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  1. I’d be happy with Deathloop and a good indie game on day 1.
  2. I understand the insane value of Gamepass but I only buy about one or two games per year at full price and don’t play more than ten in total. I also wouldn’t want to miss games like Last Guardian, Death Stranding, Last of Us II or Bloodborne for the world whilst I genuinely can’t think of an Xbox exclusive that I would regret missing out on. The concept of an open world Halo sounded just absolutely perfect and could have swayed me, but those few minutes of gameplay shown Thursday couldn’t be more lackluster. I don’t even mind the technical hiccups that much but 343 just can’t seem to conjure up enticing and multi-faceted playgrounds like Bungie can. Tl;dr: PS5 it is.
  3. I was genuinely hoping for this to be a good old system seller but that demo didn’t show anything original or exciting at all. I can’t really put my finger on it but 343 can’t seem to create the same enticing playgrounds as Bungie did in the second level of CE - which this obviously tries to emulate. I’ll put on some more Doom Eternal for now and wait for PS5.
  4. The story isn’t really doing it for me so far, and as well presented and voice acted as everything concerning the main narrative is, at times it’s just a bit too much of a Very Important, Super Tasteful And Extremely Serious Depiction Of Relationships In A Post-Apocalyptic World. But it’s easy to just wallow in the insane production values, world building and overall level of polish alone. One thing I would like to see added in the customization options is a way to change the opacity of the static ammo counter in the lower right corner of the screen. I’m playing on a plasma screen and although you don’t have a HUD for long stretches of the game, that stuff causes image retention easily.
  5. “Where is the actual next gen stuff? This could run on a PS4!” Horizon 2 trailer ”Lol nice pre-rendered clip Sony. Just show us some actual game footage.”
  6. That looks fucking great. I was hoping for a bit of a radical design instead of a black rectangle.
  7. Nothing graphically or technically groundbreaking so far but still some interesting looking games and cool ideas. The dogshit YT stream also isn’t helping.
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