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  1. I didnt have a notion about retro gaming devices until I got the RP 2+. I followed the Retro Games Corps guide on youtube and it was really easy.
  2. This right here for me. I can be rattling along fine in a game but there might be a section or a bosses I'm just shit at. Doesn't mean I want to play the rest of it at a lower difficulty or spending time getting frustrated by repeatedly trying to get past that section. Just let me momentarily drop the difficultly and move on. My shame will be penance enough.
  3. Last gen I played a lot on the Switch and the One S was most used for weekly multiplayer sessions. This gen, thanks to quick resume, it has pretty much been exclusively Series X. Some of the best money I’ve ever I spent.
  4. Boo, that’s not an improvement. That was my one slight criticism of 4 that even at the higher difficulty levels the AI being a bit dumb broke the immersion. I’ll still enjoy it and look forward to a blast tonight.
  5. That review video has me super excited @Uncle Nasty. This is gonna be brilliant.
  6. Be interesting to see how the AI has been improved.
  7. Finished this tonight. Really good game. I don’t have a whole lot more to add that hasn’t already been said. Engaging game mechanic, lovely atmospheric music and a great story. Not overly long but substantial enough to really get invested in the characters.
  8. I went for The Forgotten City and then Guardians of the Galaxy both of which were very comforting after the unceasing danger of Elden Ring. Also very narrative driven games so I didn’t have to watch YouTube videos after I finished to work out what went on haha.
  9. I finished The Forgotten City as my first post Elden Ring game. It’s short but has a very engaging story. Nice to be able to stroll about, unravelling the mystery via NPC conversions and not being stalked by death at every turn. Well worth a blast imo.
  10. Was a great race today. Paris Roubaix is my favourite race of the year. The chaos of the cobbles rarely disappoints.
  11. Just beat Malenia on my third attempt. I summoned +10 mimic and spammed Swarm of Flies. I don’t even feel bad about my cowardly ways.
  12. Fuck you EB I am the lord. It took me 2 solid hours of repeatedly trying but, I DID IT.
  13. I beat the fire giant then went the wrong way on the big chalice and died. Then on my way back to collect my 175000 runes I fell off the chain on Torrent. I’m an embarrassment.
  14. I just lost 240000 runes to bunch of shitty fire worshipping bastards. Forgot to level up at the grace point and they ambushed me. Went for a mad dash to get them back and then got jumped by a sneaky dog. In a rage I went back to systematically execute them all. Needless to say that turned into a shit show so I ran away.
  15. The harder i.e. more raging inducing boss fights I had to turn into Spiderchief. Just grapple like mad in any direction repeatedly, turn and shoot for bit and grapple again. Repeat over numerous attempts. I hated the last two boss fights with a passion.
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