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  1. I managed to catch the last 25km. Always nice to see the breakaway make it. Some effort from km zero
  2. I enjoyed tonight’s game. Looked like the Invincibles were going to win it easy but the Originals kept hanging in there. Could have won it with Brathwaite there up to the last few balls. I agree the graphics are terrible but hopefully they will be fixed unless the kids like them. As @ryodi said it’s so refreshing to see sport played without gambling adverts plastered everywhere. I know crisps aren’t the best thing to advertise but compared to betting companies they seem positively wholesome. Anyone know how this compared timing wise to a Blast match?
  3. Who is it or are they too modest to brag about their excellent work?
  4. The Amazing World of Gumball is great. Have seen others mention it before.
  5. For me that is probably the least interesting GT since Nibali's tour win in 2014. It was basically over by stage 8. The race itself was dominated by TJV, Bahrain and UAE in terms of stage wins. No one to contest sprints due to the crashes. It had some nice stories in it if you can suspend your disbelief. I can't tbh. Fingers crossed La Vuelta might be a bit more interesting. It generally is the most chaotic GT anyway.
  6. This is exactly the sort of rational that people used to defend riders years ago who have turned out to be prolific dopers. For me, it’s completely healthy to be sceptical, even highly sceptical of questionable results in a sport with the history of doping cycling has. Bahrain went from 2 WT wins last year to 10 this year and counting. Padun winning back to back mountain stages in the Dauphine whilst being so fresh to wave and smile at the spectators on his second breakaway solo victory. Colbrelli dropping climbers on a TdF mountain stage. It’s harsh on riders today but they operate with high levels of scrutiny which are warranted from the previous generations actions. It boggles my mind that people seem to think riders should be given the benefit of the doubt with cyclings history of PED’s. If my team was raided by the cops and I was clean why would it be an issue? What I wouldn’t do is celebrate by mimicking a cheat and bully who tried to ruin people’s lives and forced them out of the sport.
  7. Be interesting to see if anything comes from it @Mike S. I doubt it though. The top teams have beating the system down to fine art. Generally only lower tier guys getting busted like the spate of Colombians recently.
  8. Just completed this. Really enjoyed it. Played through on normal which I found tough enough tbh. Agree with what DC says in that some boss fights seem impossible but you gradually learn what to do in each bit and then satisfaction when you finally get them. Final boss took me 60 goes haha. I never felt like I wanted to rage quit though. The art style, gameplay and humour is brilliant.
  9. Who would have thought his appendix weighed so much
  10. You can also look at the performances of the Bahrain team as a warning sign. 2 WT wins last year. Already 9 this year. Colbrelli finished 3 on a mountain stage. It was from a break but he still out performed plenty of climbers who were also in that break. Tratnik (TT'er) climbing out of his skin at the Giro. Padun's back to back mountain victories at the Dauphine and then mysteriously left out of the tour squad. Pogacar is facing a weakened GC field but it is still highly irregular for a rider, no matter how much of a good day they are on, to solo for 30+km on the first mountain stage of the tour. They'd be wary of blowing up in the third week like Yates in the 2018 Giro. He at most had a lead of about 2 minutes or so, not putting 3 and a half minutes on his closest rival on one stage. Even before COVID there were suspicious results. I never believed how close Alaphilippe came to winning the tour in 2019. There has probably been micro dosing going on for years but lockdown provided riders with a chance to get a turbo boost. I guess you could ask why preserve with the sport? There were examples of clean riders still trying to make it in the era of blood transfusions and EPO. I don't think doping is as bad now as it was then and I'm sure there are still clean riders in the peloton today trying to compete against the cheats. That's why I still watch. I don't get lots of enjoyment out of second guessing every result. One rational from fans is, 'They are all doping so just accept it for what it is'. I just cant do that. That is also ignoring the fact the doping does not create a level playing field even if they did all dope.
  11. It was aye and I don’t blame him. It was a great moment. Even though a part of me doubts it a part of me loves it as well.
  12. Hahahahaha when I read that sentence i can hear his voice clearly. I do enjoy Kelly myself but can understand why lots don’t with the rambling and ‘eh’ every other word. ‘Yes, well, eh’.
  13. I would guess you are talking about Carlton Kirby and Sean Kelly. Can be a hard listen at times.
  14. This is all just getting ridiculous now. That performance today after the ITT the other day! I just don’t believe it. It’s not just Pogacar as well. There have been particularly dubious performances for the last couple of years but it seems to have come to a head this year. Bahrain gettin all these wins now. I’d love to believe in Cav’s comeback but the DQS train and Ewan being out can’t explain it. I don’t think everyone is doping and PED’s don’t produce equal performance improvements anyway. I’m pretty disillusioned with all elite sport tbh. I really should stop watching any of it.
  15. Haha fair enough. I was reading back the thread and kinda got the vibe people didn’t like the track. Thought it might have been because it was boring for racing.
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