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  1. Gringo

    Gaming turn ons

    I love a good turn based RPG with a great story. Something that makes you feel like you’re part of an epic tale. Suikoden I and II are right up there with some of my favourite gaming experiences. Also Chrono Trigger.
  2. Gringo

    Jack Charlton passes.

    Some of my earliest football memories are of the 1990 World Cup. It was such a carnival atmosphere about the place. He will always be a legend on these shores.
  3. Enemies respawning if you leave an area. Clear out the bad guys and head off to another part of the map but you instantly realise you are going the wrong way and turn back only to find all your foe's have magically reappeared. Also slightly related (probably JRPG specific), not being able to see enemies on the screen and then getting dragged to battles when walking about.
  4. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales on switch - 7/10 An interactive novel interspersed with battles conducted via the medium of gwent. I loved Witcher 3 gwent. This version was a good bit different which took me a while to get used to. Didn’t enjoy it just as much. The story was very good, with lots of different paths and a lot of tough decisions to make faced with the grim reality of war. The battles got repetitive towards the end but overall an enjoyable journey.
  5. Immersive mode is how the game should have came from the start. Unfortunately myself and I few other guys were day one after enjoying wildlands so much. Im sure it will play much better with the new mode but the regular mode with tier loot and the rest was awful. The terrible story and general emptiness of the game world means that even with the new mode I'll never be going back to it. As mexos noted as well the UI is horrifically bad. I just don't know how they managed to get breakpoint so wrong after the sheer joy that was wildlands.
  6. Eventually got started on this today after finishing second fire emblem run. I have to confess I was starting to wonder what the hype was all about because for the first few hours I was getting destroyed on normal. Unlocked two islands and went for the finale which did not go well. I was beginning to understand the mechanics but it seemed like I was on the back foot all the time. Decided to trawl this thread for tips and I learnt that you can buy other mechs. The Rusted Hulks have been a revelation. It has started to click and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for the recommendations.
  7. I guess you could level the same criticism at TFA and say where was the next film meant to go thematically, as it provided very little new content. Rehash the ESB? There are things I liked about TFA and TLJ despite numerous major issues I have with both. I don't really think there is anything redeeming about TROS and I think it would be unfair to put all the blame for that on the TLJ. The relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren is the best thing about the entire trilogy and was one of the major pillars of TLJ. TROS resolved it in a pretty unsatisfactory way that made little to no sense.
  8. Certainly a ringing endorsement from Nequests I will make sure to purchase it. I kind of knew the answer I was going to get but needed that extra push to justify another game to add to my growing backlog. So little time and so many games to play.
  9. Isn't TFA basically just a poor imitation of ANH. I would suggest that is the only reason it has any semblance of coherence and even at that it is littered with plot holes.
  10. This is £5.69 according to the deals website posted in the switch thread. I take it, based on the comments in this thread, that I should snap this up?
  11. The thing that annoyed me about the massive super fleet of planet destroying ships is the continued ease with which super weapons are built and destroyed. It renders it all a bit meaningless. As soon as I saw it I was thinking ‘well that must be getting destroyed very shortly’. No threat from it at all. At least with the Death Star there was a bit of story behind it. Also, why keep the entire fleet in the same spot? Why have two antennas to get them into orbit? Why launch them all at the same time? If they are manned by stolen children then thousands of relatively innocent people got killed. I know these aren’t overly pertinent issues but rather than wondering why Finn was having the grand national on the mothership and how did Lando get his massive armada together in such a short time, I was dwelling on them. Perhaps I am just no fun.
  12. Dolemite is my name, was a very good ‘feel good’ movie I watched recently. Kind of ironic given the comedy of the Dolemite character. Also watched the goonies again over Xmas which is hard to beat for pure feel good nostalgia.
  13. Haven't got round to Mandalorian yet but do look forward to it from what I hear. In regards force powers:
  14. I saw TROS last Monday and whilst it was a nice spectacle it was, imo, a complete mess story wise. These three films have been so bad in a narrative sense they make the prequels look like an authority on coherent story telling. It also felt really long to me. I generally like a long film and will happily watch a film with a 3 hour+ runtime as a good story will keep me gripped so I don't notice the time passing. TROS seemed every bit it's 2hr 22min length. Contrived plot devices to make the characters, who never seemed in peril at any point, go from set piece to set piece. A friend of mine made a good point that these movies have turned the force users into almost superhero type characters. There was a subtly to the power of force users in the original movies and to a lesser extent the prequels. They seemed much more powerful in this trilogy and it is quite jarring. TLJ had a lot of issues but I think it was a better film than this as at least it had interesting themes and ideas. On a final note, I have to admit that I hated the rebels in this trilogy. They just seem like a bunch of useless whingers.
  15. This is the unpopular opinions thread not the stupid opinions thread
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