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  1. This looks fucking amazing. Fingers crossed for a wide release soon.
  2. Cage’s subdued acting and the cinematography are ace, but as a whole this didn’t work for me. Yeah, the film subverts expectation and all, but that’s not really a quality in itself. On its own it doesn’t bring anything all that interesting to the table. The plot is stretched to a breaking point and thematically nothing is advanced or developed in any meaningful way. I was pretty invested in the enigma that is Cage’s character up until roughly the halfway point, but by then his persona and history are more or less established and the narrative just aimlessly continues for another 45 minutes or so. I guess in the end you could discern themes of respect and acceptance in a very broad sense, but nothing adds up to something substantial or cohesive. 2/5
  3. I hope Edge will just stubbornly give this another 10 in their next issue, only to never mention it again or letting it appear in any best of-lists thereafter.
  4. The absolute bare minimum Nintendo could do for an upgrade, but there’s no real need for them to do anything more of course.
  5. Gaming has taken a backseat to most of my other hobbies in the last five years or so. The titles that truly excite me are fewer and further between nowadays. I still enjoy and admire good game design, but the required time investment often just doesn’t weigh up to what I get out of them anymore. At the moment, putting two hours into any game provides nowhere near the same satisfaction as engaging with a movie for two hours. I really don’t follow the mindset that it’s videogames you’re actively engaging with whilst films are just a way to mindlessly pass a few hours. To me it’s precisely the other way around.
  6. Update should be out now. On PS5 it's a completely new native app, so a 70+ GB download.
  7. The thing that bothered me with Servant is that in Dolby Vision it is clearly lit far too dark. I understand it's a dark show by design, but scenes in daylight or things like bright lamps that normally pop in HDR, all appear very muted and the show just doesn't seem to do anything with the wider lighting spectrum of DV. The fact that the "An Apple original" text at the start appears far darker than in any other show is also telling. I hoped this would be fixed with the 2nd season, but it's not.
  8. 1. Link’s Awakening 2. Super Mario World 3. Ocarina of Time 4. Super Mario 64 5. GoldenEye 6. Day of the Tentacle 7. Quake 8. Yoshi’s Island 9. Diddy Kong Racing 10. Super Metroid 11. F-Zero X 12. Command & Conquer 13. Sim City 2000 14. Doom II 15. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis What an insane decade. Without a doubt the best and most significant one in gaming for me.
  9. I could easily watch them just fooling around in the studio a bit for 6 hours straight. I love watching geniuses at work. It’s like the sparsely available footage of Kubrick directing, just endlessly fascinating stuff to me.
  10. Not that I agree with everything probotector says, but to me the actual funny thing is how people in this thread apparently are 'engaging' with the film and then mainly come up with great critical insights like "it was so boring I fell asleep lol", "it doesn't make sense!", "it should be more like this fantasy I've conjured up in my head!", etc.
  11. I want one just for Link’s Awakening. If I’m not mistaken, there is no other way to play the original game than the 1993 cartridge on an OG GameBoy or GBA and I far prefer that to the DX color version. The monochrome rendition adds to the dreamlike aesthetic (dreams aren’t in color) and the color dungeon and the added animations in DX are pretty worthless.
  12. Omg Samus walks slower and the music changes as she moves through water! This is all looking pretty mundane if I’m honest.
  13. “If only you could talk to the demons and form alliances with them”
  14. Oh I didn't think PS5 would be getting that update. I'm also still at the start of the game (got put off by the difficulty of one of those challenge rooms) and have been meaning to pick it up again and continue on a lower difficulty. That's great news.
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