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  1. I left a fucking festival early to watch this shit...... bad choice!
  2. Fred needs a rest, in the reserves!
  3. Yep, 100% robbed! I mean, don’t like the canaries, but that was a bad call
  4. Sorry for the Arsenal fans, but this is fucking hilarious
  5. But were you standing in a corner?
  6. it's VERY slow... I remember being hyped for it at the time, and sorely dissapointed upon release
  7. I sa this and just had to question myself on if I had ordered one or not... I did
  8. I'm game... I've got S on almost everything
  9. There's an easy way to get that now, someone discovered it a few weeks back, mind blown!!
  10. Is this cross play? Take it you lot are on PS4/5, if it's cross play, I'd be up for some games as I'm on Xbox, but do love me some Connected and tetris 99
  11. I have one of those SD2SNES things sat right infront of me, keeping dust out of my Analogue machine, how do I check the guts to see if it's official or a knock off? ** EDIT ** It's official, after getting in there, it's a Krikzz board, assembled in Ukraine, sooooo, anyone know what a fair price to offer it to @Tomdominer would be? I've also got a Super Everdrive China Version, so I'll just keep that one and shift the SD2SNES to someone who will actually use it
  12. MikeBeaver

    The Spurs Thread

    He's a shit manager, ruined United, then done the same to you lot, was worth paying him off to be shot of him, Nuno seems to have hit the ground running.
  13. MikeBeaver

    The Spurs Thread

    Go on lads You LOVE to see it City in the mud!
  14. I'm being VERY lazy with it of late, but that's just personal stuff getting in the way of the job I guess, nice to know someone likes what I do though Thank you
  15. That’s o my just played, even when I’m not watching a shit stream, it’s STILL delayed
  16. Having to listen on talksport, as I’m dissing at the beach, but that sounded fantastic
  17. Bastion was great, think it might have been the first game I bought digitally, that or Pacman DX.
  18. If they do cross play between the xbox and Switch versions, then I'm in, have put plenty of time in on the Switch but there was only pc / epic cross save last time I loked
  19. This blokes awesome, thanks for reminding me to go drop my Amazon Prime sub over to him
  20. He's from Chantry, he was ALWAYS going to steal a point at the end
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