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  1. Yes, let's downplay his first-hand accusation of “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” behaviour, supported by some big names involved in the production and somehow turn this around to Snyder being the real problem. This place
  2. That superb theme song was a stroke of genius. This would otherwise pass by completely unnoticed.
  3. Mario 64, Ocarina and Half-Life 2 are the biggest and best examples. Nothing else ever had the same amount of insane hype and months long anticipation fueled by drip-fed content, that ultimately paid off with an unquestionably astounding, revolutionary masterpiece.
  4. So still nothing conclusive about Dolby Vision and Atmos support for movies? So far I've hold off on buying a UHD blu-ray player because of the PS5 on the horizon, but I don't want a severely crippled one that doesn't play such often used codecs.
  5. Have been anticipating this one for a while. Once again he delivers a thorough and thoughtful analysis.
  6. There’s a nice wiki article on the history and origins of the cover system in videogames
  7. No, they just don’t want you to buy add-ons for PS4 games without you having tested them beforehand. All this worrying and the genuine concerns are getting a bit ridiculous
  8. Easily could have swapped more than half of that list with The Last Guardian, Hollow Knight, Mario Odyssey and MGS V, but it’s not the worst list either
  9. Had some luck with a PS5 pre-order. I'm primarily getting it for Demon's Souls and to play my backlog of PS4 games slightly enhanced. When I've played through all of that Deathloop should be out too. Also the UHD blu-ray player.
  10. I for one am looking forward to the PS5. Am I doing this wrong? Out of the launch games Demon’s Souls and Destruction All Stars look great to me and the Sackboy game seems promising too. Deathloop and Returnal are out not long after launch and look fantastic. Aside from that I have a bunch of unplayed PS4 games that I would like to play with a nice technical upgrade. I’ve been wanting a UHD blu-ray player for a while so there’s that too.
  11. Steep prices but it’s not as if anyone here will actually pay the RRP. Pretty good looking list of launch games too. Weird that this wasn’t in the presentation.
  12. Such a great aesthetic. Really looking forward to this
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