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  1. I only watched series 1-3 this summer and I've been looking forward to this but I've really not enjoyed the first two episodes. Even Herr Starr failed to raise a smile. I will see it the end but this has been a hell of a year for disappointing finales. At least we still have The Expanse to look forward to.
  2. My favourite thing about Timesplitters was how they scaled difficulty up by adding objectives instead of just making the enemies absorb more damage. I am amazed that more games never tried this approach. My second favourite thing was LAN parties, everyone careting their own CRT and xbox to a mates house for the best multiplayer available. Capture the Bag on a desert level (that I cannot remember the name of), with miniguns and monkeys.
  3. Bring the current Deadpool into the MCU via some multiverse shenanigans and hey presto, The Princess Bride is now Marvel canon.
  4. My Hope is that BC development is merely suspended until work on the XboxTwo is complete and then normal service will resume.
  5. Finished it and loved it and I'm going to give it a rest before moving on to Picnic Panic. Marvellous game.
  6. Please stop. I don't want to know anything about person X from the books.
  7. It's only a gender-flip if Natalie Portman literally plays the Chris Hemsworth version of Thor. She can be written and played her own way but still have the powers of Thor and have incredible science-fantasy adventures. I for one approve wholeheartedly.
  8. It never occurred to try and deflect because of the size of the bastard. This is the only souls game where I have bothered to learn the parrying so I'll give that a go. Thanks all.
  9. I've played and beaten all of the previous Souls games but I am absolutely stuck on an early mini-boss I just can't find a consistent opening.
  10. Is this ever getting an Xbox release or should I just buy it on Switch? Edit: Bought on Switch and after 4 hours I love it. 1 of those hours has been spent, stuck at the top of Glacial Peak.
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