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  1. Well, Invictus is Easy this morning :p Back to back 1st places, so I've won 3 of the last 4 I've played, definitely giving up for the day on a winning streak .
  2. Yep, I got Mana also, opened the envelope, stuck it straight on the shelf, they're all still sealed ! I'm the idiot that bought those Street Fighter 2 and Megaman snes rereleases at some ungodly price, and then got stung by customs The Messenger arrived at the weekend, 34.99 USD, plus shipping, then had to give HMRC and Royal Mail another £13 on top
  3. I had an "almost " a full Switch set up until Turok 1 & 2, then I looked at the shelf and decided they were mostly games I don't care about, and getting a full set is going to cost thousands. Have got the Yooka Laylee deluxe box set with repro N64 cart, the Windjammers big box set, Bloodstained Curse one ( well, 2 of them, I can't help myself, standard AND limited versions ) plus loads of the normal releases, got a few of the SRG ones as well, but I think I am done unless it is something really awesome. Oh, and Axiom Verge for the Wii U , yes, it's region locked I know, but a Wii U game getting released in 2019 was a novelty :p
  4. But the other half were all fucking good at the game, take that win and enjoy it, I've still only had one so far
  5. Slim woin't fit I'm afraid, coud just be because all trhe replacement batteries were made a while ago? Just a thought .
  6. Ahhh yeah Glad that has sorted it. In repair news for today ( well, technically the repair was yesterday, but it's getting posted here today ) I replaced the charging port on an OLED Vita, fuck me, that is NOT something I wish to do again, it was THE biggest ballache, trying to not melt the plastic inside the new connector, get all 20 ish pins stuck down, not have blobs of solder sticking two pins together and shorting them out ! But it's on, it works and I have revived yet another Vita from the bin, and on the plus side, the Sim Card tray was missing, but inside the slot was an 8gb memory card , silver linings etc
  7. Might be worth squirting a little Isopropyl Alcohol into the switch, then flicking it on and off a few times, I had a box full of GBA and GBC turn up yesterday, all supposedly faulty, turns out the switch contacts had just oxidised a bit over tie and once cleaned it worked a charm.
  8. My special edition is going to stay sealed on the shelf, I can see this having a pretty small print run and not getting another, in 10 years time, it might be worth what I paid for it :p
  9. Yep, went back this morning, got 4 wins in a row!! I'd only ever managed 2 Before, would have been 5, but I was day dreaming due to the pace being so slowed in comparison to Invicyus
  10. Tetris 99 and THAT D Pad,
  11. I've been finding it better than the base game tbh, the faster speed is where I flourish, it's the slow parts and build up that get me, I lose concentration easily, with Invictus, there is no chance, you're full on the whole time, unless someone text's / rings / somethign goes beep in the room, then it's a cluster fuck and it all goes to shit But yes, 2nd has been my best so far, I am determined to get first when I get home ( been leaving the Tetris Switch at home and bringing the Astral Chain one to work, otherwise I'll get NO work done ).
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