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  1. Jeff Gerstmann interview with Microsoft guy Albert Penello. Pretty interesting.
  2. They've also said they'll no longer be segregating games into different catagories. Anything from full retail downloads, XBLA releases and Indie games will all just be under the Games banner.
  3. This is great. I would also accept Collar Duty thanks.
  4. I dug up the report about Sony potentially blocking used games, seems a bit more promising at least:
  5. She works for Gamespot and was being sarcastic, well done.
  6. That page they quote has mysteriously been taken down...
  7. Friend limit upped to 1000 according to Joystiq.
  8. How much is the fee? Is it set by MS or individual publishers?
  9. Giant Bomb are going to stream/talk over the Xbox One Architecture panel in a few mins. EDIT: Whoops wrong thread.
  10. Apparently MS UK have confirmed Xbox One does not function without Kinect.
  11. I was hoping they'd have that Square Enix Agnis tech demo to show again.
  12. One of the head Sony guys said they weren't then the PR person in the interview was all, maybe not!
  13. Every time you try to play a game Don Matrick skypes in to call you a fucking loser for not watching TV instead.
  14. Yes, on multiple sites.
  15. No backwards compatibility confirmed on Polygon.
  16. http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2013/05/xbox-one-analysis/
  17. Calling it now: the dog dies because it tries to catch fish. But lo an behold: the fish swim away!
  18. Well I got a new avatar out of it at least.
  19. Finally those fish'll get the fuck out of my way.
  20. A few short hours ago I was excited to be watching this.
  21. The Wii U's looking pretty great right now.
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