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  1. Good to hear it's working - first question is the Graphic and Extend mode keys will affect the key being pressed, but IIRC it changes it in BASIC mode to Graphic or EXT, so it should impact on any games. Second question - yes, pretty much all games supported keyboard as the original spectrum didn't come with a joystick interface (most people probably started with the QAOP M keys to control!) I would buy a Sinclair +2 Joystick adaptor off of eBay (they're about £8) and another joystick - although I wish I'd known as I have a spare one kicking around. However, you might want to buy an Atari supported joypad (don't buy a megadrive one, they can cause hardware problems apparently) if you're used to joypads and you're not bothered about the retro experience! Yes, one of the great joys of Amstrad's upgrades to the Spectrum. Not including a tape counter. As @redballoon mentioned, if you had a Spectrum "back in the day" you'd know all the nuances of tape loaders, when they were finishing off and when they were at the start. A giveaway was when the loading screen was being loaded, it had quite a distinct sound. I've linked to the exact moment in the same Jet Pace clip If you hear that, you've gone too far forward and need to rewind!
  2. Ah, yes that’s right it is speedlock, I remember Firebird’s beep load being a bit of a pain, but then I don’t remember any of those protections actually stopping me from making tape-to-tape copies!
  3. Reminds me of this...
  4. Normally golf games can be quite long (and slow), even the early PGA games had the flyover at the start with some fat golfer giving you a “hole guide”. You’d then take your time lining up the shot and again you’d get a slow view of where the ball landed. Or you got Links that became very technical, being able to adjust stance, grip etc. They also used real life courses, which sometimes don’t lend themselves to arcade style gaming. With Neo Turf Masters you’re straight in it. There’s a sense of getting things done quickly due to the time restrictions, which adds to the pressure of not making mistakes. The courses are semi-realistic but also clearly fantasy (driving over a waterfall??) which also adds to the challenge. It also helps the graphics and animation are lush! The closest games I can think of are Golf on the Gameboy (and the original MARIO Golf on the GBC) and Sensible Golf on the Amiga, although both aren’t as slick as Neo Turf Masters Theres also an earlier golf game by SNK called Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf where you can see very similar traits to Neo Turf Masters (including “ON THE GREEN!”) Not to be confused with this
  5. Actually, just read the whole update and there isn't going to be an SD card slot. It says there are 4 USB ports and you can use an USB flash drive to load your own games. How useful is the C64 these days at loading USB games? I know they did a few updates, but I thought it was still a bit flakey? Chinnyvision didn't rate the original C64 Mini too highly (described the unit as a child's pencil case!) but the working keyboard would probably address most of his issues with it.
  6. Looks good, except the bundled joystick (which looks like the same shitty one with the C64 Mini!) Hopefully with the full working keyboard it means you can just use standard USB joysticks/joypads, although it would have been nice to have had an Atari 9 pin style connector like the original (so you could use your original joysticks). A concern is that it still looks like it's essentially the C64 Mini interface (which was an expanded version of the C64DTV), so is it going to be more like the C64 mini in that you'll have to "hack" it to run games that are not on the interface, or will it have a simple SD card interface where you can put your SD card in loaded with games making it similar to the SD2IEC? The original Indiegogo mock up had an SD slot (and a cartridge slot) but there's no mention of either (and the device looks significantly different anyway).
  7. To be fair, the official Sinclair joysticks were awful (sorry!) so it wouldn't surprise me if it was a problem with the joystick itself, they were notorious for breaking quickly! When you try to load the tape, listen if the sound is wonky or not - which can be difficult if you're not used to what a spectrum actually sounded like, because it actually sounded a bit wonky anyway! When loading, try a very basic loader game (one of the games off of 10 Computer Hits 3 would be a good start) as you should see the lines on the screen until it finishes. If it doesn't load, you should get the dreaded "R:Tape Loading Error". Later games (like ones from Ocean and US Gold) used more complicated loaders like the Alcatraz system to try and prevent games being copied, which make them more difficult to diagnose as they typically just "stop" with no error message. Here's a basic type loader with Jetpac Notice the horizontal bars, the image loading etc. Here's one that use the Alcatraz system (top gun) Notice how the bars disappear once the loading screen is displayed - if there's a problem with loading usually the screen will just stay there, the computer will reset or it will lock as a black screen. With the Jet Pac loading, you get an "R:Tape Loading Error" Let us know how you get on, depending on the outcome, it's usually fixable!
