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  1. Too Old to Die Young is one of the best tv series ever made, so I’m massively looking forward to this
  2. One of the most baffling omissions from GTA V’s multiplayer were the brilliant Mafiya Work game modes that IV had. Those really utilized the the potential of the open world and offered basically endless variation. At the start of each new objective the placement of the (sometimes moving) macguffin happened as central as possible in relation to the current location of each player/team. You really got to know the city and no two games were ever alike because encounters and situations constantly arose organically over the whole map. You could choose to chase every objective or let some slide in favor of getting better weapons and vehicles first. Fantastic street fights and chaotic scrapes between teams were guaranteed in every game. V never offered anything that came close to it.
  3. “Nah, I don’t think I’ll go through that tunnel at this time of night.”
  4. YESSS!! To think what the sole addition of an ‘edit’-button can do for a game’s quality.
  5. For me the fact that you can’t change any settings or choose a new track in a lobby is the most baffling omission. You have to close down the room, set up a completely new one and everybody needs to join again if you want so much as a single change, every time. Such a stupendous oversight.
  6. Lawrence of Arabia Jurassic Park Casablanca
  7. The anticipation just before the release of Twin Peaks: The Return (especially after the confirmation that Lynch would direct it all), those first two glorious episodes finally dropping simultaneously and the realization when you watched The Chromatics play Shadow over the credits of the second one that there were 16 more of those coming, is still the single best tv-related "happening" I've ever experienced. Also, where the FUCK is Too Old to Die Young?!?
  8. Still working through the last few eps and while it’s pretty engaging up to a point, it’s all so plot driven. Basic character traits are quite well established but stall soon and don’t get fleshed out further, after which decisions, relations, mood swings etc aren’t consistent, logical developments anymore but mostly mere happenings in service of adding excitement to the plot and pushing it forward. This is far from bad TV and I understand these complaints are mostly inherent to the format and its episodic structure and lengthy total runtime. I guess I was just firmly reminded again that I’ll always remain a movies guy first and foremost and want to see the emphasis on characters, cinematography and thematic depth.
  9. I’ve never seen this but man, what a glorious tune
  10. As much as I’m looking forward to Better Cal Saul I really don’t see anything topping this this year. The best thing on Apple TV+ by far.
  11. They are remakes with countless of improvements, not just ports with added 3D. The button configuration has been remapped to fit the layout of the 3DS. Most character models have been redesigned and and have better animations. 2D elements like the town square or the exterior of the temple of time in the original OoT are complete 3D models now. Majora has a pretty essential QoL improvement with the added logbook. The added gyro aiming works fantastic. They’re pretty much the definitive versions of the games with no real reason to play the originals again.
  12. - Michael Bay is one of the best directors working in Hollywood today - Prometheus is the second best film in the Alien franchise, falling just behind the original - The Godfather II is overrated. Wonderful production values, some good individual scenes and great acting, but there is no cohesion between the two timelines and the narrative is pretty meandering and aimless Ok I‘ll stop now, before I get permabanned.
  13. I personally love the Honda NSX (gr 4). I think it’s 350k.
  14. Grobbelboy

    Edge 370

    Up to and including GTA IV I wholeheartedly agree with all of the 10s. After that I can see where they are coming from in most instances, but perhaps would not necessarily hand out a 10 personally. Mario Galaxy 2, Bayonetta 2 and especially Skyward Sword would be the least deserving ones imo. The first two are great games but just refinements or continuations of what came before. Skyward Sword isn’t anything special and the motion controls got far too much credit.
  15. Nice. Does it have English subs though?
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