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  1. They could make MORE money by making other good PC games, I dunno, like maybe Person 3/5 etc, just a thought
  2. What? Makes games for other peoples consoles because they ultimately failed at being a format holder and had to do so to survive?
  3. You should throw some wedge my way and take it off my hands then Yeah, they are mostly homebrew / ROM hack things, apart from Paper MArio, which is genuine but an Australian version.
  4. Should have made my money back once I have shifted the consoles, maybe. 300 for the Majoras Mask system, 150 for Link Between Worlds 3ds xl, ( 450 ) 90 for the normal 3ds xl ( 540 ) 100 for the PS4, maybe 110 ( 650 ) 100 x 2 on the N64's (850) 75 for the Cube ( 925 ) 140 GB Player and Disc ( 1065 ) ( none of these include fee's / shipping though , just rough guestimates ) plus the modded PS2, PS2 SLim, 360 S and PS3 Slim, that should round out to what I paid, then whatever else is there is where the money for the actual work comes in, it's slow going , but should see a double of funds, a bit better than the usual 40%, but as there is so much and the distance involved, it bloody needed to be
  5. It was the same chap I got it all from at the very start of this thread, 1 pallet load and three full car loads, this is , unfortunately, the last of it now I assume, as his flat is practically devoid of all the retro stuff, in comparison to the first time I went there, it's empty As for making cash on PS2 stuff... have a look at that "Eternal Poison" game... and then come tell me Yeah, it's a USA version, the only import in there, but I wasn't expecting it to be THAT much. Some of the other bits are getting up in price, but Drakengard 2 is stupid money ( if it had the sodding box ) and there are several £20-30+ games kicking about in there. I paid £1,200 for that lot, £55 in fuel, a whole day spent collecting it, and then yesterday / today going through it and sorting it, it's NOT an easy task, but there is money to be made, so money I shall make
  6. Dunno, custom paint job by the looks of it, I'd half considered keeping it, but I already have a boxed Spice Orange that I still need to stick a mod chip in, and then leave it in it's box for another 5 years like it's been there for already!
  7. So many loose discs, a lot of them have artwork and manuals, but in separate boxes, went through and dug out what I could of the food stuff that matched sleeve, thibk a lot of the good games in the wallets are now disc only jobs, urghhh
  8. And this, the final chapter of the stuff from Portsmouth begins. on a warm but early Friday morning, I departed the sleepy village and headed down there to collect the last of the stuff this chap was selling. set off around 8:30 Ish, arrived at 12:34, with a half hour stop for a the essentials of a piss, £30 in the fruit machine ( it’s been 18 months since I last played one, they’re shit!) and some ice cold coffee from WH Smith’s.. I was greeted by a front room filled, as ever, with boxes for me to pay for and take away, I gave them a look through, asked the price, paid the money & the pair of us lugged it all down the stairs and into the waiting car. I set off at 13:45 exactly, with a sat nav warning that I may be delayed, incurring a 30 minute penalty and it now being predicted to take 4 hours and 30 minutes….. I was NOT prepared for the fucking horror show that unfolded. precisely 6 hours later, after a very quick fuel and iced coffee break, I arrived back gone, the M25, apple maps and the A12 all conspiring to ruin my day, sat in start/stop traffic, all whilst my drivers arm got a lovely punk glow and my left was left pasty and devoid of the glorious sunshine. but anyway, I ramble on in my M25 induced PTSD, I’ll shit up and just post the pictures instead
  9. As usual, I’ve picked up some stuff and there are bootleg gb/gba games in amongst them, anyone want them for postage?
  10. Talk from Rory Jennings that chelsea are trying to muscle in on the Varane deal!!
  11. Having got back from the journey from hell ( My first experience of the M25 on a Friday was not aided by the fact that no one seemed to be able to drive, and there must have been a shit load of people escaping for the weekend early, a 3:30 trip TOO Portsmouth turned into a 6 hour journey back !! Was worth the trip though, pics will be up in my thread once I've sorted through it ) I can safely say that BUYING a collection can and is a pain in the arse This lot has now involved a truck with a pallet load and 3 trips to fucking Portsmouth to get it all, but think this seam of collection is finally tapped out. Selling it may be a wrench, and although I have slowly been getting shot of some of mine, there is stuff that I just won't ever part with , it holds proper sentimental value, the cardboard and the cases all tell a story and I know when / where they came from, they're like a photo album but more tactile and makes me feel happy, you can't buy memories like that, and selling then would require some serious, SERIOUS issues, I could downsize a lot, but there is just stuff that I actually cherish
  12. Tear down, change thermal paste, clean out the dust... that should sort it out a bit better.
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