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  1. But how does the buyer know that? There’s plenty of listings on eBay that clearly have been tested and aren’t working (check to see if the seller has any other retro games that are tested and working, you know it’s definitely not working) and they’re listed as untested/for parts/not working. That’s then down to the buyer to take the risk, but the price is reflected accordingly. When it comes to eBay either what you’re selling works, or it doesn’t work. Unfortunately there’s no “works sometimes” and as it’s been pointed out, listing them as working is just begging for a refund case being opened. Selling retro games on eBay is already hard enough with sellers expecting exactly what’s been described! I’ve remember selling on eBay a Commodore 64 that the buyer claimed to have a very specific issue to do with the video output, he tested it and basically asked for some of the paid price to be taken off. I could have asked him to return it but it wasn’t worth the hassle, so I agreed. eBay always sides with the buyer, meaning it’s impossible to win the argument.
  2. Just picked this up on the Switch.I guess if you've played it before or have access to it on other consoles for cheaper then the price might be an issue, but having never played it before and with all the additional DLC included, to me it feels like it's worth it. It might not look as glossy as the later Need for Speed games and the cars are unlicensed, but it's great to play what's so rare these days - an arcade racer that's so much fun. Sure, there's maybe a few niggles with having to manually drive to each race or the Junkyard to change cars, but I suppose this was the game that set the template for an open world racer. The motorbikes are particularly great fun, it makes me wish that the same engine was used to produce an unashamed Super Hang On style of racer (or maybe even used as the engine for a Road Rash game, seeing as EA owns it) as the handling is just so good.
  3. collieuk https://www.youtube.com/user/collieuk is a good one, he did retro YouTube videos years ago with his “Inept Reviews” was and his original videos got quite a lot of views. He recently came back but is still quite sporadic with his uploads, but he usually gets drunk and plays random spectrum games with the odd live stream with requests from the viewers. He’s got a good sense of humour and it’s a bit of a laugh. Witchfinder1976 https://www.youtube.com/user/witchfinder1976 He’s started a Silverbird Selection where he’s collecting old C64 Firebird/Silverbird games and playing them, he also did one on Mastertronic games a few years ago and it’s good to see someone just playing games in his room, building up a collection that’s randomly British - budget Commodore 64 games! There’s not much gloss, but it’s very sincere and he’s obviously really into it.
  4. You could sell them as untested, although if you’ve already have games listed as tested and working, people will work out that the games don’t work and your likely to not sell them as much. Super Ghouls n Ghosts iirc is worth a bit more than most SNES games, so that might sell for a decent amount. But if you haven’t sold any other SNES games, you can just list them as untested and then let the buyer decide if they want to take the risk. At the end of the day, it might be your console or it might be something that’s easy to fix, so a buyer can take that risk - as long as you’ve listed it correctly, because as @ulala says, if you list it as working then you’ve got a big risk of having to give a refund.
  5. Yeah, that video kind of sums up what I feel about it. Sticking games in sealed units so people can "admire" his collection at a gaming convention, instead of actually.. playing... them.
  6. Yeah, I used to like him but his "reviews" can't be trusted. He was caught out a couple of times giving great reviews to stuff he was given for free that turned out to be shite. He gets sent this from AT Games, gives a totally glowing review and then it turns out AT Games had a completely different version that was sent to retail (it was NES emulation instead of arcade). Maybe you could say he didn't know, but he was clearly played on this one because he gives glowing, enthusiastic reviews to any old retro shite he gets given. But then that wasn't the first time he gave a glowing review of an AT Games product that turned out to be shite. Except the device was pretty much blasted by everyone else as being shite. But in this case, it wasn't a different version he was reviewing, it was the same one everyone got. So much was the backlash that he had to do another review/update on it. There's just no way I could trust any of the reviews he gives. But he just seemed to go down the route of whoring any old retro shite and then having Amazon affiliate links in his description in order to make money from it (look at this Atari lamp! click on the link to buy it!). It also felt like he was the worst aspect of retro gaming you tubers, collecting games (and having them as a backdrop) just because the sake of collecting games. It felt like it wasn't far off begging for viewers to send in games just so they can sit on a shelf and he can claim to have a "Complete Atari 2600 collection", or whatever collection he was trying to complete that year. He said a few times that he was going to put them in a museum so someone could play them, but I just got the impression he was a hoarder and would take any old retro shite just to have them on a spread sheet.
  7. Just try some WD-40 Dry Contact Cleaner and spray it while moving the stick around. The problem is likely a bit of dirt stuck in the joycon, it’s fixed it every time I’ve got the problem.
  8. PGA Tour 2K21 is due out on the Switch next month, although the number of courses is limited it’s basically a reskin of The Golf Club with the ability to design your own courses (and load others designed courses).
  9. It does seem like a strange move, is there really a market for a mini Vic-20? I guess it's a fairly cheap way of re-using the same technology with a slight change to the keyboard. To be honest, as bizarre as it sounds, like @SeanR is saying, I think I'd rather see a Commodore 16 or Plus/4 Mini as there were a few really good games that didn't get a C64 release.
  10. Margot Robbie is a good actress but with Tank Girl, the Barbie film and now this, she seems a bit like Ryan Reynolds was a few years ago, having her name attached to numerous new "franchises" or appearing in films that are trying to be a franchise and failing. Maybe it's her agents, but It just seems a bit desperate to try and make her a bigger star (and make more money).
  11. I was always surprised seeing The Goonies II advertised for the NES, but then finding out there wasn't a film sequel getting made! I always hoped it was The Goonies versus Rowdy Roddy Piper, like in the video for "The Goonies r Good Enough" (which has a nice rendition in that Intellivision game).
  12. Judging by the thumbnail, he then took all that gaming stuff out into the garden and covered it in snow in order to get a clickbait thumbnail (seeing as the damage in the actual video is nowhere near as bad as it's made out in that thumbnail). He's the epitome of the worst of retro gaming YouTube. Having some shite schtick while begging for money (and stealing other people's video content). Fuck him.
  13. It’s not just Super Locomotive, it’s also borrowed for the Daley Thompson loading music on the C64! If it was in Morecambe around 1982, then I would have likely played it as I went on holiday there every summer for about 4 years! There’s also an unofficial version of it on the C64 called Loco (which is great), written by Tony Crowther. Who also managed to get a sort of sequel published twice as different names Through different publishers and only slightly different Suicide Express Black Thunder He got a lot of mileage out of Super Locomotive!!
  14. While it’s well known games were given away with magazines, but how about a flexidisc containing an adventure game about a pop band? Thanks to C&VG and the Thompson Twins, that dream was a reality in 1984! Now, the strange thing is I’m pretty certain this was eventually released as a stand alone game (I remember seeing a tape of it with the band holding, I think, a teddy bear) but there seems to be no trace of it.
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