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  1. gone fishin'

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 30: The Chaos Engine

    Myth on the Amiga is essentially a remake of the C64 version, albeit with a changed sprite. The Spectrum version not only looks different, but plays different - it's more like an old Datasoft platform game like Zorro. The later levels in the Spectrum are especially different with the final "shoot em up" style level completely missing from the Spectrum one. If you're coming to the Amiga Myth from the Spectrum, yes it's very different and it's probably going to put you off. If you're coming from the C64, it feels like Myth+, but with a different main character, so you'll probably think it's great. I'm also surprised at just how much the Amiga version is worth these days - especially the CD32 version, which was just the A500 version but on a CD rom. Myth C64 Amiga Spectrum
  2. Is there a thread for something like this? I don't know, but I came across these and thought they should be shared. A more METAL version... This has always been a favourite of mine... Wizball...
  3. Been buy a bit of retro stuff recently, mostly Spectrum and Commodore stuff, and it’s really eye opening the inconsistencies on eBay. Something will pop into my head like “I’ll get the Magnificent 7 on the Spectrum” and doing a quick search on eBay would reveal a few BINs for £9.99 plus postage. Sticking a saved search on with email notifications and I got a copy for about £3, including postage. So if you’re not desperate for something, you can usually pick up a bargain - as long as it’s not something stupidly rare you’re trying to get. But I guess it’s a case of supply and demand and I wonder if we are reaching peak price point for 80s retro games. The reason I’m thinking that is I wonder if supply will actually get better in a few years - the reason being is that Inwas speaking to a friend of my wife who said “oh, I had a Spectrum, in fact it’s still in my mums house in Yorkshire”, now I couldn’t convince her to part with it but she considered it as worthless (but couldn’t be bothered bringing it home) and had only kept it because she just hadn’t got rid of it. I wonder how many Spectrums, Commodores and the like are stuck in parents lofts and when the parents finally peg it, those computers will just be sold off because people don’t have the personal space to keep them? Maybe the same will happen to the SNES, Megadrive and Amiga? Maybe not the SNES, because you know... Nintendo. Likewise, when I visit charity shops I’m really amazed at just how much PS3 and 360 games you can pick up for a couple of quid. I’m sure that supply will eventually dry up, but I wonder if they’ll go up in price with the amount of games either being part of an annual series (like the umpteen copies of FIFA you see) or have been remastered on the PS4 and Xbox one. In saying that, I’m really tempted by that copy of “Alan Hansen’s sport challenge” I saw the other day...
  4. Was he not in charge of the social media updates? I don't know abut Indiegogo updates, but Lee did state in his last personal response that he was the only person representing RCL at the Dizzy anniversary and there's an Indiegogo update about that event. So I'm presuming that he was the one to take the photos and send the update? Maybe he's not, I honestly don't know who was responsible for the updates, with all the bullshit with this campaign it's impossible to keep a track. I dunno, maybe you are Lee Fogarty and you know the answer?
  5. Was that when Lee Fogarty was in charge of the updates? The same Lee Fogarty that's now jumped ship? Although I did glance through the past few pages on this thread and I can see why Lee is now having to come up with (what appears like) legally written responses - especially when Anon Y Mous updated that if Lee had indeed seen the finances (which he admitted he had) then it was his duty to report any potential wrong doing to the authorities. In that context, you can see exactly why he posted that last update, claiming he was really on the side of the backers all along and he's really upset that it's not going the way it should. Honest! Oh and I see RCL now have a great offer on their website. Might take them up on it. Only £199 for the Vega and Vega+. Either that or I just hand the money to a tramp to spend it on Special Brew due to the disclaimer on the actual product page: "The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Note:- This item will be shipped in 3-5 working days. The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ Note:- This item is a pre-order. Units will be shipped Summer 2017" Hmmm... what time of year is it? Looks like they can't even be arsed updating their shop. £199 for a Vega... nice...
  6. On a more serious note, when was the last official* update from RCL stating when it would be released. Was it September stating mid-October? All the drama that surrounds the Vega+ shitfest makes you forget the key milestones or updates. *and when I say official, do we actually even know if RCL are officially communicating? They're no longer communicating via Indiegogo and the last communication regarding the roll of honour seemed to just use the cheap MailChimp option with a gmail address - do we even know if that's been official or if someone else has managed to get the backers list? When was the last communication from either Martin or Levy?
  7. Within days. But by :within days, i mean units will trickle into the hands of some selected backers within days, you don't honestly expect 5,000 of these to ship within days - right? I mean there's such a thing as LOGISTICS involved with it. No-one. And I mean NO-ONE has ever shipped 5,000 units of ANYTHING, EVER in one go. Because it's much more cost effective to get batches of a handful of units manufactured, tested, boxed and shipped than to do it in larger batches. Because of Logistics. LOGISTICS! But yeah.... within days.
  8. But it wasn’t always known that Nick Cooper would be made bankrupt should he lose, which was why it was being questioned why RCL were spending so much money* on legal fees to go after someone that can’t pay any resulting fines. Lee had been boasting that RCL would be getting a windfall from the case. Erm, good luck if the company is bankrupt and had been essentially wound down months before. *backers money, funding legal fees involving products before the Vega+ was funded
  9. So if you click on that link (which will be registered to some poor bastard) you get this text (I've bolded some of the more interesting parts) "Big thanks for supporting our Indiegogo Campaign for the Vega+ and the Roll of Honour. We need to make sure your name (or the person you want immortalised) is correct as we cannot make corrections after the cut-off date. If you have made more than one pledge then don't worry just reply to this email directly along and we will manually add your additional names. The cut-off Date is Friday 27th October 2017. As we already mentioned, there are a couple of swear-y names which we can’t add for obvious reason, so keep it clean folks, as the chosen name will also be included on our new website. Your Vega+ IS real and IS coming to you. Stay tuned and massive thanks for sticking with us. " So they're making another NEW website?? Wow, maybe that's why Fogarty is so pissed off - they're basically dumped him. Wouldn't surprise me if that fool Jan wasshisname is now RCL's "paid" spokesperson and is doing this. But then again, as someone once told me. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Hence mail chimp and gmail accounts.... on the cheap.. on the cheap... (and by "paid", he's probably been promised one of the demo units as payment). And I like the statement "Your Vega+ IS real and IS coming to you" - oh yeah, like where are the photos? Still not seen them actually in the flesh, have we? To be honest, it's probably another delaying tactic and it's now got down to the point where they can no longer afford to use professional marketing email systems (or even the bloody paid mailchimp option).
  10. George makes a very good point in that video - that statement reads like it's been written with help from a solicitor. I reckon the shits now hitting the fan for him and that statement is trying to cover his tracks. Except people have kept records of all the lies and frankly slanderous statements he's made...
  11. If it’s true that he’s been taking payments for more than the website (ie him implying that he has had more responsibility in project designs and deliverables) I think he just needs to be completely honest with his true involvement in this shambles, admit his stupidity in getting involved and beg for forgiveness. However, that statement shows he’s completely delusional and to be fair, WOS is more or less finished now anyway. Looking at the forums, most of the sub-forums haven’t had posts in weeks (or months) and even the once active games sub-forum gets about a dozen posts a week. He can try and continue on with WIS as if nothin had happened, but WOS is dead. But the damage he’s done to his professional profile is massive and maybe he’s not quite self aware of just how negative an impact this would have on anyone ever thinking about paying for his services. Searching “Lee Forgarty” in google now brings up countless articles about his involvement in this whole sorry incident and I can’t see many people willing to pay for his services as a web designer. Thats the most hilarious part of his involvement, he’s been suckered in and used as a total pawn for £14k while Martin, Levy (and now it seems Flogel) have paid themselves significant amounts and delivered fuck all. Well, at least it’s not just Fogarty’s career that will be down the crapper, there’s no way that asshat Jan Wasshisname is going to get much work as an IP protection consultant when he’s just ripping off websites himself.
  12. Hes full of fucking shit and again shows an inconsistent (some might say schizophrenic) output of statements. On one hand he’s not involved/paid with the project. yet the evidence comes out that he was and now he’s admitting he was involved. He’s stating that he discovered there were serious issues with the test units (like serious build quality issues), yet when that was happening his social media output at the time (conveniently now deleted) was saying that everything was fine. One of the directors (Flogel) couldn’t produce the software as specified, making him suspicious of the situation and yet... again.. he continued to be paid by RCL and was acting as a spokesperson, telling backers everything was fine. A modest fee? Yeah, £14k is a modest fee... He basically continued to take payments from RCL while he had major concerns about the project? Excuse me while I cry a tiny tear for the abuse he’s received.
  13. Latest update from the guys states that bare boards will be shipping in the 27th November. While there has been a slight delay from the original delivery date for the bare boards (full keyboard version is still on track for January), it’s refreshing to see open and honest updates - the opposite of cough... that OTHER Spectrum device... cough... VEGA+.... cough
  14. If they were to start drip feeding shipments, I'd be willing to be bet that the "more positive" members of the Vega+ Democracy group will get theirs first (e.g. around 20 vega+s will be shipped), just to keep the veil of bullshit up (through a few positive posts) while the 4980 other backers wait... and wait... and wait...
  15. gone fishin'

