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  1. Is this a remake/remaster of Nier? The description on the Xbox says it's a remaster of the original Nier Replicant but I'm sure that's not right.
  2. I'm doing the daily rewards/searches on the app, and keeping up the streaks on the monthly quests. If a quest needs me to do more than open the game then I skip it. I have bought some games outside of Gamepass but nothing I wouldn't have bought anyway. The streaks and quests add up quickly. I'm not even using one of those extensions for searches but I am using bing for all of my non-work searching.
  3. Happy with that. Landing stuck.
  4. I've just cashed in nearly 240,000 and used them to get the 1Tb expansion card for the series X. It's on offer for £199. I started collecting the points for it in March so not bad considering I'm only doing the bare minimum each day.
  5. I do the in word games. *Spoiler Contains My Solution*
  6. Editing? I also found it odd how
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