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  1. Quite literally playing up their name of the Villains
  2. It's NOT a fun job, at all! I have done one GG and one Atari Lynx, I'd be up for it if someone more savvy doesn't take you up on the offer, although you'd need to get all the bits as I don't have a screen or any spare caps to hand, used them all up on trying to fix other GG's that were kicking about. I mean, if you want one that's already done, then I have the one I already done, that I NEVER intend to play on that I'd be more than happy to sell on
  3. FFS! WHY does there have to be a petrol crisis going on?!? I'd have snapped your hand off to take a trip to OT for this, but can't risk getting stuck up North, a VERY kind offer though for sure, someone is going to have a bloody good evening
  4. Playing on Switch, it's fine, performance is alright, looks ok, doesn't quite have the charm of the original, but yeah, it's a nice little update. Just starting the second town now.
  5. 5 game winning run in from now onwards, come on
  6. Hang on !!!! Actraiser has been REMASTERED!!!!
  7. But HOW much extra is it going to be ?!?!
  8. Unless you want a PAL copy of the PS1 game, no discount on that, it's ££££'s!!
  9. Hopefully we'll have had all our shit refereeing in a short space of time for the season and get it all out theway, last two have been shocking!
  11. Erm... not sure, but pick up a Tony Hawk's game and get " Tony Hax" installed to a memory card, then you can play games from anywhere.
  12. Best keeper in the world....
  13. Thinking about subs already, DVB on Fred off
  14. Yup, you all saw the state of those games I picked up from Clacton, they were a mess and grubby, and they’d just been in a loft, let alone surrounded by roaches etc
  15. Not difficult at all, I have a Lite at home and a full fat one at work, provided you're using NSO, saves are easy to transfer across and cary on playing, I get a couple of hours per day on Tetris 99 at home, and a few games at work, progress is easy to move if it hasn't already done it automatically.
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