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  1. The lag on a Switch Lite whilst playing Tetris 99 is VERY noticeable, had to go back to internal speakers, it was off putting.
  2. Right... this is where CR7 pulls a hatrick out the bag then?
  3. Fuck me, that team!! If only DVB was in for Matic I'd have already been spent
  4. I quite like "Burning Road" well, I liked it at the time, not played it since then mind, it might actually be shit
  5. Totally forgot to post this... It took actual weeks, and the video is almost 2 hours long, unedited. But it works and looks quite nice... still don't want to play anything on it though
  6. No new mad finds uncovered recently, only been to one car boot in the last month also, so not even anything from there!! There are indeed lots of boxes still to go through, but obviously due to recent ( sort of not any more, it's been over a month ) events, I've been lazy as fuck on the work front, stuck the shop on holiday settings for 3 weeks and only this week have I been back selling full time, listing has nose dived, I've been working for the company next door also, and taking plenty of time for myself, Wing Surfing, a FEstival, Party on Felixstowe Pier ( which has now resulted in me getting a DJ slot at the next one on the 25th ) and some how popping into the local on Tuesday for a half, ended up with the barman getting out the acoustic and us having a jam, me singing along and now I've been told I am singing some songs at a party they are holding there Saturday for the owners daughters, Uni leaving do.... how I've gone from ONLY sorting through games and stuff to doing all kinds of mad shit is baffling!! Don't worry @Haribokart, normal service of random stuff will resume shortly, I just need to find the enthusiasm to do it
  7. Yeah, gve it a go. Up until last year, I'd never touched a UC game, played all 3 on the collection in the space of a month, they're quite fun
  8. Yeah, luckily my little telly the SNT is plugged in to has a headphone out, although that's been disconnected so I can plug it in to a Pi and I've been using that as a Bluetooth receiver to bang everything through the amp
  9. Or one of those wonderful Rllmuk T-shirts from a few years ago
  10. Nah, it's good, less chance of an injury for United
  11. Ole doesn't sub anyone That's half the problem with that Villa Real game
  12. Terrible idea, I use IPA to remove permenant marker, it'll destroy the poor box
  13. All this means is that an 11th hour deal for Rice is on the cards. West Ham have been spending the cash, they ,ust have something up their sleeve.... United have sorted a deal, 60/70 mil plus Lingard, but it's hushed up to allow WH to buy at reduced prices, 10:55 tonight... "Here we Go!" Declan's a Man United player I "might" have had a beer earlier
  14. right, here we go, come on, some magic from slab head please....
  15. Wjhat ? are we trying to lose this ???
  16. Yep, Deah Henderson is going to be PISSED that he caught Covid, definitely back to being second keeper now! Could do with some subs tbh
  17. Greenwood got taken the fuck out!
  18. there are still 27 minutes until the first sub.....
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