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  1. £18.99 is about the interest you'd make having £30k in the bank over that period, so yeah, that £18.99 is worth it :-p
  2. She comes off as a bully to Jeff B, it has really soured me on the West stuff for a while.
  3. No idea of context, but this is the blurb.... " The Giant Beastcast: Episode 277 The boys are away so today we have a special episode featuring Mary Kish from Twitch, Riana from What's Good Games, and Merrit K from Fanbyte!"
  4. Just be REALLY careful with the connectors for the ribbon, they're quite weak :-(
  5. https://gbatemp.net/threads/exclusive-footage-of-upcoming-anbernic-rg351-console.573369/
  6. Might be a little late on that one, after seeing your post, thought I'd check prices, it's above £40 already.. mines sat in a drawer !!
  7. Could it be deemed as tactical? Horrid enough to fuck with the eyes of opposition players?
  8. You're my new best friend :-p Pre-order ...get!
  9. I took that to mean it was limited release in time, so come March 31st ( or whatever date it was ) they'd retire it from sale, think there will be more than enough of them to go round... might have to invest in two though :-p
  10. Worse... I need 2, one for me and one for the good lady for Christmas :-(
  11. Download the files to create a pandora battery / memory card combo, restore it to stock, update to 6.60 and then reinstal cfw from there. Updating from cfw to stock is a pain, I always just do that ( well, I have a memory card and pandora battery stashed for just this purpose these days, but does the same job ). Or yeah, get the Vita hacked and just play your stuff on there in glorious OLED ( Crisis Core looks epic!!).
  12. Managed to get Dark Arms unboxed off eBay the other day for just under £7 with the postage, picked up a console bundle on Friday and there was a pocket in there, needed something other than Metal Slug 2nd mission to play on it for a bit, really need to consider doing a screen swap on it though, it's a fantastic handhel but in serious need of a backlight for sure.
  13. I believe I had Cotton and Evolution off you from that lot, swapped them for a mega cd and a couple of games with a mate, in hindsight that was a poor move on my part
  14. Cotton goes for obscene money , wish I'd kept mine :-(
  15. Just reminds me of Fagin :-p
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