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  1. Thanks! I'll keep on making them for as long as it's enjoyable, and I have new games to play on the PS4. Between you, you got all the games covered - not many this time but just the way it worked out. Sometimes I have played games that just don't work very well visually or thematically (like Spelunky 2 and Fall Guys)
  2. Happy 7th Birthday PS4! In the long held tradition, here is a nice video of easily clippable game footage against some nice music. Definitely a melancholic feel this time, and with the new consoles now out, officially a retro console. However I think I'll be gaming on it for at least another 2-3 years be that directly on my launch PS4 or via PS5 - so expect another video next year. Playlist of all previous videos:
  3. @Garwoofoo I see you! This has been a great looking Splatfest for sure. Bring back every year!
  4. Excluding multi-game collections (in which case it would be MD Sonic) I think the most is five for NiGHTS: Saturn, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3, Steam
  5. Gravity Rush 1 and 2 Imagine Assassin's Creed open world and mission structures, but instead of riding a horse you basically zoom and fall all around the map. One of the best exclusives. The Last Guardian Just an incredible game. Closer to ICO than Collosus in design, and just a great experience - nothing else quite like it anywhere else.
  6. *ahem* https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/208433-your-favourite-video-game-music/&do=findComment&comment=12177657 Ending Theme is also amazing:
  7. One of the few good things about Mario 35:
  8. I love REZ because it's techno rather than more ambient electronica which tends to be more popular. REZ is the best though because it matches gameplay to music better than anything else. Tetris Effect doesn't tie these elements together as well and the music has more shades of EDM/ambient styles. Child of Eden conversely plays well but has a terrible soundtrack IMHO. Lumines Electronic Symphony is the secret 2nd best game - a musical journey through James Mielkes mixtape of his youth.
  9. I think you are referencing the fact that some PS4 games have different IDs between digital/physical/regions - and so saves are not compatible. Already a problem that they have not resolved.
  10. True. But I still expect the number of games that offer a PS5 version to be very small. Especially as the aforementioned backwards compatibility now exists.
  11. [Sony Apologist]I'm not sure this is a big deal really? As long as PS4 saves carry over to PS4 games on PS5 then most people won't be impacted. [/Sony Apologist] There were only a few games at launch last time around that did the get both versions of the game, and the amount of people who will play the same game continuously across last gen and this gen must be very small. All service games (Destiny/Rocket League/Fortnite) will probably have no problem with the transition either. Bigger problems are incompatible saves between physical/digital/regional on PS4
  12. MW_Jimmy


    They don't to me either but I wanted to include anyway! (It's the Yeah's that sound particularly off)
  13. MW_Jimmy


    Inevitable. .
  14. I didn't bother and it's been fine. I did buy these little felt strips for the dock though for a couple of quid which just stop any plastic on plastic contact: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123599214439
  15. Given that this is probably the title that Ryota was hired for, I'm well on board for this.
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