueda will do another game.
  2. Yep - I agree. Disappointing 10 all in all. Spinball suggests to me that we aren't getting Sonic 3 and S&K. MWIV would be the better Wonderboy game. With only 10 left now I am not convinced we will get the remaining excellent Treasure games (Dynamite Headdy and Rocket Knight Adventures), no EA so far, and not sure Strider and Revenge of Shinobi will both make it.
  3. I love Musou and I love Persona. I hope it has a storyline ala P4 Dancing All Night. Next question will be what I should play and when. I have Persona 5 but don't have enough of an idea if I should now skip to The Royal instead. Musou fun will probably be the desert.
  4. MW_Jimmy

    Edge #332 | Control

    Yep. Not worried about Jupiter and Mars. It'll be an great esoteric VR experience whatever EDGE score it got.
  5. Its definitely looking good! Get a few EA games and we might be looking at a really solid comprehensive collection.
  6. Also absolutely must support Eye Toy, Buzz controllers and play Pocketstation and Nintendo Playstation games, and for media I really need it to play my Minidiscs. And ATRAC. Why is it Microsoft are so much better at this stuff than Sony? Clearly too difficult for them!
  7. You don't really need space for everything. I've got a 2tb in my PS4 and far too many games installed.
  8. MW_Jimmy

    The first one is still the best one

    Very much so! I've seen you say that a few times and I think that III is a horrible dull and tedious game with a (somewhat) neat setup. Each to their own. Phantasy Star IV possibly plays better, but the first game is genuinely timeless and an RPG I can replay again and again like few others. IMHO.
  9. MW_Jimmy

    The first one is still the best one

    Halo is the obvious one that always springs to mind. I'm not sure it will ever be bettered. Phantasy Star is the best of the series, easily. The simple revenge sci-fi storyline setting, the 3D mazes being an technical marvel and a combat system that is straightforward and quick. On an 8bit console to the 16bit sequels no less.
  10. MW_Jimmy

    The first one is by far the worst one

    Dynasty Warriors - a 1v1 beat-em up before the series became the Musou Beast that it is today (although 9 is pretty shit too by all accounts)
  11. I've played quite a bit of Moonlighter - it's definitely a roguelike with each floor of the dungeon having constant elements each time (like a health revival pool somewhere on each floor). The variety each 'run' doesn't feel huge and ends up just a hunt for the exit - each dungeon is three floors and can be reached in a short period of time, and there is a certain level of gating upgrades so you can't overwhelm the bosses. The shopping aspect during the day is probably the biggest difference from other RPGs, on paper, but in reality this ends up being automated pretty quickly. Im probably about halfway through and haven't played for a few months, but will probably go back to it. The story is pretty light and so it's good to dip in and out of. Indeed, one of the issues I had was one of repitition - it's can be pretty boring and aggravating to play in long sessions and the game never really grows into newer interesting playstyles or mechanics. I've definitely seen everything that it offers.
  12. MW_Jimmy

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Sure. I was talking in general. Its pretty clear cut who the creators are for older titles.
  13. MW_Jimmy

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    I think that works out for the smaller indie games and I hope that publishers like Devolver Digital, Curve Digital, and Adult Swim Games are not approaching the default position of owning the IP. But how would you assign a creator to Assassin's Creed or even Destiny, which is owned by the developer Bungie, I wonder how you can attach ownership to a game made by thousands?
  14. Try manual and just gear shift from 4-3-4 quickly and never break. Surprisingly easy pro Outrunners strat.
  15. The hoops people are willing to go through to defend this is astounding. I suppose you think it's fine that Crazy Taxi butchered it's soundtrack? Don't care if Yuzo Koshiro is doing Streets of Rage? I get the difficult choices the developer had to make with regards to budget, but we can, and should be, rightly critical of this decision - and not defending it with some of leaps of logic made here. "I rarely play games with the music on anyway, cause I need to hear the baby monitor" "Its not really that important in a racing game is it? I prefer the ambient sounds of the countryside and the roar of the engines!" "Play on the Xbox One X - you don't need to hear the game over the fans then" "I always factor the costs of Haribo consumed and Microtransactions, so Spotify is pretty cheap really. Cheaper than going to the pub lol!" You can critique something and still really look forward to it, and hope it does well yknow.

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