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  1. Pretty sure that was Sundance DiGiovanni, of MLG, on a podcast a couple of years back when they dropped Halo. And he was right. Reach was shit from a competitive standpoint. Also it's a fan video, nothing to do with 343.
  2. I guess I haven't played enough CE to know, but what are you talking about here? How is sniping different from CE to 2? And what do you mean a lack of jump?
  3. Probably, as long as you don't want to do voice chat. The main advantage of the Astro mixamp for me isn't the surround emulation (although that's cool), it's the controllable mix of voice/game sounds. Lots of games have the voice too low to hear clearly through a normal headset and being able to adjust that on the fly is great.
  4. Agricola works really well with two people, although it can be a bit confusing to pick up.
  5. According to Major Nelson, it's a proprietary wireless protocol, not WiFi direct (see here). Wireless controller latency is basically non-existent—about a couple of milliseconds. Given that a 60fps game is 16ms per frame, and most games have multiple frames of input lag as the engine responds to user commands, wireless vs wired doesn't have any measurable effect on responsiveness.
  6. I like both the consoles. I was really keen on the PS4 to start with but currently the Xbox is my favourite. The PS4 itself is really well put together and compact. The Xbox One is massive and has to have a shelf to itself, and then there's the huge power brick as well. The pads are a toss up. Both are really good this time. The Xbox pad is more comfortable for FPS games and the battery on the DS4 lasts about 30 seconds. I liked Killzone and Infamous on the PS4, but I'm not expecting to buy any more full-price games until next year at this point. PS+ is great, the indie games available for it
  7. Tearing is so much less noticeable since the last patch. This is pretty great now
  8. I feel the same. If it's any consolation I tried the Destiny beta on both PS4 and Xbox One and their party systems were equally shit, so you'd not be missing out on much by going for a PS4. Except the servers are more likely to be down for maintenance because Sony don't understand how to run an online service at all. I don't know how Microsoft have managed to bollocks up the Xbox Live party system so much when it worked so well on the 360. Oh well.
  9. Xbox One version looks great. Lots of jaggies but I think there's a resolution upgrade still to come, right? Much prefer the Xbox pad for this as well.
  10. Sent my spare codes to you two.
  11. My god the voice chat quality in this is unbelievably bad. I can't hear anything. Is this what PS4 voice is like in general or is it just Destiny?
  12. I really struggle to play this game for more than an hour at a time. The variable framerate and tearing give me a headache. Shame, because it's pretty great apart from that. There was talk around launch of a patch to address the framerate/resolution on Xbox One. Did this ever happen? Is it still coming? I can't find anything about it since then.
  13. I wasn't really into this until I switched to the scout rifle. The other guns just don't feel very fun in comparison. I think the PVP mode has a lot of potential for casual fun. The moon map with the ridiculously overpowered vehicles reminded me a bit of Halo BTB chaos. Just need a CTF mode. Trying to create a fireteam is a hot mess though. Takes about 30s to actually send an invitation, same amount of time to accept one, and for some reason you have a load screen while you join even if you're already in the mission with the people. And I wasn't even able to join any of my friends' games. Acce
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