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  1. Is it wrong to REALLY want Croatia to go through? I've no love for their football, but would quite like to see Brazil dumped out of this.
  2. And another whilst coming here to post
  3. All I am using mine for currently is to play Chrono Trigger via the SNES emulator, it looks fucking awesome, and leaving it my house so I can only play a couple of times a week is really nice to make the game last a good while longer than it usually would. The machine is just fantastic though, my favourite handheld besides the Switch
  4. Ohhh, yes please, one of these would make for a great YT video
  5. Hope so, got them in the work sweepstake
  6. I've driven to Cov once, and that ring road can fuck right off! It was more harrowing than the 1,200 mile, solo trip from Ipswich to Ibiza, worst road in the country!!
  7. Not on the level of the attic finds above, but I did find pokemon Ultra Sun on 3DS today in a charity shop.. for £1.50!!
  8. Watched 5 episodes Thursday evening, got to sleep at 2am, woke at 8, stuck another 2 on, then as SOON as I'd finished work yesterday lunchtime, I got to my own office and stuck the finale on whilst sorting out post. This was entirely binge watchable, yes, it kind of just ends up being a slightly spooky Gossip Girl, but I liked that and Ortega samshed the life out of the part, along with the entire Addams Family cast, well on board for a second serie.
  9. Just done C&C for my local, been after this at a decent price for a while , ta for the heads up
  10. Yeah, cheers for that, I'm now £2.24 worse off
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