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  1. Obi Wan might have started off as a space tramp, but then you find out that old “Ben” knew all about this mystical space Force thing, owned a cool Light Sabre or fought in this incredible sounding “Clone Wars”. Then it turned out he was arch enemies with Darth Vader and fought him to the death in a Light Sabre duel. That’s something that kids want to re-enact with their toys.. like in this original TV advert for the figures Instead with Luke Skywalker in the Last Jedi, you got a grumpy old space tramp who did nothing but moan and while he seemed to redeem himself by fighting Kylo Ren at the end. Ha! Fooled you! Instead it was all just a hoax! It was just a space hologram! Turns out poor old Luke really ended up not leaving Craggy Island and just expired while space meditating, no doubt off his tits on the Star Wars equivalent of White Lightning (blue milk). What a story arc! What kid doesn’t want to re-enact that with his Last Jedi figures?
  2. I think it’s funny that these Star Wars threads just get filled with the same people arguing how good The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker were. A good gauge of how good they were is to ask some 10 year olds. I can tell you my son has never re-watched The Last Jedi or Rise of Skywalker (in fact he says he hates how they’ve turned Like into some grumpy old man). Yet he even re-watches the prequels and loves The Mandalorian and the Book of Bobba Fett. Because after all, these are supposed to be films aimed for kids. Sure, adults can enjoy them, but they’re kids films. And no kid wants to buy a toy of some grumpy old space tramp.
  3. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was on ITV4 last night, it reminded me how No Time To Die couldn’t even be bothered to make up a new end song, instead just re-using Louis Armstrong.
  4. Maybe it has a scene where they visit Kurt Cobain’s grave where he starts spinning wildly at the thought of a member of Nirvana being so fucking middle of the road that they appear in this shit.
  5. But the Book of Boba Fett is set in the Earth equivalent of the 1980s, when an average 35 year old would look like Dennis Waterman here Or look like this
  6. American’s use that word all the time and it’s not considered swearing From the Cambridge Dictionary It used to throw me when old ladies used to refer to kids as buggers. So we don’t need to hide the word in reference to this program, I guess. Anyway, this has been brilliant so far. Sure, Temeura Morrison might move a bit slowly at times during the fight sequences, but incredibly he’s 61 years old. I think it also really plays well to someone who’s a clone (and likely suffering from DNA age damage) and has been in a Sarlacc pit. It’s just great to have some awesome Star Wars back.
  7. I’ve started to rewatch the original Sopranos (up to Season 4) and that’s something that really strikes me as a bit odd about the Many Saints of Newark, it really felt like it would work so well as a series and it kind of goes against the grain of streaming television being more popular than traditional films. The other thing that strikes me about Many Saints of Newark is just how lavish it looks compared to The Sopranos. David Chase said The Sopranos was heavily influenced by Goodfellas, yet it’s quite grubby compared to the glamour of Goodfellas. Which is probably more fitting with The Sopranos and I suppose gave it a bit of charm. Many Saints of Newark looked fantastic, like a large amount of budget was spent on it and it created an amazing world that I would love to see more of. Hopefully they have enough material to turn it into a 6 hour mini series or something. Yeah, I think he isn’t real but a figment of Dickie’s imagination. The final scene of Dickie at the prison cut to Dickie’s uncle suddenly disappeared and Dickie is by himself looking a but flummoxed. I took it that his uncle was just Dickie’s imagination, the whole conversation just playing out in his mind while he sat in the prison. It was good that it kind of acted like a precursor to Tony Soprano visiting a psychiatrist to discuss his problems.
  8. Started to watch the first episode. 2 and a half hours???? The second episode is nearly THREE FUCKING HOURS??? It’s going to be longer than the Anthology that covered their entire career!!! So far it’s really interesting, but typical of Peter Jackson’s latter output, far too bloated. While it might be painting a slightly different picture to the Let It Be film (where they were miserable and bickering and Paul was a bully), this paints it out that Paul was desperately trying to keep them together while trying to kid himself they wouldn’t split up, John Lennon looks like a mixture of boredom and inner rage (especially the bit when Michael Lindsey Hogg says they should do the concert at an orphanage), George has his wry humour but is fuming under the surface at not being taken seriously and Ringo just looks fucked. It’s a great showcase of how when the Beatles clicked with each other over a song, you can see magic being made, despite all the other noise that’s going on around them.
  9. Not Sega for this, but not just one, but two Arnies for your money!!!
  10. Just saw this, while I love the musical references to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, including a little bit of the main theme in the film and the paintings of the previous Ms, I’m just glad that Daniel Craig’s tenure as Bond is over. While they’ve desperately tried to establish some sort of character traits, they’ve failed miserably. It felt at times that Craig was ad libbing, especially during the Blofeld and Ramik scenes, but it was like he had zero character to work with, so it just came across as incoherent. It’s also the film where you can call it “ the one where Bond dresses like a tramp”
  11. Essentially the review is “want to see a lower tier 1980s Amblin produced kids version of Poltergeist with the Ghosbusters name stuck on it? This is the film for you” I can see why this will get very mixed reviews, I don’t think anyone who saw the original ever thought “I hope there’s a sequel with none of the actual Ghostbusters and lots of small town Americana schmaltz while a group of kids have to learn life lessons” It just feels like a Netflix commissioned piece of content filler.
  12. Saw this on Saturday, really great to see an “adult” film (ie not a bloody super hero or live action reimagining of an old Disney cartoon) and it was really good. If you’re looking for a good Mob film set in the 1960s, a la Goodfellas, then this is definitely for you. To be honest, you don’t really need to know The Sopranos to watch it, while it’s great to see younger versions of the characters, the story works really well as a stand-alone film. 9/10 for me
  13. The thing with the original Clue, which was a brilliant idea, was that it had three different endings with different murderers/solutions. The ending you got literally depended on which cinema you went to, making it more like the board game (Clue, as the Americans call it instead of Cluedo). It didn't really take off, so they just put all of the multiple endings together when it was released on video. It would be a lot easier to have that idea implemented with streaming, even if it was something as simple as a different episode was a different murderer and solution.
  14. If they'd waited another 4 months, No Time To Die would have been the 60th anniversary. First time since 1992 they've not had an anniversary film (The Living Daylights was the 25th anniversary) and the whole "Happy Birthday Bond"/"The UKs Favourite Bond Shags" ITV specials. At least they had an excuse in 1992, the whole MGM legal wrangling stopped any Bond film from being made for years. They probably should have delayed No Time To Die until January, just shows you how desperate they must be for the cash. (I always liked the anniversary type references in Living Daylights, certainly had a bit more class, like it being the return of the Aston Martin, not used since Diamonds Are Forever however it's not a DB5 thankfully, the three other 00 agents at the start being similar to Connery, Lazenby and Moore plus Bond smoking 50 fags a day)
  15. I'm saying this as a Bond fan, but compared to the Mission Impossible films, this just looks dull. At least they're saying this is the conclusion, it's hard to believe that Craig's tenure has been going for 15 years. Christ, when he came on as Bond it was all about making it more like the Bourne films, how old is that?
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