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  1. I spent the day with 6 massive boxes of random games, chucked on the floor, barking "50p each mate, fill ya boot's, fill a bag, " etc etc, made just shy of £60 and mty pitch fee, sold a load of tatt :-p As for purchases, I got boxes for Pokemon red, Blue and Yellow, all missing the instructions as well unfortunately, but those plus Mario Party 4, Monkey Ball 1 & 2, POkemon Ranger, Pokemon Link and some other DS titles, along with an unboxed Pokemon Black and Chase HQ for the GBC - £20 Also nabbed a White DS Lite, plus ( all unboxed ) NSMB, Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing, Dragon Quest IX, Mario 64 DS and assorted filler titles - £5 Someone randomly came up and asked if I wanted to buy any PS4 games, Phantom Pain: MGS V, Walking Dead Froniter and Last of Us Remaster, all for £2 each, kinda rude not to. That is it for my favourite local bootsale for the year, might do a couple more further afield as I'm working away for the next two weekends, but after that, it's retirement until 2020
  2. Pretty much, it does depend if you order anything else with it though. My River City Girls is in hand with them, but the rest of the order is either in production or in the queue for manufacture, it'll all turn up, I'm in no rush for it to sit on the shef sealed :-p
  3. They don't hae themmade till the pre-orders are all in, and then they join the queue for Nintendo to manufacture Celeste was a nightmare, took well over 6 months, same with Pixel Junk Monsters 2, waiting for all pathes and DLC to get done so it all goes on the cart.
  4. Only time you get charges is if the title you order is not one of theirs, I've had a few from the, but they were selling for another company ( teice, and he games names slip my mind right now ) but every LRG nubered title has neer cost me anything above the asking price and shipping fee, and I've had some hefty sized orders come through with standard and LE editions of multiple games, reaching almost 300 dollars. Today's order of Shakedown: Hawii did incur a £13 fee though, but it was exected as all the stff from Vblank always has before
  5. Limited Run's Switch line up i alays pre-order, without a set limit of how many orders they take, it's only collectors ed's they limit, hth
  6. If it's official, definitely don't bin it, they work a treat on the N64
  7. I did this purely by accident, had some good games today, and some shocking ones (97 ) but walked away with 2 1st places in one day, which seeing as im now 12 for 265, that's a halfdecent run, did you see what place I managed?
  8. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    I've found that getting into a gym late in the evening ( 11pm onwards ) usually see's me get my 50 coins by the time I wake up, we're pretty lucky round here thoguh, in that there are now 5 gym's in my village and everyone looks to see how long you have been in there for before taking it, but no matter who they are, the Village sign is MY gym, and I'm taking it on my walk home, even if you have only been in for 5 mins :p
  9. Hmmm, dunno, I've been playing on Guardian heroes this evening and it is still loads of fun I'm trying to convince him to sell me the Panasonic Q he has, alongside a Biohazard 5th Anniversary Briefcase box set
  10. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    Yay, finally got a shiny
  11. Not from a Carboot, but Facebook market place, chap was selling a load of stuff, was going to keep all his Saturn things, but I offered £250 for these four titles, straight into my collection though.
  12. Couldn't get on with Kirby, or anything e;se really, apart from Splatoon 2, THAT is my style of choice normally, it's just chaos, makes me wish I liked ( was any good at ! ) Splatoon .
  13. laxy theme, oh my, this is the best one ( outside of the event ones ) that I have seen so far, the music is superb, it's a bit too chilled for Invictus, but I'm enjoying it and well worth the 15 coins
  14. In positive news, I think Abby is doing an OK job at hosting the Beastcast whilst Vinnie is off, she was annoying as shit and mostly is still, but out of the two hires, she is the one who seems to be making moves in the right direction for the team, even if she does troll a lot of the fanbase with her comments about "fucking nerds" a little too often, Ben's just fucking annoying, forever.
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