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  1. Played about 20 mins last night, it seemed OK, I died 3 times already, it's not the easiest from the off. Now wandering to work where I will pay it more attention later, and, on the plus side, ShopTo have readied my collectors edition for dispatch
  2. Need an official Scart lead for it? I seem to have discovered one in my box of cables....
  3. I've also "borrowed" this, but in my case, it's so that the minty fresh collectors edition I have on order stays in it's shrink wrap, now sitting down for a quick go after spending far too long tidying up the office, so I wasn't playing it whilst surrounded in what had become a complete shit tip of a place!
  4. How many do you want? I've got at LEAST 15 fully working Wii consoles
  5. Same game, new team updates... that is IT!!
  6. Martial was carrying a knock though, so needed to come off, the other two... well, Fred fucked up, baffled by Cavani though.
  7. thank fuck for that, see ya Fred
  8. Really easy to open, and the D pad is accessible once the board is out, probably some gunk under it. Slow boot, erm, dunno, maybe needs a restore?
  9. Yay... I'll get to see it in a minute then
  10. And, after reading that... I've realised I need to do the washing up, ffs !!
  11. Please tell me this is a good one...
  12. I'm up to the 5th world now, I refuse to give up on it, even though as I say, the siege parts are fucking terrible, you can have 3 attempts, fail rapidly, then smash it fourth time, fuck knows what is going on...
  13. No... we've got calamity Eric...
  14. This "siege" shit can fuck off in the bin, it's crap, if I wanted to play a tower defence game, I'd have got one, the rest of the game is fine I guess, nothing special about it though, just want the siege sections over as quickly as possible, so I can crack on with the parts of the game I signed up for
  15. @little che & @sith, hope you have a great time tonight , plenty of pics of what we have all missed... and the triumphant scoreline for United
  16. Quite literally playing up their name of the Villains
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