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  1. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    This why I was always confused at the assertions that HD game development was more time consuming and costly than SD. Surely, the higher the resolution that the console can display, the less work is required by dev to downscale the assets for display and performance.
  2. Don Wiskerando

    American Horror Story

    Is Peters doing Pose with Murphy and Falchuk? My wife is insisting that I watch it with her.
  3. Don Wiskerando

    The first one is still the best one

    Crimson Skies
  4. Don Wiskerando

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    Ha. This is the second joke that has backfired on me in two days. My mother and son are indeed going to a different cinema than me because I won't be able to make this showing. Apparently I have to accompany my wife to London to watch her friend run in the marathon despite me having no interest in either marathons or her dullard mate. Serves me right I suppose.
  5. Don Wiskerando

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    Going on the 28th at 16:30 with my son, wife and mother. I've booked them seats at a different cinema.
  6. Don Wiskerando

    Gremlins 2 Appreciation Station

    The original Gremlins cinema release had a PG equivalent rating everywhere but the UK, where it made the news because of the stricter 15 rating*. *This is one of many memories from my childhood that are vivid by probably incorrect.
  7. Don Wiskerando

    The Amazing Videogame Photography Thread - Screen? Shot.

    From somewhere in the West
  8. Don Wiskerando

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    In Thanos' hoover.
  9. Don Wiskerando

    Konami 50th Anniversary Collection

    That Gradius V has remained a PS2 exclusive is the greatest crime in videogaming.
  10. Don Wiskerando

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    This is the first I have heard of a potential Castle Crashers release on Switch. Port Ho, I say.
  11. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I love the music in that.
  12. Don Wiskerando

    Retro gaming magazine scan archives

    I've just discovered the first 12 issues of retro gamer in my attic (I have more but not got round to looking at which ones) along with the first 30ish issues of Games ™. Do you need any of these for the archive or should I just toss them?
  13. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I can go to the us store in the browser but the link to buy on that page then opens the uk store in an app. EDIT: This is on a desktop running windows 10 sorry. Might try changing the region of the console and buy through there. EDIT 2: Got it on the mobile site as that doesn't redirect to the Windows App store. FINAL EDIT: I had to change the region on my xbox to start the download.
  14. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox One Console Thread

    How? The 'Get' link on that page just opens the UK app store and this isn't available on there.

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