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    Football, catchy power-pop, power ballads, high budget cheesy action films, low budget zombie and action films drumming, writing, pies.
  1. Evening all. Where is the cheapest place to get a core set from? A quick look at Amazon and eBay suggests a price of around £25. Is that about right?
  2. As a dwarf player, I'm watching with envy as every other army is getting some seriously cool models and new rulesa with all of this end times carry on. Really hope that something good will happen and not that Dwarfs, Brettonians and Empire will belumped together. Will be picking up a Necron battleforce pack at the end of the month so at least I'll have 40k.
  3. Thanks, Polmon! From that link I visited where my games should have been saved and noticed that they had already been moved (maybe Steam did that?). I did the opposite of what was suggested and moved them from 'saves' into 'username' and now Fallout can find them again! Saves saved!
  4. Until you sign in to GFWL you can't click 'continue'. You can start a new game, but not carry on with one you've already started - as far as I can see - until you sign in to GFWL and input the serial key. While googling I saw someone mention moving game saves but helpfully they didn't tell you how to do this or where to save them for them to work as normal.
  5. Thanks for the info. Ruddy GFWL ruining my fun. Yeah, I spent a good few hours on it the other day and now, without being able to use GFWL, I can't get my save file back. Not sure I can be bothered to go through the same bit again, even though I was enjoying it, especially when there are games like Alpha Protocol demanding my attention!
  6. Fallout 3 is being weird for me at the moment. I bought it from uplay, downloaded the software, activated the product on steam, and it used to work fine. Now it is asking for a serial number that is 25 characters long. The serial key they emailed me is only 12 characters long! I can't get it to work. Now, when I try and retrieve the key using Steam it just searches endlessly with no luck. Anyone encountered this before or have any ideas on how to fix it?
  7. Just panic bought Tomb Raider, Stanley Parable, Last Remnant, and Enslaved. May add Wolfenstein if it stays at that price when I get back...
  8. Having just spent the last hour playing Noir Syndrome I would definitely recommend it. You can play it in very short bursts of 5-10 minutes, it has a variety of difficulty settings, a murder mystery 'Dinner Party' mode and the jazz soundtrack is most pleasant. Worth it at £1.69 but probably wouldn't pay any more than that.
  9. I'm amazed at my restraint so far. Pulled the trigger on the following: Battleblock Theatre Castle Crashers (the latter two in that nice and cheap double pack - also bought this for a friend too for Co-ops) Dead Pixels Deponia FTL: Advanced Edition (a few pennies cheaper on the Humble Store for those interested) Marlow Briggs (looked like plain stupid fun for under a quid) The Walking Dead: Series 2 The Wolf Among Us Got my eye on a couple of others such as Last Remnant and Enslaved but think, barring any amazing flash sales, that is me done! I rather splurged during the Humble Sale so already have Mass Effect 3, Dishonoured, Dark Souls, Deadly Premonition, Fallout 3, Skyrim, and God knows how much more sat in the Steam library already so I dare not buy any more! Edit: Actually, if the new Wolfenstein game would like to be on sale for ~£9 that would be marvelous.
  10. Picked up Skyrim and Dishonoured for about the same price as a drink out in town. Absolutely bonkers. Looking forward to going back through Skyrim as a sneaky character or as a magic user and I've wanted to play Dishonoured for a while now!
  11. I only bought it a couple of weeks ago and haven't installed any mods. I know it isn't optimized for Windows 7 but I didn't think it would be this bad! Just played a solid hour there before it crashed again. I've had a look around online and there are suggestions to make some changes to the .INI so I guess I'll have to try that and hope for the best.
  12. Fallout 3 GOTY keeps crashing every time I play it now. When I first played it I got up to Megaton no problem but now it crashes when I just try to walk forward.
  13. I was looking at the Humble Weekly Bundle which has a focus on co-op but to me they all looked like PvP. Risk of Rain Is in that deal so o might pick it up just for that.
  14. Are there any old school co-op platform games out on Steam? Anything similar to Trine, basically, but ideally more along the lines of Lost Vikings (which I have just downloaded for free from battle.net!). These days I fear co-op is just a by word for there incidentally being two players going through single player at the same time rather than actually having to work together.
  15. Jambo

    Battlefield 4

    Was playing rush before and was playing the best Battlefield of my life. Over 50 kills, top of the leaderboard, destroying tanks, issuing commands, leading the team to capturing all of the bases and just narrowly scraping through with a handful of tickets to spare... and then the PS3 freezes. My little face must have been a picture.
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