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  1. Rik Mayall in a Mac, masturbating at the side of the road while he spies on an ex, may just be the best send off any actor ever had.
  2. It's the most 'Stephen King' thing that I've seen, in that the horror is mostly in the nature of the ordinary people and the way they act when they get a hint of power. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.
  3. Yep. They must work outside of their own universe or Endgame couldn't have happened.
  4. I've used it today to get the card to drop from an Earth Demon. Edit: Just like in Dumpster's video.
  5. V, but update the lizards to be Tories and the collaborators to be anti-vaxers and landlords.
  6. That's just the conversion rates from points to Microsoft gift cards. Your gift card balance can be used on the Microsoft store to purchase physical items, as shown in the table.
  7. I adored this. The narrative had me engaged all the way through and i loved that the choices I made throughout had no consequence other than allowing the character to express themselves. It's a psychodelic ride across the dilated pupils of the cosmos.
  8. With regard to tape or vinyl, it's the little defects that add to the experience, that make it mine and trigger memories. Listening to the same track on spotify just doesn't have the same effect.
  9. I had the same issue at the end of last month. When it was eventually fixed all of the quests that I'd missed just pinged automatically.
  10. His reaction at 1hr 10m to the Apple Trees is wonderful and is exactly what sets the game apart for me. Does he usually play games other than sudoku?
  11. You've been here too long to be a Spainkiller alt but I think the mods should check just in case.
  12. In the September Monthly Bonus Round, I can't get the step for completing the weekly set to work. I click on it but just get to an error page that says 'Oops, looks like something went wrong.' I've reset the box and I've tried quitting and restarting the app but no dice. Anyone else having that particular issue?
  13. They could take the approach that was so effective in Blue Remembered Hills and just have adults playing the parts of children.
  14. There's so much going on in comics Dredd that a single film couldn't ever do it justice. It ranges from gritty cop drama to absurd futurist comedy. I would personally like to see Dredd on film deal with Two Ton Tony Tubbs but that only has an impact following the food shortages post Apocalypse War. I think Urban did a great job of playing the character and the city was faithful to early MC1 in the comic based as it was on a near-future New York. Put me in the easily pleased column.
  15. Did ypu watch Over the Garden Wall? It's nearly Halloween so the perfect time to get that seen but maybe not for very young kids. Potatoes and Molasses is my favourite musical number from any genre.
  16. My Fair Lady. Now fetch me my slippers.
  17. Why? What's wrong with it? I'm enjoying it after a couple of hours and seem to be making some slow progress.
  18. So that's why it asks if I want to remove a game from my groups when I uninstall? It's possible that I have the game installed on another console so I might want to leave the group as it is.
  19. I'm on my 30th and still haven't seen the 3rd area boss.
  20. I've only got up to 14, all of which I've bought and read in the last month. Looking at the page counts I think there are at least another 40 to release to bring it up to the modern era. I remember Mayor Dave being a major character for some reason even though it's only two stories.
  21. The Lighthouse (2019) Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are trapped on an island in 1890 with nothing to eat or drink but turps and honey. A story of oil lamps and gaslighting, it looks incredible and the two central performances hold the whole descent into madness together with spit and jism. Amazing. Five spilled beans out of five.
  22. Has anyone else had trouble getting the weekly quests to work this week? Specifically the Gang Beasts one doesn't seem to register that I've played the game. The 'Play 3 games or get 3 achievements' quest is also broken (the counter recognises unlocked achievements but not games played).
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