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  1. Yep, his position should be clearly marked as baggage handler. Useless twonk that he is!!
  2. I downloaded it, just incase that happened
  3. This is fucking fantastic, Chrono Trigger looks glorious
  4. But.. WHICH TWO ?!?! And I read that last part in the sound of Sir Pterry's voice
  5. Well... you did go to Carrow Road
  6. I'll pick Switch to play ANYTHING on over an actual console. It is far too convenient to just flop on the sofa / bed / on the toilet and play, rather than have to put on the telly and a console, then to be tethered to the spot. The Series X sits in the house, unloved and underused, whereas the Switch saw many many hours smashed into it for XC3 last month, think I played that 85%+ in handheld mode, Crisis Core will be playede through on Switch, that OLED's going to look lush, couldn't be arsed with it on PSP, but on the original Vita, it looked good and finally got finished
  7. Sorry... I've been a bit "slow" of late, too many jobs on Have indeed got a cube, you wanted just the console didn't you, no wires? As for SNES, I'll see what I've got, there are at least 5 here, I just need to find the best top and lower shells to make a non yellowed one for you
  8. Can chuck Ipswich Town into that list as well.
  9. You can get a kit that repurposes a DSi lower screen ?!? THIS sounds interesting, any details greatly appreciated
  10. Cheers for linking, I was then headed out or I'd have done it, time to give it a listen.
  11. Although saying that... the KI SNES and a 32X will be going straight in the collection as I've neither of those!!
  12. of COURSE I'm interested... where's the rest ? I'll take all you want to shift, as you know, I'm a dirty trader, so I want it at a reasonable price to make my rent money out of, but more than happy with a fair price. You and everyone else knows you'll get much more splitting it, it's just the time and effort, but collate the lot and let's talk wedge. Can arrange freight if you can package, or possibly collect if you're not a billion miles away / it'll fit in a car
  13. New video dropped a few mins ago. Not watched it yet though.
  14. We'll get out.. so long as fucking Harry doesn't play again, he's shit///
  15. Why’s Bruno not playing? Why is tht muppet maguire and n the pitch?!? Urgghhh edit: I know the teams changed NOW, but why start the idiots THEN change it? Put the game to bed and rest players after the jobs done…
  16. I’m out at karaoke, have had to listen to goldbridge on yt to get a gist of the match, would’ve been listening to talksport or similar, but it’s all been taken over.
  17. I dunno, from what I remember, he was telling a pretty heart warming story about Taylor and how they'd hung out before.
  18. She looked hammered!!
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