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  1. I'm not having a go at you, but the thought of footballers being flown out to Asia in order to finish off a football league, while thousands of people die every day or even if it's past the peak, the world still faces another pandemic over the next 18 months with another surge in deaths, is pretty sickening and I don't know what message that sends out to people. Oh wait. It sends out a message that it's OK to fly around the world, even in the middle of a pandemic, as long as your rich. Doesn't matter if you'll infect other people, like other members of your family and completely go against the whole principle of social distancing. But then that's why it's also incredibly fucking stupid to even consider playing football behind closed doors while a quarter of the world is in lockdown.
  2. I’m glad Rex Next is coming along, Rex was one of my favourite games on the Spectrum. Hopefully with more ‘Nexts getting in the hands of backers there will be more of a community built up around it (and more games!)
  3. AFAIK none of the promised stretch goal games have been released - Arc of Yesod, Dreamworld Pogie, Rex Next, Powerblade Delta or Crystal Kingdom Dizzy have been released and there hasn’t been an update on Arc of Yesod, Rex Next in months so I’d be surprised if they’re even still in development.
  4. If you like Simon & Simon then you'll LOVE this... The Greatest Event in Television History, a $25 million dollar shot-for-shot recreation of Simon & Simon's title sequence directed by Paul Rudd and starring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm.
  5. Miami Vice is being shown on Forces TV (seems to be a common theme there), two episodes between 9pm and 11pm, Mon-Thur and it’s just finishing up season 1. Man, what an absolutely brilliant tv program. It’s been years since I’ve watched it but you can really appreciate how it took the standard 1 hour procedural from cop show and reinvented it. It is strange at times as it sometimes has bizarre moments that seem stuck to the older programmes (last nights episode involved a pretty brutal burglary gang, but the final scene was a comedy moment where they were having a coffee with one of the victim’s elderly mother) but it’s really worth watching again. Especially when people think of it as being mostly Don Johnson driving around in a Ferrari while wearing loafers (no socks), pastel t shirt and white sports jacket (with sleeves rolled up), but it’s got a great supporting cast that get more screen time than you remember (Edward James Olmos is really outstanding). Plus they definitely had an eye for up and coming talent, so far this week I’ve seen a thin Ving Rhames, a sleazy John Turturro and a few other faces where you think “who’s that again?” I think Season Two was when it peaked as after that Michael Mann moves on and the show took a much darker turn. Hopefully that starts on Monday. Plus that totally amazing opening! Who would have thought that Miami itself was a bit of a shithole when they filmed it?
  6. Which was recorded in Connery’s toilet in Marbella (the producers felt the film needed some explanation to introduce it, at the last minute asked Connery to record it and apparently had no idea it was recorded in his toilet until they watched the final cut and wondered what the excessive reverb was)
  7. No, I think that’s the last thing the networks need. Everyone streaming Star Wars films and crippling the ability for home workers to do any work. Plus forums would be crippled with the amount of comments being posted about Rise of Skywalker.
  8. Really interesting it was based on the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, yet it’s totally obvious looking back on it! The Amiga version was always my favourite, but from memory the SNES version was pretty good thanks to having more than one button (as was the sequel on the SNES)
  9. I think you can use either the mega drive or the mega cd as the audio out, I presume from your cable if you connected it to the megadrive headphone out, it should have the mega cd audio as well... https://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread.php?17800-How-do-you-output-your-audio-via-the-Sega-CD-or-from-the-Genesis
  10. At the end of the day, a game is a game - if it works on the intended hardware then it does it’s function, it allows you to play the game. I really don’t get the thing of it having to be “genuine” and I think it’s a great situation where you can pick up a copy of Demon’s Crest for a decent price and play it on the original hardware. Likewise with repro boxes, if you really want to have a nice looking collection (and maybe even get a bit of nostalgia, seeing as 90% of people threw out the cardboard boxes) then it’s great you can pick them up for a decent price. Its not like it’s an Athena poster of the Mona Lisa! (Smoking a joint)
  11. They had reissues of the original He Man figures in Forbidden Planet, had the original mini comics in them and everything! I thought about picking up a couple for my son.. Then I saw the price... £25 each??? Fuck that... (and they didn't have Man-E-Faces)
  12. From memory International Match Day worked with the Turbo mode, I need to try that underrated gem Emlyn Hughes’ International Soccer on 7 MHz and see if it’s as good as the C64 version. Heres the man himself playing there Amiga version on GamesMaster (jump to 9 minutes)
  13. I love these Atari to C64 conversions!
  14. Or “I don’t need to take returns if it doesn’t work.” Im really surprised that “untested” is an option for selling these days. I could understand it if it was when people were just finding stuff in their attic and just looking for any amount of cash to get rid of it, but you’ve now got sellers with one listed item saying “I’ve been unable to test this so sold as ‘untested’” and then having another listing for the exact same piece of hardware and saying “100% working” with a photo of it actually working... That’s a bit of a tip, check the other items they’ve got for sale!
  15. I remember playing it on a Spectrum in early 1984 and it really seemed like it was a step above other games at the time, it took the fast action of the likes of Robotron and added the exploration of Jet Set Willy. It was a massive step above the majority of Spectrum games released in 1983 and even a huge step up from Ultimates earlier games like Tranz Am or Pssst. And I always thought it was more fun than Knight Lore, just because it was so much faster. I can’t wait for the isometric remake of Atic Atac!
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