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  1. MW_Jimmy

    Epic Games Store - All Your Games Are Belong To Us

    The bigger news is that Quantic Dream games are coming aswell - Heavy Rain, Beyond, and Detroit. Alongside thatgamecompany Flower and Journey that is a whole lot of Sony owned IP showing up on the Epic Store. Only previous Sony published stuff I remember on Steam is Helldivers and Everyday Shooter, so this is definitely bigger. I think any 2nd-party Sony title could end up there. Bloodborne? Would still be surprising but you never know.
  2. What about the network infrastructure and electrical building needed to transfer this throughout the world? The amount of electricity it takes to constantly send this data? Surely a console with a one-off download is the best for the environment? Instinctively I'm very sceptical that it's better this way around, just because of that constant need to pump data like electricity from thousands of miles away against locally. Would like to be much better informed on this though with some definite facts.
  3. I'm not sure what the optimum model is, but it seems to me that lots of high-end computers running 24/7/365 just in case they are all needed, is not a good thing. Also not specifically aimed at Google but we know that companies are building these in colder climates because it's cheaper to keep cool, and thus pumping out vast amounts of heat.
  4. I'm glad that streaming UbiOpenWorldGame24 will help bring our planet ever closer to climate catastrophe and water shortages.
  5. Fair enough - will correct my post.
  6. 80-100 is in the region people would expect from a streaming service. No magic sauce here. This is what I saw on the stream: EDIT: Turns out player is shit and is actually just prodding the wrong button combination.
  7. I'm more than happy to be labelled as a old man afraid of change! Not all change is good. I'm highly sceptical that a change to streaming will be positive, particularly for the experiences I tend to go for - small indie games - which this offers no benefits for. Music streaming has been absolutely terrible for smaller artists. BBC has some articles up and shock horror - also voice concerns on latency, monetisation and internet speeds: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/technology-47623414 And an opinion piece that closes with a hot take: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47634263 "The ad-laden, endorphin-pumping, lootbox-peddling mobile gaming industry might be considered the canary in a very miserable coal-mine, here. Paying for a games console, and its games, may not be such a bad thing after all"
  8. Nothing concrete. Sony recently switched around CEO and Deputy CEO so that Kodera (who is the Network guy) can concentrate on "focus on growing PlayStation as an overarching platform". PlayStation Now has been running for years and Sony own all of Gakai/OnLive tech. They don't have the data centres but I imagine that they will just buy usage from Microsoft/Google/Amazon. I'm sure that Google will carve out a niche here but it will only be that - a niche. As we consistently see, the platforms that prosper are those that cater for the widest audiences possible. I can only see this appealing to the tech nerds (who will only use this in addition to dedicated hardware - hardcore Destiny player on train) or the FIFA/COD/AssCreed crowd who only play one game a year (but I suppose somehow won't be willing to buy a console even though they buy the latest iPhone every year).
  9. False equivalence. If it exists physically it has all the benefits of reselling, sharing, archival potential etc.
  10. I'm sure some people really like the ideas presented here and I can see the appeal for the modern gamer, but I just think that both Microsoft and Sony have got this covered already, streaming and dedicated hardware to boot, and exclusive games people give a shit about.
  11. Yep. I saw you press the jump button multiple times there and your bloke didn't jump. I still don't believe streaming games is ever going to be enough to get the response times low enough for it to be enjoyable for me.
  12. Wow. That is one shit name.
  13. Not heard of it. Is it better than Mario Kart: Double Dash?
  14. MW_Jimmy


    I finished this today and loved it, but I loved Undertale too so this isn't much of a suprise. It's pretty cool that this is the game that Fox worked on for the longest time, since 2012, and Undertale was just him proving he could do it. You can kinda tell because the interplay between the characters is far more advanced, nuanced from a character progression perspective. As always though the thing I like most, which seperates it from Earthbound, is that the game can subvert the game mechanics and break out of the confines you expect, and as always each scene feels unpredictable in a way few other games ever are. Deltarune Chapter 2 - X : Ill be waiting for you.

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