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  1. MW_Jimmy

    Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

    I'm very very upset.
  2. Voting template: Game of the Year A1. Astro Bot "Astro Bot delivers completely on the promise of a great platformer in VR. There are some really tropey mechanisms here, but because of the new perspective and the gameplay elements that brings, it's so fresh if not always original. Peaking around corners, up and below you and shifting your body around the environment to do the camera work yourself is so effortlessly intuitive and smartly implemented. The bosses too deserve mention for being so well animated and great use of scale. It helps that it's all ridiculously charming too." A2. Tetris Effect "The most middle-aged game of the year. Its no surprise that this is a rllmuk favourite. It's got a game that everyone knows, with some new mechanics and new old mechanics for anybody who hasnt played a Tetris since 1989, wrapped in backdrops straight out of a set of 90s windows screensavers/winamp skins. This pairing down makes it feel like it's mediocre and some of it is (VR in particular is a disappointment for not serving the gameplay like Polybius or REZ does). But the soundtrack saves it, and it does play a good version of Tetris, and you just have to kinda go along with the naffness. Because it kinda is, and that's refreshing when everything in gaming is going for deeper meanings. Join in! - OPEN YOUR EYEZ AND U WILL SEE. I CAN LEAD U HOME JUST FOLLOW ME." A3. Iconoclasts "A really beautiful and pretty game. I really appreciate the mix of influences that I traced back to Wonder Boy, Treasure titles and a colour palette that reminds me of SNES games more than any other game this year. The animation too is just sublime."  Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Shitty Management Practices "Be it Rockstar with its overtime culture, Midboss with it's not paying staff and sexual harassment, or Riot Games with its toxic work culture - there has been too much unpleasantness surrounding gaming this year" Visual Design of the Year V1. Astro Bot V2. Tetris Effect V3. Iconoclasts Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. PS4 "The best supported VR headset, an incredible line-up of huge first party titles, a continuous supply of amazing indie titles and the most obscure Visual Novel getting physical release (Silver Case 25th Ward and Shibuya Scramble respectively), and another year with TWO YAKUZA games. Untouchable." Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. SEGA "So yeah, TWO YAKUZA games alongside Shenmue re-released after 15 years, Streets of Rage IV announced, Sonic Mania getting a victory lap, Fist of the (You're already drunk!) Star, and Judgement which is the first game I've known to get both English Subs and English Dub (ie: TWO different translations)" Best Supported Game (released pre 2018) of the Year B1. Pokémon Go "This year I really feel that the content, the regular community events, and now trainer battles, have just made Pokémon Go even more well rounded and complete. The best AR game" Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2017 or earlier) X1. Kero Blaster "Best run and gun in years"
  3. MW_Jimmy

    What is Metroidvania?

    It's a game that isn't as good as Metroid or Castlevania, no matter much hype is there.
  4. MW_Jimmy

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Complete agreement. I think it's nigh-on impossible to sell another 50% with the time left and even with a long tail of maybe 4 years of sales, I think between 110-120 likely. There will be a couple of cross-over years where it will continue to sell well, particularly once it hits sub £200 - last-gen never did hit that £100 price point but I think Sony might have another cheap-ass redesign in them. Bit of a shame that the next-gen is now so soon. I've been there day one and I am absolutely nowhere near to wanting to move on.
  5. MW_Jimmy

    PSX/PS1 rare gems

    Omega Boost - A really satisfying Macross Plus esq game with really simple lock-ons and shoot.
  6. MW_Jimmy

    The £200 introduction to gaming

    I've done one for the Wii, with a comprehensive list of games (pretty much the same as my collection minus a few expensive games). All from CEX: Wii + Controller - £30 Wii Sports Resort + Motion Plus - £10 Monster Hunter + Classic Controller - £12 Zelda Skyward Sword - £15 Zelda Twilight Princess - £4 Mario Galaxy - £8 Mario Galaxy 2 - £10 Mario Kart - £15 Smash Bros Brawl - £8 Pikmin - £3.50 Sin & Punishment 2 - £12 Xenoblade Chronicles - £32 No More Heroes - £2 Silent Hill Shattered Memories - £15 HOTD Overkill - £3 Excite Truck - £2.50 Bit Trip Complete - £5 DK Jungle Beat - £3.50 Deadly Creatures - £2 Boom Blox - £2 Metroid Prime 3 - £2 Endless Ocean - £1 Kororinpa - £1 Ghost Squad - £1 Trauma Center 2nd Opinion - 50p I wanted to include some GameCube games but the GameCube controller+memory card made it too restrictive. Its the cheapest disc based option as PS1/PS2 need memory card extras ontop, and definitely doesn't feel too retro either (Look Mom! I'm playing Smash!).
  7. MW_Jimmy


    Thanks @ngchol as always! There are low numbers of votes but it's no less diverse than previous years. I always think it's great just how different the lists are, even from people I have similar music tastes to. You could put a thread in OT I suppose, but I don't think it would be to any great benefit. Also, 10 is plenty.
  8. What's also bad is when they make significant unwanted changes - like the vast amount of music that was removed from GTAIV. If digital was the only option you would have no choice but to try not updating (but highly risky given how many games auto-update) or just accept it.
  9. I would stop buying new games and dive into my lifetime of a backlog. I would likely buy a console eventually, but my interest in playing new games would be severely diminished I suspect.
  10. I just want to play the games that I enjoy. Whenever I want.
  11. Our digital future? Not my future dude! I'm very much wedded to physical media because I just don't trust the services. Just today reading that Lego Lord of the Rings / Hobbit games are being delisted probably due to rights. I do still play old games and for every game that gets re-released on a modern console, there is a Chrono Trigger, Rocket Knight Adventures, Panzer Dragoon, Ouendan, Skies of Arcadia that I still need to drag out an old console to re-experience or find an emulation solution for. And as for the argument that you miss out on patches so why bother with physical? I'd rather play a game without patches than no game at all.
  12. MW_Jimmy

    Killer7 and Flower, Sun & Rain Remasters

    This is because nearly all the stuff that followed has his name attached but wasn't actually writer/director and was definitely more hands off. I think this is more common than we realise - I only found out recently how much No More Heroes has relied on Kimura input (now of Onion Games): http://oniongames.jp/archives/130
  13. MW_Jimmy

    Killer7 and Flower, Sun & Rain Remasters

    I've heard good things from people who like SUDA titles. I'm going to start it soon - I loved Silver Case and the corrupt characters and pulp dialogue. Also, it's absolutely mad that a mobile game only ever previously released on a Japan yahoo service can get a PS4 disc release in the west in 2018. Also, happy birthday SUDA 51. https://twitter.com/suda_51/status/1080300236076019712?s=09
  14. MW_Jimmy

    Measuring and defining "value for money"

    Did I like it? How much did I like it? Am I satisfied? These are the only values I can really put on games. If a game is cheaper than I'm willing to pay (currently £30 max) then I am more likely to go into the experience with lower expectations and thus more likely to be satisfied (although time is probably now more valuable to me nowadays so this is changing...) The only thing I can say is definitely not value is buying games and not playing them. Persona 3, TMS#FE, MGS Revengence, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Blue Dragon are games that I payed very good money for but unless I actually play them this isn't any value for money at all. (I might not play these games)

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