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  1. Looking forward to this one. Got a 9 in a recent EDGE.
  2. Is there any notable difference in performance between Switch and PS4?
  3. This has been posted before but whatever. Great episode of Boss Keys that illustrates in detail the design genius of LA’s dungeons and why they are the best of the series.
  4. Should this play well enough on an iPhone or is PC clearly the better choice?
  5. Why the fuck is the P from World Premiere just outside of that circle.
  6. I’ve already seen the film, but that actually IS kinda huge. Wouldn’t recommend looking at that spoiler.
  7. Does it have a dedicated single player mode?
  8. Just started playing Doom 3 on PS4. I’ve tried the game on my shitty PC back in 2004 but only played an hour or so before I just had to abandon it due to the plummeting framerates. It’s a surprisingly good game still and of course it runs fantastic now. I like how it’s relatively grounded and realistic compared to Doom 2016 and other more straightforward shooters. The slow build-up towards the action and the masterful sound design create a fantastic atmosphere. You get a feeling of what’s going on at the station and small set-pieces like the short traversal of the Mars surface are given some nice weightiness. When hell literally breaks loose the ensuing chaos is conveyed perfectly, with the screaming through your earpiece and the malfunctioning lights provoking a real sense of panic and disorientation. Looking forward to playing some more.
  9. If I don’t want to get both Doom and Doom II, which one should I go for?
  10. What’s your definition of “the classics”? You can’t go wrong with boutique labels like Criterion, Arrow and Masters of Cinema in any case. Barring the odd exception their releases all have quality transfers and big amounts of insightful extra material.
  11. Love the design of that steelbook.
  12. Well the first thing is to let go of what it is “supposed to be”, approach it open minded and judge it on its own merits - applicable to any form of art/entertainment for that matter. I love the languid pace and the tension created by it, the way it throws conventional plotting and character arcs out of the window, genuinely relying on visual storytelling to present its themes instead of the occasional pretty picture in service of a plot. How it dares to go all the way with its bizarreness and doesn’t feel the need to build towards some Epic Payoffs to keep every viewer on board. But since you have already decided that it’s a bad arthouse movie and risible nonsense then I don’t expect anyone’s experience will magically change your perspective.
  13. Matthewmatosis (the guy with the absolutely excellent YouTube channel) did a level and it’s a great one: 7DW-LXC-WRF
  14. Sorry for the noob question as I’ve never played the first game, but are the physics and movement etc different depending on the theme you use in a course? I imagine things like wall jumping aren’t possible in the original SMB style for example.
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