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  1. I'm now really suspicious of who is behind that website and those leaks. I know it's hard not to take the instant cynical view about it, but if you look at that email from an RCL point of view - it gives the impression that, on the 10th of October 2018, their supplier is now saying or "we've got 9000 vega+ cases manufactured and ready to go" or "a complaint of the initial batch was the poor quality screens, Suzanne has said this is fixed" or " another complaint of the initial batch was the stiffness of the buttons, we can fix that" At no point does the email talk about payment issues, it's simply asking for an update. So how would this site get a hold of an email dated 10th October 2018 - 2 days ago? The implication before was that somehow RCL's email was "hacked" for earlier email leaks, but I'd presume they'd changed passwords etc. The only way they could have got this email was if Simon Pratt, the author of that email, sent it to the website. But why would he? He's just asking for an update on what to do with the mouldings. That's why I'm suspicious who is running that website. RCL have complained about "trolls" causing delays. They have an alleged history of making up fake social media accounts, which then "troll" RCL. That recent email leak makes absolutely no sense at all - the date of when it was leaked, the text in the email and the text in the page itself. Of course, I might be wrong...
  2. gone fishin'

    Best Homebrew mod of commercial game

    This was a pretty amazing mod of WWF No Mercy (the greatest wrestling game of all time) on the N64, adding in lots of 80s legends. Although annoyingly, you need to play it on an N64 emulator as it's been modded so much it can't run on a real N64. But it's attention to detail is brilliant - the music and atmosphere totally takes you back to the era of dayglo spandex! (I also love it how the commentary of Gorilla Monsoon with Jesse Ventura or Bobby the Brain Heenan seems like totally random conversations, just like the old days)
  3. gone fishin'

    RIP Ben Daglish

    Back to Ben Daglish, I was reading that he was influenced by Ronnie Hazlehurst (who wrote lots of TV themes from the 70s and 80s, including the Two Ronnies). Hearing this again makes me think it's almost like a TV theme for a football themed skills quiz from the 80s, hosted by Emlyn Hughes!!
  4. gone fishin'

    RIP Ben Daglish

    And of course this with Rob Hubbard... Might be sacrilege, but I preferred the 128k Spectrum version. Maybe it's because I remember upgrading to the +2, from a 48k, playing the game and being shocked by the music - which only played on the 128k version!! Another similarly nice shock was when loading up Death Wish 3 (as far as I remember, Gremlin had the extra 128k bit at the end of the loading when the screen went black, the 48k ignored it - although it looked like it was loading). Plus this was miles better than the crap Jimmy Page soundtrack! I miss the days when computer games, for kids, were based on ridiculously violent films...
  5. gone fishin'

    RIP Ben Daglish

    That's sad, he did so much great music - especially for Gremlin - in the 80s. He also did this (which was based on a song called Skyline from the film, I always thought it was original!)
  6. gone fishin'

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    I remember the character being introduced in Secret Wars in the 1980s. Now that would make a great film.
  7. gone fishin'

    Google Project Stream

    Double post it was so good...
  8. gone fishin'

    Google Project Stream

    Quadruple post FTW
  9. gone fishin'

    Google Project Stream

    Triple post
  10. gone fishin'

