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  1. I'm on the final boss, besides QTE parries, I might have done 2 throughtout the entire game, just can't be dealing with them Definitely not essential for Z-57.
  2. Yep, that's what I've been doing for the last cuople of hours, just mopping up collectables
  3. Well, if you fancy letting me lose on it, I can have a "look" at it... or, I can bung a USA mobo in there ( that works ) and stick CFW on it, you'll be able to play all your games, but DLC is region specific and won't work downloaded directl from Nintendo, but if ou want to "find" the D:C you already bought and install it, that will work. Fuck CEX and their shit tam of fixers, there will be a way round getting that shell back in use
  4. Thats the one I used, I found that after 2 or 3 attempts, and getting killed like fuck! It just died REALLY easily! I didnt counter once, not at all, just shot the shit out of it and used the lock on thing to get all the attacks in , in one go, only counter stuff I did was when you HAVE to counter, and luckily did it first time, as I was on the last health bar at sub 50 HP, I might have hit record button, but I swear the game made itslef easier as I'd died a couple of times, I am on Normal difficulty. So far, I have found the game challenging, but not overwhelming, I have been lost several times, and I hae used the wlkthough series above to find the points where I have NOT been shooting at the fucking walls al the time to find the route forward soon as I spot the idiot thing I have missed, I stop the playback and go explore myself, coming back once I have spent an hour or so lost. It's a great game, I am enjoying it, but yeah, it "might" shuffle ou in the right direction, but sometimes ou just get lsot
  5. Is it a New 3ds or the old style?
  6. Oh yes, if you have a hacked console, you can back up saves, transfer them about etc, but then you rnu the risk of getting hit with a ban hammer at some point. https://www.cfwaifu.com/edizon-saves/
  7. Nope, you MUST have a hackable console to use homebrew I'm afraid.
  8. Experiment No. Z-57 can well and truely fuck off when having to use Joycons, detached, without a grip... sooner I get to work and the Pro Controller, the better!
  9. Seeing as I pickd up my FF XIII save 7 years after I'd last played it, and had let my Gold sub lapse for at least 2 years, they stay there for at least that long
  10. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/console-gaming/games/nintendo-switch-metroid-dread-10230630-pdt.html £39.99, but use the code GAMENEXTDAY to get it at £34.99 for anyone still looking.
  11. Isn't it part of Nintendo Switch Online anyway?
  12. Ta muchly I have done sod all apart from eat cake, chocolates and play Metroid. Going to take a break, get some steps in, and then carry on, until tea time, when I shall devour some Chicken stew I've got going in the slow cooker, then return to Metroid, I want this finished today
  13. Ther's still a few hours of it left today Mental health day AND my birthday, lol
  14. Dunno about that, DS / DS Lite/ DSi systems are still in an abundance, and fixing those is a doddle, I am still regularly buying knackered 3DS systems and bringing them back to life also, I expect to be fixing 3DS family of systems for a good few years to come. I've even been uploading some of my adventures in fixing crap on that the Youtube Anyway, Bomb, Varia Suit and Dash obtained, determined to finish this game on my birthday
  15. All I've got in this sodding game is fucking lost Made it to the third area but somehow didn't have the required item to progress! Loaded up a previous save file, so hopefully I can suss it out.
  16. To be fair though, the Switch tax IS transferable to the next person if you buy it physically, games for the system retain a decent resale value, unlike almost verything on the other systems, I mean, BotW, MK8 DX, they're still going to get you £30-£35 used, and they are 4 and half YEARS old! Try selling a AAA PS4 game that old for that sort of money, and well, you won't ALWAYS buy the cart, you can play it, sell it, and then buy it again later if you really want to play it more as there will be a sale, althugh grated, not a huge one on first party stuff.
  17. I spent £79.99 for the special edition... to sit there sealed up, never to be opened! 60 euro sounds cheap
  18. If there is a set going spare, dibbs on one, I got the Special Ed but not tatt
  19. Isn't Nintendo's online store run by The Hut group? that should explain EVERYTHING!!
  20. Afraid not, only had one, once, and that went a while ago.
  21. Drop me a PM, I'll get one sorted, there is literally one to hand
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