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  1. My 4 year old likes playing New Super Mario Bros. You can play together in co-op and if a section is too difficult, they can hide in a bubble until it's safe.
  2. Jak & Daxter (PS3) Playing on PS3 as part of the HD collection. Played through most of this last year, but lost interest a bit when I was backtracking to pick up any missed collectiables. But managed to find everything and bit the (rather dissappointing) final boss. I somehow completely missed the series back in the day even though I was a Crash Bandicoot fan, so it was good to finally give it a go. It's definitely a bit janky in places, but was enjoyable. I'll probably give Jak II a go sometime later in the year.
  3. New Super Mario Land (SNES homebrew) Not sure if this one counts, but having picked up an FxPak Pro recently, I decided to finally give this a go. It's a remake of the Game Boy Super Mario Land on the SNES in the style of New Super Mario Bros games. Wasn't intended to complete it, but it's very short and it's a game I have very fond memories of playing on the original Game Boy. It's surprisingly polished for a homebrew game and well worth a quick play through.
  4. 1: 03/01/2022 Timespinner (PC) [trailer] Quite a short Metroidvania with RPG elements very similar to Symphony Of The Night and other Castlevania games. The difficulty is pretty low on the default difficulty setting, but it meant it didn't get frustrating and no grinding was required to beat bosses etc. It didn't give much incentive to use the different orbs (the weapons) you can pick up throughout the game though, I chose some orbs pretty early on and as they were leveled up switching would have required some grinding just to inflict the same amount of damage. It was overall pretty enjoyable. Took about 9h40m with 100% map completion.
  5. I received Crash N-Sane Trilogy and Panzer Paladin Thanks a lot to my secret santa and JPR!
  6. Is there any way to copy or transfer a save to a different user on the same switch?
  7. First time joining this year . Just sent everything over to JPR
  8. This site gives some spoiler-free hints for each level: https://www.keyofw.com/baba-is-hint
  9. The Sonic 30th Anniversary bundle is pretty good. All the following games for $10 or more (pay what you want): Team Sonic Racing Sonic Mania + Encore DLC Sonic Forces - Digital Bonus Edition Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection Sonic Generations Collection Sonic Lost World Sonic Adventure 2 + Battle Mode DLC Sonic Adventure DX Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 https://www.humblebundle.com/games/sonic-30th-anniversary-bundle
  10. I just picked up a switch and I'm looking to a get a second dock. I know there were problems with some 3rd party docks, is the current advice still to stick with official docks only? Are there any good 3rd party docks that won't kill my switch? Also looking for recommendations for a co-op game for a young kid (4 years old). She enjoys New Super Mario Brothers, but looking for something to help encourage her reading a bit. How is Pokemon Let's Go as a co-op game? Any good educational titles?
  11. I enjoyed Magical Taruruuto-kun. (I seem to remember the sequel wasn't as good though) Robocco Wars is worth checking out too, but it's not a pure platformer. Levels switch between platforming and shooting.
  12. How Long To Beat is useful to get a rough idea how long a game is: https://howlongtobeat.com/game?id=1705
  13. Pretty much everywhere is asking people to stay home though.
  14. You cable you have is this one? https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/sega/mega-drive-1/sega-mega-drive-1-sega-genesis-1-stereo-rgb-av-scart-cable-tv-lead-pro-build You can just that one plugged into the headphone jack. You don't need to connect any audio cables to the mega cd. RetroRGB has a good explanation. https://www.retrorgb.com/segacd.html
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