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  1. Given that this is probably the title that Ryota was hired for, I'm well on board for this.
  2. Neither. I think both have really poor launch lineup's and don't see anything that interesting on the horizon either. I think it's going to take cutting support for PS4 (and Nintendo Switch) for me to make an upgrade. So 3-4-5 years time I suspect.
  3. I'm staying away from this and other threads for a while now but having played a few 20 or so runs last night - it all feels familiar but different. Oh, and harder. I know it might just be learning things a-new but I'm convinced that the first level is much less forgiving than Spelunky. Looking forward to finding things out for myself from here on out. Laters!
  4. @Timmo They have situational music this time around - I watched the NoClip documentary again and this was something he wanted to introduce in the first game so nice that it's included!
  5. I'm so happy to see another Pocky and Rocky title - both Wild Guns Reloaded and Ninja Warriors are some of the best remakes/pseudo-remakes around. Very excited.
  6. I really think @deKay might be interested in this? Wasn't he a massive fan of Hyrule Warriors?
  7. No dpad is a pretty big negative against the Switch for this. Moving from Xbox -> Vita -> PS4 was a pretty big deal for me each time as the controls got more comfortable with each one.
  8. Front cover was shown a while ago online. Love the cover
  9. I think this is a good idea - they probably should have done this before Shenmue III but it definitely opens up the potential to expand the audience for the game, give something new for old fans, and gives another potential avenue to maybe finally finish the story?
  10. I hope we have an episode dedicated to trying to get a ticket to China. That was my favourite bit.
  11. MW_Jimmy

    Hip Hop And Games

    Rappers Delight Crusader
  12. MW_Jimmy

    Hip Hop And Games

    Katamari Da-Mase-y
  13. MW_Jimmy

    Hip Hop And Games

    Grabbed by the Magoo-lies
  14. MW_Jimmy

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    Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call (starring Roxanne Shante from the Devil May Cry series)
  15. MW_Jimmy

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    Super Mario Bros 2 Live Crew
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