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  1. HOW ??? I could only add 3 years to mine, couldn't even claim the extra free month, so up to 28/11/23
  2. A really small, flat head screwdriver usually helps to snap those sodding pins out if you don't have the recess in your Torx equivalent bit
  3. How much did you give for it if you don't mind me asking? When I was knocking stuff out on Amazon, the screens alone were fetching £100+ !!
  4. Yeah, I was looking into this myself, I picked up one a few months back, someone had fitted a wire and socket outside the device, I ficured it was just the same size, but ohhhhh no... they had butchered an actual Sega PSU and changed that plug also Checked my other GG and the socket on the board for that one was different, so couldn't even swap it out ( as for some reason, even after a cap replacement, it wasn't working )
  5. I'd say this was the best thing I've seen all day, but it's not, it's the best thing I've seen all year
  6. If you need any spares, I've got several ps1, p2 and ps2 slims that are all in bits, laser / disc read errors
  7. Horizon 1 is awesome, a really fun game, the festival / storyline was engaging and it was all new and exciting, 2 on the 360 still keeps you stuck to roads, I played a week or so of it and then decided on my next gen console, the X1 and a copy of FH2, it was liberating to race off road, everywhere I wanted, but it's all just a bit much really, I played a decent amount of 3 and only a few hours of 4, diminishing returns, a shift back to the style of the first one would be welcomed.
  8. The first one can FUCK RIGHT OFF !! I never managed to get out of the car park, the sodding tutorial, I've refused to play it ever since!
  9. Nice!! those official PS One screens fetch a pretty penny, they are lovely looking, and the sound from them is also great. Considering the age in which this LCD was released, this was some seriously good kit
  10. Drakkenguard 2 that much now !?! And I still remember selling one to Gamestation for a £1 The Official PS2 pad has that crappy plastic film with the button contacts inside it, that is your problem, one of the traces will have broken, such a poor design, the third party one is likely grubby inside and needs a bit of IPA on the contacts. Blue discs are CD's for the PS2, silvers are DVD, so I suspect you might have issues with PS1 games on that unit, might be cheap enough now just to grab a new laser, the white cog thing sort of works, some times, of course, it could just need
  11. Just had a quick look at that Retro Kai one, it doesn't look like it is "THAT" much more effort, I mean, fitting that board saves soldering 6 wires in and of itself, the wiring work wasn't the main problem, it was following the guide for the wrong motherboard that done me in, looking for resistors in a place they were shown and not seeing them, having to get the magnifying glass out and play find that Resistor... then removing it, swapping a couple round ( included in the kit replacements ) putting R30 in place of R24 ( instructions didn't say to put anything IN R30 afterwards, so that got lef
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