    Google Project Stream

    Nintendo are already doing it. With Assassins Creed. It's Japan only, mind you, and they're called Cloud Version (there's already a Resident Evil one out in Japan). But everyone thought it was such a shit idea (because you pay to play) in the Switch thread that it didn't spill out into it's own dedicated thread. Guess when Google announce it, and it's free, then it deserves it's own thread...
  11. Well, it sounds like I was too optimistic in my last post hoping for it by "next month".. There was due an update a couple of weeks ago and ... nothing.. Then the update came in yesterday https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1835143999/zx-spectrum-next/posts/2302511? At least it's an update and at least it's still moving along, but I think the most frustrating thing about the project is the continued unpublished next steps that need to be implemented. "We're building the boards! Oh, we forgot to tell you that we now need to get a keyboard membrane designed", "The keyboard membrane has passed the test! Oh, we forgot to tell you that we've not even had the key samples made" With every update you're thinking "This is it, I'm going to have this in my hands shortly because the update indicates that the project is nearing completion!" when the reality is that it's just another step that's been completed, with several more to be done (which aren't communicated out at all). I don't think it helps that they've been showing things like the final box getting made months ago, when there's still hardware design finalisation, like what the keys are going to look like, to be done. There also seems to be growing frustration on the Next Facebook group with the lack of updates and the lack of deliverables. Someone asked if there would be a future roadmap published, so the community could contribute to the design or implementation, and the reply was essentially "we're a small team that's not commercial, we're not going to publish any roadmaps" (then the replies about how other similar projects still have published roadmaps). That isn't helping because you're getting questions about which future file formats will be supported by the Next (AFAIK , it doesn't support TZX although there was discussion about it doing this, but nothing materialised) with no official responses, instead it's conjecture (and it means you see the same posts over and over again). It's maybe one of the problems of a platform like Kickstarter, they're raised significant money yet underneath it's still a home-brew project. These guys don't have the resources, or ultimately the knowledge, to bring a product like this to market, despite what seems like significant financial resources behind them. I guess they really didn't know what the timescales would be (we're now talking 2 years since the project was announced) and they don't actually have any reason to deliver faster - it's not like it's shareholders wanting a return on their investment. They also don't have the financial flexibility to make any mistakes. One good thing is the ability of the platform using an FPGA, meaning it's very flexible to be used for other platforms, like the C64. I'm sure someone else could go to an Asian hardware developer and say "make a straight forward keyboard that uses this board design" and cut down the development and route to market time a lot...
  12. gone fishin'

    X-Men - Dark Phoenix

    Moody, miserable characters talking a lot while moody, miserable cover of The End by The Doors plays. in cinemas Feb 14th 2019. The perfect Valentine's Day movie!
  13. gone fishin'

    Choose my first "full" collection

    If by full collection you mean complete games (boxes, manuals, inserts etc) and you're only interested in owning original games (more on that in a second), then SNES, N64 and GBA is going to be very, very expensive - even if you were to just focus on PAL games. While the GBA doesn't seem to have super rare games (that I know of), there's the sheer volume. Likewise, the SNES has games that cost in the hundreds each. If you're not bothered about boxes, manuals then it would be cheaper. But then I'd also ask - "why care if they're 'genuine' or not?" Aliexpress has resellers that will do counterfeit versions of super rare games for $15, or less, each. So instead of spending £300 on Demon's Crest, you can spend a tenner and still have the same experience. But as other people have said, it seems like a total waste of time and IMHO a wee bit "arsehole-ish". Take The Immortal John Hancock, the YouTube guy. For ever 3 interesting videos he did about new games for old consoles, he would put up a video about his collection, or how someone had donated a few games to help complete his collection (he's got something like 10 complete console collections). He would go on about how one day he hoped to make a video game museum, but in reality these were games that were now sitting on his shelf, never being played, just so he could say he had another complete collection. So I thought "despite being what seems like a nice guy, what an arsehole, those games could be getting played by someone" and unsubscribed.
  14. gone fishin'

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    1:10 reminds me of the bad guys death sounds in the Amiga version of Double Dragon I.e. throwing up
  15. gone fishin'

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    When I lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, Danny Aiello would always... ALWAYS... be eating in this restaurant. I used to go there for lunch and pretty much 100% of the time, he'd be sitting in the corner, eating meatballs. Spoke to him a couple of times and he was a really nice guy. I think he also had a stand up comedy club upstairs. But it looks like the restaurant is now closed... Kanye West, who was also living in Hoboken at the time, was a prick the time I saw him in a pizza takeaway place at 2am. This was 10 years ago, I'm sure he's a much nicer guy now.

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