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  1. I hate this place some times, that's £89.99 I won't see again as this will sit on my bloody shelf sealed u, after missing out on the Link's Awakening one, I HAD to get this, at least they don't take the money until they ship, thank fuck.
  2. FTP into the Switch is the easiest for small files, if you're on Windows, you can use "nxmtp" for a straight up USB connection, but otherwise Goldleaf should let you USB instal a ScummVM .NSP file if there is one, I've not looked as was never a fan of those style games.
  3. I've stopped half way through the game, well, about 22 hours or so, in the desperate hope it would come to the Switch, it's been a good 18 months now, maybe longer... I don't care if it takes another 2 years, just announce it's on the slate to get ported, it's an amazing game but I can't bring myself to use that awful pad and sit infront of the tv to play it
  4. But what we NEED is that very same game on the sodding Switch!!! Hurry up and port it Nintendo
  5. I've alreqady got one of these that I got after Christmas for £45 ish, but I've sodding ordered another one for £16 as I want one that's sealed .... idiot, I know :-p
  6. I've alreqady got one of these that I got after Christmas for £45 ish, but I've sodding ordered another one for £126 as I want one that's sealed .... idiot, I know :-p
  7. Skip the Retron 5 and go for the Retrofreak, make sure to get the adpotor box for controllers though, unless you prefer usb / 360 pads, it's agood system and mostly all in one.
  8. Today I learned a valuable lesson, if you arte trying to remove the mask ROM from a Gameboy game, ALWAYS remove the fucking battery first!! I heated it to the point where the chip came off, turned my head round to place the heat gun back on it's stand and just as I started turning back to look at the board, the battery exploded! A few seconds longer heating, or turning back sooner and I'd have got shards all in my face and eyes, I immediately ordered some safety specs from Amazon. As for the chip swap, well, I got a faulty Pokemon Yellow from eBay, wouldn't boot up, I heated all the legs to reflow the solder and it still wouldn't start, so I swapped the chip from that board onto a French Pokemon Bleue I have and did the same to Bleue, that still worked fine and so I went back over the legs again on Yellow, this time with the soldering iron and maginifyer, and voila, it's back to life and I'm not blind, thankfully
  9. Didn't go Saturday, was out Friday and by all accounts, I missed sod all by having a hangover ! Sunday was reasonable, saw and bought my first bootsale SNES Classic Mini, was £15 boxed, bought the chap let me have that and Crash Trilogy on PS4 for £20. an Xbox ONe media remote and DS Lite for £15 and Sims 4 on the X1 for £3. Nothing really good though, just fodder stuff, aoh, and some Lego for me to build Most random find was Mortal Kombat on vinyl, was a £1 and I don't have anything to hook a record player up to ( well, I do, just no actual speakers )
  10. Since @RastanSaga posted his wanted thread about a region modded Nes, it gave me the kick up the arse I needed to replace the fuse in a snes I had sitting around, done the fuse, and it was giving a wonky image and no sound, so heated up the video chip with the heat gun, then tested again, that had sorted the graphics issue, sound was still absent, so stripped it down further and located the U10 chip, used a soldering iron to heat all the legs and reflow them, this seems to have got the sound back. lifted the chip leg ( heated up the chip, removed it, bent the leg up and heated it back into place ) then attached a wire to the leg and one to the other chip that it is fed from, twisted them together and it plays normally, untwist and it plays imports. This isn't a tricky job now as I've got used to smaller soldering stuff, but it isn't something I'd have done in half an hour - 45 minutes a few years ago, now all I need to do is order a couple of switches to fit in the console and think about doing the 50 / 60 hz mod next, and a new shell for it, the one it was in was smashed to pieces
  11. He's not your usual influencer / shill, he's an actual coder, who has done a lot of good work in the past, ported Postal to the Switch and ported SDL to the original Xbox back in the day. I'm pretty sure he mentioned he had paid for his Polymega pre-order, he always starts his video's with a disclaimer if it was a bought or supplied item from the manufacturer. If anything, I think he is one of the more honest reviewers, along with Spawnwave.
  12. Was dry for me also this weekend, fingers crossed for the next I guess.
  13. Managed 1 win so far, competiton has ertainly got higher since the tournament startted !
  14. I've also used 3rd party PSU's from Amazon on a Switch docked and Portable mode, working fine with official Docks, I have had some problems with 3rd party docks though, soft bricks that required I hold the power button for 20 or so seconds and use the official PSu, never had probs with chargers, but all 3 3rd party docks went in the bin after it happened twice.
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