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  1. gone fishin'

    Is "Game" finished?

    It looks like GAME are taking a similar (and worrying) business model to cinemas and petrol stations - i.e. making bugger all out of the main product (watching films, buying fuel), instead making profit out of overpriced food and drink. Maybe that ties more into their plan of turning GAME into places where you play games, but I doubt many people will spend £10 on American junk food while buying a copy of Super Mario Odyssey.
  2. They can try, but it's unlikely. "If you have difficulties you can apply back to the court for an extension of time. That’s not going to be looked on with great sympathy.”
  3. Even the legal system is getting frustrated by this. As in the article you linked They really are reaching the end of the line now, they can't delay the legal matters any further and September will be the final decision as to what the final legal costs to RCL are Remember, they've lost the case, they're now trying to argue that the £34k is too much for legal costs, hence Andrews and Smith's legal team are now having to put forward exact documentation of how that £34k is broken down. Now it looks like Levy is claiming he's not seen those documents and it looks like his solicitors might not be releasing them to him, because they owe something like £300k to them. So Levy is trying to get even more time so he can personally see the documents, as he's having to represent himself. Except the "judge" is telling him he's had a year to get them and if he applies for more time it's not going to look good, because these sort of cases are sorted within months of the decision, not years. With the two other directors resigning, I'm presuming this means that it's Levy that's solely liable for the £34k... ouch.
  4. So it looks like the directors will be personally liable for the costs from the High Court case, currently running at almost £35k.
  5. gone fishin'


    Pfft.. I've just heard a radio advert for Dacia Duster with, you guessed it, the Ghostbusters theme playing in the background....
  6. gone fishin'


    You own OutRun on the Sega Megadrive, want to play a copy of it on an emulator because you can't be bothered getting out your Megadrive? You own GoldenEye on the N64, want to download a copy for your Everdrive? You own Batman on the Spectrum, but don't want to waste time loading a tape instead playing from an SD card? Sorry! Because Sega no longer have the rights to Ferrari, Nintendo no longer have the rights to Bond and Ocean don't even exist, never mind still having the Batman licence...you're screwed! All because of the blanket rule "there's one retro game we're making money from, you can't have any retro game roms for download"
  7. I think I've said this before, if you're looking for Board Game bargains, offer to help out at a local church or scouts jumble sale. I've helped out at a couple and have picked up some great bargains - I picked up Cathedral (it's a wooden puzzle type game it goes online for anywhere up from £50. Colt Express, Ticket to Ride, for £2 each. Also picked up random games like Pass the Pigs, Yahtzee and Cluedo for pennies. People always give away board games, usually they've been hardly played with. You could always try to get to the Jumble Sale early, but when I've been helping out there are queues for at least an hour before to get in.
  8. Not quite, as true in everything RCL seems to do, they contradicted themselves.... They published "for immediate release" a press release stating that the BBC's story, about Sky taking away their licence, was fabricated and that a licence to RCL was renewed in May. Then in that exact same press release the stated along the lines that "unfortunately, it is true that Sky have removed the licence from RCL, but we hope to get it back soon after they've seen the launch" The reason the licence was taken away? Because of those leaked emails. Which they sort of implied were done by Andrews (who they say admitted to some information leaks - but what those leaks were, they couldn't say due to legal reasons). So AFAIK the position is that they are waiting for Sky to give them the licence back, which they had hoped would be done after the successful initial launch. But I guess the total shit show means they won't be getting the licence back - but they can now blame whoever leaked those emails and bank statements as the reason they couldn't get the licence back... and why they cannot make any more. Except what they'll probably say is that getting the licence is just a delay and honestly, once it's done we'll get the Vega+ released again (more stalling)
  9. I believe that's as a director (IIRC, he didn't resign - Retro put out a statement saying he had been removed due to being unable to carry out basic duties). He's still a shareholder, so it makes no difference to the current shareholder issues.
  10. gone fishin'

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    I also hope they keep the credits bit where 80s soft rock is played over a background of ocean waves, while the cast (in alphabetical order) are shown one by one looking directly into the audience's eyes as if to say "yes, it was me... IT WAS ME!!!"* *except for Sting and a couple of others who clearly didn't make this part of the shoot so they used stock footage
  11. gone fishin'

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    That Spicediver fan edit Dune:The Alternative Edition Redux is available on Archive.org https://archive.org/details/Dune1984AlternativeEditionReduxfanedit I watched it last night and it certainly makes it easier to follow than the original cut. In saying that, there's still a lot that could be done to make it better - some of the FX are pretty crap, but especially when they're using the voice gun things at the end. I'm not sure if it's because the source film material was missing it, but there seems to be bits where there are no laser style FX at all when they're firing. Making it look like they're comically playing "soldiers" and making a shooting sound with their mouths, while nothing comes out. Yes, it's got some great actors in it but it suffers from the typical early 80s "British Shakespearian Actors Forget They're Not On A Stage" acting syndrome. Patrick Stewart is particularly bad at this, shouting his dialog out so everyone in the back rows can hear him. It's almost like the opposite of Flash Gordon, they're both acted out the same but with different results.
  12. gone fishin'


