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  1. gone fishin'

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    For those too young to remember the earth shattering graphics of the original version, here it is in all of its glory.
  2. I can’t watch this trailer as I’m on my phone, but is this not just James Gunn’s horror/generic super hero film that was announced a while back, and not actually a DC or Superman film (and it’s by Sony, not WB)? Maybe it says DC at the start, but I can’t watch it just now!!
  3. gone fishin'

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    I always enjoyed the "Afterburner" stage in Bayonetta 2 And while I get a lot of people didn't like the controls, Star Fox Zero showed that it's still possible to make a great on rails shooter. The Corneria level remake was amazing, I've linked to the right time spot. I think one of the biggest complaints about Star Fox Zero was that it didn't have enough levels like this, instead having too many free roaming levels.
  4. gone fishin'

    Dave Perry is back...

    That'll be his wife. To be fair on the guy, doing a bit of background reading and I think he's playing up to the 90s image schtick. He's got a Tattoo Studio in Torquay and he doesn't seem to wear the bandana in any of the photos... https://inkstinct.co/studio/revolver-rooms-torquay And it looks like the "studio" he's recording in is actually his Tattoo Studio, but with a load of retro gaming shite thrown around. Although he's maybe going a bit overboard with a professional camera/cameraman - but then IT'S SO NINETIES MAN!!! It might also explain why it's taking so long for the next episode. If he's to beat YouTube's algorithms, he'll need to learn how to upload a 17 minute video at least 5 times a week.
  5. gone fishin'

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    The CD32 was the biggest selling CD based console in Europe for 1993, selling more than the Mega CD and Cdi. But one of the (many) problems Commodore had was that it wasn't a games developer, whereas SEGA and Nintendo were. Then when you added in the fact the CD32 (and Amiga) was in the middle of a huge shift of games development (and budget) from Europe to Japan and America, getting the same calibre of games as from SEGA, Nintendo, Capcom, Konami was unrealistic. But when there were talented development teams involved, they could produce games that were easily on the same level as consoles. Take Shadow Fighter, which might be seen as a poor man's Street Fighter (when it's more like an upgrade of International Karate/Way of the Exploding Fist, but with Street Fighter energy levels), imagine what could have been done if they had a decent budget (it was made by a handful of guys in Italy). You could just plug in a standard Amiga mouse and an Amiga 4000 keyboard (both easily bought back then)! Cannon Fodder, Lemmings, Simon the Sorcerer, Beneath a Steel Sky, Syndicate, Gunship 2000, Pirates Gold all had great CD32 conversions, despite them being traditional "Amiga/home computer" type games because they usually added some benefit - either CD Audio or not having to swap disks. Because at this point, Hard Disks were incredibly expensive - I remember paying £150 for a 128MB HDD in 1995 - so being able to have something like Syndicate, Banshee, Gunship 2000 and not having 4 disks to swap, or Beneath a Steel Sky having CD Audio and not having 15(!!!) disks to swap was a massive benefit. But these are all easily forgotten in the days of emulation and the equivalent 128MB SD card costing pennies. I owned a SNES and an SX-32 expanded CD32 (so essentially a 1200). Yes, I played Super Mario World, Street Fighter II on the SNES, but I played Dune 2, Syndicate, Turrican, Lotus on the Amiga because games back then cost a fucking fortune on the SNES (even though I only ever bought SNES games second hand, I could buy at least 2 CD32 games for the price of one SNES game.) That's the thing that's easily forgotten about now. If you had a SNES, you'd be lucky to own more than 5 games because they were so expensive (£50-70 a game when you were a student or had a paper round money? Jesus...). If you had an Amiga, you'd probably have hundreds of (copied) games and a couple dozen originals. So if it came to spending £50 on Contra or £20 on Turrican when you fancied playing a platform shoot em up, which one would you go for (and to be honest, Contra might be great but it was never worth £50). Likewise, Shadow Fighter above cost me £19.99 when it was released. So when it came to either Super Street Fighter II on the SNES at £70 or Shadow Fighter at £20, when you had bugger all money to spend, guess which one was bought? ;-) Original RRPs, and just how little disposable income you had back then, are easily forgotten now we can just download hundreds of ROMs in an instant. I'm not sure quoting Stuart Campbell backs up the argument that the Amiga was shit compared to consoles. I get his argument about Rick Dangerous and Kick Off being shite (they are), but then he did have a big hand in picking the Amiga Power Top 100 http://amr.abime.net/amr_amiga_power_top_100.php?year=1995 which had plenty of games that weren't available on consoles (also no Rick Dangerous, Xenon 2 or Kick Off) I'm going to leave this one final thing.. when it came to football games, everyone knew the best was Emlyn Hughes International Soccer was the best footy game on the 8-bits. Well the CD32 had the mostly unknown sequel, Wembley International Soccer, and it was fucking amazing. That's what is great about the Amiga (and CD32), the majority of the internet seems to go on about a revisionist history of gaming - like FIFA and ISS were the only football games worth playing - when they're missing out on really brilliant games. But brilliant games that are being more and more forgotten.
  6. gone fishin'

