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  1. Towards the final mission you have to go back to Disk 1.
  2. I also finished this last night, and am about to start the mp. However I did go onto that UPlay thing and activated the reward of the theme, everything shows that I should have it, but I have no idea how to download it? Anyone know how to do this?
  3. That ended very suddenly. Im with all of you, I feel let down, it didnt explain a single thing.
  4. I think I'll have a look tonight then.
  5. I'm sure this has been asked 100 times before, but this thread is pretty long. As I can't remember anything about my Warlock, I might as well roll again. What server/side do the majority of rllmuk play? My friends list has been deleted and the people I can remember have long since left/moved on.
  6. First time posting in this section of the forum. I stopped playing WoW 3.1/2 years ago when my son was born, but I decided to reinstall it over the weekend. I couldnt believe my 61 Warlock was still alive! Problem being, I cant remember anything about playing as one, so I've decided to start over again. There looks to have been a fair number of changes to the game, but im looking forward to getting back into it.
  7. Oh crap, I sold DA last week. Then they go and announce this DLC.
  8. I wonder if Hodgson will play Kuyt/Babel on the wings on in the middle.
  9. I'm starting to get sick of being beaten by Spain in the quarters of the Online World Cup.
  10. Been playing this for a couple of hours and I'm really enjoying it. However the problem, as with all Fifa games, is the online community. I'm crap at the game, but I play for fun, I started an online World Cup as San Marino. The idea being to try and not get beat 10-0 every game. So I ended up bottom of the league, scored one goal in three games and conceded 20 (I played Sweden, England and Portugal), but I really enjoyed it. So I decide to pick a slightly better team and start again. Enter Estonia, first match was against Argentina. I went 1-0 up, and then I swear that every time I attacked the game lagged like hell, so I tried to test out the theory and passed the ball back into my half, suddenly it seemed smooth. I thought I was imagining it. HAlf time came, I was still 1-0 up and he made me watch all the replays/wait out the whole of half time. He started attacking and the game was smooth as anything for a couple of minutes, then I start to get a bit of pressure against him, the game starts lagging and I end up fluffing 3 easy chance due to it, the 4th however goes in and its 2-0 to Estonia. He quits. Is it possible to cause lag like that, or did I imagine it?
  11. God dam final boss keep wiping me out. Even though when it kills me I want to throw my controller out the window, I still click retry and start again.
  12. Pleased im not the only one getting annoyed with her. The thing is, the more I think about it annoying me, the more it actually does annoy me.
  13. Yay. 2 hours till home time. No sign of the guide though.
  14. I seem to be the only one still waiting on their pre-order.
  15. No sign of my guide or game from TheHut. The guide was despatched on Thursday and the game on Friday.
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