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  1. When the Forsaken expansion released for Destiny 2, I played so much during the first few days that I gave myself cubital tunnel syndrome. Even now, if I use a controller to play anything I end up in pain after about 10 minutes.
  2. I'm going to mainline Witch Queen like a junkie until I have another existential crisis, or some form of RSI kicks in again. After that I'll buy Elden Ring, and drop it as soon as I get to a poison swamp.
  3. Good, hopefully this is the death knell for Quantic Dream and David Cage's career.
  4. https://www.todayindestiny.com/eververseCalendar
  5. Given how vocal that place is about worker exploitation in the industry, mobanetwork are about to be left holding a $4.5 million tumbleweed.
  6. I wonder if they'll have us dunk motes in her head basket.
  7. Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders trilogy is down to £4.49. Link Bargain.
  8. Trailer team continue to bring the hype. Bungie.net has some more info and details of the new exotics... (removed, forgot that the forum doesn't do spoilers. Titans continue to be the best class.) Sartorialists rejoice, not only is there a Vault of Glass raid jacket, but you can set pulses racing with a matching raid ring.
  9. Series S is available on the Microsoft store.
  10. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/583950/view/3047218819080842820 At least Valve made it free.
  11. Ive just been doing the first chest, as it only takes about five minutes per character once you've learnt the route through the blizzard.
  12. I'm going to make my own using a washing up bowl and old margarine tubs.
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