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  1. Gringo

    What is your comfort game?

    The golf club 2019. It’s great for a wee blast at the end of the day. Can hammer out a round in about 20-30 minutes. Throw in a couple of other people’s ghost balls for a mild bit of competition.
  2. Gringo

    How long have you spent gaming this week?

    2 hours on apex with three second places in a row then as soon as I left my mates the next game they played with a random and won. A damning indictment on my abilities. 1 hour on the golf club 2019
  3. Gringo

    Nintendo Switch

    @boybrown Aye I’ve read people’s reviews of the travesty that is big bash boom. Just hoping as it’s the main game they will actually produce something playable.
  4. Gringo

    Nintendo Switch

    Big Ant announced the new ashes cricket is also being released for the Switch this summer. Test Cricket on the go is gonna be sweet.
  5. Gringo

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    As an extension of this is escort missions/levels. The annoyance of having a protect an NPC that can’t defend themselves and are too stupid to avoid the melee. I’m a level 99 killing machine, stay away from the fighting. Oh great, you’ve opted for crouching in a ball out in the open.
  6. Gringo

    Battlefield V

    Does the suppression spotting with the support class spot enemies for your whole team?
  7. Gringo

    Do minigames add anything to a game?

    I can never pass up a game of gwent in the Witcher 3
  8. Ashes cricket definitely is worth it for.a tenner.
  9. I read that it was bad. Crushingly disappointing considering cricket games are so few and far between. Made all the worse as I think it’s a good concept.
  10. Gringo

    Battlefield V

    Happens nearly every game. Hands on the previous map loading screen with two loading icons
  11. Gringo

    Battlefield V

    Fully agree on this. The menu’s are horrendous. Really enjoying the game though
  12. Gringo

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    I grew up in a town called Lurgan in NI. It had one video games shop called FC Fishing and tackle. The name kind of gives it away. Half the shop was computer games and the other half was a fishing shop. In fairness to them they did take the video game element seriously. One wall was stacked with C64 and spectrum cassettes. Always tended to get the latest games and hardware in pretty quickly too. If I recall correctly they had a demo station set up and you could play the snes and megadrive when they came out. Spent a good bit of time there but the one downside was the smell. It's never gonna be pleasent when you have a large, open, plastic bin full of maggots indoors.
  13. I should stop reading this thread. It’s giving me buyers remorse and I haven’t even bought a switch yet.
  14. I had no interest in one until about 3 weeks ago when I heard a cricket game was coming out for it. Big Bash Boom is now out and it’s a bit rubbish apparently but now I find myself searching hot uk deals repeatedly throughout the day waiting for a price to make me bite. I do enjoy handheld gaming. Had a psp, still have a vita and 3ds. None of them have ever truly delivered what I want from a handheld device. I have now unwittingly convinced myself the switch will.
  15. I also cannot be bothered with crafting. In any RPG I’ll do as little as I can possible get away with. Who has the time to go to numerous random points on a massive maps in order to collect all the components. Fuck that shit.

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