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  1. I don't think many of them have aged very well, although Hart to Hart and Magnum PI still work, but that's maybe down to the cast. It's interesting thinking back to how TV programs worked in the past, each episode really was a standalone piece. You needed very little prior knowledge of what happened in order to enjoy something, although it did mean that most of the programs were very, very similar in premise (someone solving a crime, someone going from town to town to help innocent people, someone going from town to town to help solve a crime, someone using cutting edge technology to... solve a crime or help some innocent people). Basically mostly everything was a retread of The Rockford Files (which was a remake of Maverick) or Kung Fu but with some gimmick! I suppose it's why some haven't aged well, because when you watch them as an adult, you can see all the really obvious cliches and tropes and it becomes a bit eye-rolling. It also doesn't help that most programs seem to be made by Glen A. Larson or Stephen J. Cannell (and if you were lucky, with a theme by Mike Post)! Remember when this used to be on the end of almost everything? But yeah, back then it was all built around you tuning in at a specific moment in the week, in order to see the latest adventures of someone. Didn't matter if you had missed the previous week's episode because you were at your Auntie's. Now TV is all built around overarching story arcs across multiple characters. Miss one episode and you're fucked. I suppose it's why some people are annoyed at Star Trek Picard, when they wanted Something like the original Star Trek or TNG where each episode was a self contained story. The only programs back then that seemed to have long running storylines were soap operas or more adult stuff like Hill Street Blues and St Elsewhere, which were pretty much soap operas anyway.
  2. It should be this... but set in a Galaxy Far, Far Away
  3. That looks amazing, really captures how a remake/reboot of an early 80s game should be. But I really, really dig the sounds reminds me a bit of modern composers interpreting the likes of synth soundtracks by John Carpenter. A bit like this: I didn't realise the Amico was more or less focused on updates on retro games or focused exclusively on 2D, or basic 3D, games with a local multiplayer focus. Sounds like it could be a good console, especially playing with my son and his friends. I'll have to keep an eye out for it!
  4. So my son’s going to see it this afternoon, I didn’t even know it had been released!
  5. It always seems a bit of a shame that the original developers didn't seem great at keeping "how to" documentation, things like how Dave Perry managed to get so much colour out of the Spectrum or how Dominic Cummings managed to get such nice smooth scrolling (with colour) for Zynaps. I guess people just didn't keep much documentation in those days, but it does mean that anyone coming to it now has to relearn all that knowledge that the original developers knew (but with very minimal documentation!) I've often wondered if the Commodore 64 had better documentation, which might explain why there seems to be more home-brew coded from scratch, whereas a lot of Spectrum home-brew uses things like AGD.
  6. Batman was a brilliant game, but looking back on it now.. it had absolutely fuck all to do with the film! Well, maybe apart from it sort of looking like the bit at the start in the Axis chemical works. It totally looks like they originally developed a Megaman type platformer, got the Batman licence and then stuck a Batman sprite onto it. I wonder if that was the case? Still, it was a great game...
  7. I've maybe mentioned this before, but the NES is a strange one for me. I only knew one person who owned own (a particularly spoilt kid) and while I was totally blown away by Zelda and thought Super Mario Bros was a great game, the only real nostalgia I have for it is ironically through emulation. I had a powerful enough Amiga to emulate the NES at a decent speed in the mid 90s and with NES games not taking up too much room on a paltry 512MB HDD, it was great fun going back and playing all those games you read about or especially saw in the Book of Dreams (Argos catalogue) in the late 80s, but were incredibly expensive compared to a £9.99 Spectrum game (or even cheaper, a blank C90). But going back to the NES now is really difficult for me. While there are still some brilliant games on it, I have zero inclination going back and playing the majority of NES games now, well the ones that aren't on the NES service on the Switch. Most games were improved by later SNES updates or the ones that haven't usually have really annoying gameplay features that have thankfully long since been removed, like no save function or insta-deaths with no warning. I should probably just come up with a list of games that are the pinnacle of the NES and aren't available on any other platform or didn't receive an upgrade. Like RC Pro Am. That was pretty good! In saying that, Zelda is still probably my favourite game of all time.
  8. But if the point of tax relief is to create highly skilled, and you could presume as a result, highly paid UK jobs then an average salary of £24k makes the whole tax relief pointless, especially when the average U.K. salary is £28k. But then I know that Rockstar heavily relies on “your working for the company that makes GTA, so you’ll accept lower wages and work more hours in return for the Kudos” while they also happily accept tax relief to increase profits further.
  9. NO!!! No more fucking reboots. No fucking soft reboot sequels just regurgitating the original with stupid fan satisfying references to the original. Just come up with a new fucking idea!
  10. There seems to be complaints about the control systems for both GTA and Red Dead Redemption 2, moans about the stale gameplay or that they've been milking GTA V for nearly 7 years and then there's the business practices of tax avoidance and the crunch mentality they force upon their staff with fairly low wages and benefits (£24k average salary for Rockstar North, not exactly brilliant). I really don't understand why people bother with Rockstar developed games....
  11. If you haven’t tried these then you definitely should!!! Both are in the “Excite” series, have a nice trick system and are brilliant fun to play. Excitebots was a US only release, but worth finding.
