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    RIP Vangelis

    He was brilliant on shooting stars
  2. Wait, it’s not a film version of this Native American versus Alien Prey?
  3. The problem is that apart from the World Cup, which is currently every 4 years, what does the FIFA licence actually bring to Konami? They’re not getting any extra leagues, player likenesses or teams that they already have. So why would Konami pay a billion to get 2 World Cup games? It just smacks of FIFA again thinking they’re more important/relevant than they actually are. People might have been buying the FIFA name 30 years ago when it was really based on a World Cup style of game, but they’re not buying it for that now.
  4. Aka the Wachowskis Music Magpie pile that they can’t be arsed with scanning and shipping.
  5. Except (like I ranted about earlier), it’s just a lazy semi-nostalgic rehash of an existing Bond film moment.
  6. You know most of those 80s American cartoon theme songs were written by Haim Saban (who went on to make Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)… He also composed the Pole Position theme….
  7. yeah, I came across that from the earlier posts, it’s amazing going to it and realising it was originally written so long ago now! I’ve not read the entire post, but for me it focuses on the technicality of the final scene, the beat of Tony’s face, bell and what the camera is to be Tony’s point of view. Except the final scene doesn’t really follow that beat 100% (which the guy does admit to in the article), but the main thing is that it just focuses on the final scene, not the entire last episode. The thing for me, re-watching the entire 7 seasons again (ok, 6 and a half) what struck me was that I knew what the final scene was going to be and it was completely different when re-watching it. Sure, there’s huge amount of tension in the final scene, but leading up to it, it feels like everything’s been resolved and it’s back to another Sopranos season. In the context of the episode (and the entire final season), there’s no actual reason for there to be such huge tension. So, personally, I think it’s easy to take that whole final scene out of context and presume the ending that blog puts forward, but when adding in the context of the entire episode (and season), there’s no real reason for the ending the author proposes. But hey, that’s what’s brilliant about it. Here we are, 15 years or so after it finished and we still talk about it!
  8. I think this is one of my favourite funny scenes, pure comedy gold!
  9. After watching The Many Saints of Newark, the wife and I went back to The Sopranos and rewatched from the start. To be honest, I’d missed a few of the episodes from the original run, so there was some storylines I’d either forgotten about or had missed first time round. We just finished it the other night, man what a great, great series. James Gandolfini carries a lot of the show, but the supporting cast are really brilliant. When the final scene is done, it’s one of those few TV programs where you think “I’m so grateful for having been able to experience this”. I also wonder how much impact the finale had on the popularity of “Don’t Stop Believin’” here in the UK, I mean Journey was never that big a band here in the 80s (the single got to number 62 when originally released). And the finale… And the theory about Lilyhammer…
  10. I gave up after about 25 minutes or so. Utter crap, Im surprised this was even green lit (and I enjoyed the first two).
  11. I gave up after 20 minutes, I really enjoyed the first film, second one was silly fun, but this was just boring. It felt like it had nothing in common with the other two films. If it didn’t look so good, I would have presumed it was a cash in made by a different director and writing team.
  12. Coincidentally I watched Neighbours for the first time in about 15 years the other week, Surprised to see that Karl, Toadfish and Paul Robinson are still in it. But it’s utter garbage, like American soap level of garbage (with what seemed like many scenes of actors looking “confused” after something kind of important was said). What I thought was scary was the production company saying that without a “broadcast partner”, like Channel 5, the program isn’t financially viable. I’m not being funny, but the budget looked like it was about 10 bucks (Australian). So it sounds like Channel 5 has basically been propping this up for the past few years and Australia’s been getting it for (almost) free. No wonder they’re pulling the plug. (I also didn’t realise it’s now shown on the “10 Peach” network in Australia. WTF is that?) Yeah, Neighbours is well finished.
  13. I thought that this was great, plus it’s just so good being able to watch decent Star Wars again. The other thing that people seem to forget about when complaining about how Boba Fett isn’t as “bad ass” as in the original trilogy. Isn’t this is set 5 years after Return of the Jedi? I’m not sure how long Boba Fett was in the sarlacc pit for, but judging by the flashbacks Boba Fett has, he’s had a pretty messed up 5 years - no wonder he’s not as confident in himself…. Anyway, the story arc of Boba Fett moving from a lone bounty hunter to building up his own “clan”, while it looks like The Mandalorian is going through the opposite arc, is pretty interesting.
  14. Very nice! How much are you looking for the Gameboy Color?
  15. This is going to be a rip off of Buck Rogers, isn’t it? Buzz Lightyear, a gulf war fighter pilot, now astronaut in 1995, tests a new light space capable ship, but after saying “to infinity… and beyond” before pressing that big red button, ends up in a wormhole and spends a year “marooned on this planet” (either an alternative universe earth, or earth in the future) trying to get his light space engine working again. Meanwhile, back on earth in 1995, Buzz becomes a world hero, thought to be lost forever, the world grieves and kids everywhere buy a toy replica of him… only for Buzz to return in the year 2022, where his return is watched by a grown up Andy, clutching to his Buzz Lightyear toy, tears streaming down his eyes… But honestly, it’s not this..
  16. gone fishin


    The sequel to the Sopranos featuring the resurrected corpse of Christopher Moltisanti looks pretty bleak.
  17. Good to see them making use of those nice Apple TV screensavers as a backdrop.
  18. He was great playing Hugh Grant though…
  19. The “Steven Spielberg Presents…” trilogy, where he took the episodic nature of The Twilight Zone, but released as films instead of TV. Gremlins Back To The Future The Goonies Three fantastic films, I remember them being heavily promoted as associated with Steven Spielberg, just shows how good he was at nurturing other talent!
  20. Obi Wan might have started off as a space tramp, but then you find out that old “Ben” knew all about this mystical space Force thing, owned a cool Light Sabre or fought in this incredible sounding “Clone Wars”. Then it turned out he was arch enemies with Darth Vader and fought him to the death in a Light Sabre duel. That’s something that kids want to re-enact with their toys.. like in this original TV advert for the figures Instead with Luke Skywalker in the Last Jedi, you got a grumpy old space tramp who did nothing but moan and while he seemed to redeem himself by fighting Kylo Ren at the end. Ha! Fooled you! Instead it was all just a hoax! It was just a space hologram! Turns out poor old Luke really ended up not leaving Craggy Island and just expired while space meditating, no doubt off his tits on the Star Wars equivalent of White Lightning (blue milk). What a story arc! What kid doesn’t want to re-enact that with his Last Jedi figures?
  21. I think it’s funny that these Star Wars threads just get filled with the same people arguing how good The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker were. A good gauge of how good they were is to ask some 10 year olds. I can tell you my son has never re-watched The Last Jedi or Rise of Skywalker (in fact he says he hates how they’ve turned Like into some grumpy old man). Yet he even re-watches the prequels and loves The Mandalorian and the Book of Bobba Fett. Because after all, these are supposed to be films aimed for kids. Sure, adults can enjoy them, but they’re kids films. And no kid wants to buy a toy of some grumpy old space tramp.
  22. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was on ITV4 last night, it reminded me how No Time To Die couldn’t even be bothered to make up a new end song, instead just re-using Louis Armstrong.
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