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  1. As part of a disguise? Yes. As a crude tool for murder? Only a sniper rifle. Anything else would be so gauche.
  2. Yep. Done that and still nothing. In other odd news when I click on the H3 tile on my Xbox it takes me to the store, says I own it and lets me download it. If, however, I go to the store and search for H3 it just shows the Standard and Deluxe versions available to purchase. It looks to me like something has got very fucked up in the database at Microsoft's end.
  3. I've tried this several times and it just doesn't work for everybody. The Hitman GOTY access pass is in the store, it says I own it but when I click on the MANAGE button to install it, I get nothing. I've fully restarted the console several times. I've downloaded all of H1, H2 and H3 several times. I've tried adding the pass to my downloads queue from the web browser and still nothing. It seems that the fixes/workarounds just don't work for some people. My progress has copied over without issue so I can see my completions and mastery level on H1. I just can't acce
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed that, especially filling in some of the loose ends regarding twenty years in the future. I think that it is still in terrible zoom-o-vision though. Going between this and the updated series has once again highlighted that, as it aired, the series never looked as bad as it's reputation would have you believe.
  5. I watched the first series when it was first on, and then rewatched it all last Thursday in time for the new series and it is very good. Personally I prefer it to peep show. I particularly like the way it shows how the two protagonists have very different memories of the same events, and how it colours the relationship with Laurie.
  6. Recommendation taken. I've bought it added it to the watchlist. It is 16:9 but I don't know if that was how it was intended. Will watch later.
  7. I can't tell you about the movies sorry. I've never seen them other than The Gathering which is included as episode 0 of series 1 (and is back to its 4:3 glory).
  8. Yep. I'd bought them before and watched in 16:9. All of my purchases are now 4:3 and the images are sharp as a pin. The difference is night and day.
  9. It's all part of the MCU so it should get some care and polish. Would you rather it was like Agents of Shield? Also if you don't like the end credits then don't watch them.
  10. Having just finished a research up to the end of series 4, I've gone back to some favourite and the difference is astonishing. Even my wife, who has traditionally laughed at the effects, has said that they are now actually decent.
  11. So that's Richard Biggs Andreas Katsulas Jeff Conaway Michael O'Hare Jerry Doyle Stephen Furst Zathras Mira Furlan All by 65. Dr Franklin was 44. Viz once did a joke segment on The Curse of Dad's Army, but B5 seems genuinely cursed.
  12. I just rewatched episode 2 with my son and it only just occurred to me that
  13. I'm nearly finished with a B5 rewatch that I started at Christmas. She was great as Delenn.
  14. I've got exactly the same issue. I can see all of my H1 progress but can't access the levels. I even went as far as reinstalling H1 plus dlc, then H2 plus dlc, then H3, but still no joy.
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