    Blade Runner 2049

    It’s all part of the same Sci-Fi/ Stout Cinematic Universe, like one big 40 year long joke that messes up nerds and rugby players Let me explain... Soldier(linked to Blade Runner - they also mention tenhauser gate in it) ”Soldier was written by David Peoples, who co-wrote the script for Blade Runner. Peoples considers Soldier to be a "spin-off sidequel"-spiritual successor to Blade Runner, seeing both films as existing in a shared fictional universe.[4] The film obliquely refers to various elements of stories written by Philip K. Dick(who wrote the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, on which Blade Runner is based), or film adaptations thereof. A Spinnerfrom Blade Runner can be seen in the wreckage on a junk planet in the film.[“ Blade Runner linked to Prometheus/Alien Predator linked to Alien through Weyland Yutani in Alien v Predator: Requiem ”In the finale of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, Colonel Stevens meets with a woman named Ms. Yutani, offering her a Predator Plasma Cannon ..” Blade Runner linked to Star Wars through the Jawas (as you mentioned) ET linked to Star Wars with them appearing in the senate Roy Batty appearing in the Guinness adverts Totally crazy, but yeah - George Lucas has been secretly influencing all of the sci-fi and stout output for the last 40 years... (you could also link Blade Runner to James Bond, blink and you’ll miss Roy Batty in this one) . But that’s for the real conspiracy nut jobs.

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