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  1. For some reason, I bought a One X the other day, is there any benefit to it over the S I have, for someone who only uses a standard 1080 panel? It's a lovely looking lu,p of electronics, but so far all I have done is play Pinball FX 2's South Park table lots, mostly got it as it was £145 minus a controller from eBay, registered it and it's under warranty till 1st of July !!
  2. I think "Spawnwave" did a video on it on YT mate, if not Wolfden did .
  3. I started off with a knackered joycon, soldered the correct pins across and used that, in the end I bought one of those payload injectors, much easier, and only about £8 from Ali, obviously it tok ages to arrive, but it works a treat and I can keep several payloads on it, then swap the systm micro SD as and when I fancy using Android etc.
  4. That's the way I've gone, keep one purely for emulation and one for online, it's not the cheapest way of doing things, but really you only need the tablet portion anyway as you already have a dock, Joycon etc, but yeah, of course I tend to have both of them on me at any given time, portable yes... but only in a bag :-p
  5. Take that back right now, Sunset Overdrive was a great game
  6. And the potential to go top if they win and Rotherham lose the next game :-)
  7. I've seen Xtreme express in enough charity shops and bootsales to suspect it sold ok for what it was ( It's actually not THAT bad !! ).
  8. No, if consoles eventually go away, and PC gaming is the only way to play, I have a massive pile of shame to get through, more than enough for my lifetime and then some, I cba building machines, faffing with the OS, to be honest, when the digital only, inevitable future fully hits and discs are no longer made, that will be it, I'll be out of new software and stuck in the rose tinted past, which, when I barely played any PS3 and NO PS4 exclusive titles, I have a shit load to go back and get through.
  9. Bloody hell, those look expensive, if you've the time to wait, have a nose on AliExpress, last ones I got were about a fiver per pair, don't think I have any left, but I'll check.
  10. And £50 for that screen was also cheap, they're becoming harder to obtain for sure, I shifted a couple last month at just under a £100 each, the back light goes in them eventually though as it's a tiny little CRT looking thing, goes all the way around the screen, I've got two like that which I need to figure out a way of backlighting
  11. Playing through this myself atm, trying to get it done before Tokyo Mirage drops on Friday, it's pretty good, but I have had some parts where it forces you to run from one part of a town to another, then back, and back again about 3 times, it's probably only a 2 minute run if not less, but it's infuriating and was a low point in the game.
  12. Woodwards favourite saying is'nt it?
  13. Definitely Excite Truck , it is a great, often overlooked title
  14. Totall, I was all over FH1, then the next ( Current ) gen dropped, and a while later FH2 was out, I played the 360 version and then immediately drove round the corner, picked up FH2 from someone off Gumtree, then drove 55 miles to buy a second hand X1 and couldn't have been happier, the difference in the games was immince, only thing the same was the "story" and the title.
  15. Well, the demo is ok, it's as good as they could have done with the way they are heading and making it a more modern take on things, one thing inparticular made me laugh out loud, and something new they have added to the story made me actually say "Huh!" out loud, a nice twict on something I thought was a given, am interested on playing the full game, but fuck me, as soeone who has mostly spent this gen on X1 and laterly the Switch, that "Option" button is fucking awkward to press isn't it?
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