    Doctor Strange (October 28th 2016)

    I just watched this with my son on Netflix and my wife walked in and said "you know who would be better playing him? Robert Downey Jr. Because he's good at playing the rich talented guy coming up with sarcastic quips". I replied "but he's already Iron Man" and she said "oh yeah, that's who I was thinking of. "
  7. I remember back in 2002 or so, a friend was staying at mine and the very first Fast and Furious was on TV. We watched it for about 20 minutes, said "this is fucking crap" and played two-player Burnout on the Gamecube for 3 hours instead. Burnout had a totally hypnotic experience because it was so punishing. One slight crash and you'd struggle to make the time up if the other player was perfect. You'd memorise every point in the track where you could use the boost. Ah, good times. I still play it on the Gamecube to this day. Anyway, yeah, arcade racing is another gaming genre that's bitten the dust. I remember going to Blackpool in the late 80s and 90s and would be amazed by the latest racers in the arcade. Especially when they had the silly sit down ones that moved, because the only way to truly experience them was in the arcade. WEC Le Mans The sit down arcade machine (which would spin you round when you crashed) Continental Circus Powerdrift
  8. Brought to you by the same company that generated $125,000 of fees for us (plus finance fees for our trusted partners)!
  9. gone fishin'

    Dave Perry is back...

    Dave Perry has become like what Austin Powers was to the 90s. And instead of a blue crushed velvet suit and a Swedish made penis enlarger, Dave's collected his Bandana and booth babes to bring back 90s EXTREME RAW ATTITUDE. Except instead of being frozen, Dave's been trapped in a tattoo parlour for 20 odd years.
  10. gone fishin'

    Golf Games

    The SNES version is almost like a different game! The Megadrive one was based on the DOS and Amiga versions, meaning it had a bit of a strange control system in that you used a mouse style pointer (but used a controller). The SNES one is pretty much a console golf game. It's good, but it's a very different game to the Megadrive/DOS/Amiga one. The SNES version is still a good game, it's just very different after you've played the other ones! I came across this video on YouTube, just shows you how many golf games were made back in the 90s! Super Birdie Rush looks pretty good and the St Andrews game has some nice isometric graphics, very different to other golf games.
  11. gone fishin'

