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  1. You said 2019. I'm just saying that waiting for the end of credits in 2019 is a decision that doesn't pay 33% of the time.
  2. At least one high-profile Marvel movie in 2019 did not have an after credits scene.
  3. Well it has happened before so there is a precedent.
  4. This finished tomorrow and I'm all caught up in anticipation. Despite not feeling it at the start of season 4 they've really pulled it together and I'm looking forward to watching the finale with my son. The only bit he hasn't liked so far was Herr Starr's
  5. @Ork1927 Done, but there is so little in cinema to like about 2003 that I almost put the Steve Guttenberg classic 'P.S Your Cat is Dead' out of spite.
  6. 2000 1. Best in Show 2. High Fidelity 3. Traffic 2001 1.Ocean's 11 2.The Man Who Wasn't There 3.The Royal Tenenbaums 2002 1.Adaptation 2.City of God 3.Catch Me if You Can 2003 1.Elf 2.Oldboy 3.Lost in Translation 2004 1.The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou 2.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 3.The Woodsman Edited to correct some films that were in the wrong year.
  7. Margolyes is Nanny Ogg in real life. She would be perfect. Also, 'The Joy of Snacks' is the best pun ever committed to the page.
  8. Kung Pow. Watched because it was on the telly when I got home from a night out. It appears to be a 'Comedy' kung fu movie and most of the 'Jokes' are derivatives of bad dubbing, silly accents or a combination of the two. 1 out of 5, and that single mark was earned very early on in the film when an obviously plastic baby escapes from a blazing inferno by rolling down a stony hill, Would not recommend.
  9. I took this on my phone. I could here the little terror eating the wood from my garden fence from more than 2 metres away.
  10. I only watched series 1-3 this summer and I've been looking forward to this but I've really not enjoyed the first two episodes. Even Herr Starr failed to raise a smile. I will see it the end but this has been a hell of a year for disappointing finales. At least we still have The Expanse to look forward to.
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