  12. I guess the "Christmas Tinner" thing didn't work then...
  13. So reading a bit about this, I have to admire what I think they were trying to achieve. 3 episodes at 90 minutes, each with a different director (the second was directed by Damon Thomas who directed Killing Eve and some of Penny Dreadful, the third was directed by Paul McGuigan who directed the early Sherlock Holmes), and each episode being different in feel, I think they were trying to emulate the Hammer Dracula films. Those were typically around 90 minutes or under and could jump from a horror Dracula film set in the time of the original Dracula to a camp horror/comedy set in modern times of 1972, with Dracula (and usually) Van Hellsing (or one of his descendants) being played by the same actors. It would at least explain the different tones to the episodes and the bizarre setting of the final episode. But having this over three consecutive nights and being promoted as a standard TV "series" was a mistake if it was the Hammer thing they wanted to achieve. It would have been better played out over a few months (or at least weeks apart) and maybe then the audience could expect something different from each episode.
  14. I miss the days of a TV series being a self contained episode where you could literally just watch that episode and need no knowledge of what happened before, or after. A well crafted story that fitted into 30 minutes or at most an hour. While some series like Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Mad Men are brilliant at taking you along for a very long ride, with long story arcs set over multiple episodes, the majority of TV programmes now are bloated and disjointed. Why have 6x1 Hour episodes when you have have 10? Why limit it to an amazing, single series, when you can just regurgitate the same old shite for another one... or two.. or three series (hello, Stranger Things!) Maybe it's because most TV seems to be designed around something in the background while people look at their phones. It doesn't need to grab your attention, it doesn't need to make you wait for another week for the next episode, it doesn't need for you to be at one specific time point on a specific day anymore. It's just there to fill up some of your evening to justify why you spend £10 a month on your streaming subscription. Oh look. Another Netflix original series is starting next month. Guess I should keep my subscription going! Even the BBC is suffering from the inability to have tightly written TV series now. Take a look at Dracula. 3 episodes. Each 90 minutes long. Each episode the running length of some of the greatest films ever made, yet in Dracula almost nothing happens. The film Brad Stoker's Dracula had a running time of 155 minutes. The BBC TV series had a running time of 270 minutes yet managed to say nothing compared to the film, never mind not being anywhere near as memorable.
  15. Remember when seeing "Steven Spielberg" was something to be really excited about? Like Steven Spielberg presents... Back to the Future. Gremlins. The Goonies. Did he lose his money in a Ponzi scheme like Kevin Bacon? Now he seems to be whoring his name out to any old shite.
  16. As an alternative to the now ludicrously expensive Gamecube+Gameboy Player combo, this sounds like more price conscious way of playing GBA games on a modern TV!
  17. Nah, the C64 is probably the one home computer that’s really stood the test of time, and that’s coming from someone who originally owned a Spectrum and didn’t get a .. spit... Commie until the early 90s! The C64 has still got a really active scene making new games today, plus the classics really are still classics. There’s nothing like playing Bruce Lee or the recently released sequel!
  18. Or I guess Famicom Wars might be a bit easier! There’s an English translation patch too...
  19. just long enough for them to announce the new Creative Consultant and Executive Producer to oversee the new trilogy.... ....George Lucas
  20. Just watched the first episode and it really feels like it’s been written by two completely different people. Parts of it feel like a Mark Gatiss Boxing Day ghost stories he did on BBC 4 and other parts feels like a total frustrating bunch of hammy shite.
  21. Has this been posted before? Interesting clip from 1994 on Lucas beginning the Star Wars prequels. To give the guy credit, the finished product may have not been brilliant, but at least he gave the characters some thought. Somehow it feels like the opposite of the new films, here’s one guy trying to plot everything together in his man shed with no real commercial pressure.
  22. Just remembered a couple other games that would be good... Rebelstar 1 or 2 by Julian Gollop never got a C64 conversion, despite the semi-sequel Laser Squad getting a C64 release. I think the assets are fairly easy to extract from the Spectrum version (or if you could get the Laser Squad assets, I guess you could use them!) Rebelstar 2 was in the process of being converted, but was canned for some unknown reason. https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/gtw64/rebel-star/ There’s even a scan of the advertised cover for Rebelstar on that site. If you could also make a map editor, the levels could be endless! The other game would be Chaos, again by Julian Glossop. The sequel, Lords of Chaos, was released on the C64 but the original never was.
  23. I always enjoyed the early Activision games on the C64, especially the ones converted from the Atari 2600 like Pitfall River Raid and HERO. But there were some still missing, thankfully there’s been a few conversions recently like Frostbite and Keystone Kapers (which are great), but I’ve always thought it was a shame that Enduro never made it to the C64. So I’d love to see Enduro! The semi sequel “The Great American Cross Country Road Race” was on the C64, but I’ve always wanted to see the original, but with nice beefy SID sound! I don’t know if you could re-use some of the assets from GACCRR... (although the controls weren’t great on that game.. ) Another Atari 2600 game that I’d love to see on the C64 is the original Star Raiders. The sequel (although it wasn’t a true sequel) did make it to the C64 but the original never did. It would be fantastic to see Atari’s killer app finally on the C64 - plus the keyboard would mean it would be easier to replicate the key input from the Atari version! (oh and there is a true sequel to Star Raiders on the Atari, it was eventually found in 2015 so that could be another project if you did Star Raiders! It’s quite smart what they were achieving with the 2600, including sections where you could land on planets where it turned into a Rescue on Fractalus style game)
  24. That sums up how badly written or edited the film is. No mention at all before hand that Lando has a daughter, but somehow there’s a scene at the end that sort of implies that there’s some kind of connection between them. Yet you’d think if they were father/daughter there would be at least some emotion? Nah... you’ve got to find it out in a book.
  25. Here’s the announcement for Stunt Car Racer Pro in... 2003. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/article_47687 Still waiting for it! And it’s incredible to think that in the article it talks about how the original Stunt Car Racer was 14 years old. It’s now nearly 17 years since that announcement.
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