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  1. Bomberman, it's a siple idea, works with one Joycon, and has had enough updates to make it pretty good on the Switch Sorry, this desreves quoting as it was lost in drift chatter... great news, I've had Phantom Brave for ages and never got around to playing it, will be great in handheld mode, finally get it done
  2. We all want more, and it is dissapointing that after such a great run, things have slipped to 3 draws and not scoring at all in those games, but the bigger picture is that we are STILL 2nd, the teams below us are also drawing / losing points and we're still currently in 2 cup competitions. Pogba is missed without a doubt and DVB could have really had his time to shine in the last 3 games, if he'd not picked THE most inoppotune moment to get injured, he could have fought his way into a starting place like DJ has, but it just wasn't to be, what we need is to keep our heads, ride out
  3. Right now is when VDB would be playing.... but he's injured. So are Mata, Pogba, Martial. Who is he supposed to play in Pogba's role when the replacement for that role is also injured? Martial, Greenwood and Rashford have all been missing, Cavani WAS out till last night, and we're still second. Yes, the last 3 games have been boring, but I'll take boring whilst the team is depleated, rather than losing. Now, when he's got a full squad, then moan about him perhaps, but for now, there are clubs like Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool who would lik to be where we are in
  4. If we get 0-0 against City, I'd actually take it
  5. Even with the introduction of the fog, the games still not speeding up
  6. At this point, I'd be quite happy for Ole to bring himself on....
  7. You can haggle :p It's almost expected But yeah, I understand... I think I have about 6 or more of them, I can't justify having that many
  8. I'll sell you a a V1 tablet that's hackable for £150 instead of risking an SX Core install, you can have one for online and one for offline then, same dock and Joycon, but different tabs for different jobs.
  9. That's 5 out of 7 that we didn't lose though, I like to look for the positives, I mean, we are SECOND in the league, even with those results.
  10. charging board has arrived, here’s the current state of it.... Pulled out the box of GB spares, unfortunately the rear panel spare I had was not allowing games to boot past the Nintendo logo, so had to dismantle a working system. two wires from the battery terminals to the usb board, two from the board to a ds lite battery, just waiting for it to fully drain the battery and I’ll see if it charges up. then the construction / placing of the components inside the housing will begin
  11. Shooting stars tonight... should I bother ?
  12. Well, guess it's either that of Magaluf
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