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  1. Let Master “Simon” Bates help you decide... however, as a PG you’re right that there may be some “sexy scenes” or “brief nudity” BTW my 9 year old has seen it countless times, first time was when he was about 6. Last time was for the 35th anniversary in the cinema a couple of months ago. Quite poignant because he was exactly the same age as me when I saw it when it was first released!
  2. I think I posted this earlier in this thread, but this review by Siskel and Ebert sums up what really worked about the original Ghostbusters. It was the chemistry between the three main actors. The fact that they were "bustin' ghosts" is almost secondary, they even say they're looking forward to hopefully more films with the same actors, but not necessarily Ghostbusters sequels. It's like with the new trailer they've thought "you know what was wrong with the last Ghostbuster reboot? Not enough fan service. Let's just add in a load of old gubbins from the first one, appearing randomly in a tonally different film. That will make the fans cheer on cue like a proton pack has just been fired up their arse" and again completely missing the point of what makes the first film a classic. The trailer for the new one feels even more cynical than one of those Disney Star Wars film reveals where the amassed crowd consisting of grown adults dressed as fucking Yoda go apeshit over *insert_original_Star_Wars_character_or_item_reference clinically appearing every 30 seconds. Or maybe it's what we should expect of all remakes/reboots/sequels in the light of the recent Star Wars films that need to clear $1 billion in ticket sales in order to be considered a success.
  3. Unfortunately that trailer reeks of Sony desperately trying again to make a Ghosbusters "cinematic universe" happen, with no actual understanding of what made the first film (especially) work. Compare it to the trailer for the original, take away the Ecto-1 and gadgets from the trailer for the new one and there's practically nothing connecting them, especially in tone. It feels more like a sequel to E.T. than Ghostbusters.
  4. I think "modern" developers on the Spectrum definitely have taken design cues from Dave Perry and Nick Bruty's games. They really understood how to make Spectrum games look amazing, with lots of colours, but by having a certain chunky sprite design to make the most of the attributes. In a way it's a shame that especially their later games are a bit forgotten, I suppose games like Dan Dare 3, Extreme, Smash TV, Captain Planet, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tintin, which looked incredible on the Spectrum at the time, just didn't compare graphically to games on the 16bit systems. But it's really great to see their approach to colourful games being taken by modern Spectrum developers as they really make them stand out compared to the likes of modern Commodore 64 games (which usually look a bit washed out and brown in comparison!)
  5. Its that time of year to watch Christmas films to get you in the festive spirit and what better than after putting the kids to bed, you can sit down with a glass of wine and watch one of the funniest, foulest and yet feelgood-est festive films there is... Bad Santa. Im going to give it 5 bags of popcorn out of 5 plus 1 of those tubes of anusol for the lady who unfortunately isn’t going to “shit right for a month”.
  6. Yeah, that’s exactly what happened (iirc after Infogrames bought the company). Bob managed to salvage some of them after a tip off from someone. Kind of makes me chuckle when reading Atari (preciously Inforgrames) are selling off Ocean IP for licensing purposes. Like they gave a shit about keeping contracts, seeing as they were dumping the original artwork. Although iirc he did sell off a lot of his originals in the early 2000s.
  7. That looks great, although I could see it as being a sequel to this classic game (with classic cover and free GIANT poster!)
  8. Great topic. I’ll definitely give this a try. Reminds me a bit of one of my favourite spectrum racers, the often neglected Nightmare Rally! Theres a few great modern spectrum games, I’ll fire up my spectrum tonight and put some on here...
  9. The sequel to this... (Yes this is Tremors 6).
  10. Oh I thought it was Tremors: Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good.
  11. Im sure people needing to use food banks would be ecstatic at the thought of a Christmas Day dinner which consisted of cold slop in a tin, ramming home that they’d be better off in prison!!! Anyway, Game missed a trick by not using a microwaveable container instead of a (non microwaveable) tin.
  12. This was the guy who, along with Quentin Tarantino amongst others, was heralding a new “Hollywood” (or at least a new wave of movies) in the early 90s. Being a show runner for a revival of an 80s cartoon, along with how this has been released, just how much kudos he carries in movie making now. I don’t know why it is, maybe it’s because his output has been abysmal over the past few years, maybe it’s because of how he spoke about Bruce Willis after the Cop Out debacle and maybe old Bruce carries a lot of clout. Or maybe it’s something to do with his past relationship with Harvey Weinstein. But whatever it is, producing He Man isn’t exactly a great reflection of a once talented film maker....
  13. I think it is the V8 Vantage from The Living Daylights (skis might be extra). It's kind of ironic seeing as when the Aston Martin appeared in The Living Daylights, it had been 16 years since an Aston Martin had last been in a Bond film (1971's Diamonds Are Forever briefly has one). Now there's what, 4 or 5 per film?
  14. An advert for this popped up on YouTube and it said "in cinemas now". Sounds like it had absolutely minimum advertising around it (I haven't seen a single poster for it, not even one on the side of a bus and there's usually any old shite that's on that), doesn't help if the only place showing it near(!!) me is one cinema in Glasgow. I wonder if Kevin Smith has been blacklisted in Hollywood, because he couldn't get a Clerks 3 or Mallrats TV series made and now this has been dropped like a lead balloon. Guess he'll just have to stick to shite interviews on "IMDB TV" and comic book film reviews on YouTube.
  15. I guess it looks not bad, but with the rumour that Malik is playing Dr No and with Blofeld being in this too, I'm getting fed up with Craig's never ending storyline of "ah, you thought it was Blofeld that was behind Spectre. But before you found out Spectre was really Quantum, you thought it was the guy out of the Diving Bell and the Butterfly that was behind Quantum? Ahhh... but before that, you thought it was Le Chiffre was behind Quantum in Casino Royale... or was it Mr White?? Who's next in this never ending twist bringing out the old Bond cliches you love? Is Malik really Goldfinger and the main Bond girl is really Pussy Galore? Or let's have Malik as Dr No and the Bond girl Honey Ryder just to bring it all back to the start again, because we can't come up with anything new and people just want fan service. Look. Here's the Aston Martin DB5. With machine guns. Again." Trying to connect everything together is just making the Bond world smaller. And more forgettable. Kind of like the new Star Wars films.
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