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  1. First try spraying with WD40 Dry Contact cleaner - move the joy con around while spraying and spray right under the joycon People talk about joycon drift, but it’s usually just a bit of debris, like crumbs, that’s caught in it and spraying dry contact cleaner usually fixes it!
  2. No but almost every time I’ve made a post in the retro forum, you’ve had a dig at me. That’s the exact reason why I haven’t contributed in here regularly, apart from when someone has needed help - eg @Anne Summers with the Spectrum questions. Once again, I make a post and you have a dig about it. Maybe because you didn’t quote me you think it’s not aimed at me. It clearly is. And @Camel that is why this will be my last post in the retro forum. I’m not going to report you on harassing me, but I hope you take enjoyment with one less active contributor in a forum that’s dwin
  3. It’s the bollocks that specifically @Camel always replies with to any of my posts is why I don’t post here anymore. I can’t be arsed getting into an argument about a Dizzy game, but I don’t know maybe the title “A new Dizzy game for the Next” along with the Oliver Twins saying “if the Kickstarter stretch goal is met, they’ll release a new Dizzy game for the Next” is enough? Maybe they didn’t say “exclusively” for the Next, but it was promised as an exclusive Next game as a stretch goal, the Oliver twins did a video about it being on the Next and here we are and it’s NOT being rele
  4. So I guess the Oliver twins were lying when they did this video announcing Dizzy on the Next if the Kickstarter campaign hit the stretch goal? Hasn't aged well, has it? A video promoting the launch of the Next Kickstarter with the promise of an new Dizzy game for the Next should it hit the stretch goal, except now we've got a vanilla Spectrum game with no Next version in sight. Looking back, it kind of feels like mis-selling, doesn't it? What's worse is on the Wonderful Dizzy page there's a list of testers So you've got the Next te
  5. @Robo_1 I was going to post that Stretch Goal commitment. I noticed that they're closing down the spectrum next games website and moving it all to specnext.com, so this page must have been created fairly recently. https://www.specnext.com/software/?title=95 yet the video on the page is clearly a Spectrum based one, colour clash and all. Just checking my Kickstarter updates and in June this one came from Henrique, in what was the final update. However, the screenshot in the update looks like a Spectrum version.
  6. Before the launch of the Switch, Nintendo stated during an investor call that one of the biggest problems they had was their development teams coping with hardware generation shifts and that was why their next console - eventually the Switch - would be designed in a similar way to the iPhone. Each new hardware release would give backwards compatibility and the ability for developers to use essentially the same platform as before. So yes, I’d imagine they’ll release some sort of upgraded Switch next year, maybe faster processor, better battery, more storage, but it will still have bac
  7. I genuinely think the likes of Dune and Matrix 4 will be the last of their kind. The Mandalorian cost something like £125m to make, yet Disney get 8 episodes streamed per week. So for something like £450m, you get nearly 6 months worth of new content that will keep people locked in to their monthly subscriptions, instead of maybe 2 traditional blockbusters that people rinse in an evening. Plus Disney get's to keep all the revenue, removing the cinema chain middle man, as well as reducing their marketing costs. Now you've got WB and Universal with their own streaming pla
  8. This sort of reminds me of when Rare used to take a Nintendo game and do it their own way. But this time with absolutely no individuality or creativity. Less like Banjoo Kazooie, more like 40 Winks.
  9. I can't see it being done for The Mandalorian, it looks like they're trying to make it fairly low budget (compared to a modern Star Wars film). But ILM developed the Stagecraft technology for it, so it could be that it's also seen as a way of developing new technology which can then be sold as a service to other studios. Maybe ILM could do something similar with de-aging with an additional deep fake layer. I mean, ILM are clearly behind this, right?
  10. While the face looks good, the big thing for me is just how much shorter the guy playing Han Solo is than Harrison Ford and that really throws you. It's like every other actor is 6ft 6" or something. The voice also makes you think it's been badly dubbed. Is the technology there yet to make actors sound younger? It would be better to get the original actors to play the role, then have this deep fake technology de-age them like in this, which is really incredible compared to the original de-aging tech used. But the problem will always be how actors
  11. Maybe I'm so far removed from what's deemed as acceptable quality for a game these days, because I only ever play on the Switch and even then it's mostly Nintendo developed/published games, but I have no idea how this was deemed good enough for release on the Switch. It's easily the glitchiest, bug ridden game I've ever played. Since getting it on Saturday (£33 in the sale), so far I've experienced frequent fatal system crashes causing the game to be forced quit times when the player and green blacks out with the only way to progress is to make a putt, but it's impossi
  12. It looks like this is BBC Scotland's attempt to make YouTube style reviews, if you look at his other reviews (in which he has a backdrop of shelves of Nintendo games and one of those stupidly large microphones, at least that's two items off the YouTuber checklist), it's all exactly the same. "This Nintendo game isn't as good as the ones before". Maybe they're trying a bit too hard at the "miserable YouTuber complaining no Nintendo games are as good as when the ones released when I was 10"
  13. I would hold out until whatever the Amiga version of The C64 turns out to be. If it's a full sized Amiga with working keyboard and ability to load ADFs or WHDLoad files from an SD card, then you'd be better getting that than original hardware. The reason being is that it's really difficult going back to the Amiga now and you have to be prepared for spending a lot of time getting grips with the nuances that might have been fine 25 years ago, but they're a real pain in the arse to deal with now. Something basic like you're thinking of getting an Amiga 600 and you want to
  14. Considering Eddie Murphy signed a deal with Netflix for exclusive content and Netflix had the excellent Dolomite Is My Name, it's ominous that this isn't on Netflix. But then there seems to be a trend .. Netflix passes on the film, Amazon "snap it up" and it's shite. Like the Borat sequel. And $125m for streaming rights when it's bypassing the usual money making route Cinema->digital purchase/rental->TV isn't very much, is it? I guess the marketing budget will be taken care of by Amazon, but it was projected that the budget was $60m and the profit was needing to be $125m to
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