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  1. Don Wiskerando

    Tolkien - Biopic of some guy

  2. Don Wiskerando


    I decided to give this a second go after hearing good things in the Game of the Year thread. I initially bounced right off it when it first came out but today I have beaten the b-side to chapter 2 with just 496 deaths. Beat that, motherfuckers.
  3. Don Wiskerando

    The Batman - June 2021 - New Batman to be cast

    Janet Garofalo?
  4. Don Wiskerando

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Irony detection failure.
  5. Don Wiskerando

    Examples of reviewers/adverts etc caught lying

    Driller on the C64 was maybe the best example of honesty with it's screenshots as they were not only representative of the in-game graphics but also the framerate.
  6. Don Wiskerando

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Maybe it comes down to this. Some people feel like Resi 2 is an action game with zombies and puzzles so the medallion locks feel like they slow the game down. Other people see Resi 2 as an elaborate Escape room with zombies and action, so in that context the medallion locks fit right in. I'm firmly in the second camp and can't wait.
  7. Don Wiskerando

    Looking for name of an old ITV panel show.

    It wasn't one of the segments on Noel's House Party was it? EDIT: http://www.ukgameshows.com/ukgs/Bonkers
  8. Don Wiskerando

    The Wind Waker remake for WiiU - not just HD

    Great. Now I need to get my Wii U out of the attic.
  9. Don Wiskerando

    Playdead's INSIDE

    Was that written by Centurion?
  10. Don Wiskerando

    While True: Learn ()

    In the first Colour Decision box change your options to 'Blue' and 'Else'. Following the blue route get rid of the next colour decision and one of the sifts. Just go 'Blue/Sift Triangle/Trash/Else 'Top Output Stream' There are similar refinements to be made in red and green routes.
  11. Don Wiskerando

    Mysterious Ubisoft Video

    Specifically this episode https://thecomputergameshow.podbean.com/e/the-computer-game-show-108-e3-2018-telling-murray/ My favourite practical joke of the year. I actually saw all of the presentations at E3 and still fell for it. I thought I must have missed the announcement.
  12. Don Wiskerando

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    The kid who fetched the fags.
  13. Don Wiskerando

    Mysterious Ubisoft Video

    I'd heard that SC was being rebuilt from the ground up after Yves Guillemot listened to the E3 roundup from TCGS.
  14. Don Wiskerando

    Movies that need a remake

    Good luck getting approval for the ending, post 9/11.
  15. Don Wiskerando

    Person of Interest

    I can finally watch season 5

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