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  1. Round in a mates house and he stuck on COD4 multiplayer. I had stopped playing games during the PS2 era. Seeing it in action and playing against other people rekindled my love of games. Got myself a 360 a week or two after that. All the amazing games I’ve played since is thanks to that moment.
  2. Another vote for BF2042. It is so bad I didn’t even use up the full 10 hours of the free trial.
  3. Well this is true. Just seems like to let the 5 cars through about 30 secs before letting the race start again is particularly doing things on the hoof and for how this season has gone that's saying something.
  4. That all seemed like a farcical end to me.
  5. @metallicfrodo I think there after different options or the difficulty changes the amount of loot about but a lot of the game relies on stealth and having few resources. Definitely the first half of it, ammo can really be at a premium. Some of my best moments in the game were frantically running away from an ever expanding group of murderous robots.
  6. I finished it. It’s decent enough. Starts really good but loses steam as it goes and gets a bit repetitive. It is pretty hard which makes it better played as a co-op game. I bumped it down to easy towards the end to get it finished. Played a few sessions with friends but mostly solo. The setting and story was really intriguing at the start. Feels really eerie and full of tension. The mystery continues to reveal itself nicely but the gameplay became a chore. At the harder level enemies felt like bullet sponges. I was pressed for time trying to get it completed before Mass Effect came out so that may have contributed to my views on it. It is best when played in a more stealthy/avoid direct fighting approach.
  7. I watched the first episode this morning. I thought it was fairly good. Much better than I was anticipating.
  8. My identikit response was from Ban. I got my 6000 BF points as well but I want more MS.
  9. That would seem to make sense @pinholestar. I have the AMC Buick and I copied someone’s setup for it. It is a speed demon with 10 launch. It almost breaks expert difficulty with how good it is. That’s why I decided to try my other cars, just default set up, as I have no idea how to adjust them correctly. Pretty much all the AI cars blaze away from me right from the start. No chance I can catch the top 2 inside of 3 laps. Would probably need 20.
  10. Anyone else finding it hard to get a difficulty sweet spot? Playing on expert I can barely make the top 3 unless it’s a dirt race. On highly skilled I walk it. It seems like the AI cars on expert are just faster than mine.
  11. Even when I was young I still would have found the festival stuff pure poison as I do now but I can easily ignore it. Still enjoying the heck out of the game. I didn’t realise the Drivatars mirrored their real life counterparts in driving style. Would explain how some are certainly more troublesome.
  12. Nier Automata. I read that it is an amazing game. I was very much excited to play it. The intro was action packed from the start, very engaging. Eventually I got to a boss fight, had no idea what was going on and died. I reloaded and was surprised to be right back at the start of the intro. I figured I must have missed something so replayed the whole section making sure to keep my eyes peeled for a checkpoint. I didn’t notice any but made it to the boss again and died again. To my annoyance I was once again back at the very start of the intro. This prompted a bit of searching to discover that this wasn’t a mistake. There aren’t any checkpoints and if you die in the intro you are expected to play the 30-40 minute segment again. I’ve no doubt the game is as amazing as I’ve read and people have told me. I’ll never find out though. I simple do not have enough free time in my life to waste on such nonsense.
  13. Well that is Wasteland 3 finished. I must say it was most enjoyable. Not sure how it rates on the intricacy of CRPG’s but I found it really accessible overall. A bit of jank but nothing major. Camera was a tad fiddly at times. I do love turn based combat. I played on normal and it was challenging right up until almost the end. By then my squad was pretty strong and the fights weren’t just as hard but not a total walkover. The story was very good, with some great characters and lots of funny moments. Some of my choices below: Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to try out CRPGs. I do appreciate those who recommended it in the GP thread.
  14. I’ve been enjoying this. Think I’m up to level 18. Took a while to get a handle on the combat but it is a lot easier now whilst still challenging. Story is good and the characters you meet are great. Got the teens partying at Ranger HQ and the DnD crew.
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