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  1. This is pretty much how I feel after watching it. Decent enough and worth a watch but not a 'must see'.
  2. Gringo

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Thanks @Talk Show Host That is a very comprehensive list of tips. Will certainly take them onboard. I have noticed reading back through the thread that you are a massive fan of the game. I'm definitely not going to rush the it. I might be playing it for years with my limited game time but that is fine.
  3. Gringo

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I have just started playing this today and my first time ever playing a Witcher game. Hope it's as good as everyone says. Any must know tips?
  4. @Chow what Xbox are you playing on? I’m on an S. As I say, I loved the game up until a few patches ago. I can put up with the loot issues and buildings takin an age to load on drop but the gun play has lost something for me. I still play on our regular 4 man squad Monday’s but I going to focus on other games more. Have hardly played anything else since it was released. Just a bit frustrated with it I guess.
  5. I take it most of you guys play on PC? The Xbox version is broke to the point of being virtually unplayable for me. The last 3 patches seem to have made it progressively worse. The gun fights seem down to randomness rather than skill and I’m just not having fun anymore.
  6. Gringo

    Cricket Thread

    What gets me is them saying it was 'yellow tape' and they used it to collect dirt from the pitch. It is quite clearly sandpaper! I'm sure they are saying what they are in an attempt to lessen the seriousness of the cheating. They have brought an outside object onto the field with a premeditated plan to cheat.
  7. Gringo

    Cricket Thread

    That series has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Aussies doubling down on idiocy trying to explain their cheating exploits.
  8. Haha. You are never safe and have to expect the most dastardly moves at all times.
  9. Had a fairly shit round yesterday but managed to shoot some guy in the back. got a ghillie suit and M24 off him. Made it to the final circle after having hid for most of the round. 3 left. I saw the third placed guy get shot. Was side on to his killer and was already celebrating the win. Ran around a rock expecting to see my victim still prone behind the tree from where he shot. To my surprise he was running around it also and emptied me with a mini Uzi. I switched the Xbox off out of pure and unadulterated shame. This game can build you up and then knock you down quicker than a British tabloid.
  10. Definitely but be warned that it might make every other game you play seem mundane by comparison. Never had a game that generates such an adrenaline rush when you are down to the last 10. I'm also convinced if it just came up 'you win' at the end that I wouldn't have been so obsessed with trying to get #1.
  11. Tried for months but finally got a solo chicken dinner yesterday and as like buses I got a second (much more flukey) one today.
  12. I have one single player game (oblivion), one primarily multiplayer game (Pubg), and then one game for the 3ds. Keep it lean keeps me keen.
  13. The stars aligned for me in that one epic moment. That and it was point blank.
  14. First chicken dinner of any sort tonight in a duo. Me and one other guy both behind a tree each no distance apart 'police squad' style. I was sure he was behind it but not enough to move. I must have waited a minute which seemed like an eternity. If I was strapped to a heart monitor I'm sure a doctor would have declared that I was having a heart attack. I held me nerve and the guy crawl out slightly then back behind the tree. I charged and as he tried to stand my AKM shot straight and true. The foundations of the house shook with my mighty roar. So happy. Kudos must go to my fallen comrade who took out 4 guys in the final exchanges.
  15. So I'm having a solo game today. It's down to the last 20 people. The white circle is at the bottom left hand side of the map against the sea. I'm running along the blue trying to get into position. It's the shallow side of the circle so no one else will be coming at me from behind. I have an AKM with suppressor on it. I get to a hill and crawl over the back side of. At the peak of the hill there is a rock and a player hiding behind it. It's the perfect position to be in for the second last circle. He does not suspect for a second anyone would be coming from that direction. I edge towards him prone. My heart pounding and pits gushing. He moves back and forth but always looking away from me. I crouch, I looked down my red dot sight, take aim and..........miss. He spins around, sees me and runs behind the rock as I continue to shoot and miss. I reload and charge for the rock. He pops out, a gun fight ensues and I die. The shame was almost unbearable. There is nothing to say I would have gone on to get that ever elusive chicken dinner but I cannot overstate how perfect a position it was. The rest of the rabble would have killed each other and I could have reigned death upon the final few from my mountain top fortress and been declared chicken dinner king. If only I wasn't shit

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