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  1. Z-targeting in Ocarina of Time. Completely taken for granted now but it was a genuine revolution for encounters in a third person game.
  2. Well this is something truly special. That fifth episode is one of the best episodes of any show ever. Haven’t seen anything this riveting since Twin Peaks S3.
  3. Looks fantastic. The world building looks great and the combat looks splendid (of course a bit scripted and easy in a demo like this).
  4. The soundtrack for Halo CE is the only one I’ve actually bought.
  5. There are quite a lot that I really hyped myself up for but didn’t get in the end, a few notable ones being Turok 2 and Conker’s Bad Fur Day and more recently Resident Evil 2 remake and Sekiro. It’s mostly due to just not getting around to buy and play them and other times because of some unexpected drawback. It’s kind of weird how much time you can spend devouring every piece of media beforehand, really familiarizing yourself with the gameplay and development etc, only to never play the actual game.
  6. Slitherlink. The best puzzle game ever.
  7. Still no score for Dirt Rally 2.0? You can get it for half the MSRP already.
  8. They’ve added the option to invite randoms you've recently played with to your squad in the latest patch. That is a much welcomed addition.
  9. https://www.pcgamesn.com/sekiro-shadows-die-twice/sekiro-shadows-die-twice-activision “Miyazaki says Activision hasn’t changed Sekiro – “all decisions are made by us””
  10. This will be the next Edge 10, won’t it?
  11. Matthewmatosis released his review only a few days ago. The guy's analyses are fantastic. Check out his videos of the 3D Marios too.
  12. Got this faceplate on mine. Love the faux wooden texture of it.
  13. Yeah that’s funny but his actual birth name isn’t Bowser though. It’s Doug King Koopa *badum tish*
  14. It’s got eye tracking which significantly improves the 3D, if you care for that. With that there’s no need anymore to precisely line up the machine in relation to your eyes. It also has the improved hardware and the analogue nub. But there’s only a handful of games that use it. I still prefer the non-XL version though. With most 2D titles the oversized pixels are fine but I think the higher amount of ppi works much better for 3D games.
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