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  1. Going to have decide what I'm using this for. I've got a PSTV which is great for most my emulation needs. I might both change the internal games to make it a perfect 20 games PS Classic (for non-analog games) and setup a USB with autoboot Retroarch for Sega games (which would benefit from a 6 button Retrobit controller)
  2. It's available again right now for £16. I bet they've got absolutely shiploads of them!
  3. Tim Rogers loves Judgement / Judge Eyes so this video feels so wholesome and great:
  4. Apparently PC aswell. Its worth mentioning they released another disaster style game called 'City Shrouded in Shadow' which instead of natural disasters Patlabor, Ultraman, Eva's and Godzilla come to town!
  5. I'm so happy this is getting a release over here! Disaster Report 4 is the latest in the Disaster Report / Raw Danger / SOS: Final Escape series and this release has had a long road to get here. DR4 was originally due to be released on PS3 but then the Japan earthquake happened and the game was cancelled indefinitely. A few years passed and fans were still upset at the cancellation and so new company Granzella (former IREM employees) formed and acquired the rights. They made some PlayStation Home content (£££) and then set to work on developing DR4 again from scratch. I'm currently playing DR1 - it has a lot of terrible dialogue, but the game is oddly serene in its pace as you try to navigate to safety - it doesn't really have strong survival mechanics (like say Don't Starve) but the looming threat that any part of the environment might fall apart at any time. Disaster Report 4 is due early 2020 on PC, PS4 and Switch. Past Releases 2003 - SOS: Final Escape (DR1) - PS2 2007 - Raw Danger! (DR2) - PS2 2009 - Disaster Report 3 (Japan only) - PSP
  6. There needs to be proper legislation and procedures - at the moment EA could be doing *anything* to change the contents of the loot box depending on time of purchase, frequency of past purchase, and whatever personal information they have on you. We just don't know. If I buy a Kinder Egg the contents of the egg physically cannot change, so it is cannot ever be person-specific. Bet the committee didn't press on this.
  7. I always read EDGE scores upside down! Best score!
  8. Pretty alright change to the snowmans character model - just tweaks to a few polygons here and there:
  9. This video goes a bit more in-depth into the settings. It's pretty bare bones but the coolest feature by far is that the 16:9 option is viable as M2 have ensured that proportions are correct by zooming in slightly, cropping the top and bottom a little, and (the cool part) redraws the UI elements to make sure they fit.
  10. Sounds bare-bones in terms of features, but does confirm selectable regional variants:
  11. MW_Jimmy

    PC Engine Mini

    High bar has been set by Sega now. I'm not sure that they could get anywhere near 40 games - if it includes some CD games it might be okay.
  12. Denis Dyack crash-out has cultural relevance - I'm glad its been preserved for future generations to decide if they are FOR / AGAINST.
  13. Haha. 'Too Human' has a certain amount of janky charm and feels oddly relaxing to play with its right-stick only combat. Anyway, free for everyone so give it a five minute whirl and then switch if off when the ten minute respawn animations kicks in!
  14. Honestly - I think this looks ridiculously good. I love just how they've expanded out the early moments and Midgar already feels much more expansive than before. The start was always my favourite part of VII and although I finished it, my interest in the storyline faded rapidly once it became a more traditional JRPG. Just give me this first part with a bit of a nice ending and that will more than satisfy me.
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