    I think the biggest issue I have with it shutting down is that while I get it that companies want to make money out of retro games (and some do a very good job of it, like Nintendo), they're taking a totally blanket approach to it all. You can't have any ROMs hosted on the website. It's fine if you want to play Super Mario World, Donkey Kong or Impossible Mission - there are ways you can legally play them (SNES Mini, NES Mini, C64 Mini etc), but what about the games that you can't play? Say you want to play Wizball on the C64, because you own a C64 and have an SD disk drive? Or what about some rare NES game that you don't want to pay £200 for, but has never been re-released? Now you're not allowed to, because it's a total ban on all ROMs? While I think what Nintendo is doing with the NES and SNES Mini is great, it's still a selective history and selective library of games. I want to play Home Alone, even though it's shit because I had it when I was younger. Now I'm not allowed? I know there are more Netflix style commercial services coming along where you can get access to a library of old games, but to be honest I'm not interested in spending another £10 a month (and having to install more shit on my laptop) just to play something I once had or would like to try.
  13. Yes, that does jog the old memory. They had paid for the tooling parts etc in China (remember Martin asked for China to be removed, as it looked 'cheap"), they had hired another company to put the units together which was also being used as the registered office, IIRC, earlier this year (although searching for RCL's new address on companies house - 5 Technology Park, Colindeep Lane, Colindale, London, United Kingdom, NW9 6BX throws up 779 companies registered at that address, so it's just a holding address). It's somewhere in this thread, I can't be arsed looking through it, but it was when the videos started coming out, it was filmed in the office of the company that was putting the units together. IIRC, the prototypes made by SMS were the ones in this video (from March 2017!!!) There looks like a big difference in the quality between the one above and the one released, so yeah it would seem that the "final released units" now arriving in backer's hands are based on the above design, but made by a different company. (Also like it how the second video has a disclaimer - "NB SOME OFTHE GAMES SHOWN ON THIS VIDEO MIGHT NOT BE INCLUDED IN THE FINAL PRODUCT." Yeah, that's right, because it's not showing Egghead 1-5. I wonder if the timeline is something like this: March 2017: SMS produce 10 or so prototypes April 2017: Prototype taken to Nottingham event to be shown by Lee Fogarty, couple other prototypes given to a few "testers" (e.g. Jonathan Cauldwell) April-October 2017 SMS Prototype has issues/bugs raised by Lee Fogarty October 2017, RCL 3D Print the v2 model Jan 2018 RCL have no money to pay outstanding bills to SMS to make the V2 unit, March 2018: RCL go to another company to get more units made (as cheap as possible) based on the tools for the SMS prototype Aug 2018 Backers start receiving their units
  14. There's a "leak" dated from January this year showing that RCL still owe over £200k to SMS http://www.zxvega.co.uk/levy-leaks/sms-electronics/ But what if these "leaks" were being selectively leaked? What if RCL actually struck up a deal with SMS, sometime between January and July, where they paid some of the debt off in return for SMS manufacturing more units, but those emails haven't been leaked? Somehow RCL have managed to make an estimated 150-200 of the Vega+, they must have paid for them somehow. But then that's what we're being led to believe, due to the serial numbers appearing, random statements coming out from people saying they've got it (with no evidence). It's pretty hard to get a concise picture when the evidence is all over the place - and the evidence seems to be selectively being released. I also don't know if this campaign will have an impact on how crowd funding platforms operate. I get it that you're not guaranteed anything with crowd funding, but you're now seeing comments on IGG being deleted, what appears to be fake reviews and certainly what seems like "fake news/PR" being paid for by RCL and being published via Lee Fogarty and then Jan "Quattro" Stagioni. What was it Indiegogo said they would do? And what have they done? Nothing as far as I can see. In fact, they've made it worse by allowing comments to be deleted - on their own platform. It reminds me of the early days of Amazon, eBay and TripAdvisor when you'd get away with buying fake reviews. There was little or no policing (because that takes people and people cost money). Then they had to change. Not sure if it's going to happen with crowd funding platforms, but something needs to change.
  15. But the tooling was already paid for, which resulted in the prototypes. It sounds like they've spent nothing in addressing those issues from the prototypes, instead just making more from the same tooling (so no additional costs, just the cost to make the unit).

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