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  1. Day 30 - End Credits Music Ahh! Persona 4 Dancing All Night is basically a massive goodbye to the P4 world. Ends with a track which is both heavily disarming with is melancholy underneath a positive exterior, plus the contextual nature of it makes it the obvious choice. I'm robbing those who haven't played the game of this feeling a little bit, but equally I am saving you 100-200 hours across two games to get to this point! This always feels like an end. I too have put all my choices into a playlist here (and removed any long repeating versions so can just play start to finish):
  2. @Qazimod "Localisation" of soundtracks was a very strange thing that Sega seemed to just throw money at during the Saturn-era. It definitely has an strong euro-house vibe but I always thought that was just because it was Jacques natural style. Seems like he had a brief to me... Interestingly I heard this on a Sega Saturn sampler CD - the game is far too difficult (and shit), to want to play it to the end!
  3. Day 29 - Final Boss music Terrible game but an absolutely epic track. Also, got three tracks lined up for tommorow so should be good in case any of you choose the same!
  4. If the Silent Hill rumours with Sony are true - I could see them remaking Silent Hill 1-3 as a stopgap.
  5. Day 28 - music that makes you feel nostalgic Most of the games and tracks I have chosen have an element of nostalgia in them - and I feel now more than ever there it's all there for us so I'm going to use this to focus on nostalgia lost. Specifically trailers and hope. How I looked forward to games in the mid-90s was screenshots in magazines - I adored just seeing pictures of games that hadn't come out and games that might never come out. Anticipation for FF7 was almost entirely through this medium. That all changed with the internet. My earliest internet memories was browsing IGN for games and looking for screenshots I could print out myself. Then the Dreamcast launch hit and I started to utterly devour information on the internet. Internet access was something time limited and so downloading stuff was the way - the smaller the video file the better - single floppy disk size: It's no surprise through my choices here that I was (and still am) a bit of a fan of Sega. When the Dreamcast ended I felt really thankful that I managed to play so many groundbreaking experiences in such a short amount of time. It became a bit of a struggle to figure out which console to buy next (Gamecube or Xbox) but when I downloaded this trailer - in glorious 240p - I think my mind was made up: Dreamcast finished. Sega unstoppable.
  6. Day 27 - Music from a Handheld game Definitely shared my love of this track a few times on here! @Qazimod - I expected a Sonic Rush track from you today but that TWEWY track definitely has similar vibes.
  7. Day 26 - Music from a game you haven't played (yet!) But I have years worth of Day 25 from this Day 14 song.
  8. Tetris / Puyo Puyo etc are puzzle games. Even though they don't have an solution you are constant solving them throughout. The gameworld is totally abstract. Meanwhile Witness / Day of the Tentacle / Myst are all adventure games that happen to have puzzles as a mechanic within the world. Same as Resident Evil.
  9. @Jolly Completely forgot all about that time of the Trocadero DDR experience - it was always Paranoia, Butterfly and the masses of Dutch/German Eurobeat that stick out to me.
  10. Day 25 - Music that gets you pumped Literally.
  11. Given the amount of posts I see of people happy to give up physical media, and the fact that it is the slightly less ugly system - yes.
  12. I think those expecting more than £50 difference between disk/no-disk PS5 are very much wishful thinking.
  13. Day 24. Music you have constantly stuck in your head Difficult because it is usually dependent on which I've heard recently, or what games I might be playing or thinking about. Quite often it might just be a phrase from a game ("Triumph or die!", "It's the final lap - keep your cool!") or a jingle like SoR turkey noise or Pacman intro. But this tune seems to get stuck in there quite often - probably because it's just a nice simple waltz:
  14. I think we are going to see a much more traditional uptake and sales curve for next gen. PS4/XB1 came in after the longest generation we've ever had and priced as massmarket from the start.
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