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  1. I wish I hadn't seen The Predator.
  2. It's described as stasis damage but it hasn't worked so far. Thanks. I'll give that a go.
  3. I'm trying to complete one of the weekly bounties for the crow, defeat a fallen boss with stasis damage, and I cannot get the fucking thing to progress. At this point I've beaten most of the lost sectors solo using Stasis and Salvation's Grip but nothing has registered so far. Anyone actually done this?
  4. I don't know the answer to that but it does make me want a Zenith TV show. Mr Wu's a super human now.
  5. Forgive me because I'm forcing myself to catch up with this and am only halfway through season 2 but did that robot just say that their onboard issues were down to SQL injection? Will humanity never learn?
  6. I watched all of the Godzilla films that were shown on TV in the eighties and nineties but the one that sticks in my mind the most is one with some people running into a giant spiders nest in the middle of a jungle. I remember it being in very vivid 60's colour but it might have been a black and white film that was later recoloured. Can anyone tell me which film this is? I have nightmares about it too this day.
  7. Just finished season 1 Great show. Would recommend.
  8. I would loveto see a Fury series set in the 80's/80's before he was the Head of Shield, but done in the style of Homicide.
  9. The biggest news in gaming today is that I've just got 100 purple coins on the battlestation. Fuck the camera on that level.
  10. He would certainly be my go-to expert on deviant sex crimes.
  11. Agreed. I wish Narrativia would be as cautious as IMB's estate.
  12. Confession time. I love the Hitman games. The forum revival of Blood Money when we all played along and told our stories is my favourite rllmuk memory. I bought Hitman 1 & 2 on release and bought the season passes and have, so far, played no further than Sapienza, excepting that I played Hakes Bay when it first came out. I adore the ambition on display and the clockwork nature of the levels but I am just not focused enough to follow a level through to completion, and as little as the story matters I cannot bring myself to play them out of order and so I always reach the
  13. That Cats reaction video is excellent. I especially like the surprise that they'd be able to license 'Memories'.
  14. </content matches avatar>
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