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  1. Loads. I went for 60 games and not because I ran out of space, but because I wanted to curate it slightly.
  2. Or Gitaroo Man with a good analogue controller (thus making the game significantly easier).
  3. I watched the Housemarque documentary the other night ("Name of the Game" - £1.50 on YouTube) and I was struck by the comment on one of the developers who said he always wanted to join them because he saw them as the European version of Treasure. Treasure are basically done these days, and we all lament when the great developers disappear or turn to easily bankable boring IPs. I don't have a PS5 but I do hope this sells well. The console is starved for good exclusives at the moment. The team have clearly moved outside their usual output to create something with wider ap
  4. Yeah - I don't think this was the plan.
  5. @Broker The most notable series that is stuck on PS3, and is heavily tied into the consoles history, is the Resistance series. I'm a bit surprised that Sony didn't remaster it in a similar way to the Uncharted collection. Killzone is another obvious trilogy of games. I think both series will be back at some point, particularly as Sony will once again look a little light on single player FPS games with Bethesda now part of Microsoft.
  6. Haha! What is it recently with companies and rollbacks on big decisions?! Good news though, obviously, particularly with the PSVita which I really do feel relies on an active digital storefront, much more than the PS3. Telling that Jim Ryan penned that - I think there have been a number of negative Sony related stories recently and it feels like this is going someway to change that perception and narrative (the truth matters less than the optics). I expect more showiness from Sony soon to demonstrate that they care about their history/legacy.
  7. I'm playing Mario Kart 8 fairly regularly on WiiU - 7 years later and I get full lobbies often.
  8. I think our definition of "easy replacement" vary, although knowing it's like that on a PS3 I'd rank that as impossible. A bit of a side note - but I look forward to the future discussion on how Sony has soldered it's internal SSD onto the PS5 motherboard - another part of the console that definitely has a limited life and will potentially require replacement (Series S/X hasn't soldered it so 2-0 Microsoft!)
  9. I wouldn't call unscrewing the motherboard and having to replace the thermal paste in the process "refreshing easy". I refer to the Wii/WiiU as the way this should be designed: My hot-takes on this topic are: - Its slightly rubbish if I somehow lose access to digital content but I recognize that it is a potential risk and that platform holders hold all the cards, I'm buying a license and I accept this risk with digital - There should be absolutely no scenerio even possible that a physical game doesn't work with functional hardware - this is shitty by Sony
  10. I don't think Microsoft would have much interest in the Enix side and even less so than the Taito side. I know you are coming at this from the Eidos side and sure, those western IPs probably have more of a chance again, but I think it'll be to the detriment of the wider portfolio. Do you see Microsoft interested in keeping Itagaki Street going? I don't trust Sony either, particularly as they've gutted their interesting output from Japan Studio.
  11. For the sake of any IP that isn't Final Fantasy, I hope it's Tencent. Or none of them. None of them is the best outcome.
  12. HOTD remake is looking as good as Panzer Dragoon remake (ie: not very good). I know game dev is difficult, and the budget looks ultra low, but I really don't think Forever Entertainment is up to the task on these No atmosphere whatsoever. EDIT: compare and contrast - the sound design, the blood splatters, the sky. No grit at all in the remake.
  13. Is any of the DLC for Everybody's Golf Vita worth picking up? I assume the DLC courses don't have any single player content?
  14. Day One! Interesting that the new music tracks are Tee Lopes.
  15. My top tip is to play traditionally. That is get all dots before picking up the fruit (this gives you a permanent speed boost). Also keep the selection on 'speed' as you'll move faster from a power pill and then switch to 'train' when you eat the ghost train. Won two games back to back with this setup.
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