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  1. I'm dead against using alternative store fronts not for our region. Feels scummy but not quite as scummy as G2A. I saw Kero Blaster is half price currently at £4.50. Excellent run and gun, great world building and characters - highly recommend.
  2. The small issues (sound emulation and lack of decent CRT filter) are a bit of a shame but I don't think I can really pass the opportunity to buy new Sega hardware in 20 years. I'll probably finally play through Bloodlines and Light Crusader and I can continue to practice chipping away at Dynamite Headdy.
  3. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Kirby Super Star 8 games in one!
  4. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Those SNES pads that Nintendo are selling (at some indeterminate time) don't seem to have a home button?That's a bit rubbish.
  5. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    That fills me with confidence! Spend £55 on a controller that has a deKay/10 chance it works properly or take it apart and fix it myself with sellotape.
  6. I'm hoping there is a way of getting the themes I missed, specifically the Splatoon one. I decided to unlock the Donkey Kong one and it is rubbish
  7. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    I'll have to try it out again on some SNES games. When I played Tetris 99 with it, it was utterly terrible. Never had a problem with the PS4 D-Pad.
  8. Some might even say, perfect for Switch. I hope it's a success and is ported far and wide because that looks really lovely.
  9. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Decent and responsive D-Pad. I'm never using an amiibo. HD rumble is pretty nice but not essential.
  10. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    The Switch has made me suffer from the worst analysis paralysis in decades. By having so many options, and ridiculous built in faults I have dedicated far too much effort already into minutiae: - No screen protector but applied felt strips from eBay to the front inside ridges - Bought a USBC charger and cable after a ridiculous amount of research because I haven't kept up with the last 5 years of tech and thought I could buy something from Poundland - Still haven't 100% decided on the pad to play in docked mode but leaning towards 8bitdo stick + PS4 pad because I already know that it will do everything I need (unlike the Pro controller). Caveats are no good for tabletop mode so probably need another compact controller at some point, possibly M30. - Bought a case but still haven't decided if I want a stand (want one to let me setup vertically ideally) and a power bank. I am hoping I can forget about all this pointless stuff now and enjoy the fact that I have a new console without the ridiculous choice paralysis I have elsewhere.
  11. I did my first win last night - turns out I just needed to keep my cool for a bit longer as the 1v1 went on for much longer than I anticipated. It was a ridiculous win too as I only managed 5 KOs and basically nicked 3rd places badges. Trying to weave T-Spins into play but it's hella- difficult at the moment. Using this video below I can now spot the opportunities but getting the set-up eludes me. Most of the time I seem to either not make the well wide enough (I think I need to visualise the setup as a 3wide kindaof) or I don't build up the lines fully on the offside. Currently managing about 2 T-Spins in a game and it feels a little pointless but will persevere! Only opening I've memorized is the one with L-Shapes in the corners and the straight flat down in the middle.
  12. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah - just for charging it when in handheld mode in my bedroom. I thought any USBC cable would be fine but searching the internet came up with lots of detailed advice on USBC standards.
  13. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    Apologies - another super dry question. Does any USBC charger work for this? I don't have anything USBC yet but assume a cable hooked up to a USB socket will be fine.
  14. Yeah, that's pretty much how I'm playing. Switching to KOs when I have Tetris lined up and then switching back to attackers. I generally keep the stacks low. Combos seem to happen pretty naturally for me and I tend to keep on those when I have the opportunity and have seen how easy it can be to almost over to clear board. I have not yet learned to T-Spin nor do I think I can visualize how to give myself opportunities for them.
  15. So after a first day of playing this I can make it into the top 3 and get a bunch of KOs along the way - but struggling to get that top spot. Any tips apart from keep your cool and the stack low?
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