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  1. So I've recently (and rather randomly) started playing Bound, which just so happens to have one of the finest Photo-modes out there:
  2. U-1

    John Wick HEX - PS4/XB1/PC

    Turn based combat is a surprisingly brilliant fit for this. Very interested.
  3. U-1

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    Sadly not.. as good as the photo-mode looks the game really doesn't interest me. Think I'm just open worlded out after being heavily invested in Ubisoft games the past few months. My twitter feed has been full of nothing but Days Gone shots from folks since release though, so it's proving more and more difficult to resist.
  4. The Vehicular Carnage of Onrush:
  5. Finished all of the events last night. Got about 50 golds in total but sadly won't be battling to get the remainder until the "Supersonic AI" is sorted, as I've lost far too many races in the last lap (or few corners) due to it. Overall had a fantastic time with it. Its well worth the asking price and undoubtedly scratches that Burnout itch. It's just great to see this kind of title getting released, congrats again @CrashedAlex.
  6. This is the extent of my creativity so far: Loving the toolset though, learn so much with each session.
  7. More Wipeout... such a vibrant game:
  8. Purchased.. time to get those creative juices flowing.
  9. This game has currently halted all of my progress on Sekiro and Division 2.... says it all really.
  10. This is nowhere near Trials Rising levels of locked content though . All this game is asking us for you to place in the top 3 to unlock new events... Without this sense of progression the game would definitely suffer. EDIT: Hope to god this doesn't turn into a "Sekiro Easy Mode" style debate.
  11. @CrashedAlex just noticed that the controller sensitivity keeps defaulting back to 7 when you reboot. Any chance of it saving your preferences? Also any plans for a photo-mode?

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