  8. I’ve only really played this properly since it came out on the Switch and, yeah, it’s a brilliant game of golf. Somehow it manages to make you play faster, but without adding too much pressure to the gameplay (just the right amount of pressure!) It’s a pity that it only has four courses, would have loved to play some more real life courses like St Andrews or Augusta. I take it there are no rom hacks available?
  9. The tape head might need to be cleaned (even alcohol and a cotton bud might do the trick) and the azimuth head adjusted https://spectrumforeveryone.com/technical/servicing-2s-datacorder/ Not sure about the joystick ports, but remember Amstrad did the wonderful thing by making them “proprietary” by swapping the wiring around. Meaning you can’t use normal Atari type joysticks without the adapter (some joysticks had one built in by splitting off the cable). Oh and glad you got the PSU working, no wonder I gave up on it! Still, you’ve got a much more reliable PSU than the old Spectrum one now!
  10. Pffft, this was the same guy shilling that Playmobius thing the other day and even says he’s been sent a unit for free (although he only says that to ensure people know it’s a pre-release unit). I cant be arsed with these retro Youtubers who are pseudo influencers in exchange for any old retro tat for free.
  11. I can't see them getting rid of the current model at the moment, it's still the best selling console in the US and it's at the stage when they'll be making much bigger profit per unit, although I could see them releasing a 3DS type replacement of the Switch in time for Pokemon Sword/Shield and then releasing a more powerful Switch in 2 years or so, with backwards compatibility and the same OS (which they've said they're aiming to do with future console releases, similar to the iPhone upgrade process).
  12. Yeah, they’re worth a LOT of money now (glad I bought two of them “back in the day” as they’re so much better than the standard CD32 controller!!)
  13. @dumpster If I didn’t keep a pirates copy of a game on the Amiga, it had to be crap. Magic Pockets was one of those games (funnily enough, as was Gods!) But as you said, the thing is that- so far - nobody seems to have spent much time actually playing the games. Instead it’s a case of “Look it’s DIZZY!Remember DIZZY?!?!”...talks about nostalgia for five minutes then plays for 30 seconds.”Oh I’m shit at Dizzy” “Look it’s URIDIUM!!! Remember URIDIUM?!?!?” Talks about nostalgia for five minutes and plays for 39 seconds. “Oh I’m shit at Uridium” And so on. Its like some retro themed version of a shit Peter Kay stand up routine. Maybe the latency has been reduced to the point where it doesn’t feel hugely noticeable, but games like Uridium (remember URIDIUM?!?!?!) were known for their really smooth response, just adding a few more milliseconds of latency, while making the game still playable, is going to make it play more like one of those knock off Shoot Em Up construction kit games you got on a magazine cover tape. It’s no longer a classic game that you can still enjoy today. It’s a nostalgic curio to “play” for 30 seconds before moving onto the next one. Does that mean that Antstream is going to be detrimental to retro games, because if that’s the only way you’re going to experience it, then it’s just not going to be as playable as the original - no matter how much is claimed in reducing the latency because there will always be some latency compared to the original. I suppose not far off when emulators first came out, like when playing NES games on an Amiga was really cool, but actually playing them at 75% speed wasn’t really that much fun.
  14. So judging by this famously brilliant TV advert (which is a pity they can't update what with Rik Mayall being dead), the original RRP was £25 How much would that be now? https://measuringworth.com/calculators/ukcompare/relativevalue.php?use[]=CPI&use[]=WAGE&year_late=1993&typeamount=25&amount=25&year_source=1993&year_result=2019 Around £50.52. Nintendo's eshop RRPs are always ridiculously expensive, it will end up being about £40 if you shop around for the physical copy. Which makes it cheaper than it was in 1993. With better graphics. So I'm not sure why people are complaining.
  15. Reading the description, it totally sounds like they're being paid/sponsored (It looks like the links are tracked too, so it might be down to a referral scheme they're getting paid?) Anyway, in the video he seems to spend LOTS of time on the User Interface, but when it comes to playing the games he seems to be pretty shit at them. Is that down to him just being shit or is it the latency?? He's also fairly clueless at most of the games (no idea how to play Wizball or Wizkid). It's strange that his official Eurogamer retro stuff is pretty decent, but when it comes to live streaming he's pretty awful. Maybe he's just better at games journalism than you know, actually playing the games. The video also highlights one of the other issues with Antstream. He's literally playing a game for a minute then moving onto the next one. I'd be more interested if someone like Chinnyvision gave a review, he was brutally honest with the C64 mini recently, in that it was pretty pointless really.
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