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    Nah, to me that video - despite being funny in places - is one of his laziest videos to date. Absolutely, the CD32 had some real stinkers on it and some shovel ware Amiga conversions with little improvements, but saying that the CD32 caused the failure of Commodore - while using the biggest gaming YouTuber cliche source for evidence, Wikipedia, to back that up is lazy. Commodore were f**ked before the CD32 was launched - in fact, the CD32 was the biggest selling CD console in Europe when it was first launched, outselling the MegaCD and CDi. Didn't stop Commodore from going down the toilet. Then using the crappiest games to justify the CD32 being the "worst console ever" again comes across as another cliche of retro gaming YouTubers now. Scream out some click bait "WORST PIECE OF SHIT EVER" and get some views. Yes, those games he covers are terrible - but the CD32 is home to some of not just the Amiga's greatest games, but some of the greatest games of the 16-bit era (as I look at my gaming shelf). Sensible Soccer, Speedball 2, Cannon Fodder, Super Sardust, Syndicate, IK+, Chaos Engine, Lemmings. Some of those didn't get much additions over the Amiga (aherm, IK+), but others had great CD soundtracks and importantly were dead easy to play. You stuck in one CD. You didn't need to swap disks. It's like saying the Atari 2600 was the "WORST CONSOLE EVER" because it had Custer's Revenge or ET or that the NES was the "WORST CONSOLE EVER" because it had Jeckyll and Hyde or any of the dozens of crap NES games AVGN has covered. If he wanted to cover the "shitty games that suck ass" then the CD32, like many other consoles, has its fair share of them, but to then go on and say how crap the console is based on those games again is really lazy and comes across as total click bait. Anyway, if he wanted to cover a really shitty Commodore console, he could have gone with the C64 GS.... and everyone who has a CD32 knows that Gloom isn't a Doom clone, it's a 3D update of Robotron, just like Guardian isn't a Starfox clone but a 3D update of Defender... ;-)
  12. That's it! Brings back memories of Dreamcast "beat-you-off" tournaments in the early 00s. Although it sounds like a Richard Joseph Amiga tune from 1992...
  13. What game is the music from at the start of that video "I want to take you for a ride..." Is it a Sensible game on the Amiga? I'm trying to remember it now!
  14. gone fishin'

    Golf Games

    See, I just took up golf in the summer and I (try to) play it like I'm playing Leaderboard (despite loving golf games, I never played it in "real life")! You're right, golf is just a puzzle/strategy game. When I started playing, I spent a bit of time working out the average distances for each club. Yes, they don't go very far but I know that a driver will hit about 200-220 yards and a 9 iron will hit about 105 yards (and the distances for the clubs in between).Then I use an app called Hole 19 that gives you a map view of each hole, using the phone's GPS in order to track distances. Then you think "right, I want the ball to land here on the map, so I should use this club and this type of shot". Just like Leaderboard with the little course map (if you had the instructions and it wasn't ahem, pirated ;-) )So in a way, it's like playing Leaderboard but with the club guide and the little maps! ;-) I think that strategy is missing from newer golf games and it might be why I liked Leaderboard so much. The courses were designed for strategic thinking. "I need the ball to go here, however if I hit it with a driver, I'm going to end up in the water/bunker/rough. So I'll try the 3 wood instead." Instead of later golf games being "I'm playing off the tee, therefore I hit it with a driver and I'll be safe". Didn't help when the game would choose the club for you, meaning not so much strategic thinking about it. I mean, take a look at the hole guide for Leaderboard Tournament (from the Par 4 compilation). You're not going to see a golf course like that in real life! And the fade/draw on the snap in Leaderboard (and PGA Tour too) added a bit of a random factor to it - although now that I'm middle-aged, I can see why it might be geared towards punishing the slower reflexes of an old fart (and so might be a more of a challenge to the older gamer). Probably why dads liked it back in the 80s, if you're old then you can easily miss hit - just like real life golf (and likely causing much muttering of swear words). I remember playing it when I was younger and it was easy to always hit a perfect shot. Hmm.. not so much now! And when I'm getting ready to tee up on the golf course, I always like to have this, courtesy of Rob Hubbard, playing in my head. Or this....
  15. gone fishin'

    > Vic & Bobs House Of Fools Official thread

    "I'm spending Christmas with the whole family... Mr and Mrs Whole and their kids, Pit and Arse"

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