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  1. MW_Jimmy

    Nintendo Switch

    So my 8bitdo lite finally arrived today and it's very nice. Feels like a SNES controller at the top and then extra stuff at the bottom. The L and R have more movement than I would like but no issues with registering a press at any part of the pad. It's super portable and flat which very much suits bringing as an extra in a carry case. It's slightly small in that my fingers overlap round the back, but did feel comfortable - I used for about an hour. Tested it with Garou, Gunman Clive, Super Mario Kart and Tetris 99. Oh and the D-Pads click in for L3 and R3!
  2. I will be shocked if the story is anything more than bobbins - much like every Persona spin-off ever.
  3. I've played through most of the game with tougher enemies, can't flee and can't buy items and armour turned on. Not been an issue for me, made it more enjoyable - but you can always turn them off permanently at any point. Dragon Quest games are designed for the biggest Japanese audience possible (including people who don't play many games) and so the difficulty has always been quite low.
  4. I think I love T-Spins now. It's not 100% second nature, but it's close, and with a low stack I'll always hold a T over a line now. The part that has been particularly nice about learning this setup is that the Square block finally feels useful to me instead of a nuisance. Not sure if I'll ever get to the T-Spin triple setups but I am really amazed at how I have improved. Next thing to try to get better at is grabbing kills as I feel that I'm reaching last 10 with a low number of badges at bit too frequently.
  5. Next event incoming. Appreciate the clean themes Nintendo!
  6. Doing full auto-battles has been one of the most interesting things that I have done with DQXI - strangely satisfying.
  7. Looks bloody amazing on my 720p telly.
  8. This is true - but comparing to the competition for these (thinking the recent d3t and backbone collections) I still think this is significantly better. Would have I preferred someone else? Maybe Digital Eclipse would be good these days - I have been very impressed with their latest efforts on the Disney NES titles.
  9. I'm not sure M2 are really to blame for what are (in the grand scheme of things) very minor issues. They are work-for-hire with timescales and budget constraints. I think they've done a good job given the cost of hardware involved but perhaps they spread themselves a little thin here what with 70-odd games across 3 separate versions. Both Virtua Racing and Phantasy Star on Switch have been excellent and have the usual qualities you expect of M2 - additional features, perfect emulation, good CRT filters etc.
  10. Finished Sonic 2 yesterday which is still as good as it ever was. I've gravitated towards Contra/Probetector which I've never played before for some reason. It's pretty excellent and definitely feels like a mixture of Gunstar Heroes and Rocket Knight.
  11. Top Tip: Savesates carry across regions so to stop flicking between different regions all the time, create a save from the title screen of say Japanese version of PuyoPuyo and then boot Mean Bean Machine as normal each time. Et volia!
  12. Tetris is really interesting. Doesn't follow a lot of the standard rules: - Doesn't follow the 7 bag. You can get the same shape 3 times in a row. - Cannot slide pieces at the fast speeds - Cannot hold pieces - Only see the next piece - Hard drop present but switched off by default
  13. In my view - no. What I quickly thought was which shell am I most likely to want and which pads. It it highly likely that changing the inner workings will end up being pretty trivial and given the different language menus it will likely be able to deal with having different lists of games depending on which you choose - allowing you to leave the stock list alone. BTW changing to Chinese gives you Beyond Oasis.
  14. I'm not quite sure what you are asking. Are you trying to make sure that there are 3 versions of each game included (where possible) as is the case with the Genesis Mini?
  15. Mine has arrived! It's really nice! I played a few levels of Dynamite Headdy, Sonic 2 and Streets of Rage 2. Haven't noticed anything untoward and the sound in particular is perfect. One of my pads has a more clicky sounding B button than the other. Also booted up Darius and the soundtrack on that is pretty great too!
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