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  1. U-1

    Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo games retaining their price is nothing new though..was exactly the same with 1st party WiiU titles. Having said that I often see plenty of bargains on trading pages like Facebook marketplace if you don't want to be paying full price. The likes of Zelda and Odyssey can certainly be picked up cheaper now.
  2. A Plague Tale got it's photomode update yesterday.. much to my delight.
  3. Well this is just delightful
  4. That's exactly what I'm thinking. I'm trying to fool my brain into believing that I've actually finished it so I can just move on
  5. Cheers for the tips @Hylian @Qazimod I think I probably just needed to vent my frustrations more than anything. I'll no doubt return to try and finish it off. It's just maddening being so close to the end of not being able to push through.
  6. I can consistently get to phase 3, and have the attack patterns pretty much memorised now. It feels like I know what I need to do to beat him I'm just not consistent enough to do it all in a single run. Have watched a few YouTube vids for tips which helped a little bit.
  7. Been stuck on the final boss of this for the past few weeks and I can safely say I'm done with it.. life's simply too short for this kind of shit. Enjoyed every single moment of the game upto the finalle, killed all bosses (main and optional) with the exception of a few Headless, but sadly the final boss is a step too far and has pretty much sucked all the fun out of the game. Figure it's best to call it quits before it totally sours the experience. In my case it's certainly one difficulty spike too far.
  8. U-1

    Beat Saber

    The new track pack is pretty good. Especially Warriors and Thunder. The mapping is absolutely spot on as usual.
  9. U-1

    Beat Saber

    £10 for the lot or £1.70ish each.
  10. U-1

    Beat Saber

    What with this, Lego Forza and Minecraft Dungeons atleast my daughters having a fucking awesome E3
  11. Think they really needed to cap the bets.. one conference in and it looks like they already have a winner.
  12. So bloody impressive that they kept that Keanu reveal under wraps.
  13. Yeah but after last year's trailer with the Warthog footage today's was a real comedown.. after hyping up Scarlett you would have thought they would have shown "something" on the stunning